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  Episode 11


After roka function both families and others have good moments all did fun.Twinkle and Kunj just sharing eyes locks. Their destiny knot them in one knot first start of their relationship. Somewhere both of them not happy but not sad they know one day they have to marry anyone apart from each other so if their families happy with them so let’s do it.

Both of them different personalities from each other’s the way kunj taking life he had two thinking think for families from heart and for world from mind. While twinkle thinking from her heart she took everything same. End of the day one and most important thing their thinking matching it’s about their family both can do anything for their families.

At Sarna [email protected]

In whole ride kunj siblings just talking about twinkle due to this kunj ears get tired to listen about just twinkle.

Kunj At room..

Kunj sitting and working in laptop while om and rudra along with Anjali they all were seeing roka function all photos.

Rudra:wow see o our bhabhi she look so gorgeous in front of everyone.

Om:true rudra.. by the way today our big bro too not looking less than his to be wife. ?

Rudra: haa O.. Kunj Listen everything what his brothers gossiping. But didn’t say anything.

Om:by the way I just love the way this two gaze each other’s. Kunj Listen this he raises his face and eyes and look at them they already look at Kunj..

Kunj:if your this lecture is end than sleep.

And you rudra stop paying attention in these things.

Rudra:offo Bhaiya why you are so annoying our bhabhi is so lovely.Kuch bhi bolo Bhaiya you both taunting each other’s about their husband and wife but yeh dono hi nikhal ek Dusre ke.. ??lizard and monkey.. what a Jodi O..

Om:om laughing loudly yup like made for each other’s ????.Kunj get up water went above his nose.

Kunj:wait you both. Since from we come back from her house you people just blabbering bhabhi..

Om: because she is our bhabhi you wanted we call her from some other name.Kunj took pillows he throws at them, and they both get up and run out of kunj room.

Kunj:impossible both of them whole family mad behind this lizard even mummy and Pa too.Kunj recall their roka function moments. He too accept twinkle looking very beautiful but still he denied it.

He closed his laptop and lay down and his head resting on his right hand. He took his phone and see their today function photos which Rudra clicks in his phone.Kunj see twinkle just admire her.

At twinkle room..

twinkle too laying down while Mahi beside her who talking to her bestie mahira at phone.Twinkle turning her side just,

Twinkle:huhu sadu se mere roka ho hi gaya.I never thought he’ll become my husband.It’s so funny when i think about whenever we fight and giving each other’s taunt about our partners. Small naughty smile appeared on twinkle lips this mahi see and smirked it..

Mahi:di why you smile remembering jiju.

Twinkle:what?. Kaun jiju haa..

Mahi:kunj jiju..

Twinkle:acha kunj jiju he isn’t your jiju get it.

Mahi:why?? He is my jiju.

Twinkle:humhari shadi nahi hui hai abhi tak.

Mahi:acha ji di when om and rudra can call you bhabhi why not me.Twinkle didn’t say anything she took blanket and cover herself and sleep while blabbering.

Twinkle:don’t know what magic that sadu done on my family all just praising him huhu.Mahi laugh and she too sleep.

Next day..

Twinkle was in deep and beautiful dream which she saw everyday in morning..

she dreams herself on cruise ship , a wave comes, she gets scared and hugs someone, face is not shown,.

Just than alarm clock ring due to this twinkle sleep disturb and her dream break down before she could see her dream man face..

Twinkle:shit why always babaji whenever I am going to see his face before only this dream broke why??Let me see his face. She get up and sit with sad face. She tied her hairs properly meantime Leela come in twinkle room and see her position.

Leela:Twinkle puttar get up it’s so late. Everyone was waiting for you at breakfast table.

Twinkle:yeah why you all wake up so early it’s just 8 clocks. Let me sleep today Meri college late hai..

Leela: no twinkle beta you sleep so much now no more change your habits now soon you’ll going to your sasural.. There you can’t wake up late and moreover you are big daughter-in-law of Sarna family so you should be twinkle on time.Twinkle just looking at Leela with annoying face.

Twinkle:really MAA you planned so much.

I’ll change my habit twinkle will remain same forever huhu.sasural. She get up and take her clothes went in washroom. While Leela laugh to see twinkle cuteness.

Leela:iss ladki ka kuch nahi ho shakta hai.

Soon she’ll going to become someone daughter-in-law and wife still her childishness didn’t going to end.leela went back to down..

Later twinkle get ready and looking cute like always she went downstairs and joint everyone in breakfast. Kabir And Mahi gossiping about last night..

Kabir: roka function is so beautiful na MAA.

Leela: yes.

Mahi: di got so many gifts hmmm.

Kabir: yeah Mahi don’t you listen what her dadi saas told it just a start ??..

Mahi:yes Bhai. Now di will pampered.

Bebe: kuch bolo I love munda kunj he is so handsome and quiet person.

Hansh:hmm even I too he is same guy which I wanted for my twinkle.

Rt:his thinking about everything and family so crystal and clear now where people had this much values and respect for their families.

Leela:my damad is best.

Kabir: even my jija ji too??. He gestured to twinkle.

Mahi: Arey Bhai don’t call jija ji di will kill you.

Kabir:why we call him kunj jiju mahi let her.

Now she is bhabhi of two devars ???. All started laughing.Twinkle get irritated with this she get up.

Twinkle:mahi I’m going you come with your brother okay.Before mahi say something twinkle went from here.

