RAB SE SONA ISHQ- Twinj episode 7

Episode 7


Started from.

Kunj was standing in nervousness.While his both brother were giggling to see his face. Kunj see this he gives him roil look.Rudra sees this immediately turn his face.While om past the flying kiss to kunj. He just nodded his yes nothing can happen them.

Guru ji:see this girl photo.

Prithviraj:hmm show me. Guru ji give photo to Prithviraj he sees girls photo not happy very much.Like this guru ji just showing pictures to him none of them he didn’t like his heart not willing to select any girl for his kunj out of these all.

Prithviraj: I didn’t like any girl for my kunj I told you find gem for my gold. Guru ji smiled.

Guru ji: I know what type of girl you will like it I had one girl for kunj I m sure you’ll love her. She is perfect for him.

Prithviraj: great show her pictures.

Guru ji: now I don’t have I’ll show her pictures soon.

Prithviraj: okay did you do all

arrangements for maha pooja.

Guru ji: yeah.

Rudra went near om Kara ears.

Rudra: o I think Dadu getting confused whom he selected girl for Bhaiya as our Bhabhi I’ll less his work. Om Kara look at him.

Om:bas.He is here only. Don’t fly on clouds. Rudra see Kunj.

Rudra: yeah..

Prithviraj: let’s have dinner.After all went towards dinning Area took their seats and settle down. Kunj sit beside Anjali while om and Rudra in opposite side. While servant come with all dishes and place everything on the table.While they started Serving to everyone. All having their dinner with silence. While guru ji were just stared Kunj continuously and giving smile back too.kunj will be perfect boy for twInkle

This Rudra see.

Rudra: Dadu did you find girl for Bhaiya??

After listening this kunj immediately looking at Rudra face.

Prithviraj:hmm I’ll see.

Rudra:Dadu I can help you if you wanted. Let me to see my Bhabhi. Kunj gritting his teeth on Rudra if everyone wasn’t here differently he’ll break his teeth’s.?

Om and Anjali see Kunj face expression they both very badly controlling on their laughs.

OM: he whispered in Rudra ears. Keep quiet Rudra if you wanted to see next day.

He’ll breakdown your Bhabhi dream In one go.

Guru ji: Rudra beta don’t worry soon I’ll meet you with your Bhabhi which make kunj cough ??.Now everyone looks at Kunj face. Lata gesturing everyone stops don’t do anything in front of him which make him more anxious.All get silent had their dinner. While Kunj thinking.

Kunj: wait rudra I’ll let you meet with your bhabhi wait meet with me in room he murmured. All done with dinner again they sit.Guru ji takes the leave.

Guru ji:okay I’ll take leave.Get ready Mr Sarna to meet with your grand daughter-in-law.Now rudra and om along with Anjali they three of them showing tongue to kunj.

Lata:awesome now I can’t wait to see her.

This all she said while looking at Kunj face.

Prithviraj:okay I’ll meet you directly in maha pooja. This time whole Amritsar will meet with my family.

Guru ji: yes and in this maha pooja I’ll show you your daughter-in-law. She is perfect for kunj.Her family will love our Kunj after all he is best.

Lata:true we want his wife to be equal like him.

All touch guru ji feet’s take his blessings.

He left. Rudra twirled Anjali in happiness.

Rudra:aww di finally humhari bhabhi mil gai..

Anjali: yes.??.

Kunj:wait rudra.

Tej: kunj why you get irritable with this haa my son?

Kunj: pa they always just talking about bhabhi bhabhi.. this make me choleric.

Rudra:see Papa..

Manohar:let them do it. Even I too did same with Bhai shab. Rudra come and stand beside Manohar and keeping his hand on Manohar shoulder.

Rudra: see Bhaiya in this I went on chote Papa ???.Kunj throw cushion on him.

He hides behind Manohar. Save me chote Papa.

Kunj:you better shut up.

Prithviraj:leave this all I have to tell you all something. First tej when they are coming.

Tej:Papa I told Amrita to send them.

Prithviraj: okay.So after two days later maha pooja is there .so done with your all work at last moment I don’t want any excuses. Specially you kunj.

Rudra: yes dadu always busy in business.

Kunj:yeah dadu.. I’ll. Prithviraj went near him cupped his face.

