Rab se sona Ishq.. ??????


Sarnas reaches Sarna mansion all together while all the way om and rudra just teasing Kunj and make his temper high.. while Anjali gesture them to stop… they all went inside the mansion everyone is hell tried because from past 2 days they all were busy in maha pooja preparations so:, all sit in hall.. while servant come with glass of water..

They all drink and feel good it’s so hot in India.,

Rudra; it’s too hot in India pa…in eeriness voice he said.

Tej: I know my son but here it’s not that much hot you were telling. Your house is full air conditioner.

So you have any problem..:

Rudra: still Pa.. Think about her?? I’m sure she’ll not stay here one day in next moment she get ill.

Tej: acha don’t dare to speak any words like this about her.. we are here for her.. Don’t worried about her..

Prithviraj: rudra is right tej.. we all know how is your kids?? He said while looking at all kids..

Avantika: daddy ji is right absolutely.. you remember tej when we went Mexico how kunj

Teased us like anything when he is small.. Didn’t let you attend your meeting too. Just because of hot climate… om and rudra looking at Kunj who still thinking about twinkle ???.:

Rudra: But mummy Bhai who always keep his temper high ???

Kunj look at him and give him danger look..

Lata: bas you all.. Lata went to kunj and cupped his face. All three of them standing in one line together..I’m proud of you kunj what have you done today give perfect answer without speak anything..

I just wanted you three of them together nothing else I wanted… her hand one kunj cheeks another one on om cheek.. she caresses their cheeks.. today you all proved!

That no one can’t break down your bond.

And Kunj is right they three of them hire of this Sarna family Meri teen jaan aur ek dusre ki dadkan ho… rudra come from back and hugged her while Lata kissed on kunj and om forehead. They four of them share group hug while all others just gesturing each other’s in the way look at them..??all smiled and Anjali get jealous with them. She makes cute pout while tej went to her and give her cuddling hug..

Tej: why you get jealous with them haa. I’m here for my all princess…

Anjali: yes bade Papa… she to give him hug..

Prithviraj:now dadi aur poto ka love session end hua aur nahi…

Rudra: see dadi dadu get jealous of us ?. Because dadi loves us more than dadu rudra kiss on Lata cheeks and winked at Prithviraj while all others get shocked and formed their face in O…

Rudra see Prithviraj eyes and immediately escape from here.. all laugh out at him..

Prithviraj: pagal… okay goodnight go and sleep… he said and left for his room.Like this all went in their respective rooms..

Kunj took his clothes and went in washroom changed his clothes into nightdress he takes his file and went in their brothers room.. he finds rudra giving massage to om.. he went towards them and sit beside them..

Kunj: I’m impressed with someone he does something ???…

Rudra: hubu Bhaiya you always said this I do your all work. Kunj give him tapli on his head.

Kunj: don’t speak too Much like her. Om and rudra both smirked and Rudra stop his hands while om turned his face and look at Kunj face both together.,

Om: what does mean of like her in teasing way?????.,

Rudra: yes Bhaiya.. Kunj see their expressions..

Kunj: don’t give this expression to me you know like that chatter box., Twinkle Taneja beauty with less brain..

Om: in very few times you find her beauty with less brain ????..

Rudra: haa can’t you see O the way Bhaiya look at twinkle Didi…

Kunj: you both don’t fly so much. Acha you call her twinkle Didi didn’t give us this much respect ??…

Rudra: hoo I didn’t give you both respect.

Kunj: acha you call him O…

Rudra:what about her she calls everyone from her own names ?? instead of you?… she can’t pronounce your name correctly ????… Kunj throw cushions at him..

Kunj: here I’m talking about you not of her. And don’t compare yourself with her.. a world of difference between you and her..

Get it doesn’t become like her age Rudra she is too small.. you fight with her..

Rudra: Acha even your sista isn’t very innocent Huhu..

Om: true???..

Next side at Taneja [email protected]

After get tired very much all went in their respective rooms while Kabir and mahi just making fun of twinkle.The way she and Kunj fighting with each other’s..

