RAB SE SONA ISHQ: twinj- episode: 82

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Continued after listen Kunj words twinkle shocked she get up and look at Kunj In jostle way..

Twinkle: Kunj are you okay na what are you saying..

Kunj: haan don’t be shocked..

Twinkle: how can I will be you saying Omkara and mahi how can this?

Kunj:what do you mean by this how can they are boy and girl they can falls for each other’s it’s natural.Twinkle closed her eyes and try to control on herself.

Twinkle:you saying Omkara and mahi love each other’s how you know about this.

Kunj:hold her hand try to understand. Firstly I too don’t know but I recognise them many things you can ask Rahul and Malika they used to caught them. But I neglected maybe they just teasing for fun I saw from my eyes Omkara and mahi many things together I itself to talk him he tell me everything that he like mahi. I told him if he loves her than firstly he have to take any stand than. I’ll do something today he went and talk to her and she too love him. Twinkle don’t know what to say she don’t know anything about this things.

Twinkle: mahi too loves him I don’t know about anything Haan even you too didn’t tell me this all things happened.

Kunj:haan I too not sure and you know Omkara.now choti Maa and chote pap behind his marriage so I asked him whatever he had tell me.After talk to him I just come to you and tell you. What you thinking twinkle Omkara really loves him.

Twinkle:I don’t know Kunj what I can say.Mahi knows.

Kunj:don’t be now we have to do something after dinner I’ll talk to Maa.

Twinkle:hmm what about my parents?

Kunj:don’t worry I’ll handle everything.

Twinkle:okay before going to take any decision Kunj everyone should be happy with this relationship.If something happened in future nobody should blame anyone.And I know mahi. I’m happy for her if she loved Omkara what else we wanted more he is so good. I can say this only.

Kunj:right at your place.Twinkle get up and went in washroom she get freshen up still in shocked about Mahi and Omkara?? Kunj too get freshen up.. after sometimes later everyone come down for dinner they all come and take their seats.Twinkle sit beside Anjali she look at Omkara.

Twinkle:I was always around them never felt this even Mahi didn’t tell me huhu.

Usha:twinkle beta have your favourite food I made for you.

Twinkle:thanks Choti maa twinkle eat.

Anjali:or my pinku how’s your first day in office does anyone scold you.

Priyanka:good infect di I loved to work bhaiya help me.

Rahul:haan hard working she is not like Rudra lazy ahead.

Rudra:whatever I’m Rudy she is pinku ?.

Tej:again you people don’t started. Aayat playing with food.

Kunj: Aayat what are you doing Han?

Aayat: nothing. It’s so not tasty ewww.

Avantika: acha what you wanted baby ji.

Aayat:mamma that tasty which bhabhi wanted to have pav bhaji..

Kunj:hoo now everything stop even yours and her toh for permanent ?.

Twinkle:huhu. I can have gelato  at least Kunj na mummy made for me.

Avantika:Haan you can beta..

Kunj:okay.they finished the dinner They all sits in living room.Anjali come with gelatos.she give everyone twinkle having and enjoying it Lot. Just than twinkle feel like vomiting she hold her mouth and try to get up. But can’t.

Rudra:wait he hold her hand and take her in washroom. Are you okay bhabhi.

Twinkle:haan. Okay thanks he take her outside back. Meri Ice cream ?.all giggles.

Kunj: koi ice cream nahi hai go and and rest now he having Ice cream.

Twinkle: huhu see papa ji now he didn’t let me have ice cream as well ??.

Tej: come to me she went to him and sit beside tej he made her feed her ice cream with his hands all smiled she happily having even Aayat as well. Usha went in her room. Omkara look at Kunj he understands and leave from here and went behind Usha..

At Ushar room.

Kunj went inside the room and see Usha sitting and reading something.

Kunj: Maa..

Usha: Haan kunj beta bolo.. Kunj sit beside her.

Kunj: Haan I wanted to tell you something just than Manohar top entered in room. Good chote papa you too come come please. Manohar too sit.

Manohar:seemed like something is serious bolo beta?

Kunj:he take deep breath. Maa I wanted to tell you about Omkara.

Manohar:Haan bolo why you so nervous.

Kunj:Maa and papa. What I’m going to

Tell you both don’t be shocked I know you love Omkara and I too love him. Usha and Manohar get confused.

Usha:tell me clearly Kunj puttar?

Kunj:Haan maa you finding girl for Omkara na. I find for him?

Usha: what who she is tell me.

Kunj:Maa our Om likes her infect not likes they both love each other’s. And we know her.

Manohar:what we know and he love you know what happened last time not again Kunj beta..

Kunj: not again. She is none other than our Mahi twinkle sister as soon as Usha and Manohar Listen this they get shocked fully.

Usha: what mahiii???.

Manohar: kunjj.

Kunj: I know it’s shocking it’s true they love each other’s.

Usha:what how who told you this?

Kunj:Maa I asked Om personally I felt he had something for her in his heart and I don’t wanted anything happened you too finding his alliances later something happened Wrong which just creates problems in our family.

