Take tissue before only can’t handle 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.


Everyone was in full hustle and bustle Rahul bring the car and Omkara place twinkle in car. They all rushed in cars and immediately left for hospital Rahul was at driving seat while Avantika beside him and Omkara and Rudra with twinkle.

Rudra:bhabhi please open your eyes please please. 😭.Meri bhabhi.

Avantika:Rahul please fast nothing can happen to my twinkle and baby.

Rahul:haan badi Maa.blood oozing like anything from her head and slightly coming out of her nose..

Om:babaji please safe them.. soon they reached hospital Rudra bring stretcher and Omkara place twinkle on stretcher. They take her inside and Rahul calling drs they all become mad all come meantime twinkle dr come who handling her pregnancy treatment.Dr please see twinkle. Dr see twinkle.She called immediately nurse and tell them her in icu room.Nurse come and taking twinkle in icu room everyone seeing her and having numbers of tears in their eyes. Lata and Prithviraj situation was like this someone slipped the world under feet’s both totally in shocked and they sit and in tension dr operated twinkle quickly.

Tej:hope they are fine absolutely.Leela crying while Anjali handling Avantika. Priyanka and Rudra condition too same.

Omkara see his grands parents hold their hands..

Om: dadi and dadu don’t worry everything will be fine.

Lata: Haan 😭😭Yeh kya hogya 🤭🤭. Omkara give them side hug..

Avantika: tej what about Kunj?😨😨.

Rahul:don’t tell him right now I talk to his pa there in Chandigarh heavy storms let dr comes first bade maa.


While in Chandigarh Kunj meeting delay because of storm he was sad because he have to stay here one more day.And his love his siyappa queen will get angry with him he promise her he will come just in a one day.Kunj went back to hotel somehow while coming back to hotel he went in Chandigarh famous mall their he shopped for his baby and twinkle she will need in her upcoming months.he went in his room and keep everything on bed and went in washroom to get freshen up. He come back and Oder something for himself.And keep his phone for charge.

Kunj sit and enjoying his coffee and sandwich.

Kunj:twinkle will loved this all toys and clothes perfect for our baby.. he take his phone and see her message Kunj read her message.

{ Kunj you know Omkara and mahi engagement date is fixed and we are here busy in preparation so now come back it’s been 24 hours to you went away from me and our baby and I’m not feeling good as well and my little munchkin missing his dadda lott mumma too love you mere sadu. } Kunj read the message and smiled. Even dadda too miss his baby and mamma sorry today toh here storm due to this I can’t come tomorrow immediately after meeting I’ll come and it’s last time I went to leave after I wouldn’t leave my baby and my lovey wifey. Great their engagement fixed don’t jump over here and there.My love he replied her, and try call twinkle she didn’t picking his call. Arey what happened why she didn’t answering my calls.Leave she must be busy in engagement preparation having fun lott with everyone didn’t think about my bacha as well.Kunj lay down and taking nap..

Dr checking twinkle due to falls down from staircase injuries comes in her lower part.Drs looking at each other’s.

Om:if something happened wrong what answer I’ll give Kunj he leave her on our duty 😭😭😭. Please babaji.

Rudra:Haan we promised bhaiya we will with bhabhi only didn’t let anything happened to bhabhi and baby now..

Om:haan..they all crying slightly and praying for twinkle and baby.Just than OT lights went off dr come out of the ot  everyone see dr and rushed towards her  dr removed her gloves and face mask.

Tej:dr how’s my bahu and baby..??

Dr looking at tej and everyone they having tears in their eyes.

Avantika: dr forgot sake answer us how’s twinkle???..dr take deep breath.

Dr: twinkle is fine. Everyone get relief but most waiting for another answer. In trembling voice..

Om:and..ba…by.. ????


Avantika:haan mera pota???

Dr:I’m really sorry but twinkle baby is no more..as soon as everyone listen this they shocked like anything their mouths got open and soul jerked.


Dr:yes she falls down above her tummy and already I told her take care of herself in starting months and many injuries comes on her lower part due to this baby died in her womb only thanks to god twinkle is safe if you will get late than poison will spread in her body. Really very soon keep hand on Avantika shoulder.Twinkle now unconscious and please don’t react in front of her she is in now in deep trauma.Very sensitive condition of her right now I can say this only.She said and went from there each and everyone in deep shocked they just totally blanked.