Twinkle change her dress and lay down on bed her back facing to ceiling the elbows resting on bed.. She used her phone seeing today all pictures which the clicks.

One pics come in that kunj standing, but he gives candid shot.

Twinkle: sadu huhu.. so mean he is.. Whoever is in his destiny she’ll gone I’m petty for her ??.. his others siblings is so cute and humble and when look at him shit bitter gourd he is totally I think even bitter gourd is less than him bitter… he gives attitude me boys throwing themselves at me.. but I didn’t give them shit and this man is totally different huhu. Hope I didn’t see his face again in my life.

(Poor soul )???… twinkle )

She said this and took the blanket and covered herself. Try to sleep..

In mahi room she sit and thinking about someone a innocent smile appeared on her face after see him.. Which she doesn’t understand why???

Kabir who was busy with malika on calls.

He tell her about twinkle and Kunj fight.. malika didn’t for whom he talks about he is her best friend kunj Sarna because Kabir didn’t mention kunj surname..

Malika:quite interesting Kabir I would love to meet with him. And his and twinkle fight funny as well.. How’s your day..

Kabir: amazing today I meet with Yuvi all cousin they are so good I loved them.. and function too was good., what about you my loving would be wifey??…

Malika: without you boring ???I’m so excited for our wedding Kabir..

Kabir: even me too malika can’t wait to make you mine… ?.

Malika: I’m already yours ??. They both talk like this their cheesy talks never ends….

While hansh thinking about kunj his image coming in his mind, and he was confused about him for twinkle because he has to check out each and everything before tie in her in one knots..after see him he like her very much.. same happened with Prithviraj too even he too thinking about twinkle after see her today his all doubts Vanshi the girl he wanted for kunj she is name matching up with Prithviraj all expectation..

Sarna brothers [email protected]

They three of them laying together while rudra is in middle of the bed.. om and rudra seeing twinkle dance performances video which he record.. both praising her dancing skills her beauty more to tease kunj ???..

Rudra: wow o see her she is killer… I’m sure all boys behind her…

Om:acha between she is awesome her talking style???… in video slightly Kunj too come his eyes just stuck on twinkle in video om and rudra zoom the screen and look at kunj??…

Rudra: don’t you think seemed like Bhaiya sitting in his board meeting his all concerned on work same like now ????. Now I understand how Bhaiya get to know about twinkle didi beauty with less brain because he was busy to read her ???.. Kunj look at him with narrow eyes ???..

Kunj: shut up?… Kunj too see the video.

She danced like normal people you people praising like she is female Shiamak Davar

???… happily they watch whole dance video.. Kunj see twinkle smiling face her dimples enhanced more when she sings the song..

Om: her voices is too melodies perfect girl modern + traditional perfect combination.

Rudra: =hot???..

Kunj: = she is siyappa Queen bas… later they end of with twinkle…

Kunj snatch the phone from rudra and tell him sleep.,, he cuddles kunj and they sleep soon…

Next morning..

Prithviraj wake up still kunj and twinkle alliance matter going on in his mind. He got up and look at Lata who looking at him. Both wish good morning to each other’s and he went in washroom and get freshen up soon.. he come out and look at Lata..

Prithviraj: I want to talk to you..

Lata: yes tell me… he went towards her..

Prithviraj: I find girl for kunj…

Lata: what who she is..? And guru ji were showing us that girl which he finds for kunj.

Prithviraj: you know guru ji find twinkle for kunj..

Lata: in surprising way.. what twinkle..

Prithviraj: yes twinkle I like at first Time only when we see in college now last night too see her love towards her culture.She is same girl what I wanted for my kunj..

Lata:good even I too like her..

Prithviraj: I talk to her grand father last night he wanted to see kunj so..

Lata: are you sure for this alliance..

Prithviraj:damn sure we didn’t find girl like twinkle in this whole world she is perfect.