Usha:mahiii.Manohar and Usha look at each other.

Usha: Kunj Mahi I don’t have any problems but..

Kunj:please Maa.Kunj discuss everything things to usha  usha and Manohar went to hall.as everyone was sitting there.. Omkara look at Kunj he too in tension.

usha said to lata ..

Usha:mummy ji .i want to say something to you …?

Lata:hmm say usha ..

Usha:woh actually..omkara loves mahi and mahi too loves him..Everyone got shocked cum happy…

Lata : so its good na …hume toh khush hona chaiye…afterall ..mahi se achi ladki humhe kha milegi om ke liye …

Avantika:true mummy  ji …

Manohar:are you sure i don’t want any drama  afterwards…

Kunj:this time i giving you surety chote papa everything is ok…

Lata:then i and your dadu will talk to tanejas don’t worry.. twinkle looking here and there

Usha:but mummy ji..

Lata:say usha what’s in your mind…

Usha:woh mummy ji two sisters in same house.you know in future anything happen .they do have starting problem with each other its not easy na ki two good sisters will play a good role of devrani and jethani also..We have seen many cases.firstly toh duo sisters live happily..later they start having fights….on responsibilities, on work , on children many things are there.I m.not saying ki twinkle and mahi are not goof but maa jab do sisters devrani or jethani bnti h toh sub badal jata hai rishte badal jatein …

Lata: hmm i can understand your tension..

Avantika:hmm she scared what if anything happen to our joint family ..

Lata:: twinkle beta what you think on this …

Twinkle:: yaad hai kunj tumne mujhe kha tha ki agar kabhi bhi tumhe mujhme ya meri family me se choose karna pade toh family ko choose karun…chahe tum sahi hi kyn na ho.So today i will take choti maa side .whatever she will decide …this will be my decision as well…..

Usha:but twinkle mahi is your sister…

Twinkle:so what choti maa.this is my family.i will think as a daughter in  law..not as a sister.Or i know aap jo bhi decision logi woh family ke liye acha hi hoga.For me my family come first. I’ll be happy for Mahi and Omkara.But their is no my role in this matter till you are not ready I’ll not talk to my own family As well you all can decide no one will be happy more than me.First is your choice.For me Omkara and mahi is equal if they their happiness with each other’s I’ll be

More happy. Choti Maa too right at her place and I promise Kunj and I’ll stand at my promise only. That’s it. Everyone smiled.

Avantika:hmm I’m agreed with twinkle absolutely decision is yours Usha.

Lata:haan. Omkara look at Kunj.

Usha:hmm. Usha went from there Manohar too.

Om: Maa.

Kunj:don’t worry I’ll talk to Maa dadi please na you see na Maa. They really love each other’s and you twinkle even I promised for me your and my family is equal and I’ll support my saali as well bhai if Omkara was not at this place Than also I’ll.

Twinkle:great I’m not saying you kunj don’t support but you see Choti maa.

Prithviraj:twinkle is right Kunj.She saying absolutely right as a bahu of this house and as a sister as well.

Kunj:why you people didn’t understand Maa he went from there Omkara having tears in his eyes, he too went in his room. Twinkle look Avantika.

Avantika: don’t worry you are right I’m with you if I’ll be at your place I’ll do same.

Tej:yes leave this brothers.We can’t say anything in Omkara matter.Usha and Manohar will decided best.

Anjali:Haan twinkle.They all went from there twinkle looking here and there.

Omkara standing at window and looking at moon. Twinkle entered in his room she see him and went near him and offer him coffee mug he see her.

Twinkle:take na.Get angry with me.He nodded in no. He take the coffee mug. Twinkle stand beside him.Om tum us Chand ko dekh rahe ho na.You know it’s his duty at night to shine and give light everyone and at day sun it’s their responsibility and as wells my too don’t take me wrong whatever I said at down.

The sun and moon shine on all without partiality.For me you and mahi is equal infect you are more than mahi.Mera rishta shirf Kunj se nahi hai tum sab hai.

I’m happy Omkara you love mahi If She Wasn’t sister Than also. Mahi is lucky she got lover like you it’s really good.

But Omkara har rishte me sab ki Khushi honi chahiye agar Maa khush nahi hai toh don’t go against her she is your Maa.Loves you like anything she wanted your happiness in any conditions.If you thinking now everything happened this only with you that’s it’s wrong Om.She hold his hand for me you are like a brother.Respect Maa decision you feel more happy when she is happy.When my and Kunj alliance going to fixed that time we both didn’t happy but whole families we leave our happiness go with family see today’ as I can’t find husband like Kunj I love him and he too loves me today we both just thanking everyone to bring us in each other’s life’s. If there my family too think twice mahi too respect them.Love is very beautiful thing but agar sab Ka pyaar and blessing saath ho it’s become more beautiful.And I wanted this only for you and you are very much matured Omkara. I’m your bhabhi and mahi sister but when I’m leaving my house my

Maa and papa taught me never go Against now my new family is my family my all happiness and sadness jointing with them only and in any condition whatever is situation I have to with my husband family ek ladki ki doli uske maya and Baap me ghar se nikal ti and arthi uske pati me ghar se.so don’t be angry just calm down Kunj told me whatever happened you just think that not in your destiny and about this go with flow. Just leave everything on god if your and her love is real than no one can’t apart anyone else than babaji.  I hope you understand me Omkara..

