RAB SE SONA ISHQ: twinj: Episode~ 93

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happiness ????????????????????????????

Days were passing so quickly everyone busy in hanina in Sarna Mansion they never leave her for a second they always ready to fight with each other’s for baby Rahul and Anjali enjoy many times they give them and went out for a dinner but they handle her so nicely.

even twinkle too become fully panda Kunj and Avantika didn’t leave her for a second due to some work Kunj went out of Amritsar she get angry hell he don’t wanted to go but  Rahul get ill cold he and anjali dancing in rain so he don’t have any other way so he went and come back before night she is angry.

Kabir and Malika went for mini vacation with their small family khansa and they both to Hong Kong and enjoy lott there fully.She started walking slowly slowly and become more cute day by day.Now she is 10 months old.

Now hanina was very favourite.Aayat spending her whole day with her only she and twinkle play with her lott.Aayat went for shopping with tej and Kunj specially for hanina their Kunj see many baby things his heart drooling for all that things.He buy as well few things.Twinkle become more chubby and extra cute her baby bump making her more flowing her baby bump.Kunj pampering her lott he take care of her so nicely fulfilled her all demands.Her mid night craving always shocked him but he wake up and made that time only whatever she wanted it.

Twinkle was now 7 months pregnant..

Everyone sitting for breakfast Kunj come with twinkle he holding her hands.

Kunj:good morning everyone.

Rahul:good morning.They both sit Kunj fill breakfast for twinkle in plate.

Twinkle:Kunj I don’t want so much just normal okay.


Avantika:now you have more twinkle beta it’s good for baby.

Twinkle:I have mummy but at morning don’t feel like have..

Anjali:haan after baby you will feel okay.

Twinkle:where is hanina haan? Di..

Anjali:arey just now she slept again so she was with Priyanka in room.


Kunj:Rahul you see meeting and other work I have to take twinkle for check up.

Rahul:sure me and rohan will handle you go with twinkle okay..

Twinkle: haan today he get ready to leave his meeting for me omg babaji yeh keshe hua huhu??. Kunj rolls his eyes and look at twinkle while rest of them giggles. Priyanka come with hanina who crying slightly.

Anjali: arey she wake up give me.

Priyanka: Haan di she wake up and crying I try to assuaged her but she isn’t..

Anjali:haan she is like this.

Twinkle: di can I take I’m done.

Anjali: yes you can why you need my permission.Twinkle immediately take hanina in her arms. She get up about to go Kunj smirked..

Kunj:twinkle ache se you can’t walk with your baby bump perfectly how you will handle hanina ??.

Twinkle:very lame Kunj Sarna. She went in side and look hanina who was so calm in her arms and smiling.Twinkle too smiled to see her she kissed on her forehead.You know hanina soon your sibling too come who can play with you haina. Kunj too done with his breakfast he went and see twinkle who busy in hanina he went towards her and give her backhugged not very tight.

Twinkle: ahah Kya Hai..

Kunj:kuch nahi rest his chin on her shoulder my baby how’s you happy in siyappa queen arms ?.


Kunj:you become so chidchidi huhu.he peck on twinkle cheeks from back. In side wall mirror was hanging twinkle and Kunj see themselves in mirror both smiled both looking so cute with baby.see you looking so beautiful with baby when our baby come our small family complete..

Twinkle:haan.Just than there Avantika and tej come there see Kunj and twinkle both smiled and coughing twinkle and Kunj heard immediately leave each other’s both looking down.

Avantika:what happened why you both shying from us now toh not at all going to become parents in few months..

Tej:yeah both smiled.

Twinkle:me aai she went from there.

Kunj:me too both escape from there. Avantika and tej giggles.Twinkle give baby to Anjali while all men’s left for office. Twinkle went in her room she taking out her pregnancy all files just than Kunj come in room. Acha Sun babes take your all things last time dr wanted you didn’t carry.

Twinkle:hmm.what time dr call us haan.

Kunj:don’t know I take her appointment.

Twinkle:you know na Kunj Mahi went to Maa house for some day here nobody for work mummy ji And MAA doing all work I didn’t like.

Kunj:bas Meri MAA so what you aren’t in condition so you can do house chores understand we have servants for that.. shall we?

Twinkle:yeah she hold his hand both went downstairs in formed Lata and Prithviraj. They went and sit in car Kunj driving slowly for twinkle. Kunj after dr we will went to Guruduwara? Please..

Kunj:why please anything for you.Hold her hand kissed on twinkle hand you know when I see di and Rahul with their baby feels so good imagine you and me with our baby it’s totally wonderful na twinkle.

Twinkle:haan same how’s your work going on because of me you have to miss your meeting sorry na.

Kunj:no sorry samji.And my work going superb wish before baby it’s over so I can give my all time to baby and you.

Twinkle:aww kissed on his cheek and rest her head on his shoulder Kunj smiled.By the time they reached hospital Kunj take her inside holding her perfectly. Kunj I having pain in my lower back lott.

Kunj: we will tell dr okay sit here I’ll bring water for you. Kunj made her sit on side sofa he asked to receptionist about dr she tell dr is busy when their turn will come she will call them. Kunj nodded he went to bring water for.Twinkle see in side babies with their mothers she smiled to see them, keep her hands on baby bump..

Twinkle:baby now come soon okay Meri Jaan ho aap. After 5 minutes later Kunj come with water.Why you take so much time haan in possessive voice..

Kunj:Arey Meri MAA in this condition as will doubting on me huhu.Drink this water and cool down yourself get it.He made her drink water and sit beside her.

At Taneja [email protected]

Today everyone at home only all sitting together outside it’s raining and weather was so good.They all enjoying hot tea.

Kabir: I wish twinkle too come so we all can enjoy together after wedding she don’t have time for us huhu. All giggles.

Mahi:arey bhai you don’t know jiju wouldn’t leave her for a seconds when he went office give her responsibility to badi Maa in his absence she handle her always with di.  Leela and rt smiled.

Leela:haan kabir beta you know na because of last time they all more careful about her.And I’m happy they handle her this last months very tough for her.

Bebe:true I went yesterday with your dadu she having pain in her back I was surprised to see Avantika with her she really taking care of her like a mother more than and Leela your daughter teasing her like she used to you..?

Mahi:so true bebe.Mummy ji and bahu behind each other’s.They all laughs out. Khansa walking and playing with her dolls. She falls and they all closed their eyes she look at them and giggles. Kabir went and lift her in his arms.

Kabir:my baby is so strong like her daddy. He throw her in air and lift her back.she laughs out loudly.

Malika:this baap and beti is totally mad.

Mahi:there hanina Maa she is so cute each and everyone fighting for her lott Omkara and Rudra toh become baby with her only.They were so small but bring happiness like anything all nodded with her.

At sarna company.. @

Tej went Priyanka with Sumit she went

With them and both working on presentation Sumit was surprised to see Priyanka skills after learned from her bhaiya?..

Sumit:amazing beta in this ages you know how to balance all things. Proud of you. She smiled.

Priyanka:thanks uncle this all my bhaiya teach me..

Sumit:great but even you too.There Rohan come see he come rohan learn something from Priyanka she is great in marketing and he is totally fuss he like other company shares more than his own ?. Priyanka giggles Rohan making puppy faces.

Priyanka: he pretending uncle between he is too good he helps me lot okay I’m going I have to show this to sir.she said and went from there Rohan ruffles his hairs.

Rohan:Kya dad you spoiling my image in front of Priyanka haan..?.

Sumit:acha she is so talented. He said and went from there.

