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Episode: 67



After haldi ceremony everyone sit they all laughing like anything Omkara and Mahi look at each other’s face Mahi blushed.

Kunj making faces because Rohan and Rahul smash haldi on his face fully whine yuvi and Avni giggles to their faces.

Rudra:how funny you all looking haan.

Rohan and Rahul running behind Kunj for haldi he running ahead.

Kunj:please leave me..

Rahul:not at all bro. Kunj see his dadu and run to him and hide behind his back.

Kunj:dadu save me from this two monsters please.

Prithviraj:Arey why you both behind my Kunj.

Rohan:dadu please side today we wouldn’t leave him. Kunj running on staircase he jumped.

Tej:kunjjj.Rohan and Rahul hide and giggles.You will falls down.

Kunj: sorry ?. All giggles to see Kunj. He bow down his head and went towards alls while Avni and yuvi went to get freshen up.

They both going in room just than someone pulled Avni and take her in side pinned her towards wall.

Avni: yuvi you scared me.

Yuvi:where are you going we didn’t apply haldi to each other’s down. He arching his eye brow. Avni didn’t get it.

Avni:we don’t have haldi here.

Yuvi:I have he went near her face she get confused yuvi rub his cheeks against her she blushed and closed her eyes yuvi kissed on her cheeks she clutched his kurta.

Avni: yuviii Leave me.She push him and went in her room while yuvi smiled like anything. After sometimes later they went downstairs. They all siblings sit together in side.

Malika:how’s your honeymoon Kunj and twinkle. ?.

Rahul:awesome.Can’t you see their face glow ??.Rohan and Rahul hifi.

Kunj:just shut up.

Kabir: suddenly?

Rahul: he is too smart this time you play very smartly with me Kunj.

Rudra: kyu ?.

Rohan:because he take whole mandali with him goa this two love birds went alone that’s why he getting chilly. Rohan and Kunj laughing like anything.

Natasha:good first time they get chance you both legendary love birds. ??.

Priyanka: but we too enjoy haina bhai.

Rahul:haan she and Rohan toh making houses on beach ?. Kunj hit on his arms.

Kunj:mind okay. Rahul look at Rohan and giggles so much.

Anjali:he become mad. Aayat come there.

Aayat:bhaiya come with me na .


Aayat:Arey come na.

Kunj:okay I’m coming.But where?

Aayat:it’s a secret.Went near his ears.

Kunj:hoo Kunj get up went with her Aayat take him in side room she tell him bring out chocolates inside the wardrobe Kunj did whatever she said she get happy to see chocolates which tej and Avantika hides from her…

Aayat: thanks bhaiya I’m going okay. She take and run from there Kunj smiled he take one bar and went back to all he having chocolate.

Twinkle:have some shame if papaji will see you than.

Kunj:now I’m fine you don’t say loudly

So he listen come.

Asha:now twinkle must be happy

With you after all you take her Paris and birthday celebration.Twinkle tell them about their adventures.


Rahul:and I did baby sitting huhu ?.

Kabir.By the your time is for baby sitting now ??. Mahi went from there Omkara excuse and went behind her.

Omkara: mahiii.She stop Omkara hold her hand she breathing heavily. I know you must be upset with me after that. She closed her eyes.


Last night in goa their face is just inch apart.Mahi closed her eyes while Omkara learn for kiss soon their lips meet they share slow liplock.After they come in sense and get shocked what they have done just right now.Before Omkara could say anything Mahi run from there flashback end.Omkara went near her while holding her hands.She smiled.

Om:I’m sorry Mahi.

Mahi:in low voice it’s okay.Please someone will see us.Om leave her hand she run but turned and look at him give him flirty smile Omkara ruffles his hairs.

Haldi function has end. All guest bid bye and went. While Prithviraj village family

Members were staying in guest house.

Anita:now mehndi and sangeet function at my place.

Bua dadi:before marriage how can a bride went to her in laws house.

Anita:bua ji now time has changed it.

Neelam:bacho have to rock in their marriage after all mere yuvi ki Shadi hai.

Anita and Surjit caress Avni face.

Lata:don’t worry soon she is yours only.

Tej and Avantika keep their hands around Avni shoulders.

Tej:till Than let us. Time fields so fast.

Rudra:no tears our double battery going to marry what else we wanted more than I’m only the one who ruling here we four boys uff.

