Rab Se Sona Ishq 26th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Rab Se Sona Ishq 26th March 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 26th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Ranveer is travelling back in the car with the doctor and the doctor asks Ranveer for the direction back hime and Ranveer gives the direction back. Malika says to Daljeet that she wants to leave the house as it would not be nice for her to stay once Sahiba comes to the house as a bride. Malika says that the next day is the engagement and Daljeet’s birthday, so she bought a gift and gives it to Daljeet. Daljeet says that he don’t need it but he don’t want to lose a good frienf like Malika. Malika says she wants to leave and Daljeet says that he knows that she loves him but he will not be able to love her. The hospital boy keeps calling the doctor and asks where is Chetan Pujara where she says she don’t know but the ward boy heards Ranveer’s voice speaking in the background. The car breaksdown where Ranveer gets down from the car where the doctor asks him to wait here till she finds another car. Ranveer starts walking into the forest and the ward boy arrives asking where is Chetan Pujara and the doctor says that she was not with him and they can look in her car. Daljeet calls to Sahiba and Sahiba asks Daljeet not to stop her from meeting Ranveer’s parents after the wedding. Daljeet agrees and tries to say ‘I love you’ and Sahiba says that she wants to sleep and Daljeet says that he understands that she is shy. Sahiba calls back and wish Daljeet for his birthday and Daljeet is happy.

Part 2

Decorations is being down in Sahiba’s house and everyone is happy. At Daljeet’s house, everyone is ready and about to leave. Ranveer manages to get to the main road and stops a motorbike and starts riding the bike. Sahiba is prepared and Beauty praises that she looks good. Daljeet arrives at Sahiba’s house and sees her coming down and ‘Tere Naal’ song plays. Everyone teases Sahiba and Daljeet while Daljeet asks where is Malika and Malika arrives in time. Malika says that today is Daljeet’s birthday and engagement, so she had gone to get a gift for them. Malika asks to start the engagement ceremony while Ranveer’s bike falls and Ranveer is badly hurt and bleeding. Ranveer starts getting back his memory with Sahiba. Daljeet puts the ring on Sahiba’s finger and everyone is happy while Malika is sad. Now is Sahiba’s turn to put the ring on Daljeet’s hand and as Sahiba is about to put the ring, Sahiba hears Ranveer whispering Sahiba.

Precap : Daljeet is leaving and Sahiba returns the ring.

Update Credit to: Visha Dhami

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