5 years later..

#First scenario come.

Two boys playing basketball in garden of their school and all kids playing in side.

The one was little small but his height is enough and matching with another one.

Finally a boy do goal and he started laughing and remove his specs..

Wow you play well man a boy said.

Second boy he turned and giving victory smile.

Always I played Β well after all I’m great KIYAN SARNA get it my buddy Ruhan. Both Hifi..

Both went in side and sits there having their lunch box.

In side all girls dancing and having fun there was a cute girl playing with her hands and eyes.Kiyan and Ruhan see her and they laughs out after see her.

Kiyan:see this girl never improve I hate her. Ruhan giggles.

Ruhan:I don’t know what problem you have with her.

Kiyan:you don’t know I hate her fully since childhood.Both making fun of her and laughs out

While her eyes keeping on them only she side her friends and come and sit in side opposite of them.

Uff man this heat I can’t bear it.She said and making faces And blowing with her hands to herself.Kiyan and rohan look at her and making weird faces. She went near rohan and snatch his lunch box.

Kiyan:heyyy showing her his finger.

Girl: heyyy she does same with kiyan and both showing each other’s Tashan. She take roll and having.

Kiyan:what type of girl you haan wild animal.

Ruhan:why you having my haa where is yours I’ll complain about you to teacher you hanina Ka bachi.Yes she is hanina. 😝.

Hanina:really go ahead my baby brother pulled his cheeks.And you chant lomdi.


Hanina:yes you bhediya huhu.

Kiyan:first whAt was that haan.

Hanina: yes you wild animal fox and wolf twin in one.You don’t know why you wearing this specs haan. Brainless boy.

Kiyan:acha look at her i m brainless boy ab me tere jesha nahi huna pure din animal planet dekhta hu it’s your names fox and wolf I think they are much better than you.

Hanina:youuu kayan.

Kiyan:I’m kiyan not Kiyan nonsense girls. Ruhan giggling.

Hanina:I’ll see you both at home and you Ruhan showing me your teeth’s I’m your elder sister.

Kiyan:acha but he is my bestie chalo give us side.Both Ruhan and kiyan push her and went from there hanina was all shocked there khansa come and laughing after see her expression.

Khansa:uff again this two monkeys teased you.

Hanina:they are not monkeys but donkeys.Khansa didi..

Khansa and hanina
KIYAN Kunj Sarna

Ruhan Rahul Malhotra


Khansa:koi na lets go.Both went from there.

Scene shifted..

Sarna [email protected]

In this years sarna empire went so high their company names comes in reputable and successful companies. After all everyone hard work and their dedication is behind this all..

A man working fully engrossed in his work.He pick up call.He was talking with caller.He is none other than Rahul Malhotra.

Rahul:yeah everything is going well Kunj here acha you tell me when you coming back??.Kunj went out of the India due to his meetings.

Kunj:hmm maybe today?

Rahul: than great your rascals waiting for you like anything 😝😝.

Kunj:saale yours will be rascals mines not at all.Why you behind my cygnets haan.

Rahul:you both husband and wife become mad she whole day my chick duck pooh this and that 😝😝.I think you both are confused giving them names.

Kunj:very lame.I’m going don’t tell anyone about me.

Rahul:haan bye they ending the calls.

Rahul laughs out he take photo frame in his hands and kissed on frame after all his babies photo is there.

Sarna [email protected]

In this years nothing has changed here just each and everything is increasing day by day their love for each other’s their craving their bonds every single thing.

Lata and Prithviraj sitting In garden they both are ever green.Nobody can say they become great grand parents still giving all youngsters tough competition. And all ladies get jealous with their love and complaining to their partners.Now their all wishes fulfilled they don’t want anything their kids is happy and all connected in one knots..

Lata: pata nahi Yeh Rudra kab aayega.

Prithviraj: aajayega..

Lata:haan I went him to bring sweets for me and he didn’t come till now.Prithviraj laughs out.just than Rudra come with sweets. He take sit beside Lata.

Rudra: breathing fully uff dadi take your sweets she take box and smells.

Lata: thanks mera Rudra cupped his face and kissed on his cheeks.

Rudra:I love you dadi.She started having sweets and feed Rudra as well. Dadi with passing time you becoming like kids.

Prithviraj: true Rudra.

Lata: arey you both know how twinkle is she didn’t let me have anything in sweets. What to do and I craving for sweets lott.

Rudra:yeah dadi bhabhi is Boss of this house after all trio chuckled.He pulled her cheeks meri dadiii aap na ek dam mast ho I love you lott.kissed on her cheeks.

Lata:mera pota bhi..

Prithviraj:acha Yeh bata where is Armaan.

Rudra:dadu you know still teasing me rudra making faces.

Lata:haan aap ko toh pata hi hai how much I love my all grand kids.

Rudra:liar dadu you and dadu Changed now you duo just love your great grand kids only huhu before bhaiya now this all peep of chicks.Rudra went inside.

Rudra went in Avantika room. She sitting and reading something.. Rudra and went and backhugged her.

Rudra: mummy what’s up..

Avantika: today you come..

Rudra: yeah dadi send me to bring sweets for her so I went and bring Avantika look at him.

Avantika: again you give her haan you know if twinkle get to know she will scolds us..

Rudra: I know but what to do you know dadi she making puppy faces and after see her I melted down.

Avantika: acha ji..

Rudra: aur weshe bhi bhabhi isn’t here..

Avantika:she will come and get to know as well acha Yeh bol when your wifey is coming haan?

Rudra:I call her she said she will come today or maybe tomorrow.

Avantika:hmmm again school missing.

Rudra:koi na our kiyan sarna is here😝. Acha I’m hungry made something us.

Avantika:okay I’ll make you go and call Omkara Mahi and Usha went to Guruduwara.Rudra nodded in yes. Avantika went in kitchen while Rudra Roaming here and there.

In a room:@..

A man doing his work playing with brushes and colouring his Murti.fully engrossed in his work.Window was opened so all breezes coming curtains flying along with breeze and low soft music going on in side he humming the song.

There a little one come from behind he stand on ottoman.

His eyes is so sharp and naughtiness written on his face fully puckish baby he is.he covered his eyes from back with his tiny hands.He knew it who was he..? Omkara smiled and he keep his hands on his hands.Me kaun hu haan Tell me.. he said.while Omkara act like thinking.

Om:hmm I know monster.he chuckled my baby he turned and cuddles him. Heyy Kush..

Kush:hoo papa you always knows only I’m Haan and I’m not monster I’m cute dashing baby.He lift his imaginary collar and blow his small hairs Omkara laughs out after see him.

Om:my naughty son. He kissed on his cheeks.

{ he is Kush Omkara Sarna.And om and mahi son. He is totally opposite from his father and mother totally mischievous baby he is I mean everyone calling him storm πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›.. you can say he is like his smallest chachu Rudra 😝😝. 4 years old Kush is.

Kush Omkara Sarna

Kush:where is mom..