Kunj: bas kar don’t fly.

Rahul: haan because of Kunj you

Saving from bade papa he is toh ever ready to send you from here??. Because.

Om: he is our brother cam sister as well ??.They all laughs out.Mahi and Omkara share romantic eyes locks.

Malika:haan.Rudy baby. ??.Taneja’s and Luthras all left.They all were so tried went back to their respective rooms.

Tej and Avantika busy in something.

Tej:Avantika I want everything best for Avni.

Avantika:yes tej I itself checking


Tej:you didn’t call your family.

Avantika:I message let’s see if they will come or not.

Tej:hmm you try at least.They didn’t even come at Kunj wedding.

Avantika:you call them you know na your mother in law wouldn’t deny you.

Tej:okay I’ll try if she is fine.

At [email protected]

Kunj and twinkle laying down on bed both holding each other’s hands thinking something in their minds just than Aayat entered in room.She went towards twinkle and Kunj. She sit on Kunj stomach.

Kunj:you are here at this time.

Aayat:haa Maama and paa is busy I didn’t getting sleep that’s why I come to you.


Twinkle:good Aayat you come. Come and sleep with me leave your bhaiya.

Aayat:no I can’t.

Kunj:yes Aayat is my baby haina.

Aayat:yes..she lay down on Kunj he cuddles her.Caressing her hairs and with one hand he patting on her back.

Kunj:I think someone is hungry ?. Aayat chuckled.

Aayat: how you know.

Kunj:because I can hear my Aayat tummy voice rats jumping. You wait I’ll bring.

Twinkle:you both stay here I’ll bring for her.She get up and went downstairs goes in kitchen.Twinkle heat up milk for Aayat and mix chocolate power she take and about to going upstairs her eyes went on her Omkara who Was in poolside and busy on phone smiling like anything twinkle wonder.She went in her room.Twinkle went towards bed.

Kunj:Lo your bhabhi Maa bring choco milk for Aayat.Aayat get up. She went near twinkle.She made her drink with her hands


Aayat:hmm.Kunj smiled to see twinkle and Aayat. She finished milk and show twinkle her teeth she wiped milk beard.

Twinkle:now sleep good girl.Aayat rest her head on twinkle chest she patting on her back.Within no time she slept.

Kunj you know Omkara was busy at phone nowadays everyone.

Kunj:acha don’t know.?

Twinkle:you toh never.

Kunj:I toh didn’t like even I didn’t do it.

Twinkle:haan who knows better than me ?. Two place Aayat head on pillow she lay down beside her she hold her hand. Kunj take his phone. And see Omkara coming online on whatsapp just than his eyes went on mahi contact she too coming Kunj rolled his eyes.

Kunj:hoo both if I’m right than both busy with each other’s only.Kunj turned and found twinkle and Aayat sleep he smiled and off the lights and covered themselves with duvet.Next day sunlight coming on twinkle and Kunj face.

Avantika finding Aayat she check everywhere just than she was passing from Kunj and twinkle room.Door was closed not lock. She slightly open the door and knocking didn’t get any response back.She went inside and see Aayat sleeping with her bhaiya and bhabhi happily Avantika smiled to see them she closed the door and went from there.Aayat wake up.

Aayat: bhaiya and bhabhi wake up na let’s go in sangeet?in sleeping tone.

Kunj:Aayat not now baby we have enough time for sangeet.

Twinkle:haan even mehndi as well.

Aayat:what about my clothes,

Twinkle:don’t worry.Your bhabhi done everything of my. She patting on their cheeks twinkle and Kunj smiled and kissed on her cheeks good morning.

Kunj:good morning.


Kunj:wait.Kunj get up and take her in washroom.Twinkle get up and smiled she take out their clothes.Kunj and Aayat taking bath together till Than twinkle take in another washroom she come in washroom and they didn’t come.

Twinkle:he calling me bath queen what about them.?just than they come out of the washroom. Hi.

Aayat: hii. Twinkle give Kunj his clothes she take Aayat and wiping her wet body she giggles. Kunj get ready fully. Twinkle making Aayat hairs. Bhabhi this is too high.

Kunj: perfect Aayat.

Twinkle:haan Aayat.We have lots of work na let’s go.Now twinkle lift her she kissed on her cheeks.Kunj hold Aayat hand even twinkle too they trio went downstairs everyone sitting for breakfast just than Prithviraj and Lata eyes went on Kunj and twinkle they coming with Aayat like a perfect family way they both smiled.They went toward dinning table.