Asha and Chinki in laws house next to Taneja mansion they are neighbors of each other’s so twinkle called chinki today pick up her too for college. Twinkle went and Chinki and Asha along with their husbands they waiting for twinkle in car. She went and sit on back seat. Naman starts the car and they left for college.

In the way. Chinki and they all see twinkle face expression so raj break the iced.

Raj: What happens twinkle today twinkle little star didn’t shining but fuss.

Twinkle:nothing is like that..

Naman: between twinkle your roka function was marvelous man. We enjoyed lot last night and your in laws so humble and sweet peoples..

Twinkle:you too my ears get tired to listen about them..

Raj: don’t say this in front of Yuvi now his maternal family and yours in laws family is same what coincidence na guys..

Asha:yeah who thought Yuvi cousin brother humari twinki ka husband nikhale ga..

Chinki: we should tell about twinkle alliance to Chirag what’s say guys..

Asha:he’ll burn it ???..

Twinkle: you all not do anything and don’t tell anything about my alliance please you all know he is psycho man.

Raj:right let it be twinkle yaar.You tell what happened to you why your mood is so off.,

Twinkle:no I’m fine just tired.

Raj:I think twinkle didn’t get sleep well last night she must be busy in kunj dream.

They all took whole car on their heads by laughs ????…

Twinkle:very lame.. soon they reached college find Kabir and Mahi who Already reached and standing Kabir used shortcuts way.They all come out of the car and see Kabir and Mahi.. they waving to them.

Kabir:hey my sista..

Mahi: di why you so late ??..

Naman: nowadays Mahi to speaking don’t know from where this magic happens on Her..just than Yuvi come with boom..

Yuvi:hi bacha party..

Raj: see as our Yuvi uncle come.

Rishi: epic this new name Yuvi..??..

Kabir:you guys continue I’m going bye have a great day..

Yuvi: office yeah malika bhabhi??..

Kabir: you are smart man think ??..

he said this and sit in his car and left.. Yuvi come to near twinkle ears slightly she was lost in her own world ??,,

Yuvi: in sensual voice cam funny.HEY BHABHI JI.. ??this echos in twinkle ears she come to sense and look at Yuvi who controlling his laughs and others too. Twinkle just push him..

Twinkle:youuuuu Yuvi what did you call me haa. ??

Yuvi: BHABHI JI bas Twinkle why??..

Twinkle: shut up calling me this I’m not your bhabhi whabhi get it..

Rishi: you are twinkle..

Yuvi:after all you are would be wife of my cousin kunj so.. iss haq se hui na tu Meri Bhabhi as like om and rudra..??.

Twinkle: wait Teri bhabhi me nikhal ti hu. She picks up Stone from side and running behind Yuvi. Whole college see them and laughing Chirag come there and see twinkle and yuvi.. he get burn in jealousy.

Scene shifted.. SARNA [email protected]

Kunj sleeping in his room and due to sun light his sleep get disturbed he slightly open his eyes and found usha at window who opening curtains Kunj give smile he get up and sit there rubbing his eyes..

Usha: good morning my son..

Kunj: good morning choti MAA.

Usha:you get sleep well.. Kunj get up and went to her and give her side hug..

Kunj:no after see my MAA face I get freshen up MAA.. Usha keep his hand on kunj cheeks.

Usha:acha everybody should learn how to talk sweet from my kunj.. acha you go and get freshen up bhabhi and all waiting for you..

Kunj:yeah where is mummy..

Usha: your mummy struggling with her second son??..

Kunj:uff rudra impossible to wake up him..

Usha went down while Kunj took his clothes and went in washroom..

At rudra room..

Avantika standing in front of rudra who sleeping very shamelessly ?.

Avantika:rudra wake up today I’ll call your pa.

Rudra:Arey mummy let me sleep you go and see your son kunj..

Avantika:again you call him by his name wait..

Rudra: sorry In sleeping tone while om see it and giggling ? ??..

Om:badi MAA he can’t wake up.

Avantika:I know om rudraaaaa.. wait I’ll send kunj.. she went from here and went to kunj room. She entered in room and see kunj and Anjali. Anjali who closing his shirt buttons.

Avantika:so brother and sister is here..

Anjali:yes.. Anjali done with kunj buttons Kunj wear his tie and get ready fully..

Kunj; finally your son wake up..

Avantika:no he is a tough boy rudra.

Kunj:yup.. you go I’ll see him..

Avantika: okay and you don’t dare to forget take your medicine last night you eat sweets..

Kunj:haa why you so worrying about me..

Before Avantika speak something kunj and Anjali.We know because your MAA..??..


Kunj went in rudra room he still sleeping.

Kunj pulled his blanket and throw it in side and took water jug and pour it on rudra face who wake up with jerk..

Rudra: aahhhaahaaaa ..

Kunj:open your eyes rudra it’s morning whole night you want to chill out and in day you want to sleep. Before I’ll used my hand get ready.. rudra get up and look at Kunj with puppy face,,

Rudra:Bhaiya you are so bad I’ll tell about

This to dadi..

Kunj:go ahead my lill bro.He run in washroom and Kunj went downstairs.

He took blessing from his grand parents.

After harikaka ready all breakfast things all come and took their seats. Avantika come and give medicine to kunj Before he eats something.

Avantika:first have your medicine Kunj.

Usha:he didn’t take his diabetes medicine.