Om:your mom and dadi went to Guruduwara na you don’t know. There Rudra come.

Rudra:heyy little Om and Big O..

Kush:oops chachu I’m Kush not O don’t call me. call me Mr K😎. Omkara tap on his head.

Rudra:acha see your son O.Chalo mummy calling you both lets have lunch in hell hungry..

Kush: hehe. Chalo even me too Hangry 😝. Trio giggles and Rudra lift Kush and they trio went outside Avantika made everything keeping everything on table while Lata and Prithviraj too come.

Avantika: come om.

Kush:BD.. ( badi dadi) I’m hungry πŸ˜›.

Avantika: acha come. They all sits and servant served them while Kush sit on chair and Avantika take plate and she feeding him with her hands and he blabbering lott.

Lata: bas kar Kush first have your food.

Prithviraj: let him he is chatterbox of our house 😝😝.

Rudra: yeah good not went on O and mahi.

Om:acha and we both everyday cursing to god he didn’t went on us but he went on you whyπŸ˜πŸ˜‚.

Rudra:Good na I’m so hot and he is too both hifi πŸ˜›πŸ˜‚.

Kush:haa right chachu.you know that marwa huhu.

Om:have your food samje.he making puppy faces. Just than Anjali come.

Anjali same to same just become more young day by day πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. She come and take seat beside Om.

Anjali:heyy Kush.

Kush:what’s up bua πŸ˜‚.


Kush: bas I’m done.

Avantika: arey what you have nothing Kush only talks finished your meal.

Kush:noo no i don’t want I become sumoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. All laughs out.

Om:le😝Rudra. Kush get up and run from there. Usha and mahi coming and Kush running in living room.

Kush: finally you come mom..

Mahi: acha do you have any work haan.

Kush: yes I finished my school work as well and today come early 😎.

Usha: acha why?

Kush: having pain in my tummy. Mahi and Usha went near Kush and pulled his cheeks.

Mahi: acha you naughty head no pain you have only drama king let Kunj bade papa come I’ll tell him about you.

Kush:no no please mom next time I will not 😝😝.

Usha: Leave my baby come to me. She lift him. Mahi just look at Kush and he rolling his eyes.

Mahi: pagal she went towards all.

Avantika: come have lunch.

Mahi:nahi badi Maa see him he become more naughty. Control him Om.


Anjali: let him he is package full of masti and fun like his Rahul uncle and Rudra chachu 😝😝.

Mahi:haan di teased us lottt.they all finished food.And sits in living room..

While after school over all kids left for their place.Kiyan and Ruhan and haninaΒ  Aayat too come.Driver bring them they come out of the car.

Aayat:chalo now.

Hanina: yeah Massi..

Aayat: ahah I’m not massi.

Kiyan:chal meri baby bua😝😝. Kiyan and Ruhan push her playfully and both run inside and Hanina and Aayat making faces.

Aayat:O god i was waiting for him now look at him Bhaiyaaa😀😭..

Hanina:huhu rancorous boy.Kiyan and Ruhan entered inside.


Anjali:come my babies Ruhan went to Anjali and cuddles her.


Anjali: haan. Kiyan looking here and there. He loosing his tie.

Kiyan:where she is..


Kiyan:thanks chachu.. kiyan rushed ahead.

He went in room Avantika standing busy in something kiyan entered. He give her voice.

Kiyan:Maa.Avantika see him and she smiling like anything. He run to her and cuddles Avantika From her waist.

Avantika: my kiyan caressing his hairs.

Kiyan: yes me. Avantika cupped his face and kissed on kiyan forehead and wiped his forehead sweat.

Avantika:come.He sits on side table. Hmm I’ll do she take off his tie.How’s your day haan?

Aayat and hanina is bestiesΒ  πŸ‘―they have age difference lott but both of them is same to same. 😝😝

Hanina: hii everyone.

Anjali: come you both come so late haan.

Ruhan: yeah mumma because both of them maybe get busy in makeup 😝outside only they have to look good after all if anyone see them get scared after see their real faceπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Hanina:oyyye chamche..

Aayat:yeah.Where he went.

Hanina:hoo don’t you know like usual.

Aayat:hmm Aayat went inside the room and found dadi and grand son cuddling each other’s. Omg mummy she went ahead and sits on bed taking deep breathe.

Kiyan: see her she is so mean.

Aayat: acha very smart haan what about you know you know what mummy he can’t even wait for a second. I was taking chocolates and he just screaming. Avantika look at kiyan.

Kiyan:I’ll tell you na dadi.

Aayat: now don’t give presentation of your clarification 😝😝.

Kiyan: see copy cate stole my dialogue as well poor. Haan dadi she and hanina do that only always roaming near canteen at him near mirror he act like them 😝😝there nakhre girly 😝. Tantrums queens.

Avantika:okay fine

Aayat: I’m tired.

Kiyan:Pathar tod ke aai hai..πŸ˜‰

Avantika: kiyan

Aayat: haan see him I’m elder than you.

Kiyan: sorry bua😜😜. He hold his earlobe and giggles Avantika as well.

Aayat: huhu bua eww Aayat didi call me okay.

Kiyan: okay bua.. 😝.

Aayat:mummmy she went in her room.

Aayat is now 13 years old..

Avantika: acha okay now get freshen up.

Avantika take kiyan In Washroom and she helps him.They come out Avantika give kiyan clothes and she made him wear as well.

Kiyan is twinkle and Kunj son but kiyan is alike Kunj totally he is too favourite of his dadu and dadi. Even didn’t go anywhere stays Lot with them.If twinkle and Kunj went anywhere Than also hardly he went. Now Avantika has little son too kiyan she does his all work like childhood how she handle and he is so fond with his grand parents even great grandparents as well.

And he is carbon copy of Kunj.You all see him in childhood but after sometimes day by day becoming like his father after see him everyone remember Kunj childhood he gives numbers of glimpse of Kunj childhood. He is small but enough mature to understand all things.Love his dadi lott.

Smart and intelligent same like Kunj. And lott bookworm he just buys in his world wanted to do this and that and particular as well he is small but 😝we can say he is small package of Kunj πŸ˜›.in childhood he is naughty but now not at all very calm and being himself.hanina and kiyan is same too like they were small their Cold War going on since they sucking their thumbs 😝.their world war going on hanina loved to teased me he isn’t less even.but like Sarnas siblings they all too love each other’s no πŸ™…πŸ»β€β™€οΈTERE MERE in between them.

Kiyan fully get ready he rubbing his eyes.

Avantika wiped his eyes and clean his specs as well and he wear and they went outside.

Everyone sitting in living area Avantika and kiyan went towards them and sits. Hanina and Ruhan sitting on Anjali laps.

Anjali: see kiyan is so Good he get freshen up as well you both too come with me.

Ruhan:I’ll come haan kiyan.. πŸ˜›.

Anjali: bhai.

Ruhan:we are buddies like papa and maamu.