She has everything in herself. Modern and traditional she is… I’ll tell tej about this and then go ahead…

Lata:I’m happy for this alliance.. what about kunj..,

Prithviraj: let’s see him too.They went in hall and sit. While servant bring tea for them. Prithviraj reading newspapers while Kunj already went for jogging. Today om didn’t come with him.both brother sleeping peacefully.soon kunj come back from jogging firstly he went towards his grand parents and took their blessing. Went to his room to get freshen up.. he sees his mother ready his all things and place on the bed. He smiled to see this and murmured love you mummy ?. He took his towel and went in washroom take bath and come out and find avantika is there he keeps his iron clothes in wardrobe. Kunj wear his shirt while avantika went towards him.

Avantika: good morning my son..

Kunj: good morning my maa?. She closed his shirt all buttons.. how you come always on time MAA..

Avantika: acha because I know my son needed me so.. I didn’t understand what you do when you are out of the home. How you closed your shirt buttons which you can’t close itself..

Kunj: hmm even I didn’t understand till now I take time in this. But I have you so no problem.. he kiss on her forehead..

She makes him wear his tie and fixed his collar. Kunj get ready fully both mother and son went downstairs while Kunj stop and went towards his brother they didn’t wake up till now.. mummy you go I’m coming with them..Kunj see them they both sleeping peacefully.. rudra cuddling om kara Like couple ??. Kunj smile. He took water and sprinkle on them. Their sleep get distance slightly. Rudra cuddling om kara more which irritating him.

Om: rudra.. sleep properly..

Kunj: o mere sleeping beauties wake up fast.. everyone is waiting for you both at breakfast table.. om open his eyes.

Om: good morning.

Kunj: good morning.. now get up ready fast.. and wake up him..he pushed rudra and get up sit there only. Kunj off the ac and open all windows and curtains sunlight directly coming on rudra face. He open his eyes and look at his both brothers.

Rudra: Bhaiya its not good let me sleep.

Kunj:acha you have whole night to sleep but you didn’t want to sleep at night instead of whole day.rudra don’t have any other option to wake up. He get up and sit there taking yawn on om face.

Om: ewww rudra till now I didn’t understand one how girls running behind you.. they can’t see your childishly..

Kunj laughing at him..

Rudra: huhu first look at yourselves you both.Till now even a single girl didn’t give you both look and talking about Rudy girls dying for him??.

Kunj: who told you that girls didn’t give a look to us.. I’ll correct you Rudy tej Sarna ?.they give many look to us but we are the one who didn’t give them single look.. Talking about you they run behind your money not for you ??.

Om:we have brains not like you dumbo ?.

Kunj: in attitudes voice world run behind us not we..? Rudra looking at Kunj and giving him annoying look.

Rudra:by the way O guru ji was showing us that girl whom he found for Bhaiya he didn’t show her to us in maha pooja.Kunj face expression totally changed it .

Om:yeah I didn’t think about it??.

Rudra: I’m dying for my bhabhi where she is?? In teasing manner ??.

Kunj: Kunj show him his hand.. you wanna see you see your bhabhi see this rudra padega na your all dreams for Bhabhi will flow in water ??get it. Now kunj too started thinking Why guru ji not show that girl to them.. om went in washroom while Kunj push rudra too in another washroom till than they both get freshen he’ll do his important calls. After sometimes later rudra and om get ready fully while rudra who wearing just capris and ganji.

Kunj: kabhi toh pure kapde phane liya kar rudra..

Om: yup showing his body like girls ???. Humari ghar ki exposing lady ??Both kunj and om laugh out like anything and drag rudra went downstairs for breakfast.. they trio coming down from staircase together smilie sticking on their lips. Which seen by whole family and give smile ..

Dadi: Nafrat Jinhe Tod Na Paye Wahi Ishqbaaz hai Mere ???..

They tiro went towards all and take their seats beside Anjali.

Anjali: I’m jealous of you three of them.

Om: why???

Rudra: after dadu rahul ki Anjali bhi??.

