Started from morning..
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Twinkle and Kunj sleeping in each other’s embrace twinkle resting Kunj head while kunj hands around her waist both sleeping peacefully sunlight coming on their face.

Due to Sunlight kunj and twinkle sleep disturbing they wake up at the same time both open their eyes and twinkle look at Kunj their face is very closer while kunj too.Both look at each other twinkle look around her waist see kunj hands around her waist fully locked her tightly.. while Kunj too his hand position.he realised his hands around twinkle waist he leaves her.
twinkle about to get up while she can’t due to her hairs. Her hairs stuck in kunj button..


Kunj:wait.Kunj try to take out twinkle hairs from his button.While taking out hair their face few inch apart.. he takea out her hairs. Hogaya twinkle…

twinkle and Kunj get up awkward become little bit for them.. twinkle tucking her hairs and looking here and there while kunj too same.

Kunj:woh sorry I don’t know when we sleep.

Twinkle:hmm same..

Kunj:I’ll get freshen up..

Kunj run in the washroom. While remember how they both were sleeping she resting her head on kunj chest and sleep whole night.Little smile appears on her face don’t know why.twinkle kuch bhi sochti hai tu.. she get up from bed and went towards wardrobe take out kunj clothes and see the time still she have enough time.Kunj come out of the washroom wrapping towel around his waist looking hell hot twinkle turned and look at him.

Kunj:tum.Go from here let me wear my clothes.

Twinkle:why I’ll and don’t come like this wear something beshram..

Kunj:acha I’m beshram. Twinkle closed her eyes and handover his clothes to him and take her clothes and went in washroom while kunj get ready he wear white tshirt with light blue jeans. He sit and see twinkle books. After twinkle come out of the washroom and see kunj with her book..

Twinkle:Kunj I’m sure I’ll failed in this subject.

Kunj:why you thinking before only twinkle I’m sure you’ll score good marks after all Kunj Sarna teach you in this subject..

Twinkle: she rolled her eyes. Tell me one thing you always calling I’m self obsessed girl What about you..

Kunj:I’m not self obsessed twinkle it just know I’m best little bit??.. since from starting im full of confidence man first no one can’t beat me in study now same in business because I trust on myself and more on what my dadu and dadi teach me.Their guidance never failed me. They teach me each and everything I don’t know how much kids give interest on their elders talks and understand their wits.. twinkle listen and give smile and she went and sit beside him..

Twinkle:you are really dadu and dadi boy.

Kunj:yes I’m the first finger I hold it it was my dadi and dadi.I don’t have words to describe my love and respect for them.

I don’t like those people they didn’t treat their elders nicely.. Kunj turned the book page and see twinkle book. What is this twinkle see that when twinkle scribbling Kunj allover on her notebook page.. she about snatch the book but kunj didn’t let her. Tell me Arey it’s my name why scribbling my name..

Twinkle: woh I didn’t it was chinki who did.

Kunj: means chinki scribbling my name why..

Twinkle: not like that she scribble raj name and tell me too do so I did in my lecture getting bored that’s why. Kunj give smile.

Kunj: you people did this in lectures.

Twinkle: haa so what.. twinkle get ready while kunj went downstairs and he called rudra who come immediately he take rudra test again before exams..

Rudra:Bhaiya last than I’m free bird.?..

Kunj:just for sometime this year is your last I’ll not leave you.twinkle come and went in kitchen she make coffee for kunj and take and went in hall..


Usha:come let’s have the breakfast kids.

Kunj:yeah sure MAA.they all sit for breakfast.After breakfast.

Tej:now you guys go it’s your last exams..

Rudra:yes pa.. they left for their college..
twinkle was hell nervous kunj can see her. He take her in side..

Kunj:what happened why you are so nervous see whatever you know just do it leave that you don’t know..

Twinkle:kunjj don’t know.. she hold his hand twinkle..

Kunj: take a deep breath first..


Kunj:Arey do what I’m saying.twinkle take deep breath.Kunj give her water bottle she drink water.. due to exam tension Twinkle get tears in her eyes. Which slightly come out stuck in her eyes end of the corner. He cupped her face. I never thought about you.

Twinkle:haa now also you making fun of me kunj how bad husband you are.he wiped her tears with his thumb.

Kunj:no don’t be act like bheegi queen??..

Chinki:Twinkle come na..

