First scene.. 

Everyone had finished their dinner while after bua dadi Such a taunts made twinkle mood off.but she didn’t show up this everyone sits in living room while twinkle cleaning all things along with servants telling them their work it so difficult for her to do all work in this heavy and traditional look firstly this veil on head. 

Twinkle:I did all work.. 

Servant:bhabhi dessert.

Twinkle:haa bring that kheer which I made it.. servant bring kheer bowl and give to twinkle she pour in cups for everyone she made sugar free kheer for Kunj because he love lot more he love little chilled kheer so she keep in refrigerator for him she take the tray and went towards in living room everyone sitting their expect only elders while siblings and all’s were at their favourite spot poolside. 

Prithviraj:lo didi my bahu come.Twinkle give them kheer. 

Bua dadi:waha bahu kheer my favourite.She smiled twinkle give them than she moved towards poolside. Everyone look at them she is in full hustle. 

Rudra: what you bring now. Twinkle keep tray on table. 

Twinkle:please take I’m going I have work.She walking in hustle she about to falls down due to her saree but she Managed and went from there. They all take kheer. 

Rahul:Kunj kheer. 

Kunj:no you have please. 

Rudra: uff this bua dadi is so annoying. 

Anjali: haa she said so much to twinkle and give her so many works. 

Kunj: means ?? Di.. 

Anjali:you know what. She give her full day list to twinkle wake up at 4 than she have to cook food for her after take bath evertime this and that all get shocked how she will do this all alone. 

Kunj: what how she will do this all alone she isn’t used too. 

Avni: yeah. 

Anjali:haa Kunj even dadu too said is it necessary but she said yes she wanted everything done by for her twinkle. 

Omkara:that baby topic is so baseless. It’s their choice when they wanted they will have. 

Soumya:Leave om bro she is old minded that’s why. Kunj listen this all get muffled with himself only because he thought so much about her without even listening her once.. 

Twinkle was in bua dadi room she setting everything as per her demands bua dadi come there she lay down. 

Twinkle:bua dadi tell me if you need anything. 

Bua dadi: nahi bahu bas mere pair daba de. 

Twinkle: kyu nahi.She sit beside bua dadi and started pressing her legs she closing her eyes while Kunj finding twinkle everywhere he about to passing from bua dadi room his eyes falls down twinkle he stop and see twinkle how nicely and respectfully she fulfilled her all duties he smiled but as the same feels bad he went from there.after bua dadi sleep twinkle off the lights and went in kitchen she fills water jug and take kheer for Kunj she went in her room twinkle place on side table and she started removing her all jewelleries just than Kunj entered in room he saw twinkle and closed the door twinkle see him through mirror.Kunj sit in side couch. She take off her all bangles and went towards wardrobe take out their night dress. 

Twinkle:Kunj Changed your night dress.

She takes her and went in washroom she get freshen up and come out. While Kunj take his nightdress and he too get freshen up.Twinkle setting alarm in clock ⏰ . Kunj come and sit beside his bed of side. Twinkle take the water glass she drink and take a deep breath Kunj can see she is so tired.. twinkle take the kheer cup in her hands and moved towards Kunj and forwards him while he get confused?

Kunj: what?? 

Twinkle: kheer for you.

Kunj: no I don’t want.. 

Twinkle:Arey Baba get up he sit and look at her she went near him and take the spoon of kheer and take near his lips. I made for you specially today sugar free and I know you love cold so that’s why I didn’t give you that mind. 

He smiled he open his mouth happily he eat the kheer than he made her have too. 

Kunj:very tasty. 

Twinkle:acha have if.she feed him fully. 

Kunj:acha suna sorry.for today. 

Twinkle:haa I didn’t like you itself assume everything and didn’t let me finished I didn’t see your message Kunj and you know na I didn’t get time to sit for a second after bua dadi I get busy in work. 

Kunj:haa I know sorry for that.really I get muffed with you he held his ears and make puppy faces twinkle smiled and take his hands in his hands. 

Twinkle: it’s okay. 

Kunj: acha I know you felt bad Na whatever bua dadi said on baby. Twinkle look at him Kunj hold her hands tightly. 

Twinkle:hmm little bit when she said for figure I m not having baby.. if you think this??

Kunj:no at all twinkle who told you this. 

I never think about this twinkle specially for you.And even I felt bad when she said but for me matter most when my family will say like this about us. 

Twinkle:same Kunj she is just for sometimes and dadi and dadi give her so much respect and she is little old minded it’s fine for me. Now thinking about baby??

Kunj:Arey who wants haa our life just has started I don’t want any disturbance happened between us let’s enjoy life think about baby later haa. She stay in village so she think like this only na. Our life just started wanted to enjoy very bit of it with you my lady love pulled her cheeks.When right time will come everything happened itself.Let anyone talk just you and me know what we wanted and my family as well. 

Twinkle:thanks for Kunj she hugged him. 

Kunj: why you saying thanks I should you did so much for us by the way you giving me shocked haa she raise her face and look at him. 

twinkle: mean??😛

Kunj:this traditional bahu waha.