Prithviraj:don’t worry about your marriage Kunj trust on me your dadu I’ll not do your marriage with any random girl.Last decision is yours. This is my responsibility to set your life like your parents.Kunj just give smile. Your wife will be unique differently after all she will be grand daughter-in-law of Sarna family most she’ll be your wife.

He kissed on his forehead and leave for his room.

Rudra: o let’s go.

Om: Yeah bhabhi ???.

Kunj: you both.They both ran from here.

Avantika:leave them my kunj.They just teasing you.

Kunj:your all kids is impossible.

Avantika:yes after all they are your siblings. ?.

Next side in Taneja [email protected]

Twinkle [email protected]

Twinkle laying down on the bed. Talking on the phone with her all friend on conference call.She was telling them about kunj whom she meet today.

Twinkle: he is just arrogant man..

Rishi:Twinkle when you don’t know how to drive you shouldn’t take car in your hands.

Yuvi: true you know what happened last time that man is lucky he didn’t die with your car.. ??.It’s sound so good miss Amritsar ne bichar ladke ji jaan leli hai..

Twinkle:you both shut up.

Asha: leave this all twinkle. How he look.?

Twinkle:ugh why you ask me. I’m not interested in his looks.As if I’m going to marry to him.

Chinki: aww hope yeh Sach hojaye?.

Yuvi: but I’m petty on him and on cars.

It’s the first time a man give you tashan. Rather than flat on your beauty.

Rishi: right Yuvi. But after listen about him from twinkle he is to not less than her. He too have arrogant personality.

Asha: which I loved most..

Yuvi:Listen naman..

Naman: in sleeping tone. Hmm.

Yuvi: oye donkey wake up after eat food made by her you always in her food hangover ???. What you put in your food Asha..???

Asha:acha wait I’ll bring something for you too.

Twinkle: you all stop it Already because of that monkey ? my head is paining now you all too.

Chinki: don’t give stress so much and many times it’s happened to you but why this time you give so much importance to that man haa. Past from 2 hours you were just talking about him only twinkle babes.

Yuvi: yes twinkle leave him.Even you don’t want to see his face again.

Twinkle:yes.After they all started making fun of their teachers and laughing loudly.

Screen went in Sarna Mansion..

Brothers [email protected]

Om and Rudra were laying on the bed. While Kunj done with his calls he went to room.Where he finds his both brother were chilling out.He looks at Rudra and recalling how he was make fun of him.He took pillow and went and stand in front of them.They both raise their eyes and look at up and found kunj Standing and carrying smirked smile on his face.They both look at each other faces.

Kunj: what happened my bro babies.What did you say Rudra bhabhi. Wait I’ll show you Bhabhi.

Rudra:no Bhaiya please.Kunj jumped on the bed and started beating his both brothers.

Om: kunj leave me please.

Rudra: Arey “O” what about me.. ?dadi bhabhi ????..

Kunj:again you were on same track.Now they both too take pillows and giving tough competition to kunj. Laughing like raving persons.After they get tired.Rudra and om push kunj, and he landed on the bed. They both jumped on him.He closed his eyes.they both landed on his chest. Both resting their head on his both side of chest.

Rudra:Bhaiya.. I miss you. He looks at Kunj face even om too.

Kunj: acha.you miss me seemed its not like that bro..

Rudra: acha I’ll show you. They both going closer to kunj face he makes faces like save him..

Kunj: no.. they both give kiss on his both cheeks. Ewww..

om: see him.

Rudra:we’ll see when your biwi did this very happily you’ll show your cheeks to her get kiss from her ????. Om laughing like mad..

Kunj:again you started.Kunj hold them from their neck. This all seen by Anjali and Lata both giving smile to see them.

Om and rudra cuddling kunj tightly.While his hands around their arms.

Kunj:even I too miss you all lot..

Lata: yeh saath hai toh baath hai she said. They both went in room.

Anjali: if you all done with your bromance. ?.They all sit on the bed.

Rudra received message from Yuvi he gives smile and kunj see this.

Kunj:which girlfriend message you now.

Rudra: Arey no girlfriend Bhaiya.Yuvi bro message me.

Kunj: hoo..

Rudra:he is so good his company is best.

We had so much fun with his all friends. They all are awesome.

Om:yes. Specially that girl..

Rudra: yes Twinkle Di.Like none stop rudra just praising Yuvi and others even om too.Kunj just keeping his both hands palms on his chin. And listening their chaterpater.

Kunj just done with this.

Kunj:bas you both..