Rohan:here I try my level best to impressed her here dad saying this all things in front of her huhu.I think dad like her but as a tej uncle daughter I wanted to make her his daughter in law how she become massi and soon bua as well when she will marry with me my both cuddles settled down here my love story not cook up ?..

Meeting goes so great tej keep lunch party in office for each and everyone. They all employees and clients had great brunch.

Other hands dr taking time she was busy in someone delivery so twinkle and Kunj have to wait more.Avantika and Lata call them back to back and asking them when they will come back Kunj tell dr was busy so they will take time..   

At Luthra mansion..

Avni was working in kitchen she felt like throwing us she went in washroom and throwing us like anything she come out Anita and Neelam sees  her.

Anita: what happened beta?

Avni: kuch nahi mummy ji just vomiting. As soon as Anita and Neelam heard this they get shocked and get up with happiness and look at Avni Than each other’s.

Anita: really.. Avni look at them and get confused.

Neelam: I’m so happy.

Avni: arey why..she understands their mind set.Arey don’t think that I’m not pregnant mummy and Biji I had pani puri lott with Dev jiju and maya di that’s why having vomits doesn’t suits na.

Anita: haww Okay beta we thought.

Neelam:so what Avni beta made this true na ?. She blushed and went from there they both giggles.

Twinkle: Kunj I’m done this dr taking so much time huhu always made us wait for her she isn’t celebrity..

Kunj:twinkle she is best gynaecologist in Amritsar and see how nicely she handling your treatment she is celebrity for us not less god samji wait I’ll asked. Kunj went and again ask she said more 10 minutes Kunj making faces.I never wait for anything just for my love and my bacha. After 10 minutes later dr come twinkle and Kunj went in her cabin…

Dr:arey sorry mr and Mrs Sarna. They both take seats.

Kunj: it’s okay you were busy na.

Dr:yeah hi twinkle how’s you.Your mother in law and father in law really love you and hell excited for their grand kids calls me two times asked about your health.they both smiled. Tell me your vomiting stop or not.

Twinkle:hmm fine now toh dr.. but I m having pain lott in my lower back can’t walk perfectly.

Dr:hmm this happened twinkle can’t help you or else can’t give you pain killers because it’s not good for you and baby. Don’t worry give you ointment.come she went with dr and lay down dr examining her while twinkle holding Kunj hand tightly today we will do your colourful  sonography and will listen your baby heart beats last time I didn’t do because I was busy this time.they both look at each other’s both were tremendously excited.

Dr first do her sonography and twinkle and Kunj eyes just stuck on monitor their baby come baby moving so fast.

Dr:see it’s good sign your baby moving so fast.

Twinkle:yeah dr tickles me lottt?.

Dr:see Kunj when we do her first that it’s so small dot now see your baby everything is perfect.twinkle and Kunj eyes filled with

Tears Kunj recorded this in his phone. After this she do her ultrasound moving Doppler on twinkle tummy and baby heart beat sound coming as soon as it’s went in twinkle and Kunj ears feels like now their life stop for a second twinkle look at Kunj he hold her hands tightly.Each heart beats of their baby skipping their hearts. Hearing a baby heartbeatfor the first time is an exciting milestone for new parents-to-be.. to hear a tiny little heart beating next to yours very own. Is the most beautiful sound a mother could ever hear.?. A mother’s joy begins when new life is stirring inside.when a tiny heart beat is heard for very first time and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone.twinkle request to Kunj this too he records in his phone.He does. Dr smiles to see them twinkle get up and went to desk she and Kunj sit.


Twinkle:it’s amazing dr feel so good I don’t have words to describe my happiness dr made me complete I don’t want this moment stop ever my baby heart beats echoing in my ears world best rhythm ever.

Dr:haan I know twinkle.She give her medicine.Bas Kunj now give her and twinkle now totally stop moving here and there.

Kunj:sure dr full bed rest. Kunj Shake his hand with dr and they went out of the cabin Kunj went to  take twinkle medicine from pharmacy.He quickly take her medicines.They sit in car back a beautiful grin smile on their face.. Guruduwara?

Twinkle:yes today I’m hell happy.Kunj drove off for Guruduwara.They reached and went. Kunj come out of the car and went to twinkle side he open the door and forward his both hands twinkle give her hands to him he help her to come out of the car.She come twinkle covered her head with veil..


Twinkle:haan.They both went inside the Guruduwara Kunj off his shoes twinkle having difficulties he bend down and remove her slippers other ladies see Kunj and smiled.

Arey see this man he taking care of his wife wish every girls get husband like him so humble and nice few ladies said.Kunj and twinkle both heard they smiled and went ahead they went inside and sit in front of babaji and blow down their heads

And fold their hands pray for their upcoming new soul and others as well Kunj help twinkle to get up they both hold each other’s walking around babaji.Both looking at each other’s.Inside their heart their love for each other’s echoing loudly once again taking promises they went in side and tie manaat ka dhaga together. Twinkle stand in side while Kunj helping in lungar she went in side and giving grains to pigeons.Kunj come there and see her and smiled bas itni si tamana play in bg. He too joint her than both of the sit near sarovar Twinkle resting her head on Kunj chest and both soothing their all stress in this peaceful and purest place..

Twinkle:kunjj our life is so beautiful na my toh because of you I never thought after marry you my life become like a fairytale. You know here we probably met first time unknowingly..

Kunj:yeah I know and that your duppta tassel which break down and fall there and you left as well which I take out.

Twinkle:hmm.and after marriage you give me hehe.after sometimes later of their marriage Kunj tell her.

Kunj:lets go now…

Twinkle:haan they get up and went outside.They sit in car and left for sarna house..

Next scene#..

Twinkle and Kunj reached and they went inside. As soon as Lata and Avantika saw them get relief they went towards them and sit.

Avantika:why you both take this much time haan I was worried about you twinkle beta.

Kunj:bas Meri MAA because of dr and than went to Guruduwara..

Lata:good beta.

Avantika: see twinkle puttar your face become so red I’ll bring something for you. She went in kitchen and made a drink healthy one for her. She come give her and caressing her face.Twinkle smiled and drinking nicely. Kunj making faces.

Kunj:dekh rahi hai dadi mummy she totally forgot his son just remember her bahu not fair..

Anjali: jealous man..

Twinkle: yeah.

Avantika: why do you have any problem when I was behind that time he said mummy I’m not a baby I can do she said in his voice all giggles.Now my bahu needs and your dadi Maa was too same haina mummy ji Lata nodded in yes.

Usha:like you tej bhai saab use to get jealous when mummy ji pampered us?.

Kunj:haan.. dadi we have something for you where is dadu??

Anjali:dadu take Aayat to park.

Lata: tell us na..

Kunj:no together only when dadi come..

Usha:lets have lunch you go and get freshen up twinkle beta Kunj take her okay.

Kunj:hmm.They both went in their room with lift now she fully stop using staircase. Kunj take her inside he bring her clothes and give her she went in washroom didn’t lock the door of washroom because of Kunj he get worried about her lott.Some days before she went in washroom to take bath and there she slept and Kunj was worried about her she didn’t come out after so much time as well. Kunj standing beside door. Twinkle hua kya haa..

Twinkle:haan come na. He went in side her kurti stuck in between her head Kunj smiled and helped her.

Kunj:okay chalo.He hold her hand take her carefully so she can’t slip in this wet floor.Twinkle sit on bed and Kunj went and he get freshen up.He come out see twinkle she resting her both hands on belly.

Twinkle: hayee baby when you will come now mamma can’t bear this pain.