Yes kunj is diabetic patient since 3 years he had diabetes problems.

Kunj: sorry. Kunj took his medicine and having his breakfast just than rudra come in hurry way he sit beside kunj..

Rudra:good morning..

Prithviraj:ho today my rudra wake up..

Avantika:after so much trouble..

Rudra: so what they you all behind my sleep. Even Bhaiya too dadi in crying tone?.


Rudra:let my bhabhi will come Bhaiya I’ll

Make her against you. Kunj didn’t said anything he know his brother is mad..

Anjali:I toh just love my bhabhi twinkle she is so beautiful..


Rudra: you guys please stop don’t talking about twinkle bhabhi here..

Tej: why..

om already controlling his laugh he knows.

Rudra:because pa Bhaiya didn’t like to talk about twinkle bhabhi.. Kunj raise his eyes and show to rudra see Pa how your done scared me of his eyes. After bhabhi this not workout. All just laughing.. Kunj like a shy boy didn’t said anything..

Usha:kunj now you should stop your shyness teach something rudra.

Rudra:Rudy is the best choti MAA.,

Kunj:best best funny you are funny ?.

Tej: still kunj even last night too you are so quiet see others how they enjoyed it.

Rudra:Bhaiya just open up with Rahul jiju..

Hain O..

Om: I don’t know anything I don’t want to

Get slap and make my cheeks red so..

Manohar:ho see bade Bhai se itna dar..

Om:yeh dar nahi hai Papa respect hai.. Kunj done with his breakfast.

Kunj:okay bye..

Tej: wait kunj me and Manohar too going with you office..

Kunj:okay. Tej and Manohar went in their rooms to take their laptop bags.Kunj see rudra. Don’t speak too much rudra warna na.

Rudra:what say.. Prithviraj and Lata enjoy it to see their grandsons..

Kunj:see your son mummy. Don’t argue with me get it..

Rudra:hoo Bhaiya when did I.

Kunj:right now.

Avantika:rudra.. Kunj winks at rudra?.


Tej: let’s go kunj..


Rudra:go your sir is waiting for you.Kunj throw apple at him and went. Tej and Manohar along with kunj they left for office while others sit and chit chatting with each other’s..

Lata:when they are coming avantika?

Avantika:in these week mummy ji.

Prithviraj: good they didn’t attend kunj roka but in his engagement they must be.

Usha: without my dove ? I feel so lonely..

Avantika:acha tej toh everyday missing his daughters without talking to them he didn’t sleep..

Rudra: see dadi and dadu pa just love his daughters. We have just our dadu and dadi. Rudra rest his head on Lata lap..

Om:dramebaaz… go and should do study rudra rather than wasting your times..

Avantika:this you can’t tell him.. we all come there their study will be lacking here. Prithviraj started thinking.

Rudra: you just tell me mummy what about your girls past from one month they were chilling out in Malaysia.

Avantika:they went first time.

Anjali:don’t know how this time they stay away from you and bade Papa..

Rudra:that chui uff..

Back to college..

Twinkle and yuvi get tired to run behinds each other’s just than Yuvi pulled twinkle and they fall down on grasses..



Twinkle: who calls his bhabhi to kamini Yuvi give her look..

Yuvi:acha ji…????..

Rishi: if you guys done than please come to class before that old greedy man will come.

Yuvi:yeah twinkle your mr Kunj Sarna will not come to save us.twinkle punch him..

They went in their class lecturer come and give explanation of chapter nobody interested just passing their time..

Chirag eyes just stuck on twinkle lustfully,,

While twinkle ignore him.soon their lecture get over again next started back to back..

all get tired due to boring lectures.. after they get break all rushed to canteen. They all sit mahi come with her friend and joint twinkle gang..

Yuvi: mahi how’s you..

Mahi: fine.. in low voice.. Yuvi who having Samosa.

Yuvi:Arey Twinkle this mahi too so quiet like her jiju????..

Twinkle:good na he isn’t like you..

Rishi:Twinkle is chatterbox and Kunj is totally different from her.hardly he give kasht to his mouth???..

Twinkle:jada mat bol…

Raj:uff abhi se itna pyaar pati ke liye.,

Twinkle:hehhehe very funny.. Concentration on your study 2 years you four of them passed out in chilly..

Chinki: yeah I didn’t understand till now why you guys leave your study in middle and again continue..

Yuvi: I’ll tell you baby. Raj and Naman think they didn’t get degree like you both how yours parents give your hands in anpadhs hands????..

Naman: he telling about himself ??.

Rishi:you girls tell us what you all get it

At least we did fun 2 years still with you all.

Asha: acha you people are our seniors now ????..

Chinki: can’t say anything juniors bhi ban shakte hai still final exams is remained..

Twinkle: awww chinki today you nailed it.

Their conversation is continued like this..

Other side in Sarna [email protected]@

Kunj working in his cabin Kunj is devoted towards his work fully when he doing working no one can’t disturb him.His work give him peace, and he loved it does work.

Just than peon come in kunj cabin..

Peon: sir..

Kunj: yes.

Peon: kunj sir tej sir is calling in his cabin.

Kunj: okay.. he immediately stop his work and went to tej cabin Kunj knock the door.

Kunj: May I coming

Tej.. yes kunj come he went and stand in front of tej.

Kunj: yes sir.

Kunj calling tej and Manohar sir in office.

Even tej and Manohar too behaving like with kunj like an employee..