Usha: haan. Anjali takes her kids while hanina making Faces at kiyan..

Om: this girl na.

Usha: haan anjali jeshi bilkul nahi hai.

Avantika: you wanted something.

Kiyan: haan hungry.

Mahi: I’ll bring for you kiyan.

Kiyan:thanks chachiπŸ˜‚.

Om: yup.

Mahi:huhu massi.She went in kitchen Kush bring his car And sits beside kiyan.

Kush:see bhai see.

Kiyan: haan lets play they both sits down and playing with car Ruhan come and Joint them.Usha and Avantika or Lata and Prithviraj Rudra and Omkara admiring them.

Ruhan:where is dadu

Avantika:he went office na

Ruhan:hoo sorry.

{ hanina and Ruhan calling tej and Avantika Dadu dadi and nanu and nani as well whatever they feels..}

Aayat and hanina too come and sits in side while Mahi bring noddles for all kids.

Mahi:Chalo babies comes let’s have yummy noodles.They all get up take their cups.They all having kiyan feeding Kush with his hands.

Kush:bhai I come early.

Kiyan: I know master mind.

Om: one day you beaten by your mom.

Mahi: haan.

Kiyan: Leave it it’s last time hanina Kush.

Kush: haan pinky promise.

Ruhan: bas Arey let this girls do this pinky promise πŸ˜›πŸ˜›.

Hanina: hehe because you people are Poo.

Ruhan:potty mouth..

Usha:you both brother and sister again started..

Ruhan: but nani she starts na.

Avantika: keep quiet have your food.They all having Anjali give them water.They all have happily. Aayat and hanina watching videos in iPad while trio kiyan and Ruhan and Kush watching cartoons in tv. Rest of them watching them fully peacefully time.

After sometimes [email protected]

Tej and Manohar along with Rahul they all come back from office. Kids sitting in side. They come and take seats.

Avantika: you all come late today?


Tej:we have meeting that’s why.

Rudra:sorry I come early.

Rahul:I know haan.

Tej: and what’s my kids doing haan. They all waving their hands.

Rahul: heyy babies what’s going on.

Hanina: nothing papa she went to Rahul and sits on his lap.

Rahul:what my baby did today.

Kush:lotts of gossips about nobita and doraemon.. πŸ€ͺ.

Hanina:this you do not me I’m not RK fan.

Ruhan:behan full form please πŸ˜‚.

Kiyan:lady killer πŸ˜‚all looking at Rudra I mean Ranbir Kapoor.

Hanina: yup. Papa were is my chocolates and you Both my grand pa..

Manohar:today forgot,. πŸ˜‹. She making faces.

Kiyan: in low voice they trio brothers laying down.see her now making faces but she knew it they bring still drama queen 😝.

Ruhan: yeah. Tej take out from his pocket and give to her one and from side Aayat snatch.

Hanina: Kya massi😝,

Aayat: huhu..

Hanina: I mean di..

Aayat:you don’t know chocolates pe first my right is..😎.Both having chocolates. Tej gives to boys as well they too having.

Rahul: kiyan your mumma didn’t come haan.

Kiyan: I don’t know about mumma.

Rahul: why..

Aayat: haan when bhabhi will come I’m missing her she went Ooty still now didn’t coming.

Avantika:today she will come don’t worry.

Rudra: kiyan gone he didn’t went na.

Kiyan:why me he get up adjusting his specs. Daduu.

Tej: Haan nobody will say anything. He went to tej and sits on his lap.

Kiyan:see Dadu..

Aayat: dadu boy..

Kiyan: yes bua😎.

Ruhan: heyy massi why you have problems with bua and massi name haan.

Aayat: haan because look at me I’m so cute and young girl and you all calling me massi and bua so creepy πŸ˜‰sounds so oldie as well call me DI.. this suits on Di and pinku di and Avni πŸ˜„di..

Tej: haan baat toh Sahi hai..

Aayat: yes pa.

Kiyan:haa bua😝.

Aayat:kiyan you are my favourite still doing this .

Ruhan:because that time we didn’t come na he and Kush get up and lifting their collars in😎swagπŸ˜›.

Kiyan:yeah but not she is my favourite πŸ˜›. He give her side hug she too sits on tej lap.

Om: that’s true bichari Aayat only take him here and there whole day kiyan this and that she does πŸ˜‹πŸ₯°πŸ˜.

Hanina: lets play guys they all hoots and run in garden elders giggles.

Manohar: this all kids is our sunshine years passed away still feels like even their parents are babies 😝.

Tej: so true tej last night Priyanka call me and she and rohan had small argument both fighting like babies at last Prachi scold them.

Avantika:she is so cute handling them πŸ˜‚.

Lata:I’m just happy our all kids happy in their life and settled as well.

Prithviraj: haan right living theirs happily Avni and yuvi and Priyanka and rohan as well.

Tej: hAn papa my tension Avni and Priyanka hopefully they both get best lift partners.

Avantika:see Anita and Surjit didn’t send

atharva and Krishna..

Usha: fully crazy behind grand child’s 😝

Om: yeah see our kiyan too not went.

Tej: rt ji complaining me yesterday only.

Lata: right kiyan toh Kunj hai fully

Avantika:sometimes I thought Kunj childhood again come same acts and everything he likes and kiyan too what he dislikes and kiyan as well πŸ˜›.

Prithviraj: haan.

Rudra: now two apples hain dadi and dadi😜.

Tej: what about Kunj when he is coming back.

Rahul:today only he calls me during office

Time. Let surprised till when twinkle not come.

Rudra:bhaiya will come before bhabhi 😜😝.

Rahul:yeah Still .

Rudra: I’ll bring my family too.

Om: Haan you go fast.

{ Soumya went her house for some days because her mother wasn’t well along with her son luv..}Rudra left for kapoor mansion.Usha and Avantika went in rooms along with their hubbies.}

all kids playing in garden hanina and Aayat some neighbour friends too come and they all playing and trio Boys in side their basketball game. After this. They all playing seven stones game {Satoliya} girls team all balls went in vain. Boys smirked kiyan take ball and perfectly aims and throw hit on stones and they all run from there immediately and girls take ball and try to hit them and they try to piles them he all stones on top of one another in the center of the boundary area. Before girls ball hitting with them they run and their game going on.


Twinkle sitting in front of babaji she praying.

There leela come and she joint her and both prayed for each and everyone twinkle phone ringing only.

She looks her phone and understands. She finished all things and she and leela get up and left for Taneja mansion.

Soon they reached all family members sitting Kabir bring pastries for everyone. Twinkle and leela went inside and joined them.

Kabir:arey twinkle you take lott time.


Twinkle:this kids na she sits.

Malika: marwa no baby you have lott than you having pain in your teeth’s

Marwa:mumma please na.marwa is Kabir and Malika second daughter she born after khansa 3 years later.She is 4 years old. And cry cute and just like her bua 😜and mumma.while khansa is like Kabir.

Twinkle: my cutie pie. Twinkle see Avantika messages I should packed all things their messages coming.