Anjali: dadi crazy behind her pote.

Om: even dadu too behind you three?

Rudra: even pa too he shows his anger eyes to us but not his daughters huhu.

Usha:Kunj you don’t have any complaints?

He looked at usha and give her innocent smile.

Kunj:no choti maa..

Rudra: why he’ll have we stay at home he toh always went here and there…

Tej: grown up rudra.

Rudra:I’ll not pa but your son become big think about him ??. Anjali and om looking at Kunj face expression., he gritted his teeth on him.We wanted Bhabhi now ?.


Rudra: yes Papa asked di and O too. Even they too wanted. Tej look at on their face now they both stuck what they’ll say because kunj is here.slightly they nodded their heads in yes..

Tej: great.. I think kunj your siblings is very much excited for their bhabhi..

Usha:we all exited for her who’ll become his wife and our daughter-in-law…

Kunj: murmured they all just behind my marriage and most wife huhu.. while Lata and Prithviraj looking at each other face..

Prithviraj: tej I want to talk you..

Tej: Papa.. what??

Prithviraj: I selected girl for kunj after hearing this kunj siblings get happy while kunj face colour fade away which avantika and Lata can see it..

Tej: ladki when..??

Prithviraj:that girl whom guru ji found for kunj. So I want to talk to you about this..

Tej: what we’ll say Papa everything you’ll decide for them.

Avantika:yes daddy ji.Prithviraj look at Kunj face. Just than Kunj get call from his business client he excused them and went to poolside..

Rudra: wow dadu I’m so happy…

In next scene.. Taneja [email protected]

Whole family sitting and having their breakfast together hansh just thinking about kunj.. Bebe see him and Asked him about matter..

Bebe: have your breakfast you have been lost since last night what happened…

Rt: yes Papa are you alright na..

Hansh: yes I’m fine..

Twinkle: dadu don’t take so much tension it’s not good for your health,, interpreted by Kabir..

Kabir: dadu just take tension about your wedding my sista???mahi and he laughs slightly while twinkle morsel stuck in Middle..

Twinkle:see Papa your son always behind my marriage first your marriage happened than think about me…

Leela:you both have your breakfast quietly. Both stop.after breakfast Twinkle and Mahi went in their room to get ready for college. While hansh call Bebe first,

Bebe: you call me what happened so serious..

Hansh: nothing happened serious.. I want to talk to you about twinkle alliance.,

Bebe: okay tell what guru ji said???

Hansh: guru ji find Prithviraj Sarna grand son alliance for our twinkle after Listen this Bebe get happy because she sees kunj at pooja his behaviour too..

Bebe:you were talking about kunj that one We went last night in their maha pooja. Is it??

Hansh: yes that Kunj Sarna only. I talk with his grand father., he got ready for this relationship.. what about you??

Bebe: I’m happy with this you can ask Leela and rt first..

Hansh: yeah I didn’t say yes first I told him that we want to see boy Itself even they can too our twinkle than we’ll go ahead.Bebe call rt and Leela and tell them too about kunj and twinkle alliance while Leela happy she already like kunj very much.While rt tell he wants to see him personally.Hansh and Bebe get ready for this.:rt tell this Kabir too but didn’t mention kunj name to him.. they all went in hall and find twinkle and Mahi about to leaving for collage Hansh stop them..

Kabir who standing in corner and giggling this much twinkle get confused.

Hansh: Twinkle puttar come here..

Twinkle: yes dadu. She went towards him.

Hansh:Twinkle we find boy for you after Listen this twinkle eyes pop out.

Twinkle:so soon dadu..

Hansh:yes I want to tell you this now you go you’ll get late for your collage we’ll talk about this at night okay.He hugged her while twinkle slightly reciprocated too. Mahi and Kabir Making fun of twinkle. They both sisters left for collage.,

Back to [email protected]

Kunj done with his call he went in his parents room.Tej and Avantika sitting and look at him he went towards them and stand in side.

Tej: what happened to you.. my son..