Twinkle: Kya karu ab apne pati ki izzat kam nahi kar wa Shakti na Kunj. I become your wife I’ll do all that duties which comes in my hands never let your head down because of me and even didn’t let my in laws as well. Kunj get so happy to hear this all’s from twinkle mouth.

Kunj:tujhe pata hai me tere se kitna pyaar karta hu.. 😛😛.

Twinkle:I know even I love you lot.joint their heads.Acha now let’s sleep I have to wake up early morning. 

Kunj: huhu this bua dadi just behind my biwi.

Twinkle:koi na. Both lay down on Kunj chest Kunj caressing her hairs she feels so good.After being tired day.Within no time twinkle and Kunj sleep. 

#At 4 clock alarm clock ringing continuously.Twinkle wake up with jerk she get up and sits she feeling so sleepy she see time and get shocked if she didn’t wake up on time then she will get late twinkle off Alarm and see Kunj who sleeping peacefully.She kissed on his forehead and covered him with blanket and went in washroom.She take bath quickly than she come out of the washroom in bath robe she open the wardrobe started thinking what she should wear than something click. 

Twinkle:I have to wear this heavy sarees till bua dadi is here. She take out saree and wear quickly went towards dressing table fully get ready in traditional way bindi and long sindoor jewelleries and she take out bangles which Prithviraj and Lata give her their pushtaini bangles to her she combined with others handles and wear full hand Chuda.This palu omg.She somehow she 

Tucked the palu on her head perfectly. She see the time she went downstairs firstly she clean mandir for bua dadi. Just than bua dadi come and see twinkle she done everything before her too twinkle see her she went near her take her blessing and wish her good morning..

Bua dadi:good morning. Acha lets sit and you should read path for me. 

Twinkle:haa kyu nahi.They both sits twinkle bring Holi book.She read path for bua dadi while she listened even chanting her chant beats.twinkle finished path than after bua dadi sits twinkle went in kitchen firstly she clean kitchen than she made tulsi tea for bua dadi and went towards her give her tea she drink and appreciate her lot. 

Bua dadi: this all didn’t wake up till now haa. 

Twinkle: haa bua dadi everyone wake up at 8 and 9 till. 

Bua dadi:you people just make your life hell we should wake up early.Good bahu you don’t like them. Acha I’ll do rest than we will do morning Pooja till Than you do one think my all clothes wash in pure water. 

Twinkle: haa kyu nahi you give me I’ll do it. 

Bua dadi: I kept in my room you take from there only.Twinkle went in her room find her clothes she take and come and see bua dadi sleep on couch on in sitting position. She smiled. 

Twinkle: she is just little bitter not bad. She smiled and covered her with small duvet than she went in Laundry 🧺 room she wash her clothes with her hands than she take all clothes and dry in garden now it’s 7 at morning Lata and Prithviraj wake up twinkle brings fresh flowers from garden.Lata and Prithviraj come in living room she bua dadi. 

Lata: di wake up. 

Prithviraj: I told you know tell Usha and Avantika. 

Lata: they must be sleeping just than twinkle come there and see them. 

Twinkle:finally you wake up dadu and dadi.She went near them touch their feet’s. 

Lata: you wake up beta??

Twinkle: kab ki dadi you both sits I’ll bring tea for you bua dadi just sleep after her path. 

Prithviraj: you wake up and done with her path haa. 

Twinkle:with smile haa dadu I wake up at 4. You both sits I’ll come back she went in kitchen.Lata and Prithviraj sits and get amazed to see twinkle she make the surprised fully. 

Lata: humhari Kunj ki biwi best hai. 

Prithviraj:you know I never surprised in my life as much just at two times when tej select Avantika for our family when she entered in our house she don’t know anything but how beautifully she managed everything stole everyone hearts that passion I saw in twinkle as well. I find so lucky to get bua like Avantika she connected all family in one knotted even I want same like for my Kunj our elder grand son bahu too become example for our legacy..

Lata:haa ji.. she is best.. twinkle come with their tea she severed them meantime bua dadi too wake up. 

Bua dadi:you both wake up.Twinkle give her too tea. 

Twinkle: acha bua dadi you tell me what you have in breakfast I’ll make it. 

Bua dadi:I told you nuh already you can see itself okay after Pooja I take my medicine than want my breakfast on time no time went above. 

Twinkle:haa sure. Twinkle run in kitchen she take out all veggies she started cutting all veggies she knows her family wanted eggs and others things she make for them their things while for bua dadi hers. I’ll take one tea she pour tea for herself in cup she taking sip of tea she had headache now.With one hand she stirring breakfast. Just than Usha and Avantika entered in kitchen they see twinkle and get shocked she fully busy in kitchen. 

Avantika: what is this beta. Twinkle see them. 

Twinkle:good morning.. 

Usha: so many things in breakfast. 

Twinkle:haa bua dadi wants everything perfectly. Mummy ji and Choti Maa I made papa ji and chote papa tea I kept here you give them I’ll wake up Kunj he take much time. Again bua dadi.. 

Avantika: calm down beta you go I’ll see this. 

