Rab Se Sona Ishq 16th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Rab Se Sona Ishq 16th April 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 16th April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sahiba is crying in her room where Roop comes and consoles her while Sahiba says that she is stucked in between both Daljeet and Ranveer. Sahiba says that its better if she dies and runs whiile Roop chases behind Sahiba. Colonel is chasing Manmeet to get out of the house and Colonel takes a photo frame to throw down and Bebe warns him and Manmeet shouts in anger to Colonel. Sahiba recalls her words to Daljeet and Ranveer that she has nothing to do with both of them from now. Ranveer asks the police to release him as Sahiba’s life is in danger and the police says that he will have to be sent back to US as his case will take place there. Colonel comes with a lawyer saying he will bail Ranveer out. Sahiba is still running with Roop chasing her and Daljeet sees this and wonders wgere is Roop running. Ranveer says that he only needs to be out for 2 days and Colonel says but Sahiba don’t worry for you and Ranveer says that he needs to save Sahiba. As Sahiba is running, there is strong wind and Sahiba is almost to fall into a hole and Daljeet catch her in time. Sahiba gets angry asking why did Daljeet saved her and leaves. Ranveer gets a vision of Sahiba asking him to save her from a wekk, There is an earthquake. At Sahiba’s house, all the things starts falling down and Sahiba’s leg gets hurt. Manmeet goes to save Sahiba and Daljeet arrives in time and goes to get Sahiba. Daljeet carries Sahiba out of her room and Colonel slaps Daljeet..

Part 2

Colonel asks how dare Daljeet touch Sahiba and Manmeet says that he had saved my daughter. All the neighbours watches this. Both Manmeet and Colonel starts argueing and Colonel leaves. Manmeet apologizes to Daljeet and Daljeet leaves and everyone enters back into the house and starts cleaning. Roop sees Daljeet sitting in the car outside of the house and Roop brings blanker, food and drinks while Sahiba stops her asking she is bringing it for who? Roop says that Daljeet is without any food but she needs to give at least this as he had saved Sahiba’s life. Sahiba stops Roop and asks Roop to give them to Sahiba and asks Roop to leave. Sahiba recalls how Daljeet took care of her in US and brings the blanket and food for Daljeet which Roop watches and smiles. While walking, there is a hole on the way which is not covered and Sahiba falls into the hole and shouts while Daljeet turns and looks. Sahiba shouts for help through the hole. In the morning, everyone starts looking for Sahiba. Daljeet comes and says that he never saw Sahiba leaving the house in the night and Roop is wondering. Ranveer keeps dreaming of Sahiba calling out for help.

Precap : Ranveer says to Daljeet that Sahiba is in trouble and asks Daljeet to take him out.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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