Om:hmm twinkle i understand each and everything whatever you said it’s absolutely right.Thanks for this I’ll not hurry this time as I used to do this time whatever will be maa and papa wanted I’ll with them only. My love is not important but their is more in front of my he smiled twinkle too with him she cupped his face and wiped his tears.

Twinkle:I’m happy just wished everything happened best for you both.

Om:come I’ll leave you:

Twinkle:hmm sure he hold her from

shoulder and take her to her room.

At other hand Kunj thinking like anything what he should do for Omkara.He come at room little late see twinkle laying down and looking stressed.He went beside her and look at her.

Kunj: soi nahi..

twinkle: hmm nahi..where were you are haan?.

Kunj:did you take your medicine before sleeping.

Twinkle:I take Kunj. He look at she too both can read each other’s face what going on in their minds.Soja don’t think.

Kunj:hmm he lay down beside her twinkle rest her head on his chest and cuddles him tightly she closed her eyes.

Twinkle: don’t take me wrong. I way you scared to see other girls breaks family even Choti maa too same Kunj.

Kunj:I know you twinkle don’t be now sleep: it’s already too much late.Kunj kissed on her forehead soon she slept Kunj place her head on pillow carefully. And covered themselves with blanket.

Kunj thinking about Omkara just.I have to convince maa anyhow Omkara trust me I give him promise if maa wouldn’t ready he will react damn sure.even twinkle too right at her place. He closed his eyes.

Whole night Usha and Manohar keep thinking about Omkara and mahi alliance.Other hand Omkara condition same twinkle wires echoing in his ears he feel good and smiled.

Om:twinkle is right absolutely this time I’ll be think as a son.Whatever will be maa decided for me I’ll go with that only.Like Kunj does it today he is so happy. He slept.

Next morning.

Twinkle wake up first she went in washroom and get freshen up quickly she getting ready after Kunj wake up he get freshen up without saying anything. He take his coffee which twinkle bring for him he went in balcony while Aayat come with her classes she going for swimming classes. Twinkle ready her.

Kunj eyes went Omkara who doing jogging in garden he is so happy Kunj get confused.

Kunj:see Omkara whatever happened last night I thought he must be sad but he looking so happy hope he is fine.

Afterwards they went downstairs for breakfast. Usha talk to Manohar.

Usha: what you decide Manohar ji?

Manohar:see Usha I’m happy whatever will be your decision if Omkara happy what more we wanted.

Usha:but my fear.I’ll talk to twinkle.

Manohar:sure.before Kunj went in Usha room and see her and Manohar. Come Kunj: he went.

Kunj:maa what did you decided maa. Please.He loves her lot maa and I’m telling you na even I too scared why I denying for marriage because maa I see in many families after marriage a boy changed he started thinking as a husband Leave his family and started breaking love. And I don’t want and when I told twinkle each and everything maa she is same and if not than still she doing only what I m telling maa and you thinking after marriage both sister love will changed I’ll handle my wife but I wanted my brother happiness. This time he take Decision don’t break his heart you both support without your love and blessing if this alliance happened there is no use without your love maa and papa.Kehte hai na maa sab ek jeshe nahi hote our  5 fingers aren’t even same.They way pa

Handling and chote papa follows him I’ll too take my brothers with me.Will changed this KHISHA TOO maa.Please trust me your Kunj saying na. Usha and Manohar smiled.

Manohar: you love this much.

Kunj: more than this. Chote papa. Mere liye mere bhai sab de Jada important hai.

Usha:I know Kunj happy as well. Kunj take her hands.

Kunj:maa please take your decision no force but think from your heart.Kunj went from there.Usha and Manohar went everyone sit for breakfast Usha looking at Omkara he is normal that they didn’t expecting everyone surprised. He hurt himself. All finished the breakfast Usha call twinkle she went to her room.

Usha:twinkle beta im asking you something.

Twinkle:I know what maa.Go with your heart. I had dream I just become you and mummy ji and Omkara and Rudra wife’s come we trio stay like sisters like you and mummy ji that’s all and from my side you will not get anything. In both situations I m elder it’s my duty to make my sister understand what’s good and bad and here Omkara wife whoever is. Usha smiled.

Usha:good bless you.

Twinkle:don’t worry maa.Twinkle went from there while Kunj was just worried about Omkara other hand mahi too Omkara did answering his calls. After sometimes later. Usha come and look at everyone.

Avantika: what happened?

Usha: Omkara I wanted to ask you something are you happy with my decision whatever is it.

Om: absolutely maa whatever will be your decision I’ll be happy your happiness matter more for me without your will if I achieved something great no useful maa all smiled he look at twinkle.