Avantika: tejjjj….😨😭😭ba….by… Prithviraj about to falls Rahul and Anjali hold Lata and Prithviraj hands on time.

Rahul:dadu…😭😭😭😭. Make them sit.

Prithviraj:mera bachaaaa😭😭😭.

Anjali:dadu and dadi please handle yourself.Leela and cuddles mahi.and crying while Rudra and Omkara hold side pillar.Priyanka handle anymore Usha and Manohar cuddles her she too cried Lot. After dr shifted twinkle in icu room.

Rudra:o humhara 😭😭😭bab…y is no more.

Om:aisa mat Bol apne bhai ko kya jabab duga me sit in lifeless condition. Each and everyone was crying like anything they were so happy each member of family hell excited for twinkle and Kunj baby now after baby news whole family just happy like anything now in just a seconds their all happinesses and little soul scattered down.😭😭😭😭😭.

Kabir:maa please handle yourself.

Leela:meri bachikabir..😭😭.   Avantika went in side and crying loudly tej behind her and keep his hand on her shoulder.

Tej: Avantika???

Avantika:she turned and hugged tej tightly.Tej mera kunjjj and twinkle 😭😭. Did you listen what dr said our baby is no more Why this happened kya bolugi me haan his mummy and pa promise him we will take care of his wife and baby yeh kya kardiya humhe tejjjj..

Tej:I know Avantika 😭😭😭.Handle yourself think about maa and papa what going on them most twinkle and Kunj he toh don’t know marjayega mera beta calm down please.consoling her.

Lata and Prithviraj totally blanked Hansh and Bebe consoling him.Their little bundle of joy leave them blessings went back to heaven they way it’s come god didn’t let them give moment to hold blessing snatch in one go like storm.

Prithviraj:Lata 😭😭.

Lata:please don’t become weak if you do like this than what about our Kunj and twinkle right now such a big storm breaks down them they lost their bacha.

After sometimes later Rudra crying Kabir and Rahul handling him he and Omkara cursing themselves lott they failed he always fulfilled his promise once in a life he give them responsibility they even can’t handle for a day also.

Twinkle laying down on bed connecting with numbers of machines Injuries comes on her forehead and hands and foots.She taking breath with oxygen mask.

Omkara went near icu room he see twinkle from window and tears especially from his eyes mahi come there.

Om:mahi see na Kya hogya how ill faced Kunj 😭😭.I don’t have strength.

Mahi:I can understand Omkara right now what’s going on us but we have to become strong can’t become weak think about di she is so happy about her baby this sudden jerked for her it’s unbearable and unbelievable.

Om:haan mahi meri dadu and dadi.😭mahi consoling him. After sometimes later everyone sitting having tears in their eyes.

Rt:what about Kunj??

Rahul:right now it’s not good to tell him let him come.

Tej:how will bear this. It’s my fault if I didn’t send him this wouldn’t happened mera beta.😭😭😭..

Bebe:see what happened we can’t change and deny it but at least for Kunj and twinkle specially twinkle it’s very painful for a mother to bear this pain her baby is no more that also first so be strong already twinkle is very sensitive I dong know how will bear this storm..

Twinkle getting conscious slowly slowly.

She open her eyes with lott of difficulties her body aching like anything twinkle opened her eyes fully and looking here and there getting confused to see hospital room. She look at herself and removed oxygen mask and moving her hand on her belly and feeling so empty.Yes it’s just a month baby was inside her but she can feel his breath and presence easily.Twinkle didn’t feel anything.she get shocked and screamed so loudly.,

Twinkle:ahaha kunjjjjjj.😭😭😭. Nurse entered in icu room and see twinkle she immediately call dr and other family members get confused and they went in icu room and see twinkle she screaming like anything Omkara and Rudra went to twinkle.

Om: twinkleeeeeee.

Twinkle: ..o… m… mera… bacha….😭😭.

Each and everyone looking each other’s out stone on their hearts. And gestured to Anjali. She cupped her face. Mera Bacha why I’m here I toh just fall na kunjjjjjj.

Anjali: twinkleeee handle yourself in breaking voice aapka bacha.. closed her eyes it’s so difficult for her she is at same position where twinkle. Humhara baby nahi raha he is no more aapka bacha.. twinkle look at Anjali.

Twinkle: whatttt. Don’t kidding with me Omkara see what di saying Mera Bacha.😭😱😱. Maa and mummy ji..