Kunj: bas meri Queen should I bring your lunch here only Haan.

Twinkle:Haan Kunj I don’t have strength now to walk.

Kunj:okay you stay here I’ll come back. He went downstairs while rest of the sit for lunch,

Usha: where is twinkle Kunj puttar?

Kunj: haan she get tired Maa so she can’t come down.

Avantika: it’s okay take her food in her room only. Avantika immediately fills plate for her and Kunj she give tray to Kunj and he take and went in his room. He sit beside twinkle she was hell hungry.

Twinkle:feed me fast baby fighting.Giving her kicks fully?.Kunj started feeding her food and she happily having as well twinkle too Feed him.Than they finished the lunch Kunj give her medicine.

Kunj: I’ll apply ointment on your back you will feel good.

Twinkle:haan I need very badly.She lift her kurti and Kunj started applying ointment on her back she closed her eyes Kunj it’s paining lott.

Kunj:ab me Kya karu I don’t have anything to over your pain. Dr told na you feel better after this..

Twinkle:hmm..he slightly giving her massage she feel really really very good. After Kunj place pillow behind her back so she can lay down perfectly. He covered with blanket.

Kunj:now you rest I’ll do my work okay jaan.

Twinkle:hmm.She quickly sleep while Kunj sit in side and doing his office work..

After sometimes later all come back from office they all sitting in living room.Tej call Kunj he went down and tell priyanka made coffee for himself.. she went in kitchen tej tell everyone about Priyanka hard work and dedication all smiled.

Manohar:after all beti humhari hai..

Anjali:intelligent girls we are ?.Rahul and Rudra Malini faces.

Prithviraj:arey tej I didn’t tell you mr Varma asking me about Priyanka alliance all look at each other’s..

Tej:acha let’s see papa.

Kunj:why so hurry pa she is small now we will see later.

Tej:we just seeing Kunj not fixed beta..

Kunj:huhu Like last time they bring again darsh type of man for pinku not this time before pa I’ll see anyone for Priyanka who make her happy he thought in his mind.

Usha: Kunj and Rahul have friend groups why don’t you both find anyone for pinku. Rahul chocked.

Rahul:how about Rohan he murmured ?. Kunj listen he make faces Rahul

immediately turned his face to other side.  Priyanka bring coffee and give to Kunj. They all enjoy evening snacks and coffee after weather was damn good.After Kunj went in his room he closed all windows rain water coming inside.He again busy in his work.

twinj room…

From the time twinkle had become pregnant.kunj was working from home mostly everyone had restricted her from work as her pregnancy is very much delicate because of previous miscarriage..But by sitting in room she was hell bored..Kunj was sitting on couch and working .as he had some important meeting.  After sometimes later twinkle wake up and look at Kunj just.

Twinkle:kunj please na kuch karte i m hell bored.

Kunj:hmm we will go outside bit first let me finish my work please and even rain as well outside twinkle.

Twinkle:kunj agar tumhe kam hi karna hai toh office kyn ni gye ainvy yaha pe time waste kyn kar rahe ho..

Kunj:i m not wasting time twinkle.i can take care of yourself and  work as well..

Twinkle:so let’s do something for my boredom..you said na you are here for me .

Kunj:just give me 20 minutes then i ‘ll be free.till the time you watch movies Twinkle was watching punjabi comedy movie she was laughing ..

Kunj:twinkle please little bit decrease the volume its disturbing me pleaseTwinkle got angry she off the tv.

Twinkle:you are really very bad you are not doing anything for my boredom and now saying i m disturbing you .started crying .

Kunj:twinkle…baby please Don’t cry…woh toh bas aise hi bol diya please Dont cry na ..

Twinkle:go away .i don’t want to talk to you .go leave me .

Kunj:no baby acha i m.sorry acha say what should i do so that you can forgive me.

Twinkle:okay chalo do acting like mr bean ..

Kunj:what ?

Twinkle:yes …

Kunj:kha fasa diya baba ji .He started doing some actions like mr bean and twinkle was laughing watching his antics.

Kunj:now happy..

Twinkle:hmm after sometimes later rain

Almost stop. Kunj finished his work twinkle having fruits,,

Kunj:chal we have to go for your yoga classes..


He took her for yoga doctor has recommended her so that she remain stress free till her deliver as she was already in trauma when she has miscarriage.They reached Twinkle was doing yoga and kunj was too supporting her like a good husband.After yoga  twinkle said Kunj i want to have pani puri and icecream.

Kunj:okay.He took her to a hygienic restaurant…She have almost 3 plate pani puri .kunj was looking at her how can she have this much spicy and chatpatta..

Kunj:bas siyappa queen ..otherwise my baby will also like you .

Twinkle:huh ..now icecream…

Kunj:okay which flavour..?

Twinkle:all flavour with choco chip …

Kunj gave  order.Ice cream came it was a tub full of 10 scoops of different flavours and with chocochips..Kunj was amazed how twinkle will eat this .Twinkle start having it .she also feed him .It took 20 minutes to finish the tub..

Kunj:now enough ya fir kuch or ?

Twinkle:naah i m full now ..

They sit into the car and move towards the sarna mansion

Twinkle kept her head on his shoulder and don’t know when she slept.He take her inside She woke up at 9 in night and saw herself laying on bed and  kunj working on laptop..

Twinkle:i was in the car na how did i came here.

Kunj:you slept baby so i bring you here …

They both went downstairs everyone sit for dinner they both joint..

Rudra: bhabhi kaha hai..

Twinkle: I’m here only.

Anjali: humhare sleeping queen.

Twinkle: after yoga ??.. they all having dinner and look Omkara who look so sad.

Hayee Om mahi will come tomorrow don’t worry why are you so sad??.

Om:no i m not at all.

Rahul:we can see in your face how much you missing your wifey.in side hanina was in her baby cradle she making noise in her baby language ahahalaahha.all smiled..

Kunj:now you all here dadi and dadu I have something.They all get confused they finished the dinner and sit in living room Kunj connected his phone with tv and played baby heart sound which they recorded in their phones.Dadi and dadu yeh humhare baby ki heart beats hai.. they all smiled and listen carefully.

Rudra:it’s amazing ?totally..

Prithviraj: haan.now you making me

More curious about my great grand child. They having happiness tears in their eyes.

Just than twinkle starter sneezing.

Avantika: arey twinkle beta…

Kunj: I knew it Yeh toh hona hita why you eat so much ice cream.

Tej:what in this weather why beta.She making puppy faces and her nose become red..

Lata:koi na give her kesar wala milk she will be okay till morning.Avantika nodded in yes.They all chit chat with each other Rudra and Omkara escape from there one wanted to talk his wife another one too his fiancé?.

All went in their respective rooms Kunj giving twinkle hot oil massage.. twinkle admires him.

Kunj:what happen twinkle.why are you crying.

Twinkle:kunj tum kitne ache ho na mera kitna khayal.rakhte ho.

Kunj:thought syappa queen and her harmones.in afternoon she was crying because she was saying ki i m bad now she is crying because i m good ladies ko samjhna bhut hi difficult hai.woh or unke harmones.he smiled and make her braid tale nicely and give her medicine she asked him about his medicine he bring and twinkle give him with his hands they both lay down in sitting position twinkle just seeing her sonography video in Kunj phone back to back.Bright smile comes on her face fully.Kunj smiled it’s totally unexplainable connection between a mother and her baby.. just than Avantika come with kesar milk twinkle shifted from Kunj slightly.

Avantika: it’s okay beta drink this milk you will better.

Twinkle: okay mummy she immediately drink and finished whole milk Kunj shocked.