Twinkle:you go I’m coming.Kunj kissed on her forehead.

Kunj: now go my siyappa queen rock it. She hugged him tightly..

Twinkle:I never nervous like this before kunj.

Kunj:I can understand.Enjoy you last exams paper you’ll miss this only.. do little cheating ??. Twinkle raise her face and look at him.. remember my words

Keep in mind that neither success nor failure is ever final.stay positive word hard make it happen.

Twinkle:sadu.. Kunj send twinkle in her exams hall she waved him and he too give smile as well. Kunj see rudra.

Kunj:all the best.I’ll come to take you all today..

Rudra: okay.. Kunj went from there while they all get busy in their exams paper.
After see the paper twinkle get more shocked to see so difficult questions..

Twinkle:I know this teach make hard paper because she didn’t like me huhh..
twinkle closed her eyes and remember what kunj told her..just remember his words giving her paper.

At Taneja Mansion Kabir went to malika house to bring her back now her mother is fine.. he went inside and see malika with sapna(mom). He take her blessing..

Sapna: how’s you kabir..

Kabir: I’m good mom. You tell me how’s your health now.

Sapna: I’m fine absolutely thanks for to send malika here.

Kabir: why you saying thanks mom she is your daughter it’s her right. If she didn’t come how will come at least aap ke kaam toh aai.. Kabir and Sapna giggles while malika mouth formed in O..

Malika: you both na so bad.

Sapna: malika bets go and get ready go back to your real house now even they too missing their daughter in law..

Kabir:dadu and Papa every second.. and he murmured me too that they bogh heard. Malika looking here and there while sapna smiling.

Malika: I’ll come she went in her room and get freshen up.. take her luggage which she already packed she went down. Sapna meet with her give her tightly hug and kiss on her cheeks. I miss you mom and please call me if you not feel well..

Sapna: yeah I’ll. You both stay happy.

Kabir: bye mom..

Sapna:bye they both ahead to outside Kabir holding malika bag..

Kabir: this bag whole wardrobe you carried in this bag haa.

Malika: yes mr husband ji.. they both in car they drop off while driving Kabir holding malika hand.. Kabir concentrates on driving..

Kabir: how much I miss you in these days only I know.. without you I get bored..

Malika: acha mahi ti na..

Kabir: kaha mahi you know na she is already nerd.. now her exams going on..


Kabir: today is her last exams even other’s too.

Malika: even I too Miss you my baby she kissed on his cheeks.Rest her head on his shoulder soon they reached Taneja Mansion Leela and Bebe sitting in garden along with Mehar and abeer they come back from mehar mother home town..
Malika and Kabir went towards them. They give bright smile too see their daughter in law back.She hugged Leela and Bebe tightly.

Malika: MAA and Bebe I’m miss you both.

Leela: even we too miss you beta how’s your mom..

Malika:fine MAA. They take the seats.

And you mehar when did you come back.

Mehar: at morning..

Kabir:where is abeer went..??

Mehar:he went with maamu.. they get busy in their talks..

While in kunj office he was working even Rahul and others too there. Kunj thinking about twinkle how she is nervous today.

Kunj:hope she give her exam nicely..pagal aeshe toh she showing she is full confident girl big not???..

Rahul:kunj where are you lost..

Kunj:nothing.Kunj see the time. Rahul their exam time will be finished in 20minuet.

Rahul: so..

Kunj:I told rudra I’ll come even I have to talk to his principal as well.

Rahul:hoo than let’s go na.. I’m so tired this work load.

Kunj:at least think about me yaar I didn’t sleep passed from one week.

Rahul:let’s finished this than we’ll go.they completed their work so quickly.They left for college Even om and Anjali too..

Their exams end they all students come out of the exams hall all hooting finally tension end. For those it’s their last year they all went in their class rooms and see their class rooms last time they did lots of fun here pulling teachers legs.making fun of them.Yuvi running behind twinkle while he having duster in his hands they all throw dusters on each other making them white ???.. till now they four of them too reached they see each other’s..

Anjali:you both here..

Kunj: yes even you too..

Rahul:now let’s go give them surprised

They went ahead and see all students chilling out throwing exams paper in air..

Girls checking out kunj. They see twinkle and her whole gang playing duster and chalk holi they see them and get fully surprised.

Kunj: what is this man??.. twinkle see kunj.

