Rab Se Sona Ishq 19th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Rab Se Sona Ishq 19th March 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 19th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

The doctor is testing Ranveer asking him questions and asks what is his name, Ranveer says that his name is Ranveer. The doctor instructs to give shock treatment. Ranveer keeps saying that his name is Ranveer and the doctor says that its weird, even after so many shocks, he keeps saying that his name is Ranveer. Sahiba’s mother is trying to remove Sahiba’s bangles and Sahiba stops her. Sahiba’s mother convinces her and removes her bangles. The next day, everyone is mourning for Ranveer wearing white and Sahiba joins them. Everyone gets sad to see Sahiba in such situation and Daljeet concoles Manmeet. At the mental hospital, everyone is trying to convince Ranveer that his name is Pujara while Daljeet visits the house with household items and leaves. After all the shock treatment, Ranveer’s mind is starting to accept the name Chetan Pujara.

Part 2

Vision of all the people he knows slowly goes missing and Ranveer accepts his new name as Chetan Pujara. At home, Sahiba is thinking back of Ranveer and shouts in her dreams. Daljeet visits the house daily and Colonel adress Daljeet as Daljeet ji and Daljeet asks him not to say Ji. Colonel thanks Daljeet for doing things on behalf of Ranveer and Daljeet says not to think of him as a stranger. Daljeet leaves and Colonel asks Daljeet to please hang Ranveer’s photo on the wall and Daljeet hangs the photo. Daljeet sees Sahiba in the photo reflection and Sahiba says that she is going to visit the Gurdwara daily from today. Sahiba’s mother is sad to see Sahiba’s condition being a widow at such young age. At the hospital, the guards are asking what is Ranveer’s name and Ranveer says Pujara.. Chetan Pujara.

Precap :
Ranveer’s mother says i know you have a space for Daljeet in your heart. I will get both of you married and Ranveer is uneasy at the hospital.

Update Credit to: visha dhami

  1. whats all this drama for , why are they making ranveer suffer so much , hope ranveer n sahiba end up together and ranveer be back to his normal self before sahiba and daljeet gets married!!!!

  2. Faryaaz oumar

    Yourl are making this program boring now!! Change the damn story , put jazz back in the picture , sahiba , is running from man 2 man

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