Kunj: what a Miracle happened today how she drink milk without no drama man.

Twinkle: don’t fly too much because this one is yummy not like yours yucky.. Avantika giggles.

Avantika: tum dono bhi na now sleep beta caress her face she went from there.Kunj kissed on twinkle forehead she cuddles him and both sleep in each other’s embrace.

Rudra talking to soumya on phone he moving in whole bed Omkara see him he giggles who itself busy with Mahi Rudra falls down ??.

Om: good.

Mahi: what.

Om: nothing.

Rudra: ouch.

Soumya:Kya Hua.

Rudra:falls down from bed he told her she laughs out Loudly.

Soumya: okay Rudra bye goodnight you get up love you She said and cut the phone Rudra get up and looks at Omkara who laughing like anything at him he get angry and snatched his phone and cut the call.

Om: what is this.

Rudra: hahah Yeh hai. ???.

Om:hatt Omkara covered his face with blanket Rudra jumped at him.he scream both laughs out..

Next [email protected]

Like every day they wake up and had their breakfast men’s left for office.today Kunj too went as all after so much request twinkle send him because now she is fine he went.Mahi and Leela come.They both sit with everyone leela asked about twinkle Avantika and Usha told she was in her room only. Anjali teasing Mahi that Om bhaiya missing bhabhi ji ??. She blushed Leela went in twinkle room to meet with her.

Twinkle was laying down on bed in sitting position she talking to Chinki Leela went

Towards her she see her and cut the call.

Twinkle: Leela MAa aap..

Leela: haan me you toh not missing me so I come to meet with you meri bachi sit in side chair. Keshi hai caress her face.

Twinkle: absolutely fine Maa aap and everyone at home.

Leela: everyone too twinkle just missing twinkle.

Twinkle: even I too missing Maa everyone but Kya karu this pregnancy didn’t let me go anywhere I hardly went out of this room and my back pain you know na..

Leela: Haan I can understand but my twinkle looking so cute..

Twinkle:Haan ?.she rest her head on her chest.Leela caressing her hairs both mother and daughter sit together and spend sometime together twinkle share each and everything with Leela.She smiled just listing whatever her daughter saying.She is still same to same who going to become mother soon.

Anjali with hanina went to park with Aayat who come with her school.They tiro enjoying lott in park Aayat specially.

After sometimes later leela too left back to Taneja mansion.Anjali too come back with both cuties they went in twinkle room they spend sometime with her she playing with baby she giggles and twinkle smiled.

Rohan and Priyanka went for meeting out,.

They both give presentation nicely and crack the deal and in formed tej he was hell happy.. after sometimes later Rohan asked Priyanka to go for dinner after all they have to celebrate their success she call and asked Kunj he give her permission because Rohan with her and he trust him. They both went for candle light dinner which Priyanka don’t know they went inside and take their chairs Priyanka get amazed to see the ambiance she look at rohan.

Priyanka: Yeh I mean??

Rohan: how’s it..

Priyanka:very beautiful ??.They both sit and Oder the food.Both chit chatting about here and there Priyanka tell him about her studies Rohan amazed how she handle both things together.She smiled and tell him he started calling her Razia Sultana she giggles.Rahul and Kunj come in same restaurant they get bored Kunj call Avantika asked her about twinkle she said she had her dinner and sleeping in her room Kunj get happy he and Rahul went for dinner out they come for some work this restaurant is very near them. They too come they was going Kunj eyes went on Rohan and Priyanka even Rahul’s as well.

Rahul: arey Yeh dono yeha he looking at Kunj think today rohan gone..

Kunj:Arey today they crack the deal so rohan and she went for dinner she asked me and I permitted her that’s why.

Rahul: hoo.They didn’t said anything and take their table in side both too Oder their food and having Kunj gazing at rohan and Priyanka.

Kunj:they look good not bad that much I mean no this can’t.Priyanka and Rohan left from there after sometimes while Kunj take parcel for twinkle she loved butter chicken.

After sometimes later they too as soon as they entered in side Anjali was standing in living room with anger and hanina was in her arms Rahul closed his eyes.

Anjali: finally see baby your papa come lazy head he enjoying haan here she crying.

Rahul:sorry baby woh I had some work.

Anjali: whatever is it.. she went in room.

Rahul: ab dinner Ka pura maza nikalegi..

Kunj: yup go fast.he giggles Rahul went behind while Kunj went upstairs and goes in his room didn’t found twinkle in room he understands he changed his clothes and come down and keep the parcel in freeze. He went in Avantika room see twinkle sleeping there he went towards her. She still sleeping Haan.

Avantika:haan today leela ji come didn’t get time to rest..

Kunj:acha good Maa come.I’ll take her Kunj carefully lift twinkle in his arms.. he take her in their room place her on bed and cuddles her and he too sleep..

At midnight twinkle wake up and see Kunj she smiled and get up she went in washroom and come out and sit she feeling hungry..

Twinkle: I’m hungry kunjj wake up na.


Twinkle: hungry..

Kunj: acha he open his eyes. Wait I’ll bring he went down goes in kitchen heat up the food which he bring for her. He heat up and place on plate and take for her he sit beside her open the lid twinkle see butter chicken and paratha she get hell happy.

Twinkle: butter chickennnn??.

Kunj: yes I went for dinner she look at him.

With Rahul not any lady.


Kunj:so bring for you.Twinkle started having happily Kunj sit in side he admiring her fully he slept while admiring her.She finished and look at Kunj and see he slept. She smiled and place everything in side table and wash her head she kissed on Kunj forehead and peck on his lips and she reading book which she reading nowadays.She sleep after sometimes Priyanka was dreaming about Rohan. They both dancing happily he was running behind her she giggled and pushing him,,

2 months has been passed way so fast like anything.Now hanina was 5 months old.When she was born twinkle was on 4th months of her pregnancy.hanina become golu molu Rudra calling her baby sumo??. Soumya get irritated with this he and she fight lott cute one..

While twinkle become fully panda but her face glow making her so beautiful. Everyone was just waiting for baby only and Kunj take care of herself so nicely as well even Avantika hands too..

Twinkle was now in her last month and her baby bump was little bit bigger then the anjali baby bump..and she has become now more chubby golu -molu.Elders and kunj had restricted her to go downstairs..

So nowadays she mostly spent her time in her room only.She was sitting on the bed and getting bored.In evening kunj came…

Kunj:yaar nowadays she is getting bored what to do ?..

Rahul:hmm chal uska time pass karte hai

Om yuvi rudy ans all went to twinj room..

Rahul:hi twinkle or kesa raha tumhara din…?

Twinkle:as usual boring huh!

Rahul:arey aisa sadiyal look kuyn de rhi ho iska patent toh tumhare sadu sarna ke pas hai?.Kunj too come.

Kunj:Meri biwi ko kyn tang kar rahe ho tum log haan..

Rahul:humhari itni majal hum twinkle sarna ko tang kare??.,

Kunj:acha ji …

Rahul:hmm wese kunj tumhe ni lagta twinkle is looking like a football. look at her baby bump ..seems twinkle will give us triplets.

Yuvi:sahi kha aapne.

Kunj:oye don’t call my wife football haan she is my panda All giggles..

Twinkle:you all are so bad  ek toh i m facing so much and you all are making fun of me.huh i’ll not talk to you all.she started crying.

Rahul:shit man we toh come for entertaining her but she toh started crying..

Yuvi:ab kya kare..

Rahul:hum kuch ni kar sakte Hai jo karna hai woh kunj karega .chal hum chalte hai.