Twinkle:Kunj save me from this donkey..

Yuvi:wait today I’ll not leave you. Yuvi throw chalk at twinkle.She closed her eyes before it hit on her but kunj catch the chalk in the nick of time..twinkle open her eyes.kunjj what you did bro.twinkle see. And give smile kunj throw chalk in side.

Kunj: what is this guys I mean.. why your college seemed like any pagalkhana (Mental Asylum)??.. Yuvi again about to throw while twinkle went behind kunj back.

Twinkle:Yuvi please..

Kunj:Yuvi Leave her na:.

Yuvi: see guys how much Bhaiya caring for his wifey what about me look at here what your wifey has done with me.Yuvi turned and show his back they all see his full back drenched in chalk dust.Kunj look at twinkle who giving naughty look she closed her one eye and even bite her tongue..

Rahul:amazing guys.leave about this how’s your paper. Rudra come and hugged kunj tightly..

Rudra:Bhaiya because of you my all exams went so good not good awesome till now.this exams truly awesome. Kunj pat on his cheeks..

Kunj:I’m so happy rudra even you too did work hard still After lots of trouble..

Om Kara gestured mahi..

Om:and your mahi and pinku..

Mahi:my too thanks..

Asha:finally tension end.girls standing in side and looking at Kunj this everyone can see chinki and Asha gestures to twinkle look at girls those girls.twinkle see and make annoying faces..

Kunj: you all continue I’ll come.

Rudra: where are you going??..

Kunj:your principal calls me so.Rudra face colour fade away all see and laughing at him.

1Girl:look at this man he is so freaking hot man..

2girl: Arey you who he is Kunj Sarna yaar..

So hot.Twinkle listen this gritting her teeth’s on them. Kunj about to go while principal was passing from there he saw kunj and went to him..

Principal: hey Mr Sarna..

Kunj:hi sir.they shake hands.you call me is anything is serious.Principal look at rudra..

Principal:no serious I just wanted to meet with you.


Principal:Arey I heard you get married congratulations the girl is really lucky who got husband like so talented.all giving hmmm.

Rahul: she is here only sir..

Principal: means..

Kunj:your student twinkle Taneja is my wife. Principal see twinkle. She is my wife twinkle Kunj Sarna I married to her.

Principal: woo twinkle.She is your wife I don’t know about this.great twinkle god bless you both and rudra see your brother okay Mr Sarna nice to meet you.

Kunj:same.Principal went from there..one girl come to twinkle she is in her class.

Girl: hey twinkle bye yaar last day..

Twinkle: yes. Girls admire kunj..

Girl:who is this young man.First she make faces which make kunj too giggles..

Twinkle:in choleric voice.ziva he is my husband.

Girl: what he is your husband she shocked.

Twinkle:yeah why you are so shocked.

Girl:he is that Kunj Sarna na..

Twinkle:yes he is Kunj Sarna my husband.

Others Girls listen their hearts breaks down in trillions pieces.all controlling their laughs.Now bye ziva. If your checking out session have completed.

Anjali:yeah let’s go guys.. they all going but twinkle stop.

Twinkle:you go I’ll come my bag is in class room.They all went while kunj stop for twinkle.Twinkle went in class room and take her bag about to go just there chirag come and block twinkle way.. leave my way chirag..

Chirag:baby how can I today is last day of our college let me see my baby perfectly

twinkle:I’ll break your eyes chirag.

Kunj:why she taking so much time I’ll see her.. twinkle push chirag he saw teacher run from there before they see kunj come twinkle see him she hugged him..


Kunj:what happened why you looking so scared.

Twinkle:nothing just aeshe hi. I didn’t thanks to you na because of you my paper went so good thanks kunj. Kunj give smile.

Kunj:acha thanks woh bhi tu mujhe bol rahi it’s breaking news ??..good your exams went good. Now let’s go they all waiting for us..

they both went towards all they all waiting for them..

Yuvi:you husband and wife busy in romance.


Rudra: let’s do party..

Rahul: no rudra we have work just for you all we come here..

Kunj:yeah you all go home do masti..

Priyanka: mahi you come with me go back at night. Even you all too. Nowadays we just do study now let’s sits together do masti..

Anjali:great.they all sit in car and left for Sarna Mansion and Kunj and Rahul too left for office..