Rudra: done.

Kunj: what so good in Yuvi??

Rudra: he is my type of man.

Kunj:now i understand why you love him this much.Here too you find duffer.

Om: hehe???.

Rudra: see dadi..??.Kunj rest his head on lata lap.

Kunj:from goa I just listening this. And about that girl specially.

Rudra: when you’ll meet with her you love her too. She is awesome.

Kunj:uff what so special in your twinkle didi???. Kunj remember about twinkle how she mess with him.

Anjali: I to want to meet her.

Rudra: leave her Anjali Di I just want to meet with our would be bhabhi??.

Kunj:acha go ahead she is waiting for you only.. ??

Lata:bas you all.They all hugged lata tightly. After sometime later Anjali and Lata went in their rooms and while om and Kunj or Rudra lay down kunj is in middle while they both are in either sides.

Rudra:Bhaiya you don’t want to marry?

Kunj: don’t know. I know one day I have to do.Bas sometimes get nervous.

Om:yeah ladki and Kunj very far from each other’s.

Rudra:guru ji said na he shows her in maha pooja.Let’s see who she is.. om pulled blanket covered them and sleep took over them.

like this two days passed.In this two days in Sarna Mansion hustle and bustle were going on.All just busy in maha pooja preparations.Avantika and usha were busy in her work of pooja.Tej and Manohar invites all reputed families of Amritsar.

This maha pooja is very important for lata and Prithviraj because till now his both son did now it’s their grand sons times. People just talking about rubbish who will did maha pooja this time.Because kunj and om both in front of each other’s. Prithviraj want to see how kunj Handel.

Guru ji told hansh about kunj.He gets agreed but first he wanted to see kunj Itself.While Anita already invited Taneja’s in maha pooja.It’s all set for maha pooja.

At Sarna [email protected]

Lata calling kunj he went in her room to asked what happened. Kunj entered in room.

Kunj:yes dadi you called me any work.

Lata: yes kunj please do my one work.

Kunj: what?

Lata:please go and give this tali in mandir guru ji was waiting for this it’s important to

Offertory to god.

Kunj:okay I’ll go.He took tali from Lata hands and went happily.Soon kunj reached the mandir where guru ji waiting for him.He come out of the car and went to mandir he offs his shoes.Kunj went to guru ji. He hand over tali to him.Fold his hands in front of god and coming down from stairs.While girl coming from down. She had pooja tali in her hands.Kunj were looking down.Just than Kunj and she bumped she about to falls while on the right time kunj hold her from her waist.

That girl closing her eyes in fear.Kunj look her shocked.Just than she too open her eyes she too shocked equal like kunj.

Girl: you.. so she is none other than twinkle ??.

Kunj:you.they both looking at each other in what positions they are. Both composed. And looking at each other’s remember their previous war.. ??.

Twinkle: you.. shit. Baba ji you meet me with him.

Kunj: Same eewww..???. I can understand you don’t know how to drive but I’m shocked now even you don’t know how to walk ?. Twinkle giving him killing kunj.

Twinkle:acha same too you. Bhaishab?.

Kunj: bhaishab me.. ?. You silly girl.

Twinkle: and you monkey.?go and eat bananas dont eat my head twinkle pointing her hand on banana stall.Kunj see.

Kunj:shut up damage model. Both giving each other tashan look.Twinkle went upstairs.While Kunj come down and sit in his car and left for Sarna Mansion. While twinkle went near guru ji and take blessing from him.And take him pooja tali which Bebe send it.

After times later.

At Sarna [email protected]

Everyone packs their dress because they kept small media introductions and maha pooja aartil will be at night on perfect mohrat.So they get ready normally and left for mandir.While Taneja’s and luthra to left together.

Soon Sarna’s reached the temple it’s a hug white marbles temple in the middle of sea. The view was so beautiful.The owner of this temple only Prithviraj Sarna.Whole mandir decorated beautifully. Everywhere guards are standing. Media were just waiting for Sarna’s. In first car all elders come and in next kunj and om or Rudra along with Anjali. Prithviraj and Lata along with tej and Avantika or Manohar and Usha they all come out of the car.When Prithviraj took out his leg out of the car immediately media were rushing to him. While guards were already standing for their safety. All come and look at the crowd.

Media:mr Prithviraj Sarna.Please one question.Sir sir..

Prithviraj:wait I’ll give your all question Answers answers.They all went in the temple.