Usha:I’m happy you give importance your maa decision you are my son I wanted bahu you stay happy in your life if you find and love her than what I wanted more than this my son is happy. And my fear someone kill it baseless. Thanks twinkle beta you are so matured you are truly like Avantika who solve all problems with loves.Today you too.You know how to balance things if mahi will not matured she didn’t understand situation but I’m happy you are to handle.That’s all I’m happy for this alliance.And my Kunj too wanted you are lucky get bhai and bhabhi like them.

When you taking us for your saali alliance Kunj he get shocked.

Kunj: maa are you ready really pinch me she pinched him.Wow maa thanks twirl her from her shoulder thanks maa I love you Omkara smiled after twinkle his happiness increased its true.All smiled each and everyone was hell happy. Wow maa.

Lata: I’m so happy Omkara. For you.

Rudra: me too I had doubt on from start ahem ahem ??all laughs out.

Kunj: so true but first one is our jija ji ??.

Rahul: yes Kunj you telling me I’m just cooking rubbished result in front of yours eyes my and Malika eyes was scanner..

Om: maa are you ready happy don’t do this for my happiness: and papa.

Manohar:no we are really happy. After see twinkle more her sister coming she will too like her.

Tej: right.. ??chalo Usha your problem solve you always saying na wanted bahu like twinkle now get her sister only ??.Kunj hug Omkara.

Kunj:happy I told you na.

Om:haan right I’m happy.Everyone feed each other’s sweets.  After Omkara was in his room Kunj went in his room.

Kunj: Om what a surprise means I was worried if you get angry than.

Om:haan thanks.Twinkle she made me understand without family will no happiness in anything.

Kunj: what twinkle?

Om: haan She was the one. He told him each and everything her each word was right and I rely with hers Kunj. See today maa and papa was so happy now I’m happy more because they are happy. Kunj smiled.

Kunj: waha meri Queen ?impressive.

Om: yes she is the best if mahi will be

Like her slightly I’m so happy.

Kunj: let me Biwi unique ??Chal good na she handle her devar chalo till now I’m going for meetings and yours all works school college now this rishta leke jana hai ???interesting ?.

Om: what?

Kunj:I’m going with dadu and dadi at Taneja house for your and mahi alliance.


Kunj:twinkle who will see little munchkin which is her womb you handle she will dance in your baraat ??.Omkara giggles.Kunj went in his room he get ready today he cancel to go office. Twinkle entered in room and see him and giggles.

Twinkle: you going for your brother alliance not yours so going so much touch up Kunj giggles and turned and se her.

Kunj: acha so what if I got someone who impressed with me ?.

Twinkle:??you wait 9 months after take your baby and both father and baby find together na new mom and biwi as well.?. Kunj laughs out. By the way you speak so low how you will give Kasht to your tongue ???.

Kunj: I didn’t give kasht like you 24 hours on a important time only ??. She push him.

Twinkle:acha bring my favourite pastry baby wanted?

Kunj: what baby wanted everything baby wanted only tell na you wanted just taking baby name only huhu.. ??.

Twinkle: acha than think na before doing just few days you tired.. what about me.

Kunj: acha Chal kehte hai na subh kaam karne se phale kuch meetha ho jaye??.

Twinkle: haan so eat anything he arching his eyes brow twinkle understand.

Kunj:you know na I can’t have sweet baby in innocent voice.

Twinkle: ache bachu yesterday only you having lot ??today little bit good.

Kunj: Huhu after get pregnant you doing this all things with me why??.

Twinkle:what i have done?. See baby.

Kunj: now you see baby papa. He cupped her face she bite her lower lip.

It’s my work to do??she blushed. She closed her eyes he grab her lips kissing her gently. She too Him now my work will done great break the kiss she look at him.

Twinkle:shameless murmured. Go your sasu was waiting for you now not only one damaad ji second ?coming.

Kunj: great useful for me my ears will save from your cousins ??so pakau Omkara enjoy pyaar kiya hai toh Yeh bhi jhelo ??.

Twinkle:so mean go now.

Kunj:bye.He went downstairs. Lata and Prithviraj was ready.

Lata: chale??

Prithviraj: yes. Everyone smiled and they went outside keep all gifts in car and Kunj start the car and left for Taneja mansion.While Kunj in formed leela he coming she get confused why so suddenly while mahi was in tension.

Soonthey reached Taneja mansion .

Kunj:kabhi socha ta Kya Dadu and dadi have to come here again for another pota alliance haan I find fast Than yours Guruji ???.

Lata: acha ??Omkara or you.

Prithviraj:you see Omkara he find so fast you take so much time our legs just pained Lot ??.

Kunj: haan he find because of me only ?.They went inside everyone was presenting in living room only.They went inside and meet with everyone.

Rt:Kunj puttar what is this.

Kunj:relax papa: they all sit.

Hansh:what happened you all happy very much.

Lata:Haan baath hi aise hi hai.

Leela:koi na Malika gestured Kunj what’s the matter he give her smiled. While Malika give her baby to him.