Twinkle:no I’ll do now you just do rest you both do enough now it’s my time if I’ll not do how I’ll learn.Usha and Avantika smiled and get so happy and find themselves so lucky to got bahu like her.She didn’t doing this all with heavy heart but with a smiled. Twinkle make tea for Kunj she went for her room. While Usha and Avantika take their husbands tea. 

Twinkle entered in room she keep coffee mug in side table. She went near bed and started pulling blanket Kunj Baba wake up you’ll get late for your office wake up but Kunj was in deep sleep. 

Twinkle sit beside him and caressing his hairs wake up in sweet voice.Kunj open his one eyes and see twinkle. 

Kunj: Kya hai. 

Twinkle: baby wake up office nahi Jana hai Kya. Kunj rest his head on her lap.

Kunj:hmm nope mann hai nahi. 

Twinkle:papa ji will scold you get up my lovely husband. She make him get up. Kunj get up and sits there only. 

Kunj:Kya twinkle yaar.she handover him his towel send him In Washroom.Kunj went in washroom twinkle take out his all things she knows him she ready his all things on table and take out his clothes.Kunj come out of the washroom she give him his clothes Kunj wear it. Twinkle closing his shirt buttons while kunj admiring his wifey who looking so beautiful in this traditional attire as well. Looking beautiful didn’t you get tired with this heavy things haa. Twinkle look at him. 

Twinkle:nope I know my husband love to see me dressed up fully after all I get ready for him only I know what to do due to bua dadi I have to get ready Like this all. Now you drink your coffee I ready you all things I’m going I have too look for breakfast. 

Kunj: acha wait na. Ek kiss toh deti ja. 

Twinkle: no kiss and all’s get it come down my baby pulled his cheeks and went downstairs while Kunj ruffles his hairs he sits and drink his coffee than take his office bag and went downstairs. 

Each and everyone come even Rudra and Aayat as well who is still sleepy. They all went towards mandir twinkle she take Aarti tali others stand and folds Their hands twinkle started bhajan all closed their eyes and lost in her melodies voice. She finished pooja with a smile and turned give everyone Aarti and parshad but her two little devar and lil nanad waiting for parshad she knew they wanted too.Twinkle give them and kissed on their cheeks than they all moved towards dinning table.Firstly twinkle bring bua dadi breakfast she served her she started while Rudra and all’s making face to see breakfast twinkle smiled than she bring their breakfast she served them they all get happy.Twinkle standing and watching them. 

Prithviraj: twinkle puttar you too sit.

Twinkle: I’m fine. 

Tej:sit she sit beside tej. Tej feed her with his hands all smiled to see this

More Kunj twinkle get so happy she had tears her eyes happy once.. 

Bua dadi: hoo tej itna pyaar nuh pe.

Tej: keshe nahi bua ji after all my bahu is best she isn’t my bahu she is my daughter who going to stay with me for life time now she is only aan baan shaan 

Of my family.  

Bua dadi: you too becoming like Prithviraj waha.They all smiled and get surprised to see tej while Kunj gestured waha Kya Baath hai she pass smile to him.

Rudra: bhabhi best breakfast I mean wow. 

Tej:haa now go and get ready for college. 

Rudra:haa pa😛😛bhabhi give me some paratha for college as well. 

Twinkle:haa I’ll.They all finished their breakfast.Twinkle went in kitchen and packing Aayat and Rudra lunch box. Just than Kunj entered in kitchen he see twinkle. 

Kunj: acha listen I’m going take care of yourself. 

Twinkle: haa you too. Kunj look at her she went near him and pulled his tie and fixed his collar Kunj kissed on her forehead now this his daily routine without give her kiss on her forehead he never leave for office even twinkle too. 

Okay bye. 

Kunj:haa Kunj left.Twinkle take Aayat and Rudra lunch box she give them they all left for their office,college and clinic or art gallery .Bua dadi and Prithviraj along with Lata they went to guru ji aashram. 

Twinkle send servants to bring fresh veggies and all’s she clean kitchen and went in her room she see the condition and hold her head she get busy in her room she clean whole room just than Anjali entered in room along with shakshi they went inside the room twinkle see them.

Twinkle: Arey aap Dono come.They sits while twinkle bring out Kunj clothes to fold them. She sits beside them too.

Shakshi:Arey twinkle sits down you doing work and work just. 

Twinkle:what to do now bua dadi isn’t at home so I have to finished Kunj work as well he isn’t less than baby.Wanted everything on time and perfectly as well they both smiled. She folding Kunj clothes. 

Anjali:aur shakshi bhabhi how’s everything in your life. 

Shakshi: absolutely fine just little bit due to Maa ji nothing else my husband is very much understanding and loving as well twinkle and Anjali get happy for her.

Anjali:haa I saw Akshay bhai.. bua dadi is toh like this only. Her clock always stuck on baby..😝.

Shakshi: damn true Anjali even she telling me this all Arey Shadi ko 2 saal hogye hai koi khushkhabari hi nahi hai. 

But me and my husband knows what to Do firstly we wanted to settled down perfectly so we can give time to our baby. 


Shakshi:aur aapka Kya twinkle and Kunj ki toh Shadi Abhi hi hui hai.. 😛😛

Anjali:haa but we didn’t planned anything just going with flow. 