Rahul whispers kunj apni siyappe Ko tu hi sambhal Humse na ho payega.

Kunj:saale aag lga ke .bhag raha Hai.All went.

Kunj:baby please don’t cry na they were just teasing you..

Twinkle:nahi i m looking like a football..they are correct..you too said i m looking like a panda.You all are always behind me  eat this eat that.ye toh hona hi tha..

Kunj:aww my baby.woh toh just tumhara boredom door karne ka try kar rahe the..

I toh luv my chubby chubby twinkle…


Kunj:muchi pecking her lips..

Twinkle:acha kunj mera baby bump sach me sub se different hai kya. Baby give twinkle baby kick twinkle take Kunj hand keep on her baby bump.. 

Kunj:arey baby it happens.differs according to the baby so don’t take tension.yoU just think only few days are left then our baby will be with us..

Twinkle:haan i m waiting for that day only.

Both hugged each other.after sometimes later twinkle and Kunj left for twinkle yoga classes.They went twinkle looking extremely cute in her yoga wears. All pregnant ladies with their husbands and they were helping their wife’s.Kunj sitting behind twinkle back hugging her and tickles she making irritating faces. Kunjj please.

Kunj:I’m really sorry.Yoga teacher come and scold Kunj he quiet and helping twinkle.She breathing heavily.

At Sarna Mansion.

Everyone sitting guru ji come and talk to lata and Prithviraj about twinkle.

Guruji:we should do twinkle bahu godh Bharai..

Lata:haan we too thinking same do you have any an auspicious moment..

Guruji:I have he check and we have day after tomorrow a fortunate time.,

Prithviraj:than great fixed I wanted my bahu godh bharai in a very great way mera first great grand child is coming.

Guruji:haan kyu nahi.tej and Manohar didn’t said anything.Mahi served guru ji breakfast.He smiled and Have.Later Guruji went back.

Twinkle yoga classes end she went in washroom and changed her clothes and come out.Kunj holding water bottle for she come and sit in side and made her drink water.He hold her hand in side there is a park they both went and do for evening walk girls checking out Kunj twinkle see them and gritting her Teeth’s at them..

Kunj:twinkle in this condition also you were busy in this girl.

Twinkle:acha sadu see them they coming here for walk not come to checkout someone husband huhu gimcrack girls. Kunj laughs out.

Kunj:meri possessives wifey. Kissed on her forehead let’s have coconut water what’s say she scowled.They both went towards car she sit and Kunj went and bring coconut for her. He take and pay and went back to twinkle he sit and start the car and give coconut to twinkle she making faces. It’s for my baby rest his hand on her baby bump Meri Jaan twinkle making weird faces.Kunj start the car and they drove off.Twinkle drinking coconut water and making faces Kunj see her with corner of his eyes and smiled murmured totally drama queen.,

Rudra:where bhaiya and bhabhi went haan?

Om:they went for yoga classes na.Just than they entered in side twinkle still enjoying her coconut water she went and sit.

Rahul: what happened again fighting. Kunj ruffles his hairs while tej give him roar look.

Kunj:no pa woh me..

Tej:what happened twinkle beta haan.

Twinkle:nothing papaji..

Lata: twinkle beta and Kunj you know guru ji take out date for twinkle baby shower.

Rudra: what yuppie when?

Lata:day after tomorrow all get happy. Anjali dancing.

Anjali:your time come bhabhi ji.Twinkle bite her lips..

Prithviraj:I wanted each and everything perfect Omkar And Anjali bring pen and copy they note down everything whatever Prithviraj wanted.

Twinkle:dadu it’s too much I mean.

Usha:Arey what too much after all iss Ghar ki bahu Ka baby shower hai we will do in very great way like Anjali’s you all kids did now see our style haina Avantika she nodded in yes.

Lata:you don’t know twinkle beta we dreaming for this day and soon our dream fully come true.Don’t have words to describe you.Wait your dadu bring something she send Priyanka she went and bring box. Lata open the box and show twinkle all baby clothes.

Twinkle:aww it’s so cute kunjjj. She take in her hands and smells. Twinkle get happy and cuddles each and everything Kunj sit beside lata.

Kunj: you both totally crazy I mean you both since my birth planning this only na ??.,

Prithviraj: yes.

Rahul:arey you don’t know whenever dadu and dadi see anyone with you they

imagine her with you doing griha


Kunj:acha tujhe bada pata hai.. huhu?.

Rudra:by the way dadu and dadi you both extremely love bhaiya like anything in this world more than anything so means according this you will love bhaiya baby as well lott. Than mera Or O Kya hoga crying faking ?.

Kunj:itne jealous hai mere baby de Abhi se till now you all jealous with me now with my baby as well poor ??.Elders giggles.

Rudra: dadi you love me more we will teased bhaiya baby when he teased will hit him as well??.Twinkle mouth got open..

Avantika\ tej:acha ji when you dadu and dadi didn’t let us do anything with you how can we will let you do don’t dare to think of it samje.baby will apple of our eyes ?.Twinkle smiled.


Om:huhu till now we trio apple of their eyes now junior ones?.

Twinkle:bas karo they get jealous with hanina also ?learn from Aayat she love everyone..

Rudra:haan because she get everyone love bhabhi.

Mahi:you all become baby..

Anjali:after twinkle Than mahi time haina dadi and dadu behind you both ??. They both look at each other’s and blushed.

Rudra:acha than O baby will be like O.. philosopher,,

Kunj:than yours toh will be cry baby??,all laughing like anything Rudra making faces.Just than twinkle get baby kick,

Twinkle:Ouchh bas karo I cant laugh any more my baby also done.

Rudra:baby kick she nods in yes Rudra keep his hand on her belly again baby give kick Rudra feel he scream.Hooo. He giving kick so fastly become footballer ?, all hold their heads.They all sit for dinner Kunj make twinkle favourite things and he feed her with his hands all smiled.

They finished dinner with laughs.Than all sit in pool side hanina started crying Aayat went in room and bring her pamper she give to Anjali.

Aayat: di change her fast.

Anjali: ja rudra do fast.

Rudra: me??

Rahul:yes here we have one Rudra get it. He went and change baby nappy and closed it nose all laughs out.Kunj see twinkle foots swelling come over all.he went and bring oil for her.

Kunj:see your foots..

Twinkle:Kunj leave this give me hair massage I feel good.

Rudra:Bhabhi I’ll give today you forget everyone.She smiled Rudra giving her hair massage while Kunj apply oil on her foot and massaging as well.Omkara and mahi went prepared milk for twinkle.

Mahi: im excited for di..

Om:me too.They prepared milk and take for twinkle. Twinkle your milk.

Kunj:I’ll do.

Om:Acha bhai.twinkle take and drink happily..twinkle feeling so relaxed ?.She finished the milk while Mahi wipes milk beard comes above her lips.She smiled and rest her head on couch.Omkara and Rudra tie her hairs she closed her eyes and while pampered lot she doze off.. Kunj gestured she sleep they all stop.

Kunj: I feel so good when I see her so relax I can understand her pain whole night can’t sleep.. properly some more days.

Anjali:Haan Kunj Than your and her whole nights passed way in baby ?,.They giggles Kunj lift her and take inside.Place her on bed she opened her eyes and smiled he bring her clothes and help her to wear than both cuddles and slept..