Om: haan di is right baby is no more. Tears escaping from her eyes she get shocked and push Omkara and screamed.

Twinkle: nahiiiiii… nahiii Mera Bacha cuddles her tummy tightly and crying loudly her lungs too protesting. Leela and Avantika went near her cuddles her.

Avantika: twinkle beta handle yourself.

Leela: haan. Meri bachii😭😭.

Twinkle: no I can’t believe on this I want my baby kunjjjjjjj maa mera bachaaaa.. she started behaving like made all shocked and breathing heavily.

Dr:please you all went outside they all went outside and dr give her sleeping dose after see twinkle condition this make everyone more worried. Omkara and Rudra sit in side.

Avni:handle yourself you both can’t become like this think about her Han.All crying they try to become strong but can’t at all.

Om: dadi i failed I cant take care of her and baby because of me today our baby isn’t with us.

Lata: nahi Om.cupped his face if you and Omkara act like this haan sobbing who will handle my Kunj.Think about my Kunj please and twinkle too. Omkara and Rudra cuddles Lata and cry in her arms Lot.

Rudra:dadi bhabhi in this condition because of me 😭😭😭I’m really bad. They all try to handle each other’s Rahul sitting in side and wiped his tears Aayat was alone at home so with rohan Priyanka went back home. Anjali come and sit beside Rahul.

Anjali: Rahul.

Rahul: anjaliiiii😭😭😭I’m worried about Kunj they both were so excited for their baby why babaji did with them haan.

Anjali:I can understand Rahul don’t cry in front of my brother we all have to strong and support them.

At Chandigarh [email protected]

Kunj sleeping peacefully he seeing dream and smiling like anything.

Dream= Kunj and twinkle was both sitting and their little baby was in their arms they both playing with him and giggles Lot.

Kunj: hoo twinkle your son went on you?

Twinkle: acha what about you sadu? My cutie pie. He will look good in this girly clothes.

Kunj:don’t make my champ like you give me Mera Bacha. He lift him and try to talk to him in his baby language whole day just with my dadu and dadi take my side love all huhu twinkle giggles.Baby hummed. Kunj kissed on his forehead he pulled Kunj hairs.Ahah.Taking revenge of your devil mamma Haan twinkle hitting on his back playfully.They laughing. And fighting for baby.Kunj wake up and with this his dream too break down he open his eyes give me my baby he said and looking here and there than realised it’s his dream. Hoo I’m dreaming about my baby pagal Kunj now can’t wait more baby come what happened to why she didn’t call me till now Kunj see the time it’s 11 clock of night.He get up and get freshen up Oder his food but feeling very bad vibes he had his dinner little bit and try to call each member of family.But they didn’t answering his calls than he send at landline number voice message. Hey everyone mummy pa dadu dadi where were you are Haan nobody answering my calls why how’s my twinkle and baby please take care of her I’ll come soon than no worries handle my life’s itself. He send and get busy in his work.

At hospital twinkle wake up Her condition is still same she just crying and screaming baby and Kunj name getting out of the control.

Om: don’t do like this twinkle please you will hurt yourself she slapping herself.

Twinkle:I don’t want anything want my baby back you both promised my Kunj will take care of my baby dadi I can’t live without my baby let me die please ahaha😭😭😭😭mera bachaa mujhe chod ke nahi jasakta hai kahi bhi.How can he leave me alone I see so many dream about him dadu and dadi their Kunj baby he leave us😭😭😭.She sobbing so badly. Omkara and Rudra cuddles twinkle.

Rudra: nahi bhabhi please don’t do..

Twinkle: humhara baby Rudra. He toh didn’t play with toys 😭😭😭. Everyone went out of the icu room Omkara and Rudra with twinkle.

Usha: bhai Saab we should take twinkle home how much she stay here it will painful for her more.

Manohar: haan.

Tej:but her condition is so sensitive..

Lata: we’ll hire dr and nurse for her na.

Avantika: haan tej.

Tej: hmm let’s go Than other family members went back to home while tej and Avantika went to dr and talk to her about twinkle and discharge as well.

Dr:see mr and Mrs Sarna it’s okay if you taking her but please make sure always with her right now she is not stable try to do anything with herself emotionally and physically she breaks down.

Avantika: don’t worry dr we will take care of her but nothing is serious na.