At Sarna Mansion everyone waiting for them only Usha and Avantika made their all favorite dishes.. they all run inside lata and Prithviraj see them and give smile Priyanka and rudra run to lata and Prithviraj hug them.

Rudra: dadi and dadu my exam so good.

Lata:acha rudra. And what about my other kids.

Twinkle:our too dadi..

Usha:you all sit we’ll bring lunch for you all just sit today and comfortably have your food.. they all get freshen and sit together and having  lunch usha and Avantika feed all kids with their hands..

Twinkle:food is really delicious.my both mothers..

Avantika:after days you all have food nicely.

Rudra:yeah Bhaiya didn’t let me have anything that boil food??.. eww..

After food they all sit and chit chatting with each other’s even Kabir and Malika or Leela and Bebe too come to meet with them. Elders sitting in other side after tired full day Rahul and Kunj come back home along with Aayat who was in office with tej and Manohar. Tej asked about rudra exams to kunj he said he was saying his exams went good.. he give fine look and sit with everyone while kunj and Rahul went towards them.. Kunj take his sit and resting his head on backboard.. closing his eyes.

Rudra:Bhaiya now where is my car..

Kunj:don’t eat my head already I’m tired like hell.. Aayat come and sit on kunj lap and caressing his hairs.. Kunj give smile he know who she is.. Aayat..

Aayat:aww Bhaiya..

Rudra:Bhaiya you cant backoff now..

Kunj:when did I said I told you you’ll get your car..

Rudra:I showed you na what type of car I wanted.Now everyone will see rudra Sarna car.

Om:bas don’t fly too much if bade Papa will get to know he’ll fuss your car dream in seconds..

Kunj:true ??. Om and Kunj did hifi..

Rudra:you both are bad.. I have your cards I’ll use it..


Om:bhai shab take my card too.

Kunj:mine already he have now one more.

Kabir:how much money you have spend rudra.

Rudra:see my this two brothers didn’t spend money so I spend their too??. Padi padi kharab jojayegi na.. Kunj didn’t feel good because he didn’t take his medicines..

Kunj: Aayat go and tell mummy give my medicine..

Aayat: I know where you keep. I’ll bring she went in room and bring kunj medicine even went in kitchen tell servant give her glass of water.she come holding glass in her small hands. All see her and give smile. Bhaiya see I bring.. Kunj open his eyes and see Aayat..

Kunj: aww Aayat so sweet.. see rudra learn something from my doll.

Aayat: only ru bro height increasing his mind not??..

Rudra: rukh you pidhi ki bachi..

Aayat: not I’m not pidhi ki bachi But whose you are ??. Everyone hoo Aayat.Six.
Bhaiya take your medicine Kunj take Aayat make him drink water.Kunj kissed on her cheeks..

Kabir: it’s so good little siblings hone chahiye you people are lucky..

Rudra:hehe you take her??.jab se aayi hai take all attention pa just knows he had two daughters most she??..

Aayat: you jealous head..

Kunj:Aayat not he is big na. Don’t say anything just let him.

Rahul:now rudra again back to his mood.

I enjoy lot rudra what kunj did with you. Exams end

Rudra:G Guzray huye Exaams ko Yaad na karna..!!

Answer sheet mai jo likha hai uski Faryad na karna

Jo Hoga wo to Hoga..!!
Uski Fikar mai Apney HOlidays barBaad Na Karna???. Everyone laugh out.

Om: duffer..

Rahul: I have one rudra Listen in Omkara language ??koi cheez be-wafai se barh kar kya hogi,
Ghum-e-tanhai judai se barh kar kya hogi,
Kisi ko deni ho jawani mai saza,

to wo saza PARHAI se barh ker kya hogi


Anjali: really Rahul..

Kunj: this both is same to same di..

Aayat hugged kunj and both brother and sister sleep on recliner couch.kunj was so tired he is deep slumber.They all passing jokes and laughing.

Twinkle:you guys slow please.. see they sleeping..

Kabir:haa behana Don’t worry we’ll not disturb your husband lill sister in law sleep??.. all telling rudra story what kunj have done with him.

Malika:this rudra still same lazy head. In childhood he just escaping from study.. while kunj pa calling him continuously but his phone was on silent mood.. she come to Sarna Mansion asked about kunj and went towards them. Rahul see her..

Rahul: hi Sara you are here..

Sara: yes sir..

Malika:who she is???