Anita and others already sitting just waiting for Sarna’s. Just than Anita eyes were went on avantika.

Anita: see Leela they all come.Anita waving her hands which Usha see.They all went near everyone’s.

Anita: finally you all come.

Avantika:yeah. Like always you are on time.

Anita: hmm. Meet with my friend Leela.

Leela: hi..

Avantika: hi Leela.They all went and sit.

Anita introduced her family with Taneja’s.

Lata:where is Yuvi Anita??

Anita: MAA they are coming.

Later Yuvi maya along with Kabir and twinkle or Mahi they come together in one car. Soon they to come went in the temple.

Kabir: this pooja is very lavish maybe.

Yuvi: Arey Kabir bro it is.My mom telling me about this maha pooja they always celebrate like this.

Kabir: okay.

Twinkle: with irritation.Don’t know why guru ji tell me performed here??

Yuvi/ Kabir: together can’t say ??. What motive behind your moves ??.

Yuvi went to usha and asked her about om and rudra she told him that they didn’t come till now.Till now all guest are arrived.

Yuvi and twinkle or Kabir Mahi, maya sitting together.

Kabir:for whom you are waiting Yuvi?

Yuvi:Arey for my cousins.

All Sarna family giving interviews to media.

Media: sir where is your grand sons.

Tej: they are coming too here.

Just than loud sound coming from sea side all turned and look at in the direction.

They see a boat coming. All see and get confused. When view come clearly and see kunj and om or Rudra sitting together having victory smile on their face they wear black sunglasses looking killer while Anjali stand too.Media turned Their camera on them after see them.Prithviraj see his all hire and get so happy lata as well.


Lata: I wish that they always stay like this they get love in their life.?.They all come out of the boat.While media taking their pictures none stop. They all were rushing near them guard come and protecting them.Anjali didn’t feel good when they click her pictures. One media men coming near to take their pictures while Kunj

immediately show him his hand.

Kunj: please stop.Kunj take Anjali near to him while her all bothers protecting her.

While Kabir and yuvi look at them.Yuvi get confused to see kunj.Kunj and rudra or om directly went to lata.Three of them together bend down took her blessing.

All just looking at them and giving smile.

Lata hugged them together.

Lata:mere bache ?.

Prithviraj called them to interact with media.They all went stand beside Prithviraj.

Media:great to see you all together. Sir I have one question who is the heir of Sarna empire.Who’ll do this maha aarti.All Sarna family silent looking at each other face.

Kunj give smile.

Kunj: you all come here to celebrate this maha pooja.Who is the heir of Sarna empire.Soon you’ll come to know. Prithviraj look at Kunj. They asked serval question to om and Kunj or Rudra happily they give it. After this.. Rudra and om went to Yuvi and all’s.

Rudra: hi Yuvi bro..

Yuvi: hi Rudy.. why you come so late.

Rudra: in middle our car isn’t working, so we come with boat..

Mahi: Hoo. Twinkle sitting biting her nails.

Om: what happened to you twinkle?

Yuvi: first meet with Kabir bro..

Kabir: hi everyone.Rudra and om shake their hands with Kabir.They all sit and started chit chatting.

Kunj was talking on phone.While twinkle coming from Same direction. Kunj see her.

Kunj:again she is here..twinkle too went to kunj.

Twinkle: you. Are you stalking me??

Kunj:what nonsense.. why I’ll..

Twinkle:I know what type of boy you are. Beautiful ladki dekhi nahi.

Kunj:o hello stop.

Twinkle:what are you doing here?

Kunj: same too.

Twinkle:did you know Sarna family.Kunj laugh slightly which twinkle can’t see..

Kunj:no I don’t know..

twinkle:okay.they both started again fighting which Lata and om or Rudra see. They didn’t see twinkle face clearly.

Now don’t come behind me. She said this and went..

Lata: who is this girl.

Om:whoever it is she is equal to kunj Lata.

Rudra: don’t know when guru ji meet us with Bhabhi. Kunj come from behind and give tapli on his both brothers heads. They turned and see.

Kunj: what’s going on??

Om: you tell us what’s going on there who she is?

Kunj: Arey that girl she stalk me.

Rudra: hoo romantic. Kunj gritting his teeth’s on him..

Lata: you both started here too.

Kunj:dadi ek numbed ki ladaku ladki hai.