Dr: haan nothing is serious just make her happy and don’t be said for baby if mummy is fine than baby will come soon again. I’ll make her discharge papers,

Tej:hmm.Avantika went to bring twinkle medicines while tej with doctor do all formalities of her discharged. After everything is done. Each and everyone is in Sarna Mansion only Rahul and Anjali handling Prithviraj and Lata they were in deep shocked..

Tej and Avantika went in icu room and see twinkle she is laying down on bed covered with bandages put stone on their hearts.

Tej: chalo Om beta.

Twinkle: Mera Bacha papaji.

Tej:papaji hai na. She can’t even sit Omkara lift her in his arms.They went and sits in car and left for home.Soon they reached come out of the car she didn’t even blinking her eyes making them worried.Omkara lift her and they all moving for inside.Everyone was presented in living room tej and Avantika or Rudra Omkara entered along with twinkle they all seeing them.

Usha:take her in her room.

Om:hmm.They all moved for room goes in room and place twinkle on bed she become like stone nurse injected twinkle with drip.she laying down didn’t even move her eyes just tears dropping down from her eyes. Everyone standing in side just looking at twinkle only. Bg song.

Maine socha bhi na tha  Aisa din bhi aayega Mera saaya bhi mujhse kabhi door jayega Mann mein kaisi hulchul hai Bikhra bikhra har pal hai  Dil ko deepak ki tarah wo jalaata hai 💔😭.,

A MOTHER WILL NEVER GET OVER LOSING HER CHILD! Doesn’t matter how long or how old the child was or how they died.She lives with this pain every moment of her life.Twinkle clutch the bedsheet.

It’s midnight.

Rt: leela lets go if twinkle see us more she cry more..😭😭.

Leela: meri bachii she needs me how can Leave her.

Mahi:maa papa is right lets go right now maa we will come try to understand the situation look at see.Leela and rt look at twinkle monotonous just laying like a dead body.Leela nodded.

Leela:Avantika ji please Avantika nodded her eyes in eyes.Tanejas left. Went downstairs all

Yuvi:Avni lets go we will come.

Avni:please yuvi maa and papa need us right fold her hand.

Anita:haan Avni beta don’t worry you stay here bhabhi and bhai Saab needs right now.Yuvi kissed on Avni forehead and they too left.While in Sarna Mansion just mournful environment.Omkara and Rudra sitting in side and looking at twinkle she just laying her eyes opened. Rahul and Anjali take Lata and Prithviraj in their room and request them to sleep for Kunj sake they slept in pain tej and Avantika sitting near twinkle and Kunj room tears didn’t taking name of stop. Avantika cuddles her knees.

Tej: Avantikaaaa..

Avantika:tej I cant face Kunj I don’t have strength😭😭.Babaji give me pain why he chosen my small soul who didn’t come in this world till now Haan.Tej hold her hand.

Tej:Haan Avantika we cant change anything now it’s our duty now to become their strength not Their weakness…

Avantika: tej I cant bear this pain please do something I’m scared how I’ll handle Kunj you see twinkle she become dead body.

Tej:shh you become her mother na not mother in law Haan we will with her and Kunj in very situation. Wiped her tears.

Avantika:meri Aayat she is so happy for her bhaiya baby. I’m a mother tej I can understand her pain when my any kid went away from my eyes my whole

World shake it down think about her it’s her first baby no matter tej she will get baby another but this pain always stay with her I can’t see her I promised myself I’ll always keep my daughter in law happy and today she just in pain. We failed tej not become good parents and grand too.Within no second our Kunj baby leave us..

Tej:bas Avantika don’t.

In room Omkara and Rudra holding twinkle hand Both tears escaping from her eyes like a rain her body fully become cold they just see her. And wiped her tears.

Nurse: I should give her sleeping injection she will sleep.

Rudra:hmm.Nurse give her injection. Don’t know when they too doze off twinkle under medicine dose she wake up its early morning.She open her eyes and look at her room Baby things keeping there which giving her more pain. She throw pillow in side and screamed due to this Rudra and Omkara wake up and they see twinkle she try to get up they hold her hand.

Bhabhiiii. Tej and Avantika entered in room.

Avantika:twinkle beta.

Twinkle:mera bachaaaa.😭😭.Avantika sit beside her twinkle cuddles Avantika. Mera baby mummy ji please bring my baby back.kunjjjjjjj.


