Rab Se Sona Ishq 15th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Rab Se Sona Ishq 15th March 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 15th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with bebe says sahiba to remove her wedding bangle..she refuses… Her mother comes and says that ranveer is gone so plz remove all this.. She says that i don’t believe this.. Ranveer is alive.. Ranveers father says why u left us like this ranveer.. Sahibas father says everybody to eat sumthing.. And they should have courage becoz now they have to take care of sahiba and her child.. Ranveers mom comes and says why is everybody crying like this.. Why everybody is not eating food.. Nothibg haenend to ranveer.. She starts eating and sarts coughing when sahiba comes near her…and says not to worry.. Ranveer will come.. He will knock the door and u will open the door and ranveer will be there.. Sumone knocks at the door.. Ranveers mon opens the door and its daljeet…ranveers mon says i thought is ranveer.. He says ur son didn’t come but ur other son is here(after that video stuck so can’t see more)… Sahiba is crying remembering all the moments she spent with ranveer.. Its morning and sahiba is in her room.. She prays that i have complete faith on u babaji.. And can’t disappoint me.. She gets cloth and goes to change.. Doctor says that chetan pujara (ranveer)is getting very aggressive… She says we will see what we can do.. She goes in his room but ranveer is not there.. Everybody starts searching ranveer.. He runs away from asylum.. Sahiba goes to daljeet and says i know what u must be thinking but i know ranveer is alive.. He says i trust u.. I respect ranveers family just like my family.. She says colonel found a body and he is thinkibg that its ranveers body.. An they r doing last ritual of body.. He says i know u need my help for that and i will do it.. We need to do dna test of the body..he says u take care of everybody i will find it how to do the dna test.. Sahiba says thx and goes from there.. Daljeet is crying.. Ranveer reaches in his street and is in very bad condition.. Sahiba is also coming from opposite street.. Ranveer falls but gets up.. Sahiba doesn’t see him.. Ranveer sees sahibas back and is happy.. He tries to call her but can’t do that.. Roop comes and sahiba and roop starts talking when ranveer screams sahibas name.. Sahiba turns and says ranveer.. Don’t know if she saw him or not..episode ends..

Precap : none

Update Credit to: camjs

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