Kunj:maa and papa.Just than Mahi come with tea and snacks she served them and look at Kunj he too she immediately changed the gaze.

Kabir:what’s the matter jiju..

Kunj:Haan maa and papa we come here for alliance.

Rt: alliance kishka?

Kunj:mahi or.all looking at Kunj.Omkara Ka rishta.Whole Taneja family looking in shocked.

Bebe:mahi and Omkara.

Prithviraj:haan we come for Mahi and Omkara alliance.

Hansh: Kya..

Lata: haan Malika look at Kunj and slightly she giggles.

Kunj:Haan maa our Mahi and Omkara. Here you daamad and Omkara bhai come for mahi hand for my brother please give my saali hand in my brother hand for lifetime. With smiled. Rt and leela smiling.

Leela: Kunj puttar.

Kunj: hoo MAa please ab what I’ll do more ahem ahem wait he sit in his knees till now you see sit like in front of his girl and I’m standing in front of my mother in law ???chalo maa my knees paining fast. All giggles.

Rt: kunjj.

Kunj: meri biwi maregi i didn’t do for her but for Omkara and mahi hehe.

Leela: me Kya bolu Kunj puttar she look at Rt he gestured in yes she give her hand in Kunj hand he get up.

Kunj: thanks sasu mom. ??.

Hansh: Suddenly? Mahi smiling inside in her heart.

Prithviraj: haan we finding alliance for Omkara and you all too for Mahi so.

Kunj: nahi maa I tell you each and everything. Kunj tell them each and everything whatever happened till now.

They loves each other’s it’s best for us. Leela and Rt look mahi she look down.

Kabir:great mahi our sleeping beauty less in front of you ???.

Kunj: so what you thinking maa and papa.

Rt: I’m happy Kunj Omkara after all damaad like you blessed we are. I’m happy with this relationship.

Hansh: me too going to more stronger now ??Prithviraj and Hansh hifi.

Malika:wow mahi congrats. She blushed.

Kunj: haan mahi first siyappa queen now you great maa do you have another daughter let’s tied with Rudra ???. Teeno bhai set in one family ???.

Kabir: haina just some days born my all Khansa..??.

Kunj: acha baby Rudra and with baby only hehe.. my biwi will play more with her ??. All laughs out.

Hansh:Haan really it’s best thing.They feed each other’s sweets Lata and Prithviraj give sagun in mahi hands and give their blessings she touch their feet’s. He went near.

Kunj:good mahi less our work.in this summer where we will run ??.

Malika:haan she running from winters ?.Get relief in summer ??.

Kunj: lamest ??. So mahi now what I become of her what what..

Kabir: jetha ??.

Kunj:hehe funny jetha haan right now behaving like jetha na show her stern eyes mahi shocked Kunj giggles and give her side hug I’m very happy mahi thanks for coming in my brother life.

Leela: where is twinkle she didn’t come.

Kunj: na maa woh toh devar ke saath jethani ke role me aayegi fully ??. All laughs out.

Lata:really leela what upbringing you give to twinkle after get her everyday thanks to babaji she is so good.All smiled.Now another come you too bright our family like our twinkle.

Kunj: definitely dadi..

Kabir: now what next jija??

Kunj: next what at my time dadu and dadi lets do their roka what’s say?

Leela: so soon.

Kunj:Haan maa fast.. tell me when?

Bebe: you tell Kunj beta when you wanted?

Kunj: if will listen to me than maa tomorrow.. because I have work and I wanted to attend. ??.

Prithviraj:haan good.

Rt:okay all arrangements.

Kunj:don’t worry about arrangements of roka we will do in unique style this time. After all meri saali hai aur bhai ??. You both leave everything on me I’ll see.

Kabir:hoo great ??. I’m free..

Kunj:haan huhu.. lazy head. Chalo dadu lets go and give everyone this news.

Bebe:you will gone mad.. Kunj puttar.

Kunj:Kya Karu Bebe I m so happy today I can’t even described ??.They bid bye to each other’s.They quickly left.

Leela: I’m so happy Omkara and mahi.. really.

Rt:Haan never thought this much nice alliance come for my mahi too. Rt cupped her face. Meri bachi.

Kabir: mahi you tell ne you love him..

Hansh:so what less our headache not like twinkle who used to run the boy always ??.They all give her smiled.

Mahi get shy she run inside all laughs out.

Bebe:I’m so happy for her chalo leela rani lets start the preparation of roka. ?.

Leela: haan.

Kabir: chal meri baby. Lift his baby and went inside.

Omkara was in tension what will mahi parents reaction after get to know about them. He biting his nails all siblings sitting and making fun of him.

Twinkle: bas Omkara don’t be nervous if they reject my hot and handsome devarji than I’ll find hot devrani for me?.

Rahul:bas bas twinkle don’t put chilli on his wound ??.Just than Kunj and Prithviraj or Lata come back they carrying sad face Omkara see them and get more nervous..

Om:Kya Hua?