Rudra:Arey she is Bhaiya PA.. who always behind Bhaiya where he goes even she too.

Sara: where is sir.. all gestures her she turned and see kunj.Arey sir is sleeping now..he had meeting..

Rahul: abey Kunj wake up..

Kunj: hm in sleeping tone..

Rahul: your meeting..

Kunj:hmm I know. He open his eyes.. he is in deep sleep. Meeting who fixed it..

Sara: sir Tej sir..

Rahul:hitler didn’t let us do one day Aaraam.. Huhu..Kunj holding his head.

Kunj: you wait I’ll come where is file..

Sara: sir I have..

Kunj: good I’m coming he went in his room get freshen up.. while twinkle went behind him too. He saw her..

Twinkle: Kunj see your eyes so red you need sleep. hardly you sleep nowadays.

Kunj: hmm

Twinkle: when you’ll come back..

Kunj: I’ll come before morning..

Twinkle:okay take care of yourself.Kunj went down and he and Sara left for Chandigarh by road.while don’t know why twinkle get sad but try to not show anyone.in garden they all playing..

Anjali: what happened twinkle get sad because your husband went..??..

Rahul:don’t worry soon you’ll become used too our life is like even we too don’t know where we’ll next minute.

Anjali: yes In starting he went away my stage too same but your is more than me because just few days went away your marriage ???..

Twinkle:di aap bhi nothing is like why I’ll sad for sadu. She went from there..soon day changed into night.. twinkle get happy that her mother and sister or Bebe come she spend time with them while mahi and Om Kara sitting in poolside they both talking and smiling Rahul give smile to see om happy..

Om: aur mahi. What didn’t you like most..

Mahi:me not any particular thing but I love to spend time with my books.

Om:acha even my brother kunj too.He is big bookish.

Mahi: what about you..

Om:my what I like most my colours and brushes my important things ek artist ke best friend uski yeh sab cheeze hi hote.


Rahul click their pics and send to kunj..

Later they all sit for dinner. Leela and Bebe see how twinkle in laws take care of her..

Lata: when will kunj come he didn’t informed me..

Tej: yeah..

Rahul: he went in hustle dadi that’s why.. he’ll come before morning maybe..

Usha:mera bacha was so tired.

Om:because of this dumble MAA.. they all have their food with lots of laugh later they all went while Yuvi stay at Sarna Mansion they all boys having fun..

Otherside kunj reached and he directly went for meeting already clients waiting for them. soon everyone come and they start the meeting kunj eyed just blinking. He did his level best to give presentation as good as he can..

Twinkle was in her room alone just playing with her chuda..

Twinkle:why I missing sadu babaji haa.
Kunj is so good na he didn’t even try to do force with me I mean babaji I m really to get husband like him I know he is sadu but jesha bhi hai mere hai???.he take their wedding photo frame and admiring Kunj face.Priyanka and Anjali come take her in Their One room because they all sleeping together. They all sit together and Playing truth N dare game they all asking so funny question give so bad situation.but they all cherish this moments while twinkle just thinking about kunj.. while playing they all sleep..

Mind night.. @@

Even Kunj meeting was also great.. he don’t have this much energy to drive again this long journey can’t..he called his pa tell her. She arranged private chopper.

Chopper come and Kunj guards open the door he went inside along with his pa..

They drop off..Kunj immediately sleep. After long time distance kunj reached Amritsar the chopper directly landed on Sarna Mansion back side of mansion they have their own helipads area so.. chopper landed Sara wake up kunj he wake up with jerk and see the time it’s almost 5 clock. He take yawn and come out of the chopper.

Kunj: thanks you can stay here now.

Sara: okay sir they both went inside and Kunj show Sara guest room and he went to his room didn’t find twinkle and understands maybe she was with his siblings he didn’t wasted anything seconds just jumped on the bed and sleep .

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Today everyone was sleeping till late
Lata and Prithviraj wake up they didn’t wake up usha and Avantika Itself they both wake up and see the time it’s 9 clock.Avantika didn’t disturb Aayat and tej sleep she went downstairs and see usha was In kitchen.. they make tea and asked servant where is lata and Prithviraj. He told them they both are at garden they both went in garden and see them they both sitting they too take their seats beside and them served them tea.

Wished them good morning..

Lata: hope you all sleep well..

Usha:sorry MAA..

Prithviraj:it’s okay puttar..