Leela: haan. First time you stay lott and I’m disappointed with kiyan he didn’t went with us Ooty..

Twinkle:Haan Maa I’ll see later let me go first and his father as well.

Twinkle went Ooty for their relative wedding with her mother family their small vacation happened kiyan didn’t went πŸ˜›with them.

Bebe: koi na beta.

Twinkle:he does this only Bebe even Kunj too he went for one week see it’s been 2 weeks him..

Kabir:behana ab tho bas kar become parents πŸ˜‚.

Twinkle:very funny bhai.even you too think went Ooty for function not for honeymoon πŸ˜‰πŸ€£.Malika and Kabir giggles fully..

Leela: you go beta and see them as well. She get up and went in her room and her eyes went on bed and see them sleeping beast.Β  She murmured and went towards wardrobe take out all things and packed in all in bag..

Other hand Kunj arrived Amritsar he come back after 2 weeks from Spain.our hot Kunj Sarna become more hot πŸ₯°.His killer look drooling all hearts.same charm and he and twinkle same to same siyappa queen and Sadu Sarna.Kunj wearing shades and looking extremely killer manπŸ₯³.he take his luggage everyone list after all.He went outside and car already waiting for him Kunj went and driver keep all luggage inside the car dicky.Kunj sits inside backseat.He take out his car driver started the car and they drove off for Sarna Mansion.

Kunj admiring his phone screensaver. He smiled adoring his lifelines.

Kunj:my babies..πŸ˜›.He kissed on phone screensaver.

Rudra come back with Soumya and his son luv.Soumya come inside while luv playing with all siblings.Soumya meet with all.

Soumya: twinkle bhabhi didn’t come haan?

Mahi:nope she is on the way maybe.

Soumya she now slim fitted 😝mum.her cuteness and chubby cheeks still maintained she and Rudra same naughty childish couple. She have two babies one luv and second Rudra πŸ˜›.Luv is better than Rudra at least.Mixture of Kunj and om.Both naughty and serene..

Totally opposite reaction Rudra son went on Omkara while Omkara son went on Rudra πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚. Kush teased him and kiyan lott. But they too giving bro buddies goal like their fathers. 🌟..

Usha: how’s luv does he teased you.

Soumya: no choti Maa at all you know sometimes he does but not the all time. I’m blessed his father teased me lott with his call all giggles.

Rahul: heh Soumya you blessed but look at mahi and Omkara condition here totally chemical opposite reactionπŸ˜‚. Didn’t understand which law happened with you.

Mahi: right Kush uff.

Soumya: hehe luv isn’t less haan i m just praising πŸ€ͺ.You know my cousin son come he and luv took whole house their head even i m surprised πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Avantika:good where is my cutie I’ll bring them.

In garden all things running behind each other’s kiyan holding Kush and luv hands and trio bothers running.

Luv:bhai fast run this girls gang coming.


Kush: why not give them some kicks what’s say.

Ruhan:acha everyone give us kick out of this house very sure 😝last time because of you twinkle maami give us punishment made us stand whole day.

Kiyan:haan you know my mumma.they hide behind trees while girls finding them.

At Luthra mansion..

yuvi and Avni busy in their romance.

Avni: yuvi Leave me what about babies.

Yuvi: hehe I was behind you about babies now I’m crying they didn’t let me spend sometime with my wifey my battery πŸ˜‚.

Avni: hatt: now go she push him and went in washroom she get freshen up later yuvi too both went downstairs. Avni went in kitchen yuvi too behind her she making cookies for babies.Yuvi helping her side by side both of them Romancing as well 🀀. More yuvi.

Anita and Surjit try to chasing two cuties.

Anita: bas I’m done now.

Surjit: haan bacha your dadu and dadi now old 😝.

Anita:I’m not old.Two cuties clapping.

Krishna: hehe dadu and dadi old.

atharva:yeah dadi. Anita and Surjit lift time in their arms.

Surjit: my life my babies.

Anita:haan they sits in side couch and take them on their laps.They come and sunshine all life’s fully everyday I’m thanking to Avni she gives numbers of reason to live after them understand what grand kids is means for their grand parents. Now I don’t want they went anywhere and leave us.

Surjit:see after them yuvi handle all work and in retired as well see my both saale still working.

Anita:haan it’s their passion 🀣.

Krishna:I’ll see mumma and papa.

Surjit: Haan. They both run inside the kitchen and see two busy couples in romance more the workπŸ˜‚. They looking at them. Yuvi eyes went on them and leave Avni.

Yuvi: something is went in my eyes.

Krishna keep her hands on her waist.

Krishna:acha see atharva everytime something went in papa eyes I’ll tell dadu she about to go yuvi lift her in his arms.

Yuvi: bas meri Maa Avni giggling.

Krishna: papa.. he kissed on his cheeks,

Yuvi: my bacha.Where is your dadu and dadi.

Avni:they tried them like always..

Atharva:yeah papa.Avni and yuvi giggles. Atharva sits on kitchen slab with the help of Avni.

Krishna:wowo mamma making cookies.

Avni: yes because my cuties love na she pulled Krishna cheeks and kissed on her cheeks.Yuvi cuddles Krishna.

Krishna: my papa cute.

Avni: only papa.

Atharva: my mumma.He cuddles Avni. Both lifts where is mumma and papa arms.

Atharva and Krishna is yuvi and Avni kids Atharva is elders than Krishna.

While daughter is totally like father crazy and Atharva is like Avni and little bit like yuvi as well.They all just busy in their kids only.Their day starts with them end on them running behind them only.

Avni Make cookies she place in plate and take they all went in living room. Surjit and Anita was sitting they went towards them. Krishna and Atharva sits on yuvi lap while Avni served her in laws tea and she sits beside yuvi.Yuvi feeding them cookies and they both making cute cute faces.Which make everyone smiled. After kids life changed even other things as well they bring immense happiness and bring thousands of reason to live.Now we started seeing our life with them.

Krishna: see dadi it’s so yummy my mumma is the best.

Anita:acha bachu aise toh you were your papa doll na.

Atharva:yes dadi party changer everyday.

Yuvi: huhu she is my doll. She cuddles him more and more Avni and Atharva making faces.

{Maya and Dev shifted to abroad years back and they were happy with their small daughter..}

Kunj reached Sarna Mansion.He come out of the car and remove his shades he smiled.All kids playing in side.

Kunj:my sweet home.he stretch his arms and went inside driver bring his


Everyone was sitting and chit chatting with each other’s.Kunj entered there he saw his happy family together like always he smiled and went ahead Lata and Prithviraj eyes went on him they immediately get up and smiled and Kunj went towards them first and bend down take their blessings.

Kunj:my dadu and dadi he hug them.

They too hugged him back.All smiled.

Lata:my son come back.She cupped his face and kissed on Kunj forehead. How’s you?

Kunj:I’m fine what about you both looking so thin.

Rudra:acha bhaiya.Kunj meet with everyone.