Rahul: today duck with bhaiya.

Aayat:I’m not duck. Huhu.She sit in chair Kunj and twinkle took their chairs. They all having their breakfast bua dadi was with others.

Tej:you people check all arrange once again.Avantika lets go we have to go.


Aayat: should I?

Tej:now you go with your Bhabhi okay.

Twinkle:Haan.Tej and Avantika left. Rahul and Kunj or Omkara as well for work while Avni and all other girls went in room they all doing sangeet dance practice.

Tej and Avantika buy all gifts for Avni in laws they buy watch for Yuvi.As bride brother has to give something to his brother in law.Each and everyone busy in their respective works. Day went so fast.

@At Luthra mansion Anita and maya was running here and there in hustle they checking decorations lastly.Today is Avni and Yuvi sangeet and mehndi together.

Twinkle and Anjali or other girls getting ready for functions. While boys get ready but trio Sarna brothers were busy in their little sister makeover

Om: Aayat you looking pretty.

Kunj: Haan what you wanted more Rudra bring her Sandals Rudra bring and make her wear. Aayat looking at herself in mirror act like thinking.

Aayat: bhaiya you didn’t to like Bhabhi huhu?.

Kunj: uff this Twinkle na. Acha let me think they on video makeup on trio see video fully than they does makeup.

Aayat:blush.Rudra apply blush on her cheeks she making pouty faces they trio brothers laughs out.Perfect now thanks.They kissed on Aayat cheeks. Each and everyone come downstairs just waiting for kuomru Aayat.They trio too come downstairs.Tej and Avantika shocked to see Aayat she fully dressed up ??.Four of the wearing same type of costumes.Twinkle wearing a saree looking s*xy.

Tej:my doll looking fabulous Aayat tell

Tej each and everything all hold their heads.

Avantika:you trio uff now let’s go.They all together sit in cars and left for Luthra mansion. Soon they reached Anita and Surjit welcoming all guest.Tanejas went and sit in side Sarnas reached Yuvi just waiting for Avni. As soon as he saw her his heart flying with full speed she looking the best. She smiled to see him. They all went ahead meet with each other’s.

Avantika:nice ?Anita.

Anita:Haan.Chalo Avni beta sit for your Heena. All boys take their seats Avni sit for her bridal Heena.

heena girls come for applying heena …

Avantika:avni beta you sit and apply heena on your hands.

Avni:badi maa.today i want you sit with

me and apply heena on your hands too…

Avantika:hmm sure..i will fulfill this wish  of yours kissed on her cheeks.She applying Heena others girls too take their seats.In side ladies playing dhol and singing some traditional punjabi songs. Aayat sitting on Prithviraj lap while Lata applying Heena on her little hands.

Aayat: dadi make more flowers.

Prithviraj:Haan Lata.

Lata:Haan you both na.In side Rahul standing and watching his sister Avni feels heat.Before Rahul go Kunj bring table fan keep in front of her she see and smiled Rahul as well.Rahul went towards Avni sit beside her and see her Heena.Rudra bring juice for her.

Avni:how I drink Haan.

Rudra:your brother is here only.He make her drink with his hands.Omkara come with starts.

Om:Avni you feel hungry Haan.She chuckles to see this.

Rudra: no she will drink juice just today.

Om:no.Both started argument.Kunj and Rahul take juice glass and plate from Rudra and Omkara hands.Both look at Avni she open her mouth Kunj feed her with his hands while Rahul as well Rudra and Omkara shocked this is not fare.

Rahul:everything is fare.Yuvi sitting in sized seeing this all things.They four of them just behind Avni tej come.

Tej:arey leave my daughter uff just behind her.

Avni:haan bade papa.They all brothers sit beside Avni.

Tej:apply best designer on my daughter hand.

Kunj:Haan her Heena should be the best.

Soon all ladies were ready with their hands full of heena..

Kabir:yuvi are you ready for finding your name in avni heena.


Kunj:we all toh easily find our names in mehandi…hai na rahul..

Rahul:yup bro….

Rohan:i think you won that time because you all were knowing if youd didn’t win then your impression ki toh lassi ban jayegi.isliye you all won.i think you all will not be able to find names now..