Avantika: yes kunj don’t you happy with this. He was looking down slightly raise his eyes and look his parents with wet eyes.. Avantika went towards her and cupped his face.. are you okay kunj..

Kunj; I don’t want to get marry MAA..

Tej: why?? You have any problem.. Tell us.

Kunj: normally pa. I m not interested in this all.

Tej: kunj it’s just a normal everyone has to marry at certain age. Leave your nervousness.. Lata come there along with om and rudra while Kunj went towards window his back facing to them..

Kunj:nothing is like that pa. I don’t want anyone come and break my family specially my brother whom I love most.I saw many people after marriage everything changed.

Om: why you think this haa that your wife will break our family kunj. See MAA and badi MAA..

Kunj: everyone isn’t like them that’s why they are usha and mummy..

Lata: did you think so your dadu will find girl like this for his crown of his head. Haa not kunj you don’t see your life because of others. I know you be always with your siblings.No one can’t break your bonding why we find this type of girl. Just for you your dadu rejected numbers of girls.

Avantika: yes kunj one day you have to marry you already take your time now.. whatever daddy ji will say that only happened. Kunj turned his face towards all and look at his mother..

Kunj: even I too never disobey him. He said this and left for there..

Lata: give time..

Tej: hmm..

Rudra: I’m so happy I’m going out..

Tej: don’t do anything here it’s not your London rudra..

Rudra:Okay I’m going.. he left for out and tej and Manohar too for their office Kunj too. Om went in his room get busy with his sculptures. While Anjali went gurudwara with usha and Avantika thinking about kunj later she got call from her daughters And get happy. She talked with them for sometimes..

Next side in collage garden after class.

Twinkle and her all friends sitting and looking at twinkle face.

Chinki: What happened twinkle? Last night you were so happy and what is this than man is Yuvi cousin brother lol??.

Twinkle: don’t talk about him.. i hate him.

Asha: okay now tell me what happened which make your mood so off..

Twinkle: dadu find boy for me.. they all get happy screamed in wowwwww.. she looked at them.. even you all too happy like Bhai and Mahi

Yuvi: baath hi Khushi ki hai.. Obviously we’ll get happy for our bestie..

Naman: true..

Twinkle; you all know I don’t want to marry to anyone.

Rishi: nahi toh Twinkle will say yes to waris?..

Twinkle: never eww that waris lust man..

Thing is that I’m not interested in this all.

Asha: look at us twinkle how happily we live. Even you will too..

Twinkle: you people know each other’s from childhood it’s easy and most you people love each other’s.,

Chinki: tu bhi karlena.Even you dadu tell you Itself that you find boy for yourself but didn’t and those people are coming to you you rejected them too..

like this whole day passed both Kunj and twinkle just thinking about their alliance matters. Other side Hansh and Prithviraj talk to each other’s and tell that their family is happy for this alliance, but they have to asked kunj and twinkle last. And before go for any decisions they should meet with each other’s that would be good for them.

Kunj get irritated, and he told about this to one of his best friend Shiraz?.He laughed out to see his nervousness about wedding. Day passed night come.: all went back to their place.

Before dinner Prithviraj call kunj in his room. He went and stand.

Kunj: yes dadu you call me..

Prithviraj: kunj what you think about your alliance..

Kunj: nothing dadu..

Prithviraj: kunj girl is perfect for you. You’ll never regret it for this trust me..

Kunj:please dadu don’t say this. I respect to your all decision and whatever you will do good for me.. and you are happy with this than me too.. Give me time..

Prithviraj: okay I’m giving you time think and give me final decision after this you’ll not take back..

Kunj: yes.. hmm..

Prithviraj: take that envelope inside in girl pictures are there you can see.

Kunj: hmm. He took the photos envelope and went to his room. He kept the envelope in side. And take out his blazer. While om and rudra come and stand..

They understand kunj is out of his zone.

Om: kunj don’t think so much if you don’t wanted this alliance happen than rejected normally..