Tej:i give you that file what about that..

Kunj:sir I complete and report too..

Tej:great.. and this project too complete soon kunj..

Kunj:yeah sir.. anything else..

Tej: no you can leave.. Kunj went out of the cabin and again busy in his work..

Kabir and malika sitting in Kabir cabin and talking to each other’s..

Malika: I’m laughing at twinkle poor soul even I too want to meet with that guy kabir.

Kabir:you really miss her roka function we enjoy lot.. we’ll planned something..

Malika: when twinkle marriage take place.

Kabir:after us baby.. ?.


After sometime later..

Twinkle and Mahi reached Taneja mansion.they both directly went in their room to get freshen up..

Yuvi went to Sarna Mansion to Meet with rudra. Yuvi sit and rudra come they both laughing and cracking jokes.Anjali and om too come and give them company.. even Kunj and Manohar or tej too come back from office.

Tej: hi Yuvi..

Yuvi: hi maamu..

Tej: good to see you., they both went in their room.while kunj sit beside them..

Yuvi:hi kunj.

Kunj:hi.. Avantika come there.,

Avantika: kunj go and get freshen up

I’ll see dinner till than.

Kunj:hmm.. Kunj get up and went in his room..

Rudra: good you come I get bored here Yuvi bro..

Yuvi:than you come with me..

Rudra: But you have college na..

Yuvi: what about your studies..

Rudra: after Bhaiya wedding we’ll go back to London than..

tej and Manohar come Prithviraj see them.

Prithviraj: tej and Manohar I want to talk to you both..

Manohar:yes Papa..

Prithviraj:I decided something I don’t want to go back to London what relief I got from India that I didn’t get in London..

Tej:hoo why you so sad if you don’t want than it’s okay.. after kunj wedding kunj will go and see if they wanted..

Manohar:till than rudra and Priyanka can continue their studies there.

Avantika:you are right absolutely Manohar.

Kunj come he wears his night T-shirt and pj..

Tej: at this time middle of the year how they’ll get admission..

Kunj: what admission for what..

Tej: for Priyanka and rudra tej tell him everything kunj too agree with them.

Kunj:that’s good pa what they both will do there just time passing and wasting their year too.

Yuvi:so you all stay here I’m so happy..

Lata:hehe.. you can come with us..

Yuvi: yeah.. nani.. now we both will do masti rudra..

Rudra:yes his smile disappears after see kunj..????..

Kunj: Padai kar samja na..

Tej: kunj now it’s your duty to find the best college for them..

Kunj: okay sir.. tej look at him.. I mean pa.

After this they all sit for dinner.Rudra and yuvi giggling.

Om: see kunj rudra find friend in Yuvi what about Sarna’s brothers..

Kunj:leave him fool hai..

Usha:even twinkle too in your college na Yuvi.,

Yuvi:yes maami. We are in same class.

Lata: acha Yuvi how she is.?

Yuvi: great nani your bahu..

Rudra: dadi toh bahu ki badi care hai.,

Lata: why not after all Meri bahu hai..

Rudra:see Bhaiya ??..

Kunj: kya..

Om: bhabhi ??..

Kunj:you people are impossible.. again twinkle topic starts Yuvi telling them about twinkle.. Yuvi spend gala time with his maternal cousins after he left for Luthra mansion,,


Kabir and twinkle or Mahi sitting in pool side and having cup of coffees.

Kabir: how’s your day my sisters..

Twinkle: best what about yours I know romance ??.

Kabir:smart sister. Apna and Kunj future ka idea bata rahi hai kya twinkle romance ?.

Twinkle:Bhai bas na.. you all just kunj and Kunj now my ears get tired to listen just about kunj..

Kabir: ab aadat dal le Meri behana kunj ke baare me sune ke liye now you have to stay with him your whole life.

Mahi: Bhai bas di will kill you..

Kabir: chod even malika to wanted to

Meet kunj.

Mahi: ho so..

Kabir: let’s see..

After sometime they went in their respective rooms..

Kunj thinking about twinkle and his life. Rudra and om come from back and give him back hug..

Rudra: Bhaiya what you thinking??

Om:Twinkle ???..

Kunj:one more time you both take her name I’ll break your teeths???..

Rudra: acha sorry.. Kunj get video call from Priyanka. They sit and connect the phone with tv..

Priyanka: hi..

Rudra: hoho pinku??…

Kunj: keshi hai Priyanka..

Priyanka: I’m fine Bhaiya what about you all.

Om: we all good pinku. Where is she??

Priyanka: she sleep.. Priyanka show her face.. her brothers get so happy to see her.

Kunj:aww my baby..

Om: now you both come soon okay..

Anjali come joint then she too talk to her sister.Later they end the cAll.

Kunj: now go and sleep you people meanwhile Anjali phone beep.. Rudra started hooting Anjali about to go but Rudra pulled her she landed on bed her brothers lay down beside her on elbows.

Rudra: where??

Anjali: what..

Om: di Rahul ka phone..

Kunj: true they both talk whole night whenever I called him his phone coming busy..

Rudra: love birds ???… what you both talked DI haa it’s been 2 years happened your marriage still feeling like yesterday you both get married ??

Kunj pulled Anjali cheeks..

Anjali: you three of them what is this I’m Your elder sister she shows them her eyes.

Om: di this isn’t workout????..

Rudra: this suits on bhaiya?.