Kunj:woh Om..??Lata winked at everyone they understood. Sorry Om.

Om:why sorry what they said???.

Prithviraj: we try best but..

Om:what happened please tell me na. Become so sad all giggles.. Kunj laughs out and cupped his face.

Kunj:Om you look At yourself looking like 10 std boy who worried for his result hehe..cupped his face.so listen they are ready for your and mahi alliance even they too happy no problem.

Om: really?

Kunj: yup ab I’m not philosopher like you ??go slowly slowly I’m fast ??.

Avantika:it’s good news they also ready congratulations omkara. Rudra and Rahul give hug too Omkara.

Rahul: waha om you too going to halal??

Twinkle:amazing great Kunj.They all sit.

Kunj:now maa and mummy lets get busy tomorrow is omkara and mahi roka.?.

Usha:what so fast?

Kunj:Haan because I have work and see Omkara so desperate why not ??.

Twinkle:so true I’m so excited mahi and Om..ahem ahem. Now I’ll do rest only. All laughs out.

Kunj:Chal Rahul we have lots of work.

Rahul:bhai roka not engagement?

Kunj:haan so what we will do their roka as well in grand way.. ??.

Usha: haan..

Rudra: Oo give me my gift.

Rahul:see??Gaon basa nahi aur lutere pehle he aa gaye..

Twinkle: I’ll apply Heena..

Kunj: eww twinkle why it’s mahi roka not yours.

Twinkle: so what me jethani hu ?I’ll be look like ??.

Om: true.

Priyanka:me too.

Lata: my second pota we will each and everything with our hands haina Prithviraj nodded in eyes. We was just waiting for this moment.

Rudra: dadi dont give everything to their wife’s only save something for my wife too.

Tej: acha kaun hai woh..

Kunj:you know I toh asked leela maa if she had one more girl so here lock Rudra as we’ll trio brother set in one family ??.

Kabir offer his daughter ???.Each and everyone laughing like anything. Manohar and Usha was hell happy.

Anjali: chalo let’s do shopping. Twinkle make puppy faces.

Twinkle: don’t worry I’ll not go but I’ll look better than you all’s ??.

Kunj: see this self obsessed girl she will make baby as well like her Aayat made only.

Aayat: yes ??. I’m so cute.

Anjali: true.

Tej: Informed anita as well and haan Rudra go and bring Avni here in this all we didn’t talk to her as well.

Rudra: yup I’ll go now only sumo come with me na.

Soumya: sure Rudra and Soumya went to bring Avni. While each and everyone get busy in roka preparation even Tanejas too mahi was hell happy. Same Omkara too. He called twinkle and Kunj.

Kunj: what??

Om: thanks for this all if you both not than this wouldn’t happen specially twinkle thanks for each and everything.

Twinkle: don’t be thanks it’s our duty. Devar ji ??.

Kunj: haan see aisi bhabhi milegi you all calling her useless ??.

Twinkle: haww.??.

Om: it’s his dialogue not ours ??they laughs out and give twinkle side hug.

Twinkle:so baby Chachi and massi twin in one ?.

Om:haan woh toh hai..

Kunj:Chal we have lots of work.

Twinkle:haan after take mahi class as well.When everyone got to know about this each and everyone get so happy.

Soon Rudra and Soumya bring Avni.She come and hugged tej and teasing Omkara Lot after sometimes later twinkle get tried she went in her room and changed her clothes and wear a nighty.she lay down on bed Priyanka and Aayat come with her food they trio sit together and have dinner.

Omkara called mahi she see his name and smiled she take phone and went in side.

Mahi:in low voice haan?

Om: hello.. mahi.

Mahi: Han.

Om: I’m so happy everyone is ready for our alliance.

Mahi:haan jiju come.Even I’m too happy tomorrow is roka.Omkara tell how twinkle and Kunj convince without them it’s not impossible.Aww di and jiju.They must be shocked na.

Om: hmm little one but happy ??.

Twinkletalking with Leela she tell

Her how Kunj convince his cuteness.

Twinkle: what maa. Are you happy na?

Leela: Haan twinkle beta I’m so happy. After see you so happy in your life and family now mahi too going in same house.

Twinkle: Haan maa here she will just get love and love only each and everyone is so happy mummy ji and maa both of the best mother in laws kabhi laga hi nahi Choti maa meri sasa nahi she love me more than mummy ji..

Leela: haan I know beta happy bas. Everything is done.

Twinkle: Haan your damaad ji busy fully. They talk for sometimes and end the calls Kunj entered in room he went towards bed and lay down.

Kunj:uff I’m tired today.. this smell again why you apply.

Twinkle: so what I loved it.. my Heena.

Acha you tell me you didn’t kneeled down for me but for Mahi hand huhu.

Kunj: aaj tak leli shari news haan.

Twinkle: very funny.

Kunj: yes so what ???. Tu toh anyhow meri jholi me aane wali ti ??.

Twinkle:huhu.. sojao now.

Kunj:let me get freshen up.Kunj get up and went get freshen up. Twinkle applying oil on her feet’s Kunj sir beside her. Now how’s your swelling.