Kunj: om I can’t I don’t have problem with this particular alliance. I told you about my friend marriage life what his wife did.. This I can’t afford.

Om:you only said we can’t judge anyone life because of others. Everyone isn’t like same.. and whomever dadu find girl for you she is best I’m sure..

Kunj:you were telling me what about you..

Om: I’m philosopher leave about me..?.

First see girl than think about other things they both went downstairs leave kunj alone kunj rest his both hands palms on his chin and thinking about everything. His dadu decision always best and most his dadi is happy with this. He closed his eyes. And twinkle come and immediately open it too..

Kunj:this twinkle huhu why her face come. He takes his clothes and went in washroom.

Even twinkle and Mahi come from collage both change Their clothe twinkle and Leela talking about her alliance.

Twinkle: MAA many times I told everyone stops thinking about my marriage.

Leela: what is this twinkle puttar.Your dadu is just thinking your marriage since you born.Twinkle make sad face.he finds world best boy for you.neither you find boy for yourself now let us.and see his photos give him final decision.twinkle get up in anger and went balcony roaming here and there. What she’ll do it.. Mahi come and call for dinner.She went with her. All come and sit for dinner..

After freshen up kunj come out and see the envelope and see with anger eyes he

Kunj: what I’ll do after see her face hogi koi. But better than that siyappa Queen.

went downstairs without see the photo.

He took his seat beside om. And started having his food.

Twinkle looking at Hansh and thinking about Leela words.

Twinkle: murmured I’ll say yes I know my dadu find best best husband for me.. at least us sadu jesha nahiis hoga.,

Hansh: what you decide Twinkle??

Twinkle become Numb for sometimes later in anger come emotions.

Twinkle: I’m ready dadu.,all get happy while Kabir and Mahi hooting.

Hansh:are you sure twinkle after you can’t say no..

Twinkle: yes dadu I’m sure 100%.

All questions running in kunj mind. He never get confused like this before for anything.

Prithviraj: so kunj..

Kunj:I’m ready dadu.. all look at him surprisingly..

Lata: what???

Kunj: yes dadi I’m ready for marriage.

Manohar: good kunj..

Prithvidaj: don’t take any decision in force tell me frankly.

Kunj: no dadu I’m happy. He smiled slightly.

Rudra: uff shadi ??. Anjali and Rudra started dancing.. Kunj see them.

Kunj: if they happy with this what else I wanted.( both took decision in hustle bustle)???.. unaware..

Om: left something for his wedding day today only you both dance fully.

Lara: yes. She kissed on kunj forehead.

Prithviraj and lata hug kunj tightly.

Rudra: Issi baat pe ek shair yaad aya hai

All keep their hands on their forehead like Gaya???

sunlo..”Jb tak ho single dunya badal lo..jb tak ho single dunya badal lo..sun meray bhai tv ka channel bhi change nahi krpaoge agar hogayi sagai” he said while looking at Kunj, all laughing loudly. Kunj slightly give him slap. He cuddles him. Finally bhabhi bhaiya ??..

Even same happening with twinkle too all teased her but she doesn’t know anything.

Kabir: finally miss beauty get ready for her vivha ??.

Twinkle: don’t fly first I’ll enjoy your wedding than even my studies too left till now so not soon. It just dadu find boy for me.

Scene freezes on kunj and twinkle face together.,


So different thinking., let’s see what’ll happened. Without seeing each other’s photos said yes ????what their reaction will come after see each other’s,

Next Sarna and Taneja family going to meet with each other’s.,


How was the episode???

Hope you all like it.

I’m not well still write for you all,,

Eid Mubarak to you all..????..

No proof reading ????..

bye love you all

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    love you

  15. Superb fantastic awesome amazing mindblowing episode sweetheart
    Bechare twinj ek dusre ki pic. Dekhe bina hi haan kr diya aur jab dekhege to reaction hoga becharo ka
    Plzzzzzzzzzzz post soon dear
    Luvvvvvvvv u sweetheart ??????

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