Kuch kuch hota hai Rahul, tum nahi samjhoge (Something something happens Rahul, you won’t understand) di you were saying this to jiju???..

Kunj:Rahul and Anjali he twists her nose ?.she get up and pulled her brothers cheeks and hit them playfully..

Rudra: soon Bhaiya ki line bhi busy aanewali ???hai.. he winked om and Anjali. They both laughing like mad. Kunj see rudra and mess his hairs..

Kunj:you know very much..

Anjali: Leave this kunj now tell us did you really happy with this alliance means twinkle..Kunj looking down..

Om:stop this shy Kunj..

Kunj:what I’ll say you all know end of the day happens what god wanted, so I don’t have any issues..

Rudra:people begging for so beautiful wife here see my Bhaiya without doing anything he got it still behaving like this.. om we’ll find some good boy for twinkle didi..

Kunj:acha.. why??

Om: jealous possessiveness ??..

Kunj:nothing find whom you people wanted get it. I’ll save from that lizard..

Kunj went to his bed and take his book

Started reading..

Rudra: Bhaiya will remain same after marriage to I’m telling you all bhabhi ko company humhe hi dena padega..??..

Anjali phone again beep..

Rudra: ja Anjali ja jile teri Zindagi ??..

Anjali went from here while om and rudra jumped on bed.

Kunj:keep quiet and sleep get it..

Om: no..

Kunj:even you too om being in his company you become mad..

Rudra:girls dying for rudy.mummy didn’t let me stay in peace here to she behind my study..

Kunj:no stunts here rudra get it and don’t think you’ll spend jolly time in your college.

Rudra closed his eyes and act like he was sleeping..

Om:this Dumbel Sarna ??.. they both sleep while kunj still busy in his reading.

He looks at his both brothers..

Kunj:babaji please keep us like this.He covered them nicely and sleep too..

After two days later [email protected]

Mahi was watching news just than she changed the channel her eyes went on kunj photo on tv she stop and continue.

Some old news coming on tv about kunj in that media asked about kunj marriage

Media:Mr Kunj please tell us about your marriage when you’ll get married..Kunj marriage in buzz he is so handsome dashing businessman after all .Everyone want to know who will be his better half..

Like always kunj didn’t said anything just ignore just than twinkle come and sit beside see what mahi watching.

Twinkle:what is this..

Mahi:di see jiju..

in news they showing Kunj linked up with his some business women’s that was fake.

Just for Henri channel TRP. They show one picture in that Kunj standing with some girl.

Twinkle:he acts so nice he had gf too..

Mahi:di this all rubbish you know na media wanted this only. Mahi and twinkle watch kunj full business interview he gives answer with full of confidence. Everyone come and sit. Twinkle see them about to change the channel Kabir took remote from her hand..

Kabir:see dadu twinkle she peers Kunj ??..

Twinkle:i didn’t this mahi watching.

Kabir:let us to see our jija ji he pushed twinkle slightly and took seat between them.While watching kunj twinkle slightly looking at him..tera pati toh buzz me hai twinkle people very much curious about kunj marriage ?..

Twinkle:see Papa this Bhai always teasing me with kunj name..

Kabir:what about you.You aren’t less than me my sister..I told na your time will come very soon see today time has come..

Bebe:you kids just like this one day you all spend still..

Twinkle:this Sunday is so boring.I’m going to sleep better than this she get up and

Give look to Kabir and went to her room.

Kabir think something and smirked out..

Whole day passed like this Kabir message malika.Malika I’m planning for dinner so be ready even Kunj and twinkle is there okay she replied him back awesome baby.

Than Kabir called Yuvi..

Kabir:hi Yuvi

Yuvi: yes Kabir bro..

Kabir:he narrates him everything he too get ready..

Yuvi:fab idea.. than be ready on time..

Kabir: yeah informed om and rudra too.

Yuvi:Yeah I’ll .. they end the calls.. Yuvi immediately call add om and rudra on conference call.

Yuvi: kabir bro wanted we all went for dinner tonight.

Om: idea is good..

Rudra: yeah..

Yuvi:Twinkle too coming take kunj.

Rudra:Bhaiya impossible to tAke him..

Yuvi:you People don’t tell him that twinkle is coming same with twinkle too.

Rudra:nice.. okay.. we are coming..

Kabir went to twinkle room and see her she was busy in her phone..

Kabir: Twinkle in very sweet way..

Twinkle: yes what you wanted from me..

Kabir:nothing woh I’m saying to you that me and malika planned to go for dinner so I take mahi and you with me.. and..

Twinkle: and what..

Kabir: om and rudra even Yuvi too there.

Twinkle: I’m not going I know you call kunj too..

Kabir:no no he was busy so not coming..

Twinkle looking at him doubtfully.. somehow Kabir agree her to go with them.

Twinkle:okay I’m going. Kabir give her smile he immediately went and show thumbs up to mahi..

Next side rudra om and Anjali planning how to ready to kunj for dinner.

Anjali: if your jiju is here than no problem.

Rudra: Anjali Rahul isn’t here.. so..

Om:what excuse we make for kunj.. to make him fool is impossible.

Rudra: to make Bhaiya foolish feels like I’ll top in IIT exams..

Om: that’s impossible rudra first top in college than think about IIT..

Rudra: I’m to saying this O Bhaiya ko keshe manaye. Just than something click on rudra mind.. DADI.

Om: what??

Rudra: dadi is the one who can make Bhaiya ready for to go with us..