Rudra:leave this Bhaiya come meet with Yuvi.They all went near where all sitting.

Twinkle:huhu monkey come here too.

Yuvi: chill twinkle.

Twinkle: you know what Yuvi that monkey is here..

Rudra:Yuvi bro..


Rudra:meet with my Bhaiya.Yuvi eyes went on kunj. While twinkle busy in her phone.

Yuvi: hoo you have one more brother.

Om:yup we are three..

Yuvi: hi..

Kunj:hii. I’m kunj.


Rudra:Bhaiya now you to become Yuvi bro friend.

Kunj:yeah sure.

Rudra:yeh Kabir bro hai. Kunj meet with Kabir and Mahi now it’s twinkle turn come.

Om:and whom Rudra was blabbering about her meet with her.

Rudra:haa.Twinkle Didi.Twinkle look at Rudra face.

Twinkle: yes..Kunj look at twinkle get shocked as well surprised to.

Twinkle: Arey again you come here.

All get confused.

Rudra:Twinkle didi he is my Bhaiya. Twinkle get shocked..

om: and Kunj yeh twinkle hai??What Give OMG look together.

Twinkle: pointing her finger on kunj this monkey is your brother. Haa.

Kunj: and this siyappa queen is your friend haa.Kabir and yuvi giving naughty smile.

Lata: why you both calling to each other this haa.

Kabir: yes twinkle.

Twinkle:Bhaiya I told you about that arrogant man.. he is.

Kunj: even I too told you dadi about damage model that girl she is.. beauty with less brain.

Twinkle: what didn’t you say haa.

Kunj: jo tum ne suna.. ???.They both started fighting like Tom And Jerry . While others just enjoying it.. Kabir stop twinkle and om to kunj.

Twinkle: rudra he is your brother haa. Chii. Look at you and him. From back rudra nodding his head..???..

Kunj: acha first look at your self.

Lata: bas kunj..now no more. Anyhow all calm down twinj. And sit. Rudra and yuvi passing nonsense jokes which make everyone laughs expecting from kunj twinkle see him.

Twinkle: see this sadu can’t he give one smile why he’ll. His attitude will be break down if he can.

Rudra: dadi I’m calling myself lady killer but today Bhaiya proved he is. After shooting at twinkle didi???..

Kunj get up and throw cushion on him and went from here.

Yuvi: he is totally different from you both.

Lata: yes. Mera kunj?.

Avantika call kunj meet him with Leela and Anita as well with Bebe too. Kunj simply took their blessing.

Anita: i don’t know about you kunj.

Kunj: hmm.

Usha: now you know na..

Kunj: mummy I’ll come.. he went in side.

At night @

After sometimes later.Everyone gets ready.

Looking hell beautiful.

Guru ji come and tell Prithviraj Maha pooja time is come so call his grand kids. Just than lights on and all see kunj and rudra or om coming together they three of them wearing white colour outfit looking hell hot.The Most beautiful things their smile increasing their beauty more.Everyone eyes just stuck on them only.


Prithviraj: I want to see what kunj will do it.

Lata: they are our pote not like others they are crystal clear like water.

Prithviraj: hmm right..

Anjali standing near Yuvi and others.

Anjali:hope everything happened normally.

Kunj and om or Rudra walking together.

Guru ji tell Prithviraj maha aarti time is passing so..

A big hug sculpture of god is there. Guru standing holding aarti diya.They three of them looking at each other’s face while their parents too.

Kunj take his step ahead.he forwards his hands to om and rudra while they both to give their hands to kunj. While Sarna family get happy.More Lata and Prithviraj to see kunj matures silently he gives answer to everyone. Kunj took aarti diya even om and rudra too keeping their hands on diya.They hold aarti diya together.


Guru ji: you all will do aarti together?

Kunj: yes we three of them hire of Sarna empire. Anjali give tearful smile.

Tej: see avantika kunj.Today he show what upbringing we give him.

Avantika: yes I’m so happy.Nothing can break our sons bonding like you and Manohar.They started doing aarti together while in bg deva shri song is going on.Happily they did the aarti.

After aarti.

Prithviraj: guru ji where is that girl.

Guru ji:wait I’ll show you. All sit.Lights went off. Just then spotlight is on.

Kunj:what is this.?

Yuvi: see bro..lights come on twinkle face.

Twinkle standing she were looking down.