Next day..

everyone busy in twinkle baby shower preparation they all very much excited. Send everyone invitations card.Avantika and Lata selecting twinkle baby shower dress.She didn’t come down even Kunj too busy in some preparation.They all heena girls each and everyone applied Heena. They send heena girl in twinkle room and started applying heena in twinkle hands after some much time they done.Her hands decorated with heena fully just like at her bridal heena she looking cute. Avantika and Usha come and see and praise lott. Avantika feed twinkle food and give her medicine as well.

Avantika:my bahu looking so good you rest If you need anything ring the bell


Twinkle:mummy ji I get bored here please na take me down.

Usha:no beta at down everyone running from here and there you rest please.She making puppy faces.Avantika and Usha went downstairs while Anjali send hanina with servant to twinkle she take her and

Handling her she place her on her lap and caressing her hairs making her fall in sleep.Twinkle place her on bed and lay down beside her kissed on her forehead.

Twinkle:few more days than my baby will be in my arms.. ?.. she too sleep beside hanina..

All arrangements done perfectly everyone get relief Kunj went in his room and saw twinkle and hanina she smiled and click their pic he kissed on their forehead.

Kunj:urgh again this mehndi?..

Day off so fast and next day come today is twinkle baby shower.She went and take bath Kunj come and she too come and smiled to see him. Kunj take her hands in his hands and see her heena colour which come so dark..

Kunj:it’s looking so beautiful..


Kunj:your due date after 2 weeks twinkle..

Twinkle:hmm but I can’t wait more she spend some quality time with Kunj.half day passed Avantika and Lata come in twinkle room and show her all things.aww it’s so pretty.

Lata:everything for my twinkle. Kissed on her forehead.

Avantika: today I’ll ready you.

Twinkle:yes.twinkle changed her clothes and wear lehenga.She come Avantika made her sit on dressing table Lata place a beautiful full necklace

she smiled thanks dadi Maa.Lata went downstairs.

Avantika:aaj meri bahu dulhan se kam nahi lagegi.twinkle smiled Avantika making her ready fully she looking so beautiful covered her head with a veil. Kishi ki nazar na lage meri bahu ko.take off evil eyes she get up.

Meanwhile all guest and relatives comes all asking about twinkle.Avantika take twinkle downstairs all see her smiled.She looking like a fairy.Kunj eyes stuck at twinkle only she looking breathtaking.

Rahul:aww so pretty woman..?Avantika take her towards swing she made her sit..

Anjali:you looking so beautiful.she smiled and look at Kunj who fully lost in her..

Leela:haan kishi ki nazar na lage meri beti ko ?.. all boys standing in side.

Rahul:ahem Kunj tera panda looking beautiful ?.

Kunj:shut up saale.guru ji come and does twinkle aarti.Lata and Prithviraj together give twinkle so many gifts in a Thaal.. and give her blessings as well.

Lata:lets start the function.Whole Sarna Mansion decorated so beautifully.Avantika put fruits and gifts in her jholi and whispered something in her ears which make her giggles.Kunj smile to see her and click her some candid pics.than Usha turn come she did same Leela and Bebe as well. All the time twinkle just smiling.


One by one all ladies give her gifts and complete this baby shower function happily. All boys went towards her.

Rudra: bhabhi killer?.

Twinkle: acha ji..

Anjali: I’ll bring juice for you she went and bring and give twinkle. In side few ladies singing and dancing.

{Sola singar karke godi bharayi le

Sola singar karke godi bharayi le

Saiyyan saiyyan saiyyan saiyyan

Saiyyan se kheli bahut

Abb chhotu ko khilayi le

Sola singar karke godi

Bharayi le sola singar kare}????. Everyone enjoying every bit of it.Kunj bring food for twinkle and feed her with his hands.

Kunj:are you okay na??

Twinkle:haan.Everyone come and click pics with twinkle lott.twinkle hug rt and Kabir.soumya and Rudra acting like twinkle and Kunj Soumya become

pregnant twinkle all laughs out.after sometimes later all guest left..

After twinkle baby shower.Everyone was sitting.just family members..

Avni:wese twinkle bhabhi what you want boy or girl?

Twinkle smiles and she was going to say.

Rudra:this time i want champ..We are already having hanina, khansa and aayat Girls team are increasing and we boys are losing..

Kabir:this time i m with you infact i also want a nephew..

Avni:acha ji.

Aayat:bhabhi haan it will be great if one more baby girl will join our family.I can play ghar Ghar with them.

Rudra :you rat tujhe toh bas tere ghar ghar ki padi rahti hai.

Aayat:shut up you protein powder..All laughing at them..

Rahul:chalo we bet how many of you want boy .?Yuvi , kabir , om , rudy, anjali were in one team we all want boy…

Rahul:okay so now how many of you want girl..Prinku, mahi , avni, aayat were in one side. We all want girl..

Rahul:okay so whoever will loose.they will handle them when we will go for outing …

Elders giggles..

Rudra:what ?? Ye kish type ka reward hua.

Rahul: toh kya baby you only want baby for maze arey chachu ho itna toh kar hi sakte ho.All were fighting this is not fair..

Avantika:bs bs you all are fighting like fish market.Boy ho ya girl usse fark ni padta woh bs healthy , fit and  fine hona chahiye.Now no more fights.Twinkle beta you go and rest .

Twinkle:hmm.I’m done in this dress. She hold Kunj hand and he take her in their room.Twinkle went in side Kunj get call he stop and busy in call. Twinkle standing in front of dressing table and look at herself Kunj entered in room and see twinkle he smiled and went towards her and give her backhugged she smiled.

Kunj: today you looking the best I can’t control myself twinkle yaar she turned and look at him.

Twinkle:acha karo ?,he caress her hairs she smiled and Kunj kissed on her forehead and cupped her face.both share a lip lock Kunj kissing her very gently.. than Kunj helping her take out all things. See Kunj dadi and dadu gives me so much things.

Kunj:haan.she went and changed her clothes and come she and Kunj sit and spending some quality time in each other’s embrace. Twinkle having pain slowly slowly.

Twinkle:acha kunj what do you want boy or girl….?

Kunj:arey i told you so many times i m ok with both..after all both will be my part of me..

Twinkle:arey phir bhi like. You know people think ki mera first child ye hona chahiye so what do you want ..?

Kunj:wese i want a little princess..you know i want to be like paa.who always love his daughter and treat like a princess.

So i want a daughter..who will be my princess..she will be too like syappa queen then we both will team up and irritate you so much.

Twinkle: haww sadu .itne din se koi siyappa ni kiya still you are calling me siyappa queen..

Kunj:acha abhi kal tha woh.jab tumne afternoon me chatkhare le le ke pickles khaye the or woh bhi mjhse chup ke .

And in night you were saying kunj i think acidity ho gyi hai.

Twinkle:woh toh i was craving for it ..so i have it…

Kunj:huhh siyappa queen..khin ki..

Chal acha bata what you want …?

Twinkle:i want a boy..who will be like you.apple of everyone eyes.and mostly he will be responsible being a elder son of this family and sabko saath me leke chalna wala.

Kunj:really…baby kitna sochti hai tu humhari family ke liye.

Twinkle:sochna toh padega…na after all i m big dil of this house..

Kunj:aww my baby …

Twinkle:wese jqyada khush mat ho.me and my son will be in one team and then we will irritate you so much..Or wese bhi tumhe bhi pata chale jab samne wala sadu rahta hai toh kesa lgta hai.

Kunj:acha ji..or woh kese pata chalega…

Twinkle:simple baby…ab your son will be like you only na sadu sarna ..

Kunj:acha ji.

Twinkle:haanji …wese bada maza aayega na jab one side will be big sadu sarna and other side will be small Sadu Sarna.Both will give each other tashan ..