Twinkle: better twinkle hugged Kunj tightly thanks Kunj for this.

Kunj: not me but you how you handle Omkara it’s totally amazing.

Twinkle:I learn from you na ?..

Kunj:Chal let’s sleep I’m tired today in this all’s I didn’t talk to my baby.Keep his hand on her belly.How’s my bacha.

Twinkle:good your bacha. Kunj my head is paining..

Kunj: I’ll give you best head massage.. twinkle sit while Kunj bring oil and giving her head massage she feel so good and smiled Kunj kissing on her neck from back she giggles.

Twinkle: you just waiting for moment to romance. ??.

Kunj: yup. Today I’ll sleep peacefully Maa and papa get ready bas. Omkara is happy.

Twinkle: hmm. While massaging twinkle dozed off in sitting position Kunj keep talking he didn’t get any answer back he check and see she slept Kunj giggles. He place her on bed and cuddled her tightly he too slept.

At morning.

Everyone wake up and finished their breakfast Rahul and Kunj set everything and tell Kabir each and everything while all girls get busy in dresses what they going to wear just than Kunj entered in room with fruits bowl..

Kunj:madam don’t try to run Haan have this first.

Twinkle: kunjjj.

Kunj: what kunjjjjj. He feed her with his hands.

Avni: aww Kunj bhai ahem Ahem.

Anjali: now Kunj bhaiya just behind his wifey and baby??.

Twinkle: Kya..!?.

After sometimes later in evening time went so fast Omkara getting ready Rudra and Kunj or Rahul teasing him.Kunj bring shirt for him he wear that one and looking the best. Rudra and Omkara kissed on Kunj cheeks he make omg face..

Kunj: looking hot.

Rahul: haan mahi will gone ??.

Rudra: ?yup.

Kunj: Chal let go and get ready.They all went and get ready quickly others side Tanejas as well too. Each and everyone come down and looking the best.

Kunj: where is this twinkle man?

Priyanka: bhabhi didn’t get ready.

Kunj:yeh jethani ji.come soon.Just than twinkle come downstairs everyone see went on her she looking so beautiful.  Their eyes get freezes she wearing shot top with garara. Long wearing high pony. She come down:

Rudra: wow bhabhi Hott❤️?.

Twinkle: thanks.

Kunj:today put all Makeup together.?.

Twinkle:you jealous man huhu. ??.

Avantika: my bahu looking so gorgeous today ?❤️.

Kunj: lets go now. Kunj hold twinkle hand they all left for Taneja mansion. Soon they reached leela and rt welcomed them. Malika giggles and teasing Omkara.They sits.

Kunj kept all arrangements backyard of house. Simple colourful flowers the way Omkara wanted everyone like the arrangements.

Usha:where is mahi leela ji..

Avantika:haan bring her bahu fast ??.

Twinkle:Haan where is my devarani ji ??.

Malika:she is in full jethani mode ??. Aayat and twinkle playing with baby.. ?. Natasha and Malika went and bring mahi she looking so beautiful Omkara eyes just stuck on her.. only..

Lata: aww mahi puttar she come down and take everyone blessing.

Twinkle: here too dekhe toh sahi Omkara your choice ??. Nice. All giggles.

Anjali: haan.. she sit beside Omkara. Than guruji started their roka rasam. Usha did put veil on her forehead and give her sagun do Omkara and mahi Aarti.. all smiled.



Guruji:roka is done.All smiled and clapped and feed each other’s sweets..

Twinkle:I’m so happy mahi cuddles meri behan.. ❤️❤️❤️.

Kunj:haan she will take your classes after marriage.. ??.

Twinkle:yup your jiju is in your team.Kunj give side hug.They all clicking photos..

After om and mahi roka everyone was sitting in hall…

Everyone was very much happy they all were teasing omkara ..

Rahul:finally humhara philosopher got hitch.Om got shy..

Rudra:seriously you are going to

marry now what will i do..

Rahul:now toh you start  sleeping alone baby.your om.is now prayadhan Everyone giggles..

Rahul:anjali please ek cup tea mil jati toh mazza aa jata ..

Rohan: at this time.

Rahul: haan headache.

Anjali:hmm abhi leti hu…

She waa going into kitchen bit suddenly feels dizziness…in mean time rahul save her from falling but she got unconscious..

Everyone get shocked. Kunj called doc..

Doc came and checked.

Usha: meri Anjali..

Kunj: don’t worry maa di will be fine.

Doc came out of the room..

Rahul:hows my wife?

Doc:congratulations mr malhotra you are going to be a father soon…

Rahul:what ??

Doc:what so you mean by what ?you are not happy …

Rahul:i m happy but how i mean ..

Kunj :: whispers chup saale …kya matlb kese ..jese sub hotein hai wese …

Congratulations.now you too will become father..like me ..each and everyone was hell happy.

Rahul:thanks bro..

Avantika::mai sweets leke aati hu ..after all now i m going to become nani as well..