Twinkle: haa di even I’m thinking this only.

Shakshi: you felt bad na whatever mummy ji said.. don’t take her words on heart she is like this only. 

Twinkle:haa I know that’s why.Even Kunj too thinking same just now our life started whatever Babaji decided for us always for our goods.. 

Anjali:it’s so good na our partners are so understanding..🥰🥰.They trio get busy in chit and chat.

Kunj get busy in his phone one side his heart wanted to call his wifey and hear her voice but he knows she must be around everyone’s.everyone went for lunch time while Rohan and Rahul Oder something for them till Than Kunj went in his cabin and think let’s do a call to twinkle at least.. 

Anjali and shakshi went outside to shop something for shakshi. Twinkle get call from Prithviraj they will had lunch at aasharm no need to make anything. While Usha and Avantika didn’t disturb twinkle they make lunch both them.. 

Twinkle was doing her work in their room just than her phone ring she take the phone after see Caller Id she get so happy. She went towards dressing table making her hairs. She pick up the call. 

Twinkle: hello??

Kunj: hello ki bachi mila time apne pati Dev ke liya haa. She chucked.. 

Twinkle: haa just get free so doing my pati Dev ji work afterwards he didn’t scold at me. Acha lunch kiya.. 

Kunj:first you tell me did you have anything. 

Twinkle: I’m just going to have.. 

Kunj: what are you doing I’m missing you yAar twinkle. 

Twinkle:do your work.She clicked her photos and send him.Acha Kunj have your lunch and don’t forget to drink your  

Water..I specially send for you it will helps you in this dehydration problem. 

Kunj: haa meri Maa I’ll take care of myself but you should too my wifey if anything happened to her my moon shine become dull than see what I’ll do..😛.

Twinkle:haa okay bye love you. Kissed on phone. Muhha.. 

Kunj:I love you too.Both ends the call. 

Rohan and Rahul entered in cabin with food they both served everything on plate. 

Rohan:come Kunj.He went towards them they trio sits.And started having food Rohan notice something on Kunj face. Kya hua???

Kunj:nothing yaar just little tired.. 

Rohan:kyu something happened between you and twinkle.. 

Kunj:nope nothing everything is awesome between us just my dadi cousin sister come na bua dadi she just behind my wife and didn’t let her sits in peace. 


Rahul:Leave Kunj.Yesterday what she said it’s not good. 

Kunj:haa twinkle felt bad about baby topic she never said like this infect how beautifully she fulfilled her all duties of as a bahu.She never wake up for herself at 4 even for me too just for bua dadi she wake up I really feels blessed to have twinkle. 


Rahul: aur Rohan babu what about your wedding. 

Rohan:god knows yaar now just concerned on work if anything happened wrong you all know my father and tej uncle without thinking once shoots me.. Kunj and Rahul laughs out. 

Kunj:you see my pa with twinkle they loved twinkle lot yaar..🤗🤗.. 

Scene shifted to college Rudra get punished by teacher he didn’t complete his notes.so he sitting in sunlight with gloomy face Soumya come there she see him. 

Soumya:aww with his mistakes he get punished today I know he completed his notes just give to his friend.My cry baby isn’t that much bad.She think something she went in canteen and Oder his favourite burger and coca.she take and went to him and sit beside Rudra she started munching French fries 🍟.. 

Soumya: hey cry baby what happened haa today my Rudy lady killer become fuss killer.. rudra look at her. 

Rudra:Leave me alone please sumo.. 

Soumya:acha sorry I’m just kidding I love today what you have done for your friend.My cry baby pulled his cheeks acha have this I know you can’t stay without food. I bring for you she forward tray to him Rudra see her. 

Rudra:you bring this for me haa.She nodded in yes.Rudra take the bite on burger and making faces.He make her have too both enjoying lot.. 

Yuvi sitting in his cabin stuck between his heart and mind.. 

Yuvi:what should I do now I love Avni like anything and I know she too had feelings for me but how I’ll talk about our alliance to mom and dad.if Rahul find boy for her than what I’ll do no no yuvi you can’t let this happen.I’ll do something as soon as possible. 

#sarna mansion.. 

Twinkle and all ladies having their lunch. 

Twinkle:why you both make I’ll make na.

Usha:you do enough work just sit and have your lunch.Avantika feeding twinkle with her hands forcefully.Just than Aayat come back from her school. 

She directly went towards dinning table and see her mommies and bhabhi even Anjali and shakshi too come back meantime.. 

Aayat: mamma I’m too hungry.. 

Avantika:acha come here my doll she went and sits on table Avantika and twinkle feeding Aayat food. 

After sometime later at evening.. 

Whole day went out bua dadi and all’s come back at home.They all sits twinkle see them she take water for them give them. 

Bua dadi: acha bahu ab ek achi si chai mil jati to acha hota.. 

Twinkle:haa bua dadi lati hu me.. 

She struggling with her veil. She went in kitchen and make tea and snacks for everyone even others too come back. Twinkle take everything in living room and served them.They all having tea and snacks Kunj went in his room he having headache he lay down and call Priyanka.