Rahul & kunj:ohh really …?


Rahul:we can easily find our names now as well….

Rohan:really then lets play a game.

Kunj:which game…?

Rohan:lets see who will find name first in heena in their wives….

Rahul:are challenging us..?


Kunj:challenge accepted. ?

Rudy:so ladies and gentlemen.please pay attention.all the ladies who had applied heena on their hands come this side.

Anjali:what happened rudra bro ?

Rudra:nothing di….it just rohan had challenged a the husbands to find their names in their wives heena…


All ladies were ready and gentlemen were also ready so get set 1 2 3.

start.All husbands started finding their names while wives were giggling..

Yuvi finding his name in Avni hand all giggles to see his face.He didn’t.

Maya: yuvi try na.

Dev: yes you have to. Yuvi try many times than finally he got it and show everyone.Avni smiled. Others as well try

Rohan:kya hua baki husbands ki energy down ho gyi shadi ke bad.

Rahul.shut up man….

Kunj: twinkle tune mera nam likha toh hai na …


Kunj:then why i m not able to find it….

Twinkle:think mr sarna.kha likha hoga tumhara name…

Kunj:saw her hands full of chuda then palm.then the pulse.there he caught her.On her pulse..she had written his name on her pulse..

Kunj:i got it…

Rahul:me too…

R& k :so hence proved we can still find our names in our wives mehandi…

Rohan:theek hai maan liya.Then they had dinner.Husbands were feeding their wives.with their hands.

Twinkle and Kunj were sitting little bit aside from all couples.



Kunj:why you wrote my name on ur pulse..

Twinkle:because pulse is important for life .& you are also important for my life.i cant live without you.

Kunj:admiring her face.

Twinkle:khilao naa…

Kunj:haan .meri syappa queen…

Her hairs were disturbing her while eating so he tucked hairs behind her ears & slightly kissed on her lips….

Twinkle:kunj kya kar rhe ho everyone is here only…

Kunj:toh kya hua twinkle.tu meri legally wedded wife hai koi jail me ni dalega mujhe…


yuvi and Avni having food yuvi feeding her tej see them feel so happy his daughter find best match for herself.

Malika and Kabir or Priyanka and Rohan sifting together Kabir feeding Malika

While Rohan making fun of Malika baby bumped Priyanka laughing so loudly.

Soumya Dupatta stuck in side she try to take out but can’t Rudra come there he went and backhugged her helping Soumya she turned and look at him Rudra take out her Dupatta.


Rudra:haan sumo.

Soumya:see my heena.


Everyone sitting Avni and yuvi together. Just than music on.Yuvi get up.

Yuvi:Bano Ki Mehndi Kya Kehna

Bano Ka Joda Kya Kehna

Bano Lage Hai Phoolon Ka Gehna

Bano Ki Aankhen Kajrari

Bano Lage Sabse Pyaari

Bano Pe Jaaon Main Vaari Vaari. Avni and all’s smiled. Omkara come and hold Avni hand.

Om:Bano Ki Saheli Resham Ki Dori

Chhup Chhup Ke Sharmaaye Dekhe Chori Chori Banno Ki Saheli Resham Ki Dori Chup Chupke Sharmaye Dekhe Chori Chori Ye Mane Ya Na Mane Main To Ispe Mar Gaya Yeh Ladki Hai Allah Hai Hai Re Allah Yeh Ladki Hai Allah Hai Hai Re Allaha. He looking at Mahi who smiling him back. Mahi hold yuvi hand smirked at Omkara.

Mahi:Babul Ki Galiyaan Na Chadkhe Jaana Paagal Deewana Isko Samjhaana

Babul Ki Galiyaan Na Chadkhe Jaana

Paagal Deewana Isko Samjhaana

Dekho Ji Dekho Yeh To Mere Peeche Pad Gaya Yeh Ladka Hai Allah Hai Hai Re Allah Yeh Ladka Hai Allah Hai Hai Re Allaha.All look at Mahi and Omkara they four of them dancing on song together.

Rahul and Kunj hold their wife’s duppta take them on centre.Kunj and Rahul together sing. Labh Kahe Na Kahe Bolti Hai Nazar. Pyaar Nahin Chupta Yaar Chipane Se Pyaar Nahin Chupta Yaar Chipane Se. while looking at Mahi and Omkara. Twinkle and Anjali pulled Avni and yuvi. They resting their hands on genie husbands shoulders and Roop Ghoonghat Mein Ho To Suhana Lage

Baat Nahin Banti Yaar Batane Se..