Tej: how’s your trip..

Kunj:amazing everything happened so well and fast as well.

Usha:my son must be tired go and rest.

Kunj:no Maa I’m fine..

Soumya: Kunj bhaiya coffee.

Mahi: yeah di isn’t here.

Kunj: hehe bring I’ll not denyπŸ˜‚.They both chuckled and went to make coffee. She didn’t come still.

Avantika:coming only.Kunj rolling his eyes.

Om:don’t be sacred like kiyan.

Kunj:huhu why I’ll. Where he is haan. Because of him I’m stuck.

Rudra: playing with his gang..πŸ˜‚.

Kunj:hmm.I’ll get freshen up he get up and went in washroom and quickly get freshen up.He come down while all kids get tired and come inside.They were fully drenched in sweat and dirty as well.Soumya give coffee to Kunj.All kids come with boom..

Luv:daduu he run to tej.

Tej:where were you went haan.

Luv:hoo I went to nanu place don’t you know.all kids sits in side kiyan come.


Rahul:le Kunj your son is here.

Kunj:what is this kiyan if siyappa queen see you in this condition she will starts..

He smiles and went to Kunj..

Kiyan:dada.when you come.

Kunj:now only.He take out his specs and wiped his eyed. Kiyan sit on Kunj lap.

Om:now kiyan will forgot everyone now his dada come.

Kiyan:kuch bhi chachu..

Kunj:how’s you..

Kiyan:all fine..

Twinkle meet with everyone and drove off for Sarna Mansion.All kids complaining Kunj about this and that.

Hanina: maamu he is very bad he teased me lott.

Kush: no bade papa she is the one.

Aayat: ahah.

Ruhan: arey massi don’t interpret πŸ˜‚.

Aayat: ahah again massi.see bhaiya them.

Kunj:Aayat. You are their massi and bua.

Aayat: it’s look old and I’m cute.

Kiyan: Haan cutie buaπŸ˜‚what’s say dada.

Kunj: no no my baby sister is cute call her Aayat didi.

Aayat: yes my bhaiya kissed on Kunj cheek.My bhaiya🧐

Kiyan:and my dada..😎

Kunj:Bas bas.

Aayat: bhaiya you bring whatever I told you.

Kiyan:you are list queen.

Hanina: whatever battery.. 😝.

Kiyan: heyyy😑.

Rahul:you both never improve hanina..

Hanina:see he is batter double eyes..

Kunj:you come with me kiyan.

Kiyan: where..

Kunj:look at your condition. He get up and hold kiyan hand taking before going kiyan pulled hanina hairs and run from there and while she screamed.

Hanina:ahah papa.

Ruhan:you deserve it this screaming beauty.

Om:he is kiyan bestie πŸ€ͺ.Kush and luv dancing like crazy all laughs out.

Kunj and kiyan entered in room.they went inside. Kunj sits on bed kiyan standing in front of him Kunj caress his face.

Kunj: my kiyan I missed you.

Kiyan: even I missed you lott dada he hugged him you went and mumma too. And she is hell angry didn’t taking my calls as well. Huhu.

Kunj: because of you na why not went with mumma haan.

Kiyan:how dada you know I’m having my

Martial classes. That’s why I didn’t went and you know na there I just get bored Kunj cupped his face.

Kunj: why?

Kiyan:there is no boy only hanina and marwa and all pulling my cheeks and I hate.

Kunj:haha it’s not good my son even nanu and nani missing you na.

Kiyan:what about dadi and dadu they too miss me if I went.

Kunj:I’m enough you are too dadi and dadu fan. Chalo koi na. How’s your classes.

Kiyan:awesome he told Kunj each and everything.Kunj and kiyan share amazing bond because both of them similar and Kunj understood him fully.

Kunj:good I love you now come with me mrs Amritsar will kill us.

Kiyan: even you too. You know dada since mumma won mrs Amritsar compilations everyone was in my school teasing and calling me Arey you are mrs Amritsar son naπŸ˜–πŸ˜–. Kunj laughs out

Kunj:cool na you should proud of your mother.

Kiyan:hehe too much sometimes.Kunj kissed on his forehead and he take off his clothes and went in washroom Kunj freshen up him and they come in room. Kunj dressed up with him fully.Kunj take out his allergy medicine.he give him medicine with his hands.

Kiyan having allergic with few things and dr giving him medicine to cure this problem that’s why he taking..

Kiyan: what about you did you take your medicine

Kunj: oops I forgot.

Kiyan: I know he smiled and bring his medicine he gives him.

Kunj:my small son is so caring towards me haan.

Kiyan:even my dada too na.I love you he cuddles him.Kunj lift him in his arms and they went downstairs goes to everyone.

Mahi and Soumya or Anjali busy in cooking.Lata chanting beats.

While boys playing in side and hanina and Aayat went in room and playing girly things.Kunj sits with Rahul and Omkara and Rudra.Kiyan take his game and playing in side resting his head on Prithviraj lap.

Rahul:I report all things.

Kunj:good yaar.

Rudra: even bhaiya my meeting too went well. After all pa and chote papa help me lott.

Kunj:cool na.After luv he changing good na.

Om:yeah our cry baby brother isn’t anymore they all giggles Rudra hide his face under Kunj chest.

Twinkle car stop she come with driver. She come out of the car.

Twinkle:chalo.she holds their fingers. She went inside.While two ducks running fast.Wait.they went inside and chirping fully. Kunj and all heard their voice Kunj get up and turned his face.

Kunj:you both he said. While they see Kunj and run towards him.Kunj sits down on his knees and two cuties cuddles him.My babies.While twinkle coming from back.She entered and see Kunj and with babies.

Rahul: finally twinkle sarna is back long holiday I must say.

Kunj:how’s you both haan.Kunj cupped their face while they both of them looking at Kunj with their buttoned eyes.

They scream good..

Kush:hashir is come back.

Luv:even chahat too.

Kunj:you went and leave dada alone don’t you miss me haan.

Chahat:lott dada even mumma too. Kunj look at twinkle who giving him Tashan look he understands and gulps and lift them in his arms.Twinkle went and meet with each and everyone.Kiyan engrossed in game he didn’t see twinkle.

Kunj: aur what you both did.

Hashir: lott of masti we play this and that and went here and there.

Chahat: haan nanu bring toys for us too.

Tej: hoo Than toh Chahat is happy.

Chahat:damn happy dadu..

Anjali: hayy twinkle we all missing you man.

Twinkle: even I’m too di..

Maya: how’s your vacation.

Twinkle:I told you.Even you should go with us but you ever not we enjoyed lott.

Avantika:chalo Good even you went and get fresh with them.

Hashir: mumma bhai.. πŸ˜›he pointing his hands towards kiyan.Twinkle see him.

Twinkle:Haan I can see your bhai..