She started singing the song.Words coming from her mouth seemed like sweets.O Re Bansi Bajaiya

Nandlala Kanhaiya

O Re Bansi Bajaiya

Nandlala Kanhaiya

O Re Bansi Bajaiya

Nandlala Kanhaiya

Mohe Mohe Aise Nahi Chhedo Sanware

Suno Sun Mose Nahi Khelo Daaw Re

Jaake Yashoda Se Kehdungi Re

Prithviraj and Lata just lost in twinkle melodies voice.

Prithviraj: this girl..

twinkle started dancing on soja zara. Beautifully she dancing at the same time sing too.She dancing around Krishna sculpture.

Kunj: (think) hoo damage model had this talent too. Maana padega.

Gopi O Ke Pichhe Phirtu Nisdin Palchhin

Thak Gaye Paaon Mere

Saans Zara Meri Ruk Jaa Kaanha Tham Jaa

(Twinkle showering flowers on Krishan.)

Hold others girls hands spinning in circle.

Maan Bhi Jaa Kehna Tu Mera

Saanware Baanware.

Kal Bhi Hongi Ye Rang Reliya

Kal Phir Aana O Re Chhaliya

Dooba Ye Din Chal So Jaa

Kaanha Soja Zara O Kaanha Soja Zara

Kaanha Soja Zara O Kaanha Soja Zara

(Everyone spellbinds to see twinkle dance)

Suni Jo Teri Murli Chali Re Chali Re Chal De

Piya More O Jhulmi

Gaaun Tere Hi Geet Kyun

Le Main Teri Ho Gayi

Chadh Gayi Teri Preet Re

Ooo Mohna Kya Huaa

Kyun Mati-Maari Gayi Mori Jaise

Chhodo Bail Ke Pag Tujhe Aise

Hai Ye Saara Dosh Mera

Kaanha Soja Zara O Kaanha Soja Zara

Kaanha Soja Zara O Kaanha Soja Zara

O Re Bansi Bajaiya Nandlala Kanhaiya

O Re Bansi Bajaiya Nandlala Kanhaiya

(Twinkle took diya on her plams. Started spinning so fastly. All get shocked. Her foots just moving so fast on song beats).

Madna Mansudna Manohara Mannmohna

Madna Mansudna Manohara Mannmohna

(Twinkle didn’t let diya falls down. Happily she dance.

O Re Bansi Bajaiya Nandlala Kanhaiya

O Re Bansi Bajaiya Nandlala Kanhaiya

Kaanha…Radha Ke Piya Kanha Soja Zara..

(She end the song in front of Krishan.) lights get on. All get up started clapping for her loudly.

Rudra: awww.. see Bhaiya..

Kunj: huhu..

Prithviraj and Lata hell impress with twinkle now their all doubts get clear.

Later all sit for dinner.

Guru ji call Prithviraj as well hansh too in side.

Guru ji:yeh hansh Taneja hai aur yeh Prithviraj Sarna. For Whom I told you about she is his grand daughter only. And Kunj is his grand son. Now you can talk.

Prithviraj: namaste ?..

hansh: namaste.

Prithviraj:I like your poti.

Hansh: hmm. I want to see your kunj too.

Prithviraj: sure.

Guru ji: it would be good tomorrow you can meet.

Hansh: yeah..

Other side twinkle making funny faces on kunj. Rudra and om enjoying it. Kunj and Kabir become good friend in very fewer hours.

Kunj: your sister is headache??.

Kabir:hmm I can understand ???. Between you both are equal.

Kunj: i don’t know chatterbox had some other talent too??.

Kabir:haa. After all meet with each other’s they all come outside of the temple.

Twinkle and Kunj standing near.

Mahi: Twinkle come.. twinkle push Kunj slightly with her elbow. Lata and om ,Rudra Yuvi anjali maya see this.

Kunj: you???.

Twinkle: sorry in very cute way??.

Twinkle wavy to all and sit in car and left.

Om: Amazing she is??. Kunj look at om face..

Kunj: if you both done with twinkle now let’s go.

Rudra: yes.. they all to sit in cars and left.

Episode end…

Precap:Prithviraj talking about twinkle to Lata. She too get happy.


Let’s see what reaction will comes kunj and twinkle . Really they both get ready for this marriage??..


How was the episode!?

I hope you all like I don’t know anything. I know episode isn’t good. Surely next episode will be good..

sorry.. please..

bye love you all..??…


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