Double happiness..

Tej:true . Rahul is our son so both from both side.

Avni: yes I’m too again bua twinkle and bhabhi ahem ahem.

Twinkle: haan ab aayena line pe ?.

Everyone was hell happy Soon anjali to get conscious..

Rahul:so mrs malhotra ready for a new journey ..


Rahul:we are going to be parents in 9 months..

Anjali:what .? Sachi..


Rahul:muchi baby ..

Anjali:i m so happy.

Rahul:mee too…

Soon mallika and rohan teasing them.

They too congratulate them ..

Mallika:so mr malhotra now your wife will become elephant…

Rahul:now mine will panda.

Rohan:sala apni biwi ko bhi ni chodhta…

Kunj:woh toh thek hai don’t know when we will get chance to tease him…

Rahul:whispers..when you will give permission toh him.marry ..

Kunj:what ?

Rohan : nothing  .ye toh sala kamina hai ek no .always stuck on one thing…..

Mallika:wese kunj …what a planning?

Kunj:means ?

Mallika:you both are going to become father together…..

Rahul:chal na it was un planned..

Kunj:in your case as well..

Rahul:hmm…tabhi toh i was shocked…

Kunj:chal.beta you were teasing me na…now you will too bear mood swings of di…

Rahul:: hehe…but wife is not syappa queen na …

Kunj:: haa but you are toh jhoru ka gulam na …..

Rahul:: very lame…wese zamana toh h naukar biwi ka ..

Mallika:: true …biwi hai toh sub kch hai ni toh fuss khani …hai na rohan ..

Rohan :: why are u asking to me ..?

Rahul :: because you don’t have biwi…

Rohan :: lol kamino..

Twinkle: huhu creatures you all. Di

Now you too in my line everyone behinds you uff I get partner.

Om: haan like Rahul and Kunj in this too?.

Yuvi: hehe don’t know they did everything before discussing with each other’s ??. All mouth formed in O.Prithviraj and Lata entered in room.

Lata: I’m so happy for my Anjali. Mahi is so lucky.

Twinkle:haan get good news after their roka we were behind them ???. Now mummy ji and papaji get ready for di as well.

Tej:we would love to do each and everything for you. See Avni them.

Avni:haan papa..???.. they went downstairs and sit for food. Chinki and Asha teasing twinkle.

Chinki: see Asha from any angle she looking she is pregnant ???.

Twinkle:haan after baby.My baby will proud of me his mamma is so beautiful ??.Rahul feeding Anjali food. And kissed on her forehead.

Rahul: I’m so happy Anjali thanks for this news someone will come and called me papa aww. Finally saalo you trio going to become maamu.. ??.

Kunj:?Yes kamine jija…

Rahul:arey Rudra seemed like babaji tere upar mehrban hai.. one by one baby is on the way. Kunj get busy now Omkara as well you become alone so chiller party give you company ???. They all laughs out.

Rudra:huhu every funny..Omkara holding mahi hands both giving each other’s smiled.

Tej:don’t fight here.Tej see the time.its late and twinkle beta now sit.

Avantika:haan since morning you walking here and there.They all done with food and get up and mahi take everyone blessing.

Usha: this time too we will take you soon?.

Manohar: haan.. all smiled. Omkara look at mahi.

Rudra:O do your love philosophy later let’s go tomorrow we have to go for match?

Kunj:again this huhu.

Rohan: even I’m too going bro..

Priyanka: me too looking down.

Tej: sure??. They all went outside Omkara look at mahi.

Mahi: bye. He smiled.

Kabir: Om go come with baraat ???.

They all sits in cars and left for Sarna Mansion.Soon they reached Rahul didn’t leave Anjali hand. They went inside and went in their respective rooms twinkle went in room Kunj come and hold her hand.


Twinkle: change karne..

Kunj: acha first let me see your fully he see her head to toe ahem looking killer soon to be mommy..???. Kissed on her cheeks she smiled. And moaned his name kunjj..

Twinkle:let me go you will not control yourself ??.

Kunj: acha I’ll not control on myself what I’ll do with you after lose my control

Twinkle: acha innocent ??. Winked at her belly.. ??.Kunj laughs out and cuddles her. I’m so happy Kunj for Mahi and Omkara.

Kunj:even me too one more love story start with happy note.. ❤️❤️❤️. They hugged each other’s.

Episode. End here..

{ next:T: please don’t go na it’s not urgent to go.. you went everything this time I’m not well as well.

Kunj: it just the matter of one day wifey I’ll come quickly and you know it’s important otherwise I wouldn’t go and leave you alone here take care of yourself.

Twinkle: huhu..}..

Khushiyan Aur Gham Saihti Hai Phir Bhi Ye Chupp Rehti Hai..

Too much happiness ??. Good but ?after happiness next time for sadness ?


How was the episode??

Hope you all like it.

Finally Omkara and mahi roka done.

Anjali and Rahul going to become parents happiness arrives in their life’s togethers ?❤️..???.

Thanks for your comments guys.

Bye love you all.


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