Kunj and Rahul twirl them

R&K:Yeh Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane Ya Jaane Khuda Yeh Ladki Hai Allah Hai Hai Re Allah..

T&A:Yeh Ladka Hai Allah Hai Hai Re Allah. Avni holding flowers in her hands she looking at yuvi.

Avni: Mangne Se Kabhi Haath Milta Nahin

Jodiyan Banti Hain Pehle Se Sabki

Jodiyan Banti Hain Pehle Se Sabki.

Yuvi:Oh Leke Baaraat Ghar Tere Aaonga Main Meri Nahin Yeh Marzi Hai Rab Ki.

He cuddles yuvi while Avni Push yuvi.

Yuvi:Aree Ja Re Ja Yun Jhooti Moothi

Baatein Na Bana Yeh Ladka Hai Allah Hai Hai Re Allah Yeh Ladka Hai Allah Hai Hai Re Allah..Chup Chupke Sharmaaye Dekhe Chori Chori Babul Ki Galiyaan Na Chadhke Jaana Paagal Deewana Isko Samjhaana

Ye Mane Ya Na Mane Main To Ispe Mar Gaya. Priyanka Rohan Soumya and Rudra dancing together they pulled everyone

Yeh Ladki Yeh Ladki Hai Allah Hai Hai Re AllahYeh Ladka Hai Allah Hai Hai Re Allah

Yeh Ladki Hai Allah Hai Hai Re Allah

Yeh Ladka Hai Allah Hai Hai Re Allah

All elders and youngsters.All laughing and sits back get tried.Priyanka and Rohan come on stage. Lights went off.

Rahul:lets what my saali shaiba will do..

Rohan come and went in side Priyanka sitting she looking like Avni wearing eye glasses having books in her hands. She get up and walking Rohan went towards her he too looking like Yuvi all get excited.

Rohan:Humne Suna Hai,Tumne Jeevan Saathi Chuna Hai Jisko Tumne Chun Hi Liya Hai, Cheez Woh Kya Hai Are Humne Suna Hai, Tumne Jeevan Saathi Chuna Hai. Asking her while she just giving him look like Avni all laughs to see this.

Priyanka:leave her book hold Rohan earlobe.Kahin Hoga Na Aisa Ek Bhi, Hoshiyar Bhi Woh Nek Bhi Uuse Duniya Mein Sab Kehte Hai Achcha Kabhi Jhoot Nahin Woh Bolta, Kabhi Zaher Nahin Woh Golta Woh Dil Ka Saaf Hai Aur Bilkul Sachcha, Samje Bachcha.

Yuvi and Avni laughs out to see them they both fighting like they used to do. Tej and Avantika come and dancing all smiled.

Tej:Yeh To Bata Do, Hume Samjha Do, Hai Kis Garane Ka Woh.

Avantika:Woh Nahin Aisa Waisa, Nahin Tumhare Jaisa, Hai Naye Zamane Ka Woh. All kids laughing like anything.

Manohar and Usha come. They holding Yuvi and Avni photo in their hands.

Manohar:Kahin Pada Use Kya Paya Tha, Na Woh Khud Rota Aaya Tha.Hum Se To Kaho Hum Par Yakeen Karlo

Usha:Jo Tumne Ishara Hai Kiya, Maine Pehle Hi Tha Keh Diya.. Ladke Ki Poori Chaan Bin Karlo holding Rohan and Priyanka hands.

Manohar:Chup Bhi Raho.

Tej:Are Humne Suna Hai Tumne Jeevan Saathi Chuna Hai Jisko Tumne Chun Hi Liya Hai Cheez Woh Kya Hai Cheez Woh Kya Hai. He went towards Avni and hold her hand started dancing with her she smiling like anything.All elders come and dancing together Manohar and tej holding Avni hand they trio swirl together each and everyone watching this.Omkara hold Mahi hand while dancing they all become mad.Both smiling while Rudra twirl Soumya.Avni cuddles tej and Manohar.

After everyone performed in sangeet.all siblings came to stage. In screen Avni with her family photos sliding.