Priyanka:Yes bhaiya??

Kunj:please Send your bhabhi.. 

Priyanka:haa..she went and goes to twinkle.Bhabhi bhaiya aap ko room Me bula rahe hai.. 

Twinkle:acha jati hu.she went in kitchen and make coffee for him and went in room as soon as she entered in room Kunj get up and see them. 

Kunj:finally you come.She went to him. 

Twinkle: take your coffee ☕️ haa Kya hua. Looking low.. 

Kunj:na I’m fine.She give him his coffee. 

Acha sit with me.. 

Twinkle:haa beti hu I ready your all things..Kunj finished his coffee and look at twinkle he went closer to her. 

Kunj: Me Kya socha raha ta😛😛. 

Twinkle:kuch karne Ka socha na bhi mat samje Kunj she push him slightly I have to make dinner. I’ll take bath okay. She went in washroom and take bath quickly she come back in room and started drying her hairs Kunj closed the door and give her backhugged and started kissing on her neck she smiled to him.

Shameless can’t stay without me.. 

Kunj:na I can’t stay without you my lovely wifey..he turned her and rest his hands on her bare waist.After see you like I can’t control on myself.He kissed on her chin and give peck on her lips. 

Tucked her hairs behind her ears and kissing on her neck passionately twinkle closed her eyes to feels Kunj touch.. 

Twinkle:Kunj please stop just now I take bath you will make me take again.Kunj look at her.

Kunj: if you take bath so many times twinkle haa you will get ill this not necessarily to take bath everytimes.. 

Twinkle:what to do bua dadi made some rules.acha my lovely husband you go and get freshen up I’ll go and make dinner. 

Kunj:very bad huhu.She get ready fully and went downstairs she goes in kitchen and started preparing for dinner.Kunj get freshen up and went down afterwards.

Aayat was doing masti bua dadi scold her badly she started crying and went towards tej and tell him about bua dadi. 

Aayat:pa that new dadi scold me 😭😭. 

Tej:acha come to me my princess.She went towards tej and he console her. Everywhere just silence.They all siblings get bored than they all went to Anjali room and sits there only.Aayat still crying tej get call he get busy in work Aayat started teasing Avantika she lifts him and doing bua dadi work.. 

Avantika: baby sits na. 

Aayat: no mamma😭😭. 

Avantika: where is everyone haa come with me she take Aayat in Anjali and Rahul room there they all siblings were sitting she entered in room. Aayat sobbing baldy. You all sitting here haa can’t you handle Aayat Kunj and Priyanka haa. 

Kunj:what happened to her why she crying.She went near them. 

Avantika:take her I’m busy in work okay. 

Avantika give Aayat to Kunj and I’ll send her milk and Kunj please make her complete her school work okay. In bua ji didn’t get time uff she said and went from there Kunj see Aayat face she is fully red. 

Kunj: aww my little dove is crying why??

Aayat: in puppy voice bua dadi scold me without any reasons bhaiya. 

Kunj:hoo leave it he cuddles her tightly and wiped her face.Kissed on her forehead Avantika send Aayat milk shake with servant she give to Kunj. Kunj make her drink she finished than Priyanka bring her school bag. Happily she finished her work. 

Avni:where is this twinkle yaar.. 

Anjali:busy in kitchen since bua dadi ji come back.. after sometimes later twinkle over with cooking she went to bua dadi. 

Twinkle: aur kuch bua dadi.. 

Bua dadi: haa my clothes which I give you na.. 

Twinkle: haa I’ll bring.. she went in garden started collecting dried clothes. Just than there Kunj come and see twinkle he give her backhugged she smiled. Kya hai. 

Kunj:kuch nahi Kitna kaam karegi. 

Twinkle:Kunj just for some days.she collected all clothes.I’ll iron them okay. Before she listen Kunj she went from there. Kunj get frustrated now she don’t have a min for him.. twinkle went in room and ironing bua dadi all clothes slightly she burned her finger she screamed Kunj entered in room. And see twinkle he rushed towards her. 

Kunj:Kya Hua haa😯Kunj take her finger in his hands and see what she had done. Can’t you do your work properly haa always hurt yourself leave this all things we have servants for this and he throw clothes in side and had tears in his eyes to see twinkle condition. 

Kunj blow air on her finger and take in his mouth he started sucking her finger. Twinkle smiled to see care about her. 

Twinkle:I’m all okay you reacting so much haa. 

Kunj:Kya reacting haa tu pagal hai I’ll talk to dadu I can’t see you like this haa ek baar apni haalt toh dekh me nahi dekh shakta tujhe. 

Twinkle:no you’ll not say anything get it I’m doing this all with my own will.look at me I’m fine absolutely.Twinkle hugged him.And rest her head on his chest for something than they both sits in each other embrace.Twinkle raise her face and can see how much Kunj worried about her. She cupped his chin and closed her lips with his.Kunj didn’t get time to think once.Twinkle started kissing him slowly he responded her with the same passion both started kissing each other’s.Kunj turned on after he started moving his hands on her back he lifts twinkle and place her on bed come upon her twinkle were eyes closed.Kunj unpinned her saree palu and kissing on her tummy and collarbone room door was closed.he again sealed her lips with his and both making the kiss wildly. Kunj going further twinkle come in sense. 