Avantika:even kids didn’t wake up..

Lata:let them sleep na..

Prithviraj: yes they wake up lot let them now.after sometimes Sara wake up and she directly went.. Usha and Avantika went in kids room they see them they all sleeping like mad. like ek ke upar ek..??..

Usha: see them o god..

Avantika: this rudra wanted reason now he get. I’ll see Tej he wanted to go somewhere.

Usha:But today is Sunday..

Avantika:don’t know.. they both went from there let them sleep.. later Anjali and twinkle wake up at the same time.. both see the time and shocked more twinkle.

Twinkle: Ofish I sleep till yet how can I see the time twinkle it’s 11 clock what they all will think about you..

Anjali:don’t worry nobody will not say you anything twinkle in our family its common.

Let them sleep we should get freshen up.

Twinkle:yup.. after so many days later I sleep so nicely she take yawn give smile. They both get up and went in their respective rooms.twinkle entered in room and see kunj sleeping on his stomach his back facing to ceiling. When did he come back. Without doing any noise she take her clothes and went in washroom get freshen up soon come get ready just looking at Kunj who looking so innocent while sleeping. Twinkle see sunlight coming on kunj face which irritated him she went and closed the curtains.Let him sleep I’ll go..she went downstairs take her in laws blessing one day one they all wake up expect Aayat or Rudra and Kunj.they all sit for breakfast..

Rahul: good morning.. give me something.

Twinkle:you all sit I’ll bring breakfast she went in kitchen and bring breakfast.They all sit together and having breakfast..

Rahul: kunj didn’t come till yet..

Twinkle: no he come back he was sleeping .

Anjali:acha good.. later kunj wake up but didn’t open his eyes.. just blabbering in his sleep..

Kunj:Twinkleeeee please get my coffee.. servant was passing from Twinj room he heard and come down.

Servant: twinkle bhabhi kunj Bhaiya calling you..

Twinkle: he wake up.You all have your breakfast I’ll see him..

Yuvi: yeah now college end do your patidev sewa..??. Twinkle throw apple on him.

Twinkle:haa tujhe se puch nahi karugi.. she went in kitchen make his breakfast or coffee place in tray went in their room..

She entered in room and see kunj just blabbering in sleep Meri coffee.. twinkle keep the tray in side.. went near kunj pulling the blanket..

Kunj: haa..

Twinkle: Kunj wake up its too late..

Kunj:hmm first you give me coffee..

Twinkle: people wanted bed tea and you.

Kunj: my bed coffee ☕️.. you give me na..

Twinkle: yeah first you wake up fully I’ll give you.go and get freshen up quickly before your coffee get cold.Kunj get up and look at twinkle.Kunj went in washroom while twinkle arranged the room. Kunj take the bath and asked twinkle to give his clothes she went and take out his clothes from wardrobe went near washroom door Kunj take out his hand Twinkle see and give him his clothes while giving him his wet hand touch twinkle hands..he closed the door.He come out of the washroom.

Throw wet towel on bed twinkle see this and give him look. He understood take the towel back and keep it in side..

Twinkle: very good Mr Sarna now sit have your coffee my sautan???..huhu..

Kunj: what did you said haa.. he sit and taking sip of his coffee..

Twinkle: sautan.. my..

Kunj:who is your sautan???

Twinkle:this coffee ??..

Kunj:your mind went on strike ???.,

Twinkle sit beside him..

Twinkle: when did you come back..

Kunj: 5 clock.. approximately..

Twinkle:how’s your meeting..

Kunj:good like as always..

Twinkle: Arey you didn’t take your medicine stop I’ll give twinkle bring his medicine and count the Diabetes tables and look at Kunj. Kunj you take your medicine properly na..

Kunj: yes why you asking this..

Twinkle: because you didn’t I know see this if you take medicine regularly than how still this not end.. you lie to me na.

Kunj:woh I forgot twinkle totally in these days that’s why..

Twinkle: now I understand why tumhari
shakal pe bara kyu baje hui hai.. because you didn’t take your medicine I’ll tell this to mummy ji..

Kunj:oyye siyappa Queen don’t please of pa will know about this he’ll scold me please see I’ll take now twinkle give him medicine he take it..