Anjali: yeah.. they Tiro immediately rush to Lata.. she was in her room nicely they went to her and give her hug..

Rudra: dadi..

Lata: what..

Om: we need your help..

Lata: acha what.. they take her to side couch and sit. They tell each and everything to Lata and she too get happy..

Anjali: now you can do it dadi..

Lata: hmm right idea was nice if they spend sometime together than they both will know each other’s.. wait I’ll call him.. Lata dial Kunj number. Kunj was busy in office but after see his dadi call he instantly leave all work and pick up her call.

Kunj: Hi dadi..

Lata: hi.. are you busy..

Kunj: for you not..

Lata: kunj even on Sunday you working what is this.. Kunj smile just..

Kunj: hmm tell me what you all wanted from me.. I know your gang sitting beside you they all closed their eyes how Kunj knows..

Lata: no kunj..

Kunj:okay dadi tell na.. I have lots of work.

My boss and your son will fire me.

Lata:so your boss mother giving you Oder leave your all work and come to home..

Kunj: Arey why first tell na..

Lata: woh Anjali and rudra wanted to go out for dinner so they wanted you to go with them..

Kunj:why me let them go na dadi.

Anjali: no i wanted my all brothers go with me if Priyanka is here and my rahul he never denied me huhu..

Kunj: di your emotional not work ..

Anjali:acha I’ll not talk to you..

Om:yes kunj even Yuvi too coming we’ll have fun..

Kunj: I know you all called that lizard too..

Lata: who is lizard now..

Rudra: your bahu???.. and our bhabhi..

Lata: hoo kunj that’s not good.. don’t call my bahu like this..

Kunj:abhi se dadi you with her.,


Rudra: Bhaiya you tell me you are coming or not and by the way bhabhi you deny it she too didn’t want come when you coming it???…

Kunj: whatever siyappa Queen..

Lata:it’s final you are going so come fast okay.. she cut the call before listening kunj side.. Kunj keep his phone back in his pocket.

Kunj:dadi bhi na.. this siyappa queen huhh. She don’t want to come when I come huhu baby whole life you’ll going to stay with me hhehehe.he leaves for Sarna Mansion.. Kunj reached to Saran mansion he went in his mother room she was sitting with usha they both were talking about here and there kunj went and sit beside them.,

Kunj: hi my beautiful mother’s..

Usha: finally you come even on Sunday you were working..

Avantika: yeah kunj.. take rest and enjoy.

After wedding this will not going to allow to you kunj..

Usha: yes avantika is right..

Kunj: acha with full of smiling face.. why?

Usha:what your wife will think about you means twinkle Kunj her husband is so boring and didn’t give her time..

Kunj: you all are here na for her to entertain most rudra she doesn’t need me and I’m like this I’ll not change anything.

Avantika:nobody wanted what you are Kunj you are best. But after marriage life has changed somehow my son.

Kunj:we’ll see on time not now..

Usha: daddy ji wanted his pota bahu soon ??..

Kunj:I know choti maa..

Usha:how you come early today. Kunj tell them too.

Avantika:great go.

Kunj:wast of time.. he get up and went in his room.

Avantika:iss ladeka ka kya hoga.. they both smile..

Om and rudra getting ready kunj come there and see them..

Kunj: hoo you both getting ready like you both going out for date..

Rudra: in low voice yes to impress our bhabhi ??.. om laugh.,

Om:kunj go and get ready you too okay.

Me and rudra going to pick up Yuvi so..

Kunj:why he can come Itself. Don’t dare to give car to this dambel Sarna..

Rudra:haa I’m not taking too Bhaiya.. you come with Anjali DI..

Kunj:okay.. she’ll take 1 hours in her touchup., just than Anjali come from back.

Anjali: I’m here. Kunj eyes pop out to see her.. before time..

Kunj:what happening today I’m not understanding you all so hurry today why? Get ready on time what’s the matter.. today is not my wedding ?..

Anjali:yeah we know my brother on your wedding we’ll take whole day ?.. you go and get ready i don’t like to wait she gives kunj dialogue like to him ??..

Kunj: ho ho di.. Anjali push kunj he went to his room..

Rudra: good di you didn’t take 1 hours today.. ??..

Anjali: what about you..

Rudra: we are ready okay Me and o going to pick up bhabhi.. you come with Bhaiya..

Anjali: okay.. they both left for Taneja mansion.

At Taneja mansion..

Kabir get ready and tell mahi om and rudra coming to pick up them he going to pick up malika okay.. he said and left.

Twinkle getting ready in her room today her mood was so good don’t know.. just than om and rudra come and entered in living room.. Leela come and meet with them..

Leela:come beta.. you both looking handsome.

Rudra: thanks aunty.. BHABHI JI GHAR PHAR HAI ???..

Leela: yeah she is coming.Just than Mahi coming from stairs om eyes went on her he lost in her simplicity and beauty.. Mahi come and see om she get happy to see him.

Rudra:break the ice.. hi mahi looking fab.. ??..



Mahi:di is coming..

Twinkle get ready fully she looking hell hot. She take her bag and went down..

Rudra: see o our bhabhi looking so hot..

Twinkle:thanks rudra for your compliment.

Don’t call me bhabhi.. still time hai..

Leela: why call her bhabhi only?..

Om: chale bhabhi..

Twinkle: yes devar ji.. they laugh out.