Rahul:this is dedicated to our soon to be bride to our avni having tears in his eyes.Yuvi janta hu ye thodi gusse wali like our kunj.isse jayada bat karna psand ni hai apni feeling express krna ni janti..but ye utni hi sweet & pure hearted hai so please take care of my chotii m gonna miss her pata hi ni chala hmesha books me rahni wali humari avni kab badi ho gyi while he got tears in his eyes.Avni too she holding tej and Avantika hand.

Kunj:haan hmesha kunj bhai kunj bhai  karte karte kab itni badi ho gayi ki. ab kunj bhai ki tarah shadi bhi krne ja rhi hai hmari shant rahne wali avni pta ni kese is jhalle yuvi ko pasand kar baithi.i think jaise mai apni syappa queen ko..

All chucked even twinkle too.

Omkara::jise kabhi kitabo ke aagey kuch ni soojha woh kab apna sara time phone me bitane lagi.shayad humari avni sach me badi ho gyi.arey shocked mat ho .we all know you & yuvi talk whole

night.while avni smiled with teary eyes..

Rudra:kya yaar avni di now i m gonna miss you now how i will tease you huhh. why are you leaving us. please na yuvi you too come na settle with us like twinkle bhabhi came..While everyone smiled at his childish behaviour…

Avantika & tej were now very much emotional now..Song played.baba ki rani hu.aankhon ka pani hu beh jana jise ek din aise kahani hu. While all hugged.all clapped Kunj and Rahul or Omkara and Rudra went towards Avni they hold Avni hands she crying so badly. Kunj cupped her face and wiped her tears.

Kunj: this tears not suits on my battery.

Avni:chuckled before me even you also Bhai Kunj nodded his head in yes he joint his forehead with Avni.

Rahul:see my bookworms applied Heena in her hand he kissed on her hand.

Rudra:Haan even wearing this  girly things.

Om:who will give me company in philosophy.

Kunj:Haan What I’ll do after Avni with whom sit and can say she is Too like me.

Rahul:after come back from office who will bring tea.She didn’t went in kitchen for herself but for my tea she had to.

Rudra place eyes glasses on her eyes. While Omkara put hat cap on her head she wear mostly.Four of them together


Anjali:we trio always pulled this boys legs.

My matured Avni who always busy in herself don’t care about this world.

Priyanka:when I cry she make me understand always save me from Rudra bhaiya.

Aayat:bring chocolates for me.

Anjali:time went of fast.

Kunj: our second sister going to marry feelings like jaane kal ki hi Baath hai. Tej and Avantika wiped Avni tears.

Tej:Meri Avni doctor doctor kehl ne wali soon she going to become someone wife.

 Just give me one voice your papa will come to you immediately. She nodded in eyes.

Avantika:don’t be sad just remember your MAA will be too if she get to know we just wanted to see our Avni happy.She smiled with tears.

Tej:Meri Avni toh itni matured hai she will handle Each and everything till now she make her papa feels proud now as well.

She hugged tej tightly and burst out Avantika caressing her hairs.All having tears in their eyes rt cuddles twinkle and Mahi. Tej wiped Avni tears and cupped her face.Don’t cry okay.

Anjali:arey we became too emotional let’s enjoy the moments.

Yuvi:yes Avni for you i take lots of risk.My Maamu when this thoughts come in my mind who I’ll tell him about my love for you. As now I win their hearts for my entire life as well I’ll keep this battery and bookworm happy.She is papa and brothers princess I’ll keep her my queen. All smiled.

@After this function end Avni brothers teasing her lot her makeup spoiled.They went back to Sarna Mansion.Mahi come with them only.All siblings changed their night dress and went to their one sibs room.They wearing same T-shirt in that written on bride maids.Wearing pajama.

Twinkle:looking cool.


Rahul:chalo lets do masti.

Twinkle:Yuvi must be doing his bachelor party.

Om:let him do we will do here.

Avni:here how? Without him she make sad face.All giggles.They all playing many games.While other side Yuvi reached Sarna Mansion he standing at down of Avni room giving her voice. He come with his gang.Avni brothers went in balcony they see Yuvi and giggles.

Kunj:this jija Ji come here.

Rahul:let him. They hide in side.

Rishi: arey Yuvi how you will reached why you come we enjoying in club.