Call my Kunj he will angry with me I didn’t take care of his baby he leave us without meeting with Kunj what I’ll answer baby to papa. Avantika caressing her back.Whole night passed their like this.Avantika consoling she get tired and slept. Avantika place her head on pillow and covered her with blanket nurse with her they went downstairs.

At morning.

Last night was not less than any funeral for them.they didn’t sleep just pass the night they all wake up and come down and looking everyone all carrying sadness on their face.Usha went in kitchen and tell chef to make breakfast. Avantika went in her room see her high daughters sleeping on floor see everywhere little baby things keeping tears escaping from Avantika eyes. Tej lift Aayat and place her on bed Priyanka wake up and started sobbing she cuddles Avantika and tej.

Priyanka:pa and mummy bhabhi😭😭. Humhara little baby went why..

Tej:bas my doll is strong our baby didn’t went he just take more time that’s it don’t cry in front of bhabhi.. Mera Bacha our baby didn’t went anywhere. Just thanks to babaji our twinkle is fine if she is here many baby will come kissed on her forehead go and get freshen up. She nodded in yes and went. Avantika took her saree she take plain saree and went in washroom tej went in washroom. Each and everyone get freshen up and went in living room.

Anjali: badi Maa and papa come have something.

Avantika:beta I’m fine you have in this condition tears escaping from her eyes at least more careful towards her. Lata and Prithviraj was sitting in garden and looking at in side there they both sit and imagine Kunj kid playing and giggles today it’s vanished. Tears rolling down from their eyes.

Lata:kabhi nahi socha ta this will happen with our Kunj and twinkle.

Prithviraj:haan lata.You know since the day when I heard this news I’m going to become great grand father my happiness has no boundaries see so many dreams just wanted till I have strength in my body wanted to play with my Kunj kids and running behind them last night I don’t have strength in my knees..😭😭.Lata handle him., omkara and Rudra come and take them inside and they all sit for breakfast nobody was ready to have anything.

Om:dadu and dadi you are matured na please have something if you both do like this than you both get ill. Lata and Prithviraj look at them.

Tej:Haan maa and papa the most difficult thing you both have to handle my son he didn’t open up just with you both.Their whole world shake up.They blinked their eyes and they all have slightly.Twinkle didn’t wake up till now. Aayat looking at everyone she went to tej.

Aayat: pa where is bhabhi what happened to her haan you take her hospital bring our baby or not haan.. all look at her. I make house for him. Tej joint his forehead with her.

Tej:how heartless you become god didn’t see my Aayat happiness haan. Everyone dreams and hopes your break down.

Twinkle wake up and sitting thinking about Kunj. Months is a lot of living with that little life in you thinking about it eating right for you nurturing it and all of a sudden it dies, when I heard the doctor say there was no heartbeat it was like bam like a knife through the heart.I fell in love with you when you were forming in my womb now I carry you in my heart didn’t get time to hold you in my arms Mera Bacha.: cuddles her tummy mamma is sorry Lot with you. She get up with a support and went in washroom twinkle standing in front of mirror and look at herself and than gaze on her tummy. No feelings now. She throw soap stand on mirror and breaks down she sits on her knees and cried loudly blood oozing from her lower part: she sobbing. Nahi this cant happened why you leave me alone and went kunjj I hate you. If you don’t go today our baby with us.

She stay for some Time in washroom let flow tears along with water than she come out and wearing light colour salwaar and kameez and went towards bed and sits cuddling her knees and see in side baby toys was there. Omkara and Rudra come with breakfast.

Rudra: bhabhi have something.

Om: haan Chal open your mouth fast. She look at them Omkara take apple slice near her lips she jerked his hand and throw apple plate in side.

Twinkle: go away from here leave me alone please I beg you all I don’t want anything me thak gai hu ab.. they can understand twinkle rest her head in Omkara lap. Om mera bache What mistake I have done it so bAbaji done this with me he take my baby away from me why. I was so happy planning so many things for my baby. In one second he leave his mamma who can do this. Twinkle get up try to go Omkara and Rudra hold her hand and didn’t let her get up. After sometimes later both families come to meet with twinkle they all sitting in living room no one went in twinkle room. Just Rudra and Omkara handling her.Just than Avantika take the landline open and listen Kunj voice message even others they all burst out they didn’t justify. Other hand Kunj meeting get over he didn’t wasted much time immediately took flight now he can’t wait more wanted to see wife as soon as possible wanted to keep his head on her lap and keep his hand on her belly feel his little soul who growing inside her womb.. soon he reached Amritsar and take the taxi didn’t informed anyone wanted to give twinkle surprised he holding flower bouquet. and chocolates it’s her favourite thing bring smile on her face he came late na..he reached Sarna Mansion and see many cars understand due to Omkara and mahi engagement preparation they all come he smiled. Holding his hand bag take steps ahead.