Twinkle:good be careful kunj next time.. now have your breakfast.after sometimes later.They all sitting in living room. Rahul or Om Kara and Kunj watching football match on tv. Rudra and Aayat come down both still sleepy. Aayat went to Prithviraj while rudra too lata both place their heads on their lap..

Manohar:throw them in pool??..

Tej:only rudra not my doll..Kunj heard this.

He pulled rudra to him.. all see this and laughing out om and kunj cuddles rudra tightly he too and sleeping there too??.

Manohar:this two brothers didn’t let anyone do anything rudra..

Rudra: in sleeping tone why.. m I looking mad??..

Tej:yes no doubt. And Kunj how’s your meeting I mean..

Kunj:good pa..
like this two days has been passed away everyone enjoying it. Kunj and Rahul again get busy in work but giving Time too everyone.

A normal night Kunj and twinkle were in there room. Kunj was sitting on his couch twinkle on bed..she set alarm to wake up early because lata tell her to wake up tomorrow due to some work they called guru ji so..

Kunj: siyappa don’t give stress to your hands pagali you’ll not wake up after alarm too you’ll sleep like Kumbhkaran

Like that idiom what we say in hind ghode bech kar soti rahagi tu.. ? twinkle come to him..

Twinkle: sadu dong irritated me with your nonsense. Stop laughing.. else??

Kunj:else what???..

Twinkle: you sadu let me think what i will do..

Kunj: in very funny tone dont think much as you dont have brain????..

Twinkle: stop sadu she become red??
dont talk much as i am already tensed,

Kunj: go and sleep I’ll Wake up you..

Twinkle pulled kunj pillow while kunj pulled back. What???

Twinkle: I need extra pillow.

Kunj: you have already.. it’s my pillow dont talk much as i am already tensed, ??.

Twinkle look at him in annoying way..

Twinkle: what type of man you are Kunj Sarna??you are thinking about pillow? what about me, i left my house my bed, my teddy bear and you are taking advantage of all this, take your pillow i dont need it in crying time fake??..
just blackmail Kunj..

Kunj:dont blackmail me emotionally as you know i am good person he gives her pillow back.. Kunj went and bring clip put on your mouth as you snores alot, twinkle shocked ?. He lay down on couch try to sleep while twinkle look at him roar cam funny look?? you sleep peacefully but I have to Listen snores whole night he put the clip on nose this might end your snores she shocked he put clip on her nose.

Twinkle: wait a minute sadu.. she put that clip on kunj nose he give look??I don’t need it you need sadu.

both look at each other in tashan showing their finger as well.Twinkle give look and went to bed and lay down while kunj too same both turned their face sleep..

At night avantika was passing from twinkle and Kunj room she stop see and get shocked see

Twinj room window was open that Kunj forgot to closed that he every night he closed so no one can’t see they sleep separately.She see and understand closed the window from outside so other didn’t see this..

Episode freezes..


Now what we’ll happen avantika know twinkle and Kunj sleeply separately what will be her reaction let’s see in next..

Sorry I didn’t give precape is same…
hope you all like episode this episode I write in hustle so don’t know how’s it..

I’m busy in ???????..

I’ll try to post soon as soon as I can.. and this episode for my lovely readers and most sumaya and  mehrin request lot

  1. Happy birthday shalini
    Episode was superb and twinj scene amazing and jealous twinkle.
    Waiting for next episode.
    All the very best for ur exams

  2. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Amazing episode

  3. Sameera

    Ye kya hogaya sasumaa saw them sleeping separately ?????????ab what’s going to happen jo hoga wo manzure Kiya hoga why to worry then ..
    Haan back to episode it was Marvellous Haye twinj yar can’t get over them waking up together ???????then getting shocked loved it man ..
    Kunj teasing nervous twinkle it was too cute then making her self confident the siblings going to college after their exams end twinkle jealousy ???was fantastic …
    All girls behind twinkle this bujha hua Chirag hope to never seehim now ..
    Loved it so much each m every scene was fantastic tei ki yaad dila di babes …
    Loved all the scenes can’t wait for next and also for the romance in cold ????
    Post soon …
    Love you ?????

  4. Awesome amazing
    Tei ke din yaad aa gaye
    Now what will happen?

  5. Awesome fantastic fabulous episode kiya superb dear
    Finally exam khatam
    Twinj ki fight se tei ki yaad aa gyi
    Pta nhi ab kya hoga avantika ne dekh liya
    Luvvvv u sweetheart ????

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