They went outside Rudra about to seat on driving seat om stop him..

Om: rudra stop..

Rudra: Arey O let me drive na..

Om: don’t you hear what kunj said he’ll kill us..

Twinkle: why??..

Om:rudra ki driving OMG in India no no.. we want to reach hotel safely Rudra.om sit and Mahi and twinkle sit in back seats.

Rudra on the music loud.. they all enjoying it..

Kunj get ready he looking hot and handsome.

Kunj:just for di and dadi I’m going.. he went down Anjali was waiting for him..

Anjali:finally my brother come let’s go..

Kunj:yeah bye

Tej: enjoy Anjali beta.

Anjali:yes Papa.they both went and sit in car and left..

First Yuvi and maya reached they were waiting for others than twinkle and om or Rudra and Mahi come and take their seats. Kabir and malika too come just than malika got call from her friend..

Kabir: you come I’m going okay..

Malika: yeah..

Kunj car too come Anjali come out of the car she went inside while Kunj went to park car.. Kabir and Anjali sits..

Rudra:from eyes where is Bhaiya..

Anjali:coming..hi twinkle..

Twinkle:hi Anjali Di.Kunj and malika coming from opposite direction. They come near to their table their eyes went on each other’s..

Malika: you kunjjjjjj in surprising way..

Kunj:malika… they all get confused… malika come and hug kunj immediately..

Malika: awww kunj happy to see you..

Kabir: you know him..she break the hug.

Malika: of course I know him very well. He is my childhood buddy..

Kabir: what..

Kunj: what you are doing here..

Malika: I you tell me about you..

Kabir:she is my fiancé..


Kabir: and malika your best friend is my sister to be husband ???. Malika was hell shocked she was laughing.. while hugging Kunj..

Malika:what a coincidence kunjjj.. twinkle and you..


Malika: hi rudy become big.. she meet with om and Anjali too..

Twinkle: Bhai is a so lair he told me kunj isn’t here..

Kunj:this om and rudra I’ll kill them.. twinkle and Kunj look at each other face than turn.they all settled down.they all purposely make Twinkle and Kunj sit beside each other’s.. Waiter come..

Yuvi:tell what you all will eat..

Anjali:I’ll love everything..

Maya:today we all will have what kunj and twinkle like it..


Yuvi: tell kunj what you like..

Kunj:no I’m okay whatever you all wanted.

Yuvi: chal twinki tu hi bata de tera hone wala pati toh nahi batayega..

Anjali: I’ll tell.. they give Oder what twinkle and Kunj like and some of theirs..

Malika:I never thought kunj my besti come out my nanad to be husband ??.. Kabir you didn’t tell me about kunj..

Kabir: I told kunj but you didn’t recognize him.

Malika:Arey how I’ll kabir you didn’t mention his full name if you told me he is Kunj Sarna I’ll understand immediately.

Happy after so many years I meet him..

Om:when you come to India haa..

Malika:1 year OM.. Kunj was busy in his phone.

Anjali:offo kunj here too you were busy in phone leave it.. what twinkle will think about you ??.They both look at each other face.Twinkle give me his phone please..

Twinkle: what..

Kunj: okay ill keep it in side..

Anjali: no give me.. twinkle take it.. twinkle look at Kunj she forward her hand and snatch phone from kunj hand give it to Anjali. Good.. sadly Kunj just looking them and listening their talks..

Malika:still you are same quiet boy.but twinkle is chatterbox.

Kabir:yeah kunj say something about you.

Kunj:what I’ll tell.

Rudra:Bhaiya Just loving business talks ?.

Yuvi:Twinkle tu toh gai..

Rudra:don’t worry bhabhi we are for you.

Kabir:ho bhabhi rudra you both calling twinkle bhabhi so what me and mahi will call kunj..

Rudra: jiju na..??..

Kabir:yup.. jiju But your bhabhi didn’t allowed us to call him jiju..??..

Rudra:even Bhaiya too chidte hai bhabhi se..call him jiju Bhaiya are you okay.

Kunj: what kunj didn’t listen anything because he lost in his thoughts ?..

Yuvi:kunj twinkle is beside you and you were lost in your dreams..??.. after their Oder will come waiter served them. They all started having food and it was so yummy..

Rudra: bhabhi your choice is so awesome.

Twinkle: I know.. slightly Kunj and twinkle hands touching.. in between dinner twinkle and Kunj sharing eyelocks..

Yuvi and rudra passing funny jokes they all laughing kunj just nodding his head they all are crazy.Twinkle laughing kunj see her smile and admire it.after dinner Kabir pay the bill they went out of the hotel.

Rudra:let’s go for long drive what’s say..


Kunj:you all go I’m going DI..

Malika:kunj please na.. forcefully he agreed kunj Rudra and Kabir or Yuvi smirked it.. they all went and sit in one car before twinkle can sit..

Twinkle:where I’ll sit..

Yuvi:Twinkle you go with kunj see here no seats available and my car tire is puncture now sorry babes.

Kabir:yeah twinkle you come with kunj..

Twinkle don’t have any other option left. She went to kunj and looking at here and there..

Rudra:okay Bhaiya you and bhabhi come. Yuvi starts the car and they left..

Kunj:you wait I’ll bring car.,

Twinkle:hmmm.. Kunj went and take his car he pressed the horn and twinkle see him she went and about to sit in back seats..

Kunj:what sit here., I’m not your driver miss Amritsar..