So guys chahat and hashir is twinkle and Kunj twins babies they born after 3years later of kiyan. It’s not plan suddenly happened twinkle and Kunj get to know they get happy but worried about twinkle because of her previous time but like before everyone take care of her fully kiyan is 3 years old when twinkle is expecting but all happened well. Most important part they weren’t awarded she expecting with twins babies even drs too. When delivery time comes that time drs get to know and she give births to a cute babies a boy and girl.They 4 minutes difference between each other’sΒ  hashir is 4 minutes elder than chahat she is small.

When nurse brings them and Kunj saw first time he felt so good utmost happiness twinkle again give him and his family already everyone crazy behind kiyan now new joys.they were very cute even weak as well.Their treatment is going on with passing time they get well even twinkle as well.They all decided their name and together keep their names.

Already they have so many small babies.After twins babies all babies crazy for them.Twinkle and Kunj handle them nicely because of them Avantika handle kiyan all things more.But they give kiyan too time and he is not naughty very good.Haan they only scared of twinkle but with Kunj not at all twinkle always saying he spoiling their kids but Kunj don’t care.

Hashir is so cute he is mixture of everyone but not so naughty because of twinkle 😝😝her eyes is enough now twinkle eyes work more like Kunj on his siblings.But tej and Avantika comes and saves them always.And chahat is toh everything of Kunj he love his solo daughter lott.She is carbon copy of twinkle childhood so much naughty fighting with everyone even use her hands and legs as well she is thin but having chubby cheeks like her mother and get all cuteness and naughtiness from twinkle only and teased kiyan and hashir lott.And her anger is OMG even Rudra and Omkara too love her Lot she is favourite of her chachus.And fully chatterbox.Kunj give her little siyappa queen tagged.she love to stand in front of mirror and hashir and kiyan teased her and she started crying and make fake story and tell everyone.But all knows how is she.lifeline of Kunj he love her most equally but she is small and she used this advantage lott.

Hashir Kunj Sarna
Chahat Kunj sarna

Chahat wearing music shoes and she stamping her music coming and she giggles.While kiyan still engrossed in his world.

Hashir:mumma.he cuddles his knees.

Twinkle:hashir don’t here.Twinkle take him in Washroom after 3 minutes come back. She made him wear his shorts.

Aayat and hanina come down and see twinkle Aayat went towards her.

Aayat: bhabhi come heyy hashir baby.

She pulled his cheeks while he doesn’t like at all.

Hashir: aha..

Twinkle: hi Aayat.

Hanina: Maami don’t go again.

Twinkle:haan.Kiyan finished his game he get up and his eyes went on twinkle he was shocked. Hanina and Aayat laughing like anything.

Hashir: bhaii we are back..

Twinkle: let your bhai busy in work.

Chahat: bhaiyuu.I have chocolates for you. She show him but didn’t give him😝.

Rahul:today kiyan sarna gone.Kiyan making puppy faces.

Twinkle:why he have his dada na.

Kiyan:in his mind this mumma giving smile means something really bad happened with me I’m gone😀😫.Kiyan escape from there.

He went in twinj room and lay down on bed and playing his game again.

Hashir and chahat telling everyone their vacation masti all listening and giggles as well because chahat making faces.

Twinkle and Kunj share eye locks but Kunj looking in side because of  upcoming toofan😝.. luv sits on twinkle lap he kisses on her cheeks.

Luv: Maa I miss you so much you bring cars for me haan you promise me na.

Luv Rudra Sarna

Twinkle: haan I bring for you everything whatever you and Kush told me.

Ruhan: what about me.

Twinkle:acha you and your bestie didn’t get anything understand.

Ruhan:huhu nanu will bring for us hanina my GP.

Hashir: my mumma.He too cuddles twinkle.

Luv:my Maa.Luv is very enamoured with twinkle and he spend more time with twinkle and she too love him.She love all kids luv always behind her only hashir and luv didn’t leave her palu.And he calling her Maa only.

Twinkle:yes my baby.

Mahi: I’ll bring dinner di you go and get freshen up.

Twinkle:hmm.She went in her room as soon as she entered in room and see kiyan she get angry. Not at all just to show him. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜›. Hi Mr Sarna. Kiyan see her and immediately leave his game and get up.

Kiyan: mumma..😫.

Twinkle: yes me.She going near him while kiyan scared fully.You busy here in games Haan didn’t went with me wait a second today I’ll not leave even you and your father.

Kiyan: mumma I’m sorry na I have work.

Twinkle: acha even you too joined sarna empire only you and he have work entireΒ  world is free haan. He have office you have your silly classes.

Kiyan:mumma isn’t silly you know I love this all activities even dadu too.

Twinkle:I don’t want to listen anything kiyan. Twinkle try to catch him before kiyan run downstairs while twinkle behind him.

Kiyan: dada Dadu dadi save me.All understand mumma and son war starts. Kiyan jumped and twinkle coming and try to chasing him.But kiyan is good in running. He come and hide behind Kunj.

Dada save me.


Twinkle: today I’ll not leave him..

Kunj: but why?

Twinkle:acha you saying this.You both father and son is same to same.

Kiyan:superb na.

Twinkle:see your son.He didn’t went with me. She try to hold him. Kiyan hide behind tej back and cuddles him. You all didn’t tell them anything.

Tej:I know beta next time kiyan will go okay.

Twinkle:huhu I’ll too give you punishment as well. He running twinkle too because of this all kiyan specs falls down and breaks as well.He stop. Twinkle caught him: now where you will go.

Kiyan:mumma because of you my specs again huhu.

Twinkle:come with me you. He take his specs and twinkle take hashir and chahat as well with her Kunj too went.

Kunj: now leave twinkle i m sorry in side Kunj standing other side kiyan.

Twinkle:what Sorry while two cuties jumping on the bed. You told me you going for just a week but not like always you lied to me and takes 2 weeks haan you son Maa and pa bhai all missing him you make him like yourself just he didn’t went anywhere apart from our family.

Kunj: I know I’m not lied with you at all I don’t know I’ll get work and have to stay there more days and about kiyan I told him and go with but he itself not because he having martial classes..

Twinkle:for you your woke is important and for your son his classes only what about me haan.Kiyan and Kunj looking at each other’s. Both hold their earlobe’s and apologised her in very cute way. Twinkle smiled kiyan and Kunj sit beside her.

Kiyan: sorry mumma next time not I’ll say sorry to nanu and nani as well.

Kunj: haan good.

Twinkle:huhu go and leave me see your son he stay without me didn’t even miss me at all.

Kiyan:haww dada I call her but she didn’t picked up my calls.

Twinkle:because I’m angry with you kiyan lott. You always did this only.

Kiyan:big wala sorry.You only love your chicks only.

Twinkle:see your son acha.

Kunj:she just love her joey.

Kiyan: woh toh I know I’m enough send them somewhere maamu love them leave them there only 😝😝. Twinkle cupped his face andΒ  try to slap him kiyan closed his eyes twinkle and Kunj smiled and twinkle kissed on his forehead.

Twinkle:my baby see his face just busy in this and that haan did you have your meal na I know mummy ji is here.