Twinkle:kunjjj nahi.. 

Kunj: what. 

Twinkle:na we can’t do this. I’m too idiot.She get up and composed herself. Covered her head with palu..

Kunj:I’m done now twinkle yaar.She didn’t said anything went downstairs even Kunj run behind her.after sometimes later everyone sit for dinner. 

Like a nice daughter in law twinkle served everyone they all get

mesmerising to see her cooking skills she itself made all food alone.. 

Bua dadi: aur Usha ab kab apne Omkara ki Shadi Ka Socha hai haa.. 

Usha: Daddy ji knows. 

Prithviraj:hmm didi I just wanted bahu like my twinkle ab she is one piece which we get for our Kunj let’s see I just hurry about Kunj wedding now I’m fine. 

Ab toh Shadi hi Shadi hai ghar me Omkara too and more our Avni she too completed her studies now..

Bua dadi: haa good.Haath pile kardo ab inke.. 

Tej:let right time comes bua ji. Avni ki Shadi toh me apni puri dil se karuga. After meri Beti ki shadi hai.. Avni smiled others smirked just than yuvi come there. 

Yuvi:Hi nani and nanu..🤗🤗.. 

Prithviraj: come have dinner. 

Yuvi:yeah I’m very much hungry. He take sit beside Rudra.Anjali served him.

They all finished their dinner while twinkle just playing with food.After dinner they all moved towards living room.Twinkle bring something sweet for them which Avantika made for them. 

Twinkle struggles with her palu she again and again adjusting. 

Yuvi:hayee meri miss Amritsar what is this abala naari 😝😝. Kunj gesturing twinkle to sit beside him but she deny him bua dadi was here only. 

Bua dadi: I’m toh going to sleep. All get relief she went from there. Twinkle about to get up. 

Avantika:now you just sit you did enough work servant will see okay. 


Usha:bol diya na.elders went from there.Twinkle sit beside Kunj he hold her hands in his. 

Soumya: aaj toh yuvi bro bua dadi started planning for Avni shadi😝😝. As soon as yuvi heard this he chocked and started coughing badly😛😛.. 

Yuvi:what Shadi..😛😏😫.

Rahul:haa Shadi toh karni hi hai. 

Twinkle: ahem ahem did you see someone for our Avni haa😛😛. 

Rahul:nope bade papa and badi Maa will see its their decision. 

Rudra: what if Avni di didn’t like than. 

Avni:aisa kabhi nahi hoga.. whatever they will decided for me I’ll do that only after all they are my Maa and papa.. 

Rahul:yes never ever went above their wills.Yuvi and Avni look at each other’s while now yuvi get more tensed.. 

Yuvi: in heart mere toh lag gaye I mean kaha avni aur me Maamu will never get ready for our alliance 😫mummy.. acha I’m going bye guy and palu wali Twinkie..

Twinkle:shut up you bandar haa.. this all because of bua dadi.

Yuvi: baby your Purab and Natasha come back from honeymoon. 

Twinkle:what I’ll do. Yuvi pulled her hairs and run from there.Kunj look at her he removed the palu Kya hai Kunj. 

Kunj:now here isn’t bua dadi so leave this.They all sit twinkle rest her head on Kunj Arms. They all chitchat with each other’s don’t know when twinkle sleep there only Kunj see her. 

Rudra: Arey bhabhi.. 

Kunj: shhhh. 

Anjali: you take him in room whole day she just busy pagal.Kunj lift her in his arms and take her in their room Kunj place her on bed and come beside her he too sleep while suddenly twinkle started feeling cold.. 

Twinkle:kunjj please off the ac na I feel cold. 

Kunj: Acha Kunj off the ac and see twinkle she had little fever twinkle you have fever man. 

Twinkle: just normally Kunj leave na. 

Kunj:Kya normally get up he get up and bring medicines for her he give her medicines with his hands she take. She rest her head on Kunj lap he caressing her hairs soon twinkle sleep. Kunj kissed on her forehead he too sleep beside her. 

Like this 1 week passed away fully Twinkle was fully busy in work she didn’t get time for herself and Kunj as well. 

Today is sunday# 

Twinkle wake up usually she get ready and make breakfast after sometimes later everyone wake up and come for breakfast today twinkle made so many things in breakfast. They all sit for breakfast Kunj little sad his wifey fully busy. 

Prithviraj:waha Kya smell Aarahi hai.. 

Bua dadi: haa I’ll miss each and everything. 

Rudra: why??

Bua dadi: today I’m going back as soon as everyone listened this their happiness has no boundaries 😛😛. 

Kunj:uff finally I’ll get my Sunday with my twinkle she going back.Kunj having aaloo paratha he gestured twinkle paratha is awesome and winked at her she blushed and gestures him shut up. 

They finished the breakfast bua dadi went in her room to check her all things while Lata and Prithviraj bring gifts which they giving bua dadi. 