Kunj:!hehe very funny.She cuddles Kunj tightly Kunj patting on her back.Twinkle sleep after sometimes Kunj get up and went downstairs everyone left.He went in study room. After sometimes later twinkle having pain in her tummy slowly she wake up and finding Kunj he wasn’t in room. She get up and hold her back and went in went downstairs.At outside raining so badly. All siblings playing game in side they see twinkle and come in living room.

Rudra: what happened bhabhi..

Twinkle: nothing feeling suffocated in room so come here.

Anjali: are you okay na. Avantika come there see twinkle.

Avantika: twinkle beta tum yeha haa?

Twinkle: Haan mummy ji neendh nahi aarahi hai issliye.

Avantika:okay.Twinkle face become fully dull.she moving from here to there.

Usha:she get tired maybe..

Anjali:haan.Avantika give water she drink. Twinkle drenched in sweat badly.. she sit hold Avantika hands tightly all get worried lata and Prithviraj or Manohar or tej come out of the rooms.

Avantika:twinkle beta Kya Hua tell me cupped her face.

Twinkle:mummy ji palpitations..

Avantika: this will happened beta in this condition heart beating look at me something happening tell me.

Usha: maybe her time??

Avantika:no dr give after 2 weeks due date not so soon.You sleep here rest her head on Avantika lap.her pain started increasing so badly.. she open her eyes and screamed so badly everyone stunned . Twinkle clutch Avantika hands tightly.

Twinkle: ahah Kunjjjjjj mummy jiii..

Usha:twinkle beta..

Avantika: Kya Hua.kunj come there and see twinkle.

Kunj:twinkle Kya Hua hold her hands

Twinkle:Kunj I can’t bear this pain please help meee..

Lata:her labour pain started.. twinkle feel wet she scream more..

Kunj:twinkle don’t cry..

Tej:take her hospital.

Kunj:haan.He lift her in his arms Rahul and Om bring car.. they all went outside Kunj sit in car with twinkle take her head on his lap.Avantika sit beside Rahul. Rahul start the car and they all left for hospital this make everyone worried because her 9 mouths just started.. twinkle take deep breathe please. I’m with you.

Twinkle: kunjj??mere baby..

Avantika: you take deep breathe nothing will happened beta.. she crying so badly Kunj cuddles her face. He too having tears in his eyes.

Kunj; Rahul fast pleaseeee.

Rahul: haan. This rain..after so much struggles they reached hospital Rahul bring stretcher immediately and Kunj place her on stretcher she hold Kunj hand tightly they take her inside Kunj panicked so badly.He calling dr..

Twinkle:I can’t bear kunjjj,, dr come,

Kunj; dr see twinkle please.

Dr: hmm she check her o shit her labour pain starts nurse come. Kunj look at twinkle.

Twinkle: Kunj bab..y

Kunj:shhh you go,kissed on her forehead nurse take her inside the OT.Omkara already in formed everyone.. they all reached.

Rt: where is twinkle.

Rahul:dr take her..

Leela:but itni jaldi keshe.Kunj hug Avantika.

Avantika:shh don’t worry kunjj.. twinkle sound coming till outside.

Inside OT..

dr:twinkle please push.

Twinkle: it’s paining dr.

Dr:I don’t want to go for surgery twinkle try..twinkle drenched in sweat and crying like anything.She doing the way dr telling her.At outside everyone is in tension. Because dr taking so much time.just than nurse come out.

Kunj:nurse how’s my wife.

Nurse:don’t worry.You all have you to

Wait. She said and went.

Kunj: mummy and pa why dr taking so much time at di time she come with baby within in a hour it’s been 2 hours still twinkle toh thik hai na??.

Tej:Kunjj be strong come with me he sit with tej..

Dr:don’t closed your eyes bas last.she pushed lastly and screamed so loudly.A baby crying sound echoed dr smiled done she get relief and rest her head on pillow and smiled.Dr give baby to nurse.till Than dr see twinkle.Nurse clean baby fully and wrapped baby in white towel fully. Ot lights went off dr and nurse went out.

They all see Ot lights went off they all rushed towards dr she coming towards them.

Kunj:meri biwi dr how’s she is.. and baby everything is fine in one go he said.

Dr:bas break Mr Sarna everything is fine and your wife as well.nurse come she come in front and holding baby in her arms. All see her and smiled while Kunj take step in backwards tears falling down from his eyes.Congratulations Mr Sarna your wife give birth to a baby BOY.you blessed with a Boy.Kunj blinking his eyes. Kunj turned and look at lata and Prithviraj he hugged them.

Kunj:daduu mera bab…y..everyone having tears in their eyes..

Avantika: arey Kunj take your baby in your arms.

Kunj: me..

Tej:yes this moment not come back forever with you.Totally magical moment. Kunj went towards nurse and forward his hands.She place baby in his arms.Kunj closed his eyes. He take deep breathe and open his eyes and see his baby who was in his arms sleeping so peacefully.


When you hold your baby in your arms the first time, and you think of all the things you can say and do to influence him, it’s a tremendous responsibility. What you do with him can influence not only him, but everyone he meets and not for a day or a month or a year but for time and eternity. Kunj smile anything feels like whole world in his arms holding part of his.For whom each and everyone waiting and dreaming lott.He cuddles him so carefully and kissed on his forehead.

Kunj:me…ra ba…cha ?.all smile. Our wait is over twinkle ?See my baby.All smiled to see his happiness. He turned and look at lata and Prithviraj they having smile this smile never come before today.Totally different happiness shining their face and eyes everything.Kunj went towards them.Da..du and dad..I your great grand son come finally. I become papa?.They nodded in yes. Gestures them Prithviraj forward his hands Kunj place baby in his arms.

Prithviraj:haan mera padapota.today

Lata and Prithviraj happiness double and triple their all dreams finally come last wish theirs to see Kunj kids finally today Kunj son is In their arms.Become a grand parents different happiness but when you become great grand parents it’s totally amazing your 4th generation was in front of you.Prithviraj kissed on baby forehead. Lata too take and adore him fully.

Avantika: I become dadi tej.

Tej: even me too dadu finally.Both hugged Kunj. Pata hi nahi chalo our Kunj become so big he become father..Kunj smiled.

Avantika: Haan papa.,

Kunj: you both too dadu and dadi?. They kissed on forehead.

Tej: I’m so happy for you and twinkle thanks beta give us this happiness.

Prithviraj:haan I don’t want anything my all wishes comes true.. mera pota..

Usha: now give us dadi too in line..

Kabir: finally maamu wow.

Mahi: massi?Omkara look at her she giggles.omkara and Rudra cuddles each other’s.

Rudra: we become chachu see our champ come bhaiya yuppie ?.

Leela: even I become nani.

Rt: nanu.. each and everyone become hell happy.

Priyanka: me bua..

Kunj: Haan finally pinku bua??.. she hugged Kunj they all siblings share a group hug. While elders started fighting for baby.

Avantika: tej first I’ll take in his dadi..

Tej:even I’m dadu.

Usha: you both fight we will take first.

Manohar: Haan. Avantika take baby in her arms.

Avantika:aww tej he looks like Kunj totally so cute Mera Bacha really this become a parents it’s also different happiness but when you hold apne bacho ke bache it’s totally amazing she kissed on his cheeks. Than tej take him: one by one everyone take baby and adore him fully. Rudra and Omkara started fighting fully.

Kunj: ahah you both will wake up my baby.

Rahul: see apni se papaji??. Give me. He take him. Heyy junior sadu ?.