Kiyan:haan my dadi is the best and choti dadi as well. 😎.

Twinkle:dadi and dadu Ka deewana.

Kiyan:no doubt mumma🀩. I love my grand parents lott.

Twinkle:I know.he cuddles twinkle.

Kunj:you both will falls down chahat and hashir.They cuddles twinkle and Kunj from back.

Hashir:mumma loves me.

Chahat: me..

Kiyan:you chicks she loves me lott.

Twinkle:bas I love my all kids.They trio cuddles her fully and they laughing. Chalo hashir and chahat lets changed clothes.

Chahat: hmm.Twinkle changed their clothes and made them wear night dress.Chahat wear night dress too cute ones only same soft shoes and headband as well.Twinkle give kiyan his new specs extra pairs they kept for him. Because he broke lott.

Rest of them come and sits for dinner. Hashir and kiyan hold each other’s hand they went down while Kunj lift his doll and they went downstairs and joined everyone.Mahi and Soumya serving everyone.All kids take their respective chairs.While Chahat sits on top of table.Twinkle feeding chahat and luv while Kunj kiyan and hashir.Tej and Avantika Ruhan and Kush. Hanina and Aayat itself only like actress both of them every health conscious 😝.

Kiyan: see now she having so much.

Hanina: you keep your eyes in your plate only battery.

Kiyan:you pullet.😏😏.

Twinkle: Chahat have properly.

Chahat: mumma I don’t want this.

Twinkle:you just want chocolates only I’ll lock you in washroom.She make puppy faces and she feeding her.

Rahul:twinkle you taking badi Maa position πŸ€ͺ😝.

Kiyan:dadi toh never shows anger. All chocked 😝😝.

Rahul:bacha you don’t know.. now they become grand parents

Avantika: yes 😝😝we showed lott your parents now we are grand parents.

Kiyan:hoo great than.

Hanina: dadi you just love kiyan.

Ruhan: nobody loves you plastic beauty πŸ€ͺ😝. Kiyan and Ruhan Hifi.

Hanina: now see your son papa.

Rahul: hmm I can see my dear baby.

Usha:hanina your father is same to same like Ruhan he pulled everyone legs lott.

Kiyan:choti dadi you don’t know her she showing tantrums lott in school as well. Don’t know anything just hanina this and that her silly friends as well. More khansa didi😝.

Hanina:huhu she is best and not like stroppy.

Kiyan: it’s you hanina 😏.

Anjali: ahah you both always fighting don’t know what you all doing in school?

Aayat: same to same. Even in recess time too starts there.

Manohar: hoo not good.

Hanina:nanu he and his Chamcha Ruhan come between us.

{ khansa is one class ahead than kiyan and hanina.While they both are in same class and Kush and Ruhan and luv in same.} but Ruhan and kiyan always stay together even in school as well like Rahul and Kunj they were same buddies.Their bonding and understanding too.Ruhan is really very intelligent while Kush and luv is normal 😝😝.

Anjali: I’ll change your school one day.

Kiyan: yeah bua please soon at least our class.

Hanina: acha I have a solution for you ek class me fail hota than you and chamcha will be together πŸ˜›.


Kunj:shh have your food.

Kiyan: I’m done dada.

Twinkle:have everything you and hashir too.He nodded in yes. All kids finished their food and run from there all went to pool side and jumping here and there Ruhan and Kunj pulled hanina hairs.

Elders having their food now.

Usha:Yeh bache bhi na.

Anjali: this kiyan and Ruhan same to same.

Twinkle:haan. There hashir teased marwa lott he didn’t leave her still she didn’t slept..😝sadu ke bache just like him. What about Priyanka haan?

Kunj: Haan she is coming na?

Avantika:2 days back only Rohan family and they come back from London:I’ll call her tomorrow.

Twinkle:nice mummy ji Prachi is so sweet heart.

Mahi:right di.This bache isn’t less than stormπŸ€ͺ😝.All nodded in yes.

At Mehra mansion.

Rohan working on a project Prachi come there and give rohan his coffee which she bring in her cute toy mug.. Rohan see her and smiled.

Rohan: my Prachi thanks he take.

Prachi: papa. Mumma send.

Rohan: hoo.She sits in side Priyanka come there with Prachi milk. She escaping from milk.

Priyanka:now Prachi drink fast.

Prachi:mumma I don’t like you know na. Priyanka cupped her face and she making puppy faces.

Priyanka: nobody love me not Papa even my baby too I’ll Go to my paπŸ˜•. She looking at Priyanka and melt.

Prachi: no no I love mumma she quickly drink Rohan and Priyanka chuckled..

Priyanka: my good girl kissed on her forehead.

Rohan: you mumma is so smart haan

Priyanka: huhu. Prachi went from there while Priyanka about to going rohan hold her hand pulled her she sits on his lap. Kya Hai?

Rohan:sorry he cupped her face she look at him and he giving her naughty looks she understands and blushed.

She pulled his cheeks.

Priyanka: day by day becoming naughty.

Rohan:yes behind you only.He making pouty lips Priyanka giggles and kissed on his cheeks just than there Prachi come and she coughing 🀣. They both composed themselves. Prachi hug them.

Prachi: mumma lets go go nani house.

Rohan: acha mere saale huhuπŸ˜•πŸ˜. Puri cricket team hai waha πŸ˜‚.

Priyanka:hehe I’ll tell pa and bhaiya.. πŸ˜‰.They trio joints their foreheads.

All finished dinner twinkle and all doing kitchen chores and they gossiping about everything.

Anjali:my and your son omg.They are more than Rahul and Kunj.

Twinkle:right di.

At pool side.

Hanina was having chocolate pastery all alone by hiding from her all siblings.But ruhan and kiyan saw her and they smirked..

Kiyan:ruhan see someone is eating chocolates pastries all alone.should we tell anjali bua..

Ruhan:right bro .when we all demand for chocolate then she is the one who said mumma i don’t want more chocolates. And everyone praises her aww hanina is so good she don’t demand for more chocolates.she is a very good girl..

Kiyan:exactly.bol matto.ab kya bolegi..

Hanina:you monkey’s always behind me haan don’t you have any work haan ohh i got it i m so cool na that’s why you both always follow me haan.

Kiyan:ohh plz.very lame are you katrina kaif haann we will follow you.

Ruha:haa ya phir aliya bhatt..

Hanina:malhotra hanina malhotra hu mai samjhe na or don’t you dare aagr kisi ko kuch bataya toh..

Kiyan:toh what will you do haan .papa ko batyegi.like always..

Hanina:exactly wahi karungiΒ  …you na i m angel of my paa ..

Kiyan:or tumhe kya lagta hai hum kya h ..you know na we two are favourites of all…

Hanina:you both shut up and go from here let me enjoy my pastries..huh…

Kiyan and ruhan :oo hum toh darr gyeΒ  tumne bola or hum chale jayenge chal na..

Hanina:acha so what do you want ..