Twinkle packing bua dadi lunch for train. Kunj went in kitchen and see twinkle. 

Kunj:finally you will get peace. 

Twinkle: hmm. Just than bua dadi come there and see Kunj and twinkle. 

Bua dadi:Arey Tum kitchen Kya kar rahe ho. Acha bahu I bring this for you twinkle forwards her hands she give him krishan murti little one. Take this with you Babaji will keep his blessings on you I really loved to see you. You best daughter in law. And haa next Me mujhe badi dadi bana dena😛😛. Twinkle and Kunj blushed. 

Kunj: hmm.. kunj give her side hug than twinkle packed her lunch box they all went to in living room. Bua dadi and Shakshi all went to go back. Everyone take bua dadi blessing. 

Lata: hope didi ji you love to come here. 

Prithviraj:haa didi if anything is lacking. 

Bua dadi: nahi Prithviraj nothing is like this I love come to here which love and respect I get from here firstly your daughters in laws now your Kunj nuh is too best.You are very lucky to get bahu like her.Acha ab me Chalti hu meri train ka time hogaya hai. They all bid bye to her lastly. She left. Just than twinkle feels dizzy everything become blurred in front of her eyes she about to falls down while Kunj catch her on time. 

Kunj: twinkleeee.. all get shocked to see twinkle she get unconscious in Kunj arms.

Rudra: bhabhi.. 

Kunj: I knew this will happen this girl can’t take about herself just work and work huhu. All see Kunj. 

Usha: Kya hua. 

Kunj: she had fever from yesterday but she didn’t listen to me at all Maa. Kunj lift her in his arms and take her in their room while Omkara call doctor all get tensed about twinkle.Soon doctor come and examined twinkle and give her injection. Kunj was hell worried about twinkle which everyone can see this.. 

I told her not to do work. She wasn’t feeling well even had fever at night but still she prepared all those things in this bad weather she take baths many times. She never listen to me now see her. Everyone was impressed by this care of Kunj for his wife specially tej who smiling. Doctor come she checked twinkle. How’s my wife doctor??

Dr: yes mr Sarna her bp is low, she is having higher fever and she fainted because of weakness I think she didn’t having her meal properly that’s why. Kunj was shocked even others well. I give her injection take care of her okay. Omkara leave her till door they all went inside and see twinkle laying down bed she really become weak just in a week. 

Avantika: how’s you feeling now haa who did this twinkle beta didn’t even let us knew about your fever haa. 

Twinkle:in low voice no mummy ji I’m fine just normal fear.. don’t worry. 

Tej: aap bhi na twinkle beta fully went on your mother in law Avantika even she is too likes you. 

Twinkle: she chuckled after all bahu kesh ki hu😝😛😛. All giggles. 

.they all thought for their respect she ignore her health..she proved as a good daughter in law But in the mean time she neglects her heath.doctor give her injection & prescribe some medicines


Due to injection twinkle doze off one one disturb her she slept they all went out of the room. Kunj just thinking about her he went in kitchen make something for her healthy he went in room and mean time twinkle too wake up Kunj give her look she knew this. She chuckled and called him. 

Twinkle: come to me na he went near her and sit beside twinkle. Why you caring this sadu face my sadu.. 

Kunj: I didn’t like this whatever you did with yourself haa twinkle if something happened to you than. 

Twinkle: you behaving like babies Kunj I’m absolutely fine just Normal fever now I’m all okay.. 

Kunj: pata hai kitni all okay hai tu.. 

now. meri baat bhi sun liya kr kbhi…

twinkle: bimar hu na ..bimari me bhi koi danta h kya..🙁😛😛. Kunj melted by her cute faces. 

Kunj:bas your drama end now drink this soup you’ll feel good.. 

Twinkle: haa. Kunj feed her soup she happily drinking soup she feels so good after Kunj give her medicines. 

Kunj: no don’t dare to do any work I’ll kills you. 

Twinkle: Than from where you will get baby😝😝. Kunj smirked. 

Kunj:acha ji baby.. I don’t mind baby you think about your this baby kissed on her forehead. 

Twinkle: now I get bored Kunj let’s do something haa let’s go Maa house I didn’t talk to them. 

Kunj:acha you rascal siyappa queen didn’t care about your husband haa even you didn’t talk to me just work and work excuses bua dadi this and that now she leave I get peace. And now I will not let you go Taneja Mansion before love you stay here I don’t mind as well now you forget baby😛😛. 

Twinkle:huhu😏😏. He kissed on her forehead. 

Kunj: ache where you wanna go. 

Twinkle: you know woh new romantic movie lagi hai na let’s go na. 

Kunj: movie woh bhi romantic why you wasted your time on movie hum romantic hoshakte hai I don’t mind what’s say😝😝.

Twinkle: very lame 😒. Let’s go na. 

Kunj:acha Chal you do rest I’ll see tickets and asked others as well. Kunj went to Rahul. Acha Rahul me and twinkle wanted to go for movie before he speak more all started hooting:

Rudra: even I’ll too go. 

Avni: same.. 

Kunj:haa calm down.We all going so I booked our tickets and om messages Kabir and and all’s as well we will have dinner out only. 