Kunj:very lame.. mera baby he again take him. Why you sleeping look at me. All giggles to see Kunj.

Avantika:Kunj he just born now he will not open his eyes and playing with you..?. Patience Mera Bacha.. just than nurse come.

Nurse: give me baby back I have to take him for observation.

Kunj: he is okay na.

Nurse: yes he is okay. Good for them Kunj give her baby back and making faces. She take baby and went.

Kunj: she take baby.

Tej: koi na.They asked about twinkle dr shifted her to normal ward and she is fine but unconscious because of medicine doses.Omkara bring sweet and they all feed each other’s.

Yuvi: eat Kunj become papa now we want treat.

Kunj:acha Don’t worry I’ll give everything now dadi and Dadu will give now ?..

Rahul: baap bangya now no more grand parents baby ?.

Kunj:huhu I’ll he cuddles Lata and Prithviraj.Anjali and Priyanka or Avni take permission from dr they went in her room and decorated whole room. All waiting for twinkle only.Siyappa queen wake up finally your champ come you win?.But I’m hell you become mamma aww.me papa.After sometimes later almost early morning.

Finally twinkle come in sense dr come and check up her she is absolutely fine little bit in sore.. dr went out side.

Dr: twinkle come in sense she is fine now you all can do and meet with her.

Kunj:okay.They all went inside and see twinkle drip injected.Kunj smiled and take baby step towards her. She open her eyes. Slowly lata and Prithviraj went towards her Lata kissed on her forehead.

Lata: god bless you beta thanks for this happiness.She smiled slightly tears escaping from her eyes.

Rudra:bhabhi I become chachu.Playing baby trumpet.

Avantika:shhh Rudra it’s hospital not your home.your baby come fully fit and fine beta thanks you give us so precious happiness.

Rudra:by the way bhabhi I win bet..

Twinkle:in low voice means..

Kunj:means in low voice small Sadu Sarna come she looks t him he nodded in yes she giggles and tears escaping from her eyes fully.

Twinkle:where is my baby..

Usha: haan just than nurse come with baby.Twinkle become restless she try to get up.

Kunj:Arey wait your son not running anywhere.. Kunj take baby in his hands.

Twinkle:Kunj give me at least show me..

Kunj: let me first after all beta mera hai..?..

Twinkle: huhu mummy ji and papaji.

Tej:bas karo ab toh become mumma and papa. Aayat come with Rohan Priyanka message him bring her from Sarna Mansion.

Rahul:arey Aayat come..  Avantika help twinkle to sit carefully. Finally Kunj give her son in her arms she smiled to see him. He open his eyes and look at twinkle with his tiny tiny eyes.

Twinkle:aww mera baby she cuddles him

Tears falls down.After a woman hold her baby in her arms she completes fully. A new life was in her arms now Whom she carry in her womb for 9months.finally the blessing in front of her.She thought thanks babaji for this you give me everything I don’t want anything now my baby come.. ?I don’t wait words everyone can understand her emotions. She kissed on baby cheeks and smells his hands.

Kunj:come Aayat see your baby come.

Twinkle:Haan come Kunj lift her made her sit on bed.

Aayat:give me baby..

Kunj:Haan Kunj place baby in her lap she kissed on her baby.

Aayat:aww ale he is so small cute?. This baby give everyone happiness Kabir pulled twinkle cheeks.

Kabir:see maamu I become ?jhalli mumma ?.

Twinkle:huhu bhai don’t call me now I become mamma.

Yuvi:hoo Mamma??..

Anjali:side lets cut the cake.they bring huge cake twinkle and Kunj smile.They both cut the cake and feed each other’s Rudra and Omkara applies each other’s faces.Twinkle take baby in her arms.

Twinkle: thanks to each and everyone specially mummy ji who taking care of me like anything.

Avantika: acha I didn’t do for you but for my grand son ?all smiled.They all click pictures with baby and a family pictures

Usha: now we should go and leave newly

Mamma and papa alone with their baby.

Avantika: yeah Kunj take care of her I stay with twinkle.

Kunj:I’m here na mummy you will come at morning.

Aayat: baby..

Kunj: Haan baby will too come when dr permit them..

Tej:okay care of them and call us.they bid bye each other before going lata and Prithviraj again meet with baby they can’t get over ??.All left.Kunj went outside.

While twinkle was alone with her baby.

Twinkle:mera baby how’s you see mamma. I’m so happy you know

Mamma was waiting for you like anything what happened you know haan. Kunj entered in room and see twinkle busy with baby in talking he giggles and sit beside her.

Kunj:Kya Hua siyappa queen Haan.Why you eating my baby head now toh at least leave him??I’m enough.

Twinkle:huhu you are so bad will eat

His head Haan really.He is my baby.by the way I win my son come..

Kunj:koi na next me my princess come ?.

Twinkle:acha just now your first baby come planning now only ?I’m done with him only he teased me lott see him now Kunj.He is so calm and peaceful he is so cute kissed on his lips.Mera Bacha.. mumma loves you.

Kunj:papa loves you too.he sit beside twinkle.He open his mouth.Aww. I wanted to give him everything all happiness.Meri life he is. Cuddles 

Twinkle: what about me.

Kunj:tu toh hai hi..give her side hug.they play with baby he just blinking his eyes. Kunj kissed on twinkle cheeks.

Twinkle: shame he will see.

Kunj: shame he will see in her voice ??twinkle he just born he will not see anything if he see than also he will not

Tell anyone ??.

Twinkle: shameless papa yours.

Kunj:huhu amazing papa see my

Son went on me and blessed with my features.. so cute hai kishi Ka baby aisa.

Twinkle:calling self obsessed what about you now you become obsessed father.

Kunj:yes I’m ??. Are you fine na..

Twinkle:haan i m fine Kunj. Just than baby started crying loudly they both shocked.

Kunj: what happened to him haan Arey Kya Hua.

Twinkle:give me she take what happened bacha see mumma.. he still crying.

Kunj: don’t went on your Rudra chachu cry baby meri izzat ka sawal hai??.

Twinkle:shut up kunjj.Hoo Kya Hua.. he crying more loudly. Twinkle change his nappy still he crying.

Kunj: should I call dr?

Twinkle:no he must be hungry Kunj.she said in low voice. Kunj smirked.

Kunj:hoo hungry.. Than feed him problem solve Kya Hua feed him see my baby crying so badly..

Twinkle: acha you go.

Kunj: what I’ll go no where.

Twinkle: at least turn your face I’ll feed him than.

Kunj:why you can feed in front of me. Here only me and you. So what.

Twinkle:kunjj still.

Kunj: what still twinkle I’m your husband if you forgot I’ll remind you I see everything already ??twinkle hit on his chest.

Twinkle:shameless huhu.She don’t have any other way.After so much shyness she finally started feeding.He become quiet.

She caressing his back. Kunj smiled to see twinkle and baby. Kya Hua why you looking at me like this haan.

Kunj:nothing twinkle its totally different and unique connection between you and baby.

Twinkle:woh toh hai.twinkle feed him.She wiped his face now tummy full darling haan.Aww I’ll not let you go anywhere. Twinkle making him take burp after 5 minutes finally he burped.Twinkle and Kunj admiring him fully. Soon baby sleep Kunj put him baby cradle he sit beside twinkle she too sleep after sometimes while Kunj checking his baby side bye side.

Episode freezes..


Heyy late again.

How was the episode??

Hope you like it.

Finally twinkle and Kunj blessed with a baby boy happy???. Everyone dreams come true.. our twinj become mamma and papa. No proof,, ??.

Bye love you all


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