Kunj entered inside Sarna Mansion no noise he get confused went ahead and looking here and there Priyanka eyes went on Kunj who coming.

Priyanka: bhaiya come out from her mouth.Everyone listen they all turned and see Kunj. Hold their hearts.kunj come towards them and pass smile.

Tej: Kunjj.

Kunj:everyone pa meeting was successful all looking at flower and chocolates their went in side bag toy seeing outside. Nobody said anything Kunj looking at their faces he get confused and keep the bag in side where is twinkle haan I know she must be angry with me I come late thats why I bring this flower and chocolates for her and mummy and dadi I shopped so many things for my baby. With smile he said they all controlling on their tears. What happened to you all why you all looking so sad haan so silence why Anything happened mummy and pa. Dadi dadu tell me why you all looking so sad why Priyanka crying tears escaping from her eyes he turned and see everywhere twinkleeeee. Aap log toh aise behave kar rahe ho.KOI MAAR GAYA HAI KYA HAA CARRYING Sadness like that… Avantika hold Kunj hand while Priyanka give Kunj backhugged. Kunj get confused. Mummy Priyanka Kya Hua why you both crying everything is okay Rudra haan Aayat Omkara Than he see twinkle also not here twinkleee with lots of difficulties. Dadiiii Kya Hua Tell me something you all killing me tell what happened.


Kunj:leela maa why you crying. Avantika looking at Kunj tears rolling down from her eyes mummy why you crying.. maa tell me.

Avantika: kunjjj woh. Twinkle..

Kunj: what twinkle haan In worried voice she is fine na I know she teased you all now I come handle my baby and wife both. Avantika burst out.

Avantika: kunjj kish ko handle karege baby ko. Keshe.

Kunj: what do you mean by. Kunj went to Usha. Maa you tell me.

Usha: kunjjj your bab..y is…. no… more. 😭. As soon as Kunj listen this he get shocked he didn’t believe and went to Avantika and tej.

Kunj: mummy and pa see what kind of joke maa telling me haan my baby is on more haan he laughs out tell her don’t say anything about my baby dadu dadi. He went towards them too lata and Prithviraj get up and hold Kunj both hands and tears flowing from their eyes too…

Lata: Usha is right kunjj rest her head on his chest tera aur twinkle bacha ab iss duniya me nahi hai..😭😭. Kunj leave her hand and look everyone he just shocked.

Kunj: what nonsense you all speaking haan where is my wife twinkleeeee don’t kidding with me get it you all I don’t like even you too dadi.. he is your great grand child you both are super excited for that now saying haan why. Mummy and pa. Tej cupped Kunj face.

Tej: kunjjj shhh yes everyone is saying right. Your baby die..

Avantika: Kunjj twinkle Ka miscarriage hogaya 😭😭😭. Kunj shocked tears escaping from his eyes. Haan we are sorry. Your baby is no more kunjjj. Kunj turned and looking in side and he about to falls down on his knees Rahul and Kabir hold his hand.

Rahul: kunjjjj😭😭. Handle yourself.

Kunj: mera baby… he turned pa this can’t happen hold his parents hands. Nahhiiii how can this happened Mera Bacha keshe twinkle Ka miscarriage. Tej hug him.

Tej:haan tera bacha Kunjj handle yourself mera beta have to strong for twinkle her condition is very worse. Kunj sobbing in tej arms.

Kunj:you all didn’t handle my wife and baby.Kaha.. hai twinkle… Omkara and Rudra handling twinkle nurse try to give her injection but she pushing her she screaming her voice coming till down she screaming Kunj name.. Kunj listen fully jerked twinkleeeee he rushed towards his room all too run behind him. Kunj entered in his room and see twinkle she laying on bed bandages on her hands forehead foot like death body her both keeping on bed. He get shocked hold side pillar. Twinkleeee escape from his mouth. He run downstairs Rudra and Omkara run behind kunj.kunj looking at them.