Kiyan:ab aayi na line pe …


Kiyan:you have to agree with us when we will demand from dada and uncle..

Hanina:what will you demand..

Kiyan:you will get to know soon..

Hanina:thinks abhi haan bol deti hu baad me dekh lungi innhe..

Kiyan:don’t you think to play smart with me i m kiyan sarna jaha tumhara sochna khatam hota hai wha mera shuru hota..

Hanina:acha okay now leave.

Rahul and kunj was sitting in poolside.Kiyan and ruhan came to them …

Kiyan and ruhan :smirked and smile..




Kiyan:woh hanina was having some problems in maths so she was saying she needs a tuition for this ….who can give her extra class to her at home…

Rahul:what ? Hanina ne aisa bola….

Ruhan:yes dad.you can ask her as well.

Rahul:okay call her i ‘ll ask her.

Kiyan and ruhan :hanina please came here ..

Hanina:huh bolo…

Kiyan:you promised us na you will agree us when we will demand from dada and uncle .

Hanina:but…what you demanded first tell me then i’ll say yes to them …

Kiyan:woh i said we want to go amusement parkΒ  so good na …

Hanina:haan cool .chalo tum bhi kya yaad rakhoge .While kiyan and ruhan giggling…

Rahul:Hanina…whatever they said do you agree with them ..

Hanina:yes papa…i want this .

Rahul:good girl.kunj you know mr Gupta who is a good teacher appoint him for her extra classes…

Kunj:hmm sure..

Hanina:extra classes for whom dad

Rahul:for you my angel ..

Hanina:what ?? For me why ..???

Rahul:arey you said kiyan and ruhan na that you are having problem in maths so you need extra classes for this..

Hanina:no papa…they are lieing kiyan and ruhan you too toh gone .wait i m coming..

Kiyan and ruhan run from there and hanina was behind them.

Kunj and rahul smiled after seeing them .Kiyan and rahul are too same like them always together…


Kunj bring bag and take out everyone things which he brought for them all were so much excitement more girls.

Kiyan: see them Gaon basa nahin lootere pehley aa gayeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Ruhan: hmm all elders holding their heads their everyday routine till they didn’t sleep this on.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Kunj:this for hanina he give her and she take and show kiyan and ruhan.While they don’t care.Kunj give each and everyone.

Chahat:what about me dada ahah😭she started crying.

Twinkle:chahat baby wait na dada will give you too. Hanina take out her doll and she get up.

Chahat:I wanted this only daduu😭😭stamping her foots on floor. Kiyan snatch for hanina hands he give to Chahat.

Ruhan: good hanina you are lil big for this go girls play with mirror and do your

Lipa potiπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Kiyan:take chick this doll she get happy.

Chahat: thanks bhaiyuu but yeh toh didi ki hai na.

Kiyan:don’t be extra sweet do you wanted or else I’ll give this to marwa😝😝. She immediately take and cuddles.

Hanina: this is not fair maamu😭😭.

Twinkle:Chahat this for hanina dadi go and give her dada will give you more

Chahat:okay she went towards her and give hanina she show tongue to him.Kunj give them as well all get happy.

Kiyan: what about me dada.

Kunj: I give you.

Rahul:what you bring for him.

Kiyan:nothing surprise πŸ˜‚.

Kunj:what he wanted haan only adventures games.

Twinkle:he already have specs still you bring this things and he just engrossed.

Kiyan:why you all behind me.Chahat dancing with her doll. She about to falls down kiyan hold her hands. You chick can’t you sit properly what kida you have.

Hanina: you Will not understand wild lomri.

Kiyan: again tere animal planet starts Haan. Bua from where you bring her haan always this lomri kutti kutta murmured.

Hanina: tell me honestly maami from where you bring this sadu.

Rudra: why.. you both are same to same.

Twinkle:right.Hashir comes and sits on twinkle lap and he nuzzles his face in embrace she caressing his hairs.Chahat now sleeps late.

Chahat: hmm. She cuddles Omkara and playing his hairs.

Avantika: you all continue bas.Elders went in their respective rooms while parents watching their kids.

Rahul:Tere teen anmol Ratans.

Kunj:yup my lifeline they are.Kiyan run from there.Hanina and Aayat went in their room they sleep together.Kush and luv too dozing off.

Twinkle: chalo now goodnight everyone.

Anjali: Haan she lift ruhan who slept in her arms.Kunj take Chahat who still wake up. They all take their kids and went in their room.

At twinj [email protected]

Twinkle and Kunj lay down twinkle making Chahat sleep she blabbering this and that.Kunj and twinkle giggles.

Kunj: aur whAt Mrs Sarna did there haan.

Twinkle:huhu just behind your son and daughter.

Kunj:acha cool na after me my parcels is with you.😝😝Chahat And hashir identically were not very much same.

Chahat too sleep twinkle kissed on her forehead covered them with blanket Kunj

Hold her hands I missed you my jaan.


Kunj:sachi kissed on her cheeks.Twinkle kiss on Kunj chin.. resting her head on his chest they spend sometime in each other embrace later they too lay down bag is really big enough for them. Both babies in middle. Twinkle and Kunj while admiring sleep.

Kiyan sleeping with tej and Avantika sometimes if he wanted Aayat out he come 😝. They too sleeping peacefully.

Later Kiyan wake up and missing twinkle.

Kiyan:mumma having little tears in his eyes he get up and finding her he went out of the room and goes in twinj room.Kiyan entered in room and find them sleeping. He went near twinkle and patting on her arms. Mummma…

Twinkle:hmm she open her eyes.And found kiyan.Kiyan.

Kiyan: haan I wanted to sleep with you. She can see tears in his eyes and understands he wake up in between his sleep.

Twinkle:haan come my bacha he cuddles her and sleep like he slept before when he is small baby.Nuzzles his face in her embrace she caressing his hairs and smiled kissed on his hairs. Kiyan cuddles and sleep..




Twinj kids 3Β 

Kiyan is 6 years oldΒ 

Β Chahat and hashir is 3 years old twins 3 years gaps between them.

Rahul and Anjali :2 kids one girl and boy. Hanina isΒ  6 and few months years old. While Ruhan is 4 year oldΒ 

And hanina and Ruhan 2 year gaps between each other’sΒ 

Kabir and Malika 2 daughters. Khansa is 7 and few months years old And marwa is 4 year olds.. they have 3 years gaps between each other’sΒ 

Avni and yuvi: elder son daughter:2..

Β  atharva is 4 years old and Krishna is 2 years old they have years difference between each other’s.Β 

Omkara Mahi :1 son Kush.. 4 years old.Β 

Rudra Soumya :son. Luv 4 years oldΒ 

Priyanka Rohan:1 daughter..Prachi is 3 years old. 😭

More to come! Stay tuned, and thanks for reading….


haan happy bday to cute friend mahi May Allah bless you and stay happy wish your all dreams comes true πŸ˜‡πŸ₯°πŸŒŸ

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