Rab Se Sona Ishq 4th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Rab Se Sona Ishq 4th April 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 4th April 2013 Written Update

Ranveer is at daljeets house.. He says to daljeets mother that i trusted ur son.. Why can’t he stay away from my wife… His mother defends daljeet saying ur wife is wrong.. Ranveer sees a bird and remembers his dream… He runs to find sahiba… Chachaji and beauty r angry.. Beauty is defending ranveer and chachaji defending daljeet… Chachaji says that daljeet loves sahiba thats why he took her with him… Beauty says e shouldnt do that she is ranveers wife… Ranveer reaches home and asks about sahiba… He takes an envelop with him and goes to dind sahiba when sahibas father stops hom and says to stay here… U don’t need to go anywhere i know sahiba is fine… Daljeet called me… He says that we know that if u stay away from her then all this attacks will stop…ranveer says is there any guarantee.. Father says there is no guarantee that u will save her.. Sahibas mother also says that for sahibas safety if u stay away from her for sumtime then its good for her.. Ranveer says that i can stay away from her but can’t accept that she stays with daljeet.. He says only i can save her and i know it.. He goes from there… Sahiba is unconscious and says don’t go anywhere.. Don’t leave me.. Daljeet is there he says i won’t leave u… Sahiba wakes up and says ranveer.. He sees daljeet there and says where is ranveer he says u have to stay here for a while.. She says i want to go home..kernel takes police to daljeets house., daljeets mom says that my som is innocent.. Police says that if daljeet doesn’t come in 24 hours then it will becom a kidnapping case.. And if anything happens to sahiba then daljeet will e responsible… Chachaji and calls daljeet but unabailable.., everybody is worried…

Sahibas tries to go from there when dljeet stops her and says u can’t go beco of ranveer u r in this condition… U and this child is my family and i won’t let anything happen to both of u… Sahiba thinks today i will tell u everything… She says that the child u r waiting for is no more… He says u r lying just becoz u want to stay away from me… I went to a doctor with u.. I saw ur sonography report.. She says that i said ur child is no more.. This is ranveers child… Daljeet is shocked an crying…

Precap… Sum men r holding ranveer… A man says that u r the same madman.. u ran away last time and i didn’t get my money which is 1 lakhs….

Update Credit to: camjs

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