Kunj: Kya haal kardiya aap logo ne meri biwi he cant take it so his stress coming out through nose bleeding. You and Rudra I give you both responsibility of my wife and baby to you both Haan in my absence you all will see her take care of my both life what you have done Haan my baby is no more in crying voice in one day everything is finished I’ll never talk to you… bolo tumdono first time I give you one work meri zindagi tumdono and aap sab ke hawale kar ke gaya ta meri ek choti zindagi hi nahi hai iss duniya me why screaming look at her pointing his hand upstairs she laying like a dead body when I leave she is so happy. When this happened tell me. Omkara and Rudra hold Kunj hand.

Om/ Rudra: we are sorry Kunj yes we failed this happened because of us only we didn’t fulfilled our promise today baby wasn’t with us because of our carelessness only 😭😭😭you punished us we are ready for your punishments we are your culprit.. Kunj take back his hand.

Kunj: how this happened. Anjali tell him each and everything how twinkle falls down and her miscarriage Kunj get shocked this happened yesterday and you all didn’t bothered to in formed me Haan whyyy..🤬🤬🤬🤬. Mera Bacha nahi hai meri biwi iss hAlt me and I wasn’t with her in this hard time. Jiss baat ka darta wohi Hua na😭😭😭ek pal me mere share sapne toot gaye i never forgive you all he falls down on his knees twinkle she telling me don’t go I go and this happened HUMHARA BACHA 😭😭😭all shocked to see Kunj. Omkara and Rudra sit beside Kunj and they cuddles Kunj tightly and trio sobbing so badly. All seeing them feeling so bad.. Avantika and tej sit beside them and cupped Kunj face.

Kunj:pa mera bachaa😭😭😭😭, give up and cuddles him.Tej too crying along with him Aayat seeing them from side and crying slightly.Thousands dreams one side and baby happiness was priceless. Kyu mere hi saath hua aise pa… tej and Avantika wiped his tears.

Tej: no kunj you can’t cry you behaving like this what about twinkle right now she needs you most.

Avantika:Haan kunj her world break down she lost her baby. Kunj get up. He throw things in side.

Kunj: I don’t want anything I never ask anything and demand fold his hand just tell me it’s all just a prank I wanted my baby mummy and pa I never asked for anything today first and last please bring my baby back I can’t live without baby I was waiting for my baby each second haan 😭😭😭.

Tej: if is in my hand Kunj I will bring your baby but I can’t my son it’s truth I know it’s hard for you but you have to believe it.Anyhow.Waha twinkle condition is not less than yours.

Rt: yes we lost baby but can’t afford to lost my twinkle you are the one who can handle her if you too become same like her than who will handle her.

We are sorry everyone said. Kunj look at his dadu and dadi can understand their condition he went near them. Rest his head on Prithviraj forehead.

Kunj:dadu I’m sorry our blessing went back to heaven 😭😭😭😭. Prithviraj cuddles him.

Prithviraj: nahi you cant become weak you are my Kunj stay strong will fight with this pain like we did it, happiness will arrived again.

Kunj:dadu😭😭😭. Me hi kyu.. from which mouth I’ll faced twinkle. Lata cupped his face.

Lata:you aren’t alone we are family support her give her so much happiness she will forget this pain. Samja you are good boy na Kunj.. Mera Bacha. She is fine what else we wanted more you wanted baby or twinkle more.

Kunj:TWINKLE..Kunj wiped his tears Kunj sitting in side alone She open her eyes and sit and looking down and get up try to hurt herself nurse all everyone they comes in room and nurse holding her hand didn’t let her get up from bed.

Twinkle: Leave me mera bachaaa.😭. All come and see her Kunj entered in room. He see twinkle she pushing nurse leave me ahah.. mera bachhh. She get up about walk but due to her injuries can’t about to fall Kunj hold her on time.. she look at him and get shocked to see her. Tears escaping from their eyes. Kunjjj😱. She push him.

Kunj: twinkleeee.


Twinkle:go away from here you wanted to go now go I don’t wanted you kunjjj sarna in loud voice her throat too tired now.Twinkle throwing things on Kunj whatever comes in her hands😭😭. Omkara and Rudra or Kabir hold her.

Kunj:you all go…..they leave twinkle she falls on her knees and scream.

Twinkle: Mera Bacha he cant leave me. Kunj wiped his tears and went near her.

