Rab Se Sona Ishq 17th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Rab Se Sona Ishq 17th April 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 17th April 2013 Written Update

Sahiba’s family is wondering where did Sahiba go. There’s no news of her. Daljeet comes and asks when they saw her last time. Roop says you should know that. She told me that she is going to meet you. Daljeet says she didn’t come. Ranveer’s father comes there drunk and asks Ranveer’s mother, don’t you care about Ranveer.. he is in jail. Ranveer’s and Sahiba’s father have a little argument. Daljeet stops the fight and tells Ranveer’s father if you want to go to meet Ranveer, then go.

Daljeet comes near the borewell where Sahiba is. He sees her dupatta and Sahiba screams to save her. Daljeet doesn’t know how to save Sahiba as two people can’t come out together, but he tells her not to worry he will do something. Sahiba’s family, fire brigade, police come to the location. They insert rope inside and ask Sahiba to hold it and come out. Media is also present there and it’s being telecasted live. Ranveer wonders if it’s about Sahiba. Sahiba says she doesn’t have strength to hold the rope and push herself up. Daljeet comes forward and Ranveer sees on the TV. Fire brigade says they will have to make another borewell which will take at least 3 to 4 days. Daljeet says she is pregnant, she can’t stay like this that long. Daljeet gets call from someone and leaves.

He comes to jail and asks Ranveer why did you call me here? You know where I was. Ranveer asks him to take him out of the jail saying he knows another way to go inside. Daljeet says, I have seen blueprint and there is no way. Ranveer tells him when he got some work done with pipeline he saw a way.. and tells him how to go in and asks him to take him out of the jail else she will die. Daljeet says you confessed your crime, 2 days too far, they won’t even let you out for 2 mins. He asks him to explain him how to go in. Ranveer says that path is very dangerous. Daljeet says I can do anything to save Sahiba.

Daljeet comes to the place and calls Sahiba’s father. He asks him if there was anyone with Ranveer when pipeline work was being done. It was Ranveer’s father with him. Sahiba’s father goes to him and says he doesn’t know and even if he knew, he wouldn’t tell. Sahiba’s father cries to him, but he says I don’t care whether Sahiba lives or dies. Sahiba’s father says, you don’t care, but Ranveer does. Everyone forces him a lot, and in end he says he doesn’t know exact path either. Only Ranveer knows it. They go to see Ranveer.

Daljeet’s mother comes and asks him, have you gone crazy? Fire brigade will do their work. Daljeet says, they can do it, but it will take time. Daljeet says I will have to do this to save Sahiba and you won’t give me your swear this time and if anything happens to me, then take it as my mistake and forgive me. He kisses her forehead, takes blessing, and says, I am going.

Ranveer asks his father to leave if he came to save him. His father says, I didn’t come to save you this time. Ranveer looks at him.

Precap: Fire brigade (I think?) is inserting mud inside the borewell. Sahiba screams save me. Daljeet on his way to reach Sahiba.

Update Credit to: Julia

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