Rahul:cool idea haa.. 

They all planned everything others get happy. Kunj went to his parents room to take permission Avantika and tej was sitting. Kunj entered in room and stand in side. 


Kunj: woh mummy and pa we all decided to go for out for movie and dinner so I wanna take your permission if you okay pa he said and bow down his head. Avantika and tej look at each other’s. 

Tej:why you need our permission my son is enough to take his siblings out. Still happy my Kunj at least asked us.. you can go but haa take care of twinkle beta .

Kunj: she wanna go that’s why I taking her .

Avantika: good see tej my son😛😛. Thinking about his wife so much. Kunj blushed. 

Kunj: I’m going thanks.. he said and went from there while tej and Avantika laughs out. 

Tej:what did you think about twinkle and Kunj haa Avantika. Bua ji bhi na. 

Avantika: haa That baby leave now toh how beautifully I daughter in law treat her tej she didn’t said uff I really happy our Kunj got best life partner. 

Tej: now everything is fine between them I hope so. 

Avantika:haa tej now you both spending time together don’t worry 😉 I’m sure everything is fine between them.Rahi baat baby ko till when they didn’t understand each other there is no use of it.. 

Tej: true Avantika just wanted Kunj stay happy in his life bolta bhi toh nahi kuch. 

Avantika:twinkle is here for him you leave this 

After sometimes later they all siblings get ready twinkle come down.

Lata: take care of my bahu Kunj.. 

Kunj: haa dadi. 

Tej: enjoy fully okay.they all smiled and left for hotel soon they reached hotel. Others too come Omkara and Mahi share a eye lock both blushed inside their hearts while Rohan see Priyanka his heart beat started increasing Kunj and twinkle sit together holding each other hands under table. 

Kabir: haye jija didn’t you care about my sister haa. 

Kunj:hehe tell this to your sister she itself didn’t care about herself. 

Rohan:abey Malika how much time you’ll take now your elephant didn’t coming out😝😝.. 

Malika:shut Kamine just 6 months passed way 3 mores too go. 

Twinkle:wow than I’ll become bua😛can’t take for baby.. Anjali smirked. 

Anjali: twinkle think about me also 😝😝. Make me too bua soon😝😝. Twinkle and Kunj look at each other’s and blushed. 

Twinkle: firstly you di😛😛😝. 

Rahul:hehe you bit shut up.they Oder food yuvi and Avni talking to each other’s through their eyesight. Soon their food come twinkle hands shivering. 

Kunj: may I Kunj started feeding her with his hands all teased them.They both just smiling on their comments.. 

Kabir: I think I’ll too become maamu soon 😝😝. 

Twinkle: bhaiii😞😞😞. 

Omkara: Arey twinkle why you get so irritates with this. Even we are too wanted this only😝😝. 

Kunj: acha omkara why not you do this firstly😝😝.

Rudra: ladki kaha hai Rahul and Malika gesture on Mahi Omkara chocks out. They all laughs like anything just than there drash come he saw Kunj and Rahul and went towards them. 

Drash:Arey Kunj and Rahul you both here. They both see drash their smile disappears. 

Rahul:hmm. Anjali and Omkara pass smile to him.

Drash: you guys continue. He went from there. 

Rohan: uff this cartoon here too. 

Malika: still you guys didn’t like him. 

Twinkle: who he is??

Kunj:kyu what you wanted to do. 

Twinkle: why you getting hyper. 

Rahul: Kunj and twinkle dinner.They all finished their dinner after dinner they see their movie time.They all went to movie theatre. They take Their seats all couples sit together while Avni and yuvi take seat beside each other same with Rohan and Priyanka and Mahi or Omkara. They all settled down Kunj and twinkle holding each other’s hands Kunj making her have popcorn. Soon movie started they all get busy while Kunj just busy admiring his wife more than movie😛😛. 

Twinkle: see movie hehe. Kunj side her hairs started kissing on her neck. Kunj what are you doing her haa. If anyone see us. 

Kunj: on one can lights were off baby. 

Twinkle:we come here for movie not romance. 

Kunj:who told you I toh come here for my romance only😛😛😝.. 

Twinkle: movie Dekho samje. Yuvi and Avni look at each other’s whenever any romantic scene comes while Mahi was laughing at funny scenes Omkara admiring just. While a kissing scene come in movie Kunj winked at twinkle she blushed and both share a quick liplock Rahul sitting beside Kunj only. 

Rahul: shameless we are in movie and here you making out😝😝. 

Kunj: you eyes just stuck at me only have some shame Kamine. Both Anjali and twinkle laughs out and both exchange the seats sit with each other Rahul and Kunj gritting their teeth’s. After they all get busy in movie.. 

scene freezes on their smiling faces. 


How was the episode guys??

I know little Boring 😛😛but try my level best. Let’s see what will happen in next. 

And. Leave errors i write in hustle and bustle that’s why.. 🤗🤗🤗🤗. 

Give your views please. 

{ next episode- Kunj get ill.. and tej burst out on Avantika like anything or yuvi tell Anita about Avni.. 😛😛lets see what will happen.. }

Bye love you all 


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