Kunj:twinkleeeee in painful voice.She look at him…

Twinkle: kunjj they all saying our baby is no more how tell them my baby can’t leave us Abhi toh he have to come in this world dadi and dadu dream

Our dream this all toys and clothes which we bring for our baby Aayat.tell him she screamed Kunj pulled her in hugged.

Kunj: twinkle bas sambhal apne aapko. They are right humhara bache ab iss duniya me nahi hai.. she get shocked and push him and get up. Kunj too.

Twinkle: even you too same haan no my baby can’t die she keep her hand on her tummy he can’t see I’m fine nothing happened I just falls down when

I can’t die how can my bacha.She going in backwards they promise Kunj they all break their promise call our baby hold his hand keep on her belly see you feel na baby see papa come back to us now he will not leave you and mamma promise Kunj tell na your promise it’s last time you going and they all playing game with me even drs too that my baby is no more twinkle behaving like made now I’ll not go anywhere become good listen and everything and rest her head against the wall bas MUJHE MERA BACHA KOI WAPISH LADO KUNJJJJ  I cant live without my baby I wanted him, I’ll die without him why babaji snatch my baby ahaha😭😭😭😭😭. Everyone just standing in shocked they don’t have any words. Twinkle started breathing heavily and get up try to go out of that room Kunj hold her hand.

Kunj: bas twinkle handle yourself it’s hard for me too yes it’s true our baby nahi ab😭😭😭😭babaji take back our baby from us.. cupped her face if you do like this how I’ll live I don’t have reason.

Twinkle: and my reason 😭😭😭you don’t understand my pain Mera Bacha he is my reason Im living now for him only he die my not me kill Me too please. Twinkle hugged kunj and sobbing in his arms humhara bacha.:kunjj why you went this not happened I’m bad mamma didn’t take care of our baby so he leave me..

Kunj: nahii😭😭😭,

Twinkle: Kunj I’ll die..she faint in Kunj arms Kunj hold her hands.

Kunj:twinkleeee.. twinkleeee he place her on bed and sprinkle water on her face. Please you all leave us alone..

Rahul: haan. They all went from there closed the door twinkle open her eyes after 10 minutes she look at Kunj and he too both didn’t said anything just tears rolling down from their eyes speaking everything their pain..

Hogaya humse Kya gunaha khab bhi ab bhi rodiya kunjj.. twinkle twinkle Waqat ne kehla khel kya  ue  lagye sab khodiya dil ke arman sab bhi khak me mil gaye waqat ne

Kesha sadama diya. Do kadam chale ke juda hogaye kya Khabar kya hui hai khata bin tumhara jeena zindagi Yeh zindagi lagti nahi pyaar ke hain Yeh kishi saza-2x. song..

{for a parents it’s very difficult to lose their baby..} when happiness arrived didn’t bring due time with her that she will stay till Than. }

Kunj wiped twinkle tears and kissed on Her forehead she side her face and cuddles pillow tightly and cried Lot. Kunj give her backhugged and crying along with her.

Kunj: twinkleeee nahi na please don’t do this with me baby leave me but you not how I’ll live. I’ll die twinkle turned and cuddles him.

Twinkle: our baby kunjjj. Sab khatam hogya Ek phal me.. 😭😭.

Kunj: nothing has end haan who told you this.

Twinkle:everyone hating me now nobody loves me.

Kunj:nahi twinkle I love more I just happy you are absolutely fine if something happened to my twinkle than how his Kunj will leave without her.


Twinkle: Kunj I don’t want anything just bring my baby and I just want my baby back. Ahah😭😭😭.

Kunj: if I can than nobody Will happier than me.. both crying loudly..

to be continued….


how was the episode??

i know you all must be angry with me after request as well. But what to do story demand this all planned for start only guys I can understand happy to see yours love. Till now you all see happiness khushi me toh bas hi saath hote hai ashli pata gham me pata chalta hai aapno ko in happiness they all together now see how they will over come to this pain how Kunj support his wife and handle this situation pyaar khushi hasi me saathi ab bhari hai gham ki..

im not well firstly.. emotional episode totally. No proof guys.. 😛😛And trust me their life will be more beautiful after this. Just happiness happiness only. Give your views please. Thanks for your comments in my previous episode.

here I  wanted  to ask you all? Do you wanna see Omkara and mahi marriage before they going London or else afterwards twinkle become normal. In further story after see twinkle he will decided to changed atmosphere around so taking her and with whole family.?? Give your suggestions please. Bye allahafize..love you all


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