Twinkle:huhu sadu.. If I sit beside you where your ego will sit???.Kunj give her tashan look..

Kunj:you don’t worry my ego is less than your weight ???.,Twinkle give him drastic look she come and sit beside kunj.

Kunj starts the car while twinkle blabbering.

Twinkle:don’t know why babaji stuck me with this sadu.. Kunj Listen..

Kunj:same here.what you’ll do now.. you stuck with me for your whole life.. I’m petty for myself babaji save me..

Twinkle: you very funny asked me you will got so hot and beautiful wife look at you monkey..

Kunj:acha you and beautiful didn’t you see mirror..

Twinkle:everyday samje I’m beautiful i knew this..

Kunj:hoo over confidence.even you to thanks to god you got husband like me..

Twinkle:hooo you are sadu yeh bolu babaji ko haa.. why you didn’t deny for this marriage..

Kunj: even you too why??..

Twinkle:I did but nobody listened me don’t know what magic you had done on my family all just crazy behind kunj kunjj.,

Kunj:same here don’t know what my family see in you siyappa Queen whole day everyone just talking about you twinkle is this and that.

Twinkle:because they know twinkle is best,.

Kunj:self obsessed girl.. my dadi just taking your side.. just than Kunj received call from his dadi his phone already connected with car Bluetooth he picks up..

Hi dadi.,

Lata: hi kunj where are you did you enjoying,,

Kunj:sarcastically yeah very much dadi..

Lata:good where is my bahu she is with you..

Kunj:hmm here..

Lata: hi twinkle beta..

Twinkle:hi dadi.. keshe ho..

Lata; fine what about you..

Twinkle:me too good.. they both talking to each other’s happily while Kunj just listening their conversation.. dadi your so sweet..

Lata:ab Meri bahu itni sweet hai so me bhi.okay you and kunj enjoy your long drive..she end the call.. twinkle on the music and increase the volume too..

Kunj: what is this volume kam kar twinkle.

Twinkle:why ha I love to listen music in loud voice. She open the windows her hairs flying..

Kunj: it’s my car so.. he decreased the volume but twinkle again did high..

Twinkle:what did you said it’s your car in his tone remember my would be husband ji after marriage whatever yours it’s mine too so according to this it’s my car too..

Kunj just look at her he didn’t said anything. Twinkle started humming the songs and Kunj open sunroof for her she stands and seeing outside views and enjoying it happily Kunj just see her cuteness and give smile.

Kunj:pagal..om car was behind them..

Rudra: see bhabhi.after sometime they stop their car and reached to marine.

They all having lots of fun everytime Kunj just admire twinkle face..

Kunj:she looking so beautiful everytime.. but a big siyappa queen she is..

Kunj standing near his car while they all sitting beside marine side twinkle see ice vendor she run and buy ice cream for everyone all having ice cream.. twinkle eyes went on kunj.. this Anjali see..

Anjali: go and give to Kunj..

Twinkle: no you go na Anjali Di..

Anjali: you she push her twinkle went to kunj forward ice cream..

Twinkle: ice cream kunj see her..

Kunj:no I’m fine..

Twinkle:Anjali Di send it for you. Have it..

Kunj:I can’t twinkle you have it my one too.

Twinkle: okay thanks she stand beside kunj and started having two ice cream together and making cute faces.Which make kunj smile..try little bit kunj.Kunj didn’t deny her he tastes it little bit.. suddenly one dog come there twinkle get scared of it she held kunj arms tightly..

Kunj:Twinkle calm down he will not do anything.

Twinkle:send him from here please.. Kunj hold her hand tightly.. due to this twinkle ice creams falls down.. Kunj throw stone at dog he went from here Twinkle felt good. Thanks.. my ice cream she started crying..

Kunj: Arey wait I’ll get ice cream for you..

Twinkle: ice cream vendor went.. Kunj eyes went on ice cream vendor who going far away from them..

Kunj:you wait here I’ll get ice cream for you.

Twinkle:No I’ll come too if again dog will come.

Kunj:okay.. they both went to ice cream vendor Kunj buy ice cream for twinkle..

Twinkle:thanks.. they see a dog running behind one boy they both laughing to see this.. to see this twinkle hold hand kunj they both too started running.Their siblings see them and get happy,, om make their video.twinkle and Kunj laughing hardly twinkle see kunj smiling face she lost.think he looking so handsome when he smile.. after sometime later. It’s too late..

Kabir:kunj can you please drop twinkle And mahi home I’m going to drop malika.

Kunj:yeah.. and you rudra and om reached home before me..

Yuvi:yeah why you so worry.bade Bhaiya. ?.. om and rudra and yuvi or maya and Anjali they going in one car they drop them Luthra mansion while Kabir and malika too left..

Mahi:jiju chale..

Kunj:haa.. yeah.. they went and sit.Kunj see twinkle and Mahi sleep.twinkle hairs coming on her face. Soon they reached..


Twinkle: hmmm in sleeping tone..

Kunj: ghar..

Twinkle: hoo. Mahi.. she wake up and went out of the car..

Mahi:thanks jiju….

Twinkle: thanks bye..

Kunj: bye.. they both went..

Episode end.,,, on kunj smiling face..


This episode specially for yashika.. thanks yaar.. and I think no one is interested so I think to discontinue even I didn’t got comments too.. your time is to save mine too.. Okay I hope you like it episode..

bye love you all..


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