Yuvi: arey without my Avni no fun in party it’s our bachelor party.Let me go she must be in her room only. Yuvi used pipe he keeping his foots and reached holding railing arey Avni give me your hand please. Someone forwards hand Yuvi give his hand he coming inside. Baby I’m here. As soon as he see the face and get shocked. It was tej ??.

Tej: what happened damad Ji.

Yuvi: Maa.mu..he about to falls down tej hold his hand tightly. Avnnii???. While all others went down in garden Avni see Yuvi and laughing loudly.Tej leave Yuvi hand Kunj and Rudra or Rahul and Omkara went he falls down on their hands.They hold him.

Kunj:see this thief try to entered in our Avni room.

Avantika:at this time they put him down.

Tej come downstairs.

Tej:I planned bachelor party for my Avni all get confused tej clapped just than in side light get on they all get stunned to see in garden disco arrangements in side waiters and cold drinks they all shocked. Who told you can’t celebrate we wouldn’t go in disco outside but bring here for my Avni.

Avni:awesome bade papa.They all didn’t wait all run and see music set up

everything is the best.All elders see their kids from far and smiled.

Lata:let them enjoy. All elders went inside.

Avni: uff amazing.

Yuvi: I get heart attract. Rahul and Rohan come.

Rohan: Acha Ji.. ??.

Rahul: it’s not good.

Yuvi: bhai she going to become my wife ?.. all went toward bar side their no alcohol but Rudra and Yuvi mind is too high they bring them.Mixed it in juices.  They all dancing like mads and drinking. Rahul see Yuvi and Avni together he get so happy.

Rahul:mum and dadda wherever you both are today if you seeing Avni must be happy see her she is so happy with Yuvi. Twinkle dancing Kunj hold her hand and take in side.

Kunj: bas kar it’s not your night.

Twinkle: why are you jealous of this after all mere bandar ki shadi hai I’m gonna enjoy fully she run to Yuvi Chal bhai

Yuvi:Haan Meri miss Twinki.They all running behind girls in garden everywhere.

Catch girls rolling down on grasses.They all sit together and playing damsharas.

All girls and boys in two team.

Rahul:chalo fast guess movie name.?.

Asha explaining movie name but girls didn’t got.

Twinkle: what type of movie is this we give you boys so nice movie name huhu. Asha get tired.

Asha: uff. Movie name is. Andheri Raat Mein Diya Tere Haath Mein all girls make O face and look at boys.

Anjali:Chii who gives this.

Yuvi:Kunj and Rahul.Their wife’s look at them. While both giggles.

Rahul:bhaiya i didn’t understand name of movie.

Rahul:acha Don’t worry soon you will ?.

All make faces at them and get up went from there.Whole night they passed in this. At morning gardener come and throw water their face they all wake up with jerked.

Kunj: what is this man ahaha..

Anjali: get up.They all get up and went inside while yuvi and others back to their homes.They went inside elders give them smiled.They thanks to tej and went in their room all get freshen up.They all have their breakfast and sleep for sometimes.

In [email protected] brother come with Avantika mom.

Avantika:Maa and bhaiya.Her brother name is Sujal and mother name is Aarti. She meet with her family.

Sujal: how’s your my dearest sister.

Tej: after see you both very much Sujal.

Aarti: after long time I’m seeing my daughter she cupped her face I miss you.

Avantika:I too miss you Maa.She hugged her.All kids come down. Anjali and Omkara see Aarti they both run while Kunj smiled to see his nani.They went towards her.

Om: nani Maa.

Anjali: really Aap yeha ho.

Aarti: yes I come for Avni.

Sujal:yes me too. Avni smiled and take their blessing. While twinkle get confused.

Avantika:Maa and bhaiya she is twinkle my Kunj wife.Twinkle take their blessing.

Twinkle:namastey nani ji.

Aarti: aww you are so beautiful till now I just heard about you you are the best Avantika used to talk about you.

Tej: bahu meri hai Maa ji.they sit all meet.

Kunj: good nani you come.

Aarti:you people just love your dadi not nani Lata giggles.kunj kissed on her forehead.

Rudra: nani you didn’t meet with us once in a years you come huhu.

Sujal: for Avni specially she come.

Tej:if you both didn’t come than I wouldn’t talk to you.What about them?

Aarti: they all just busy in work.

Rahul: that ram ji as well let him meet with me huhu.After sometimes later Avni get ready she come and sit Sujal bring chudda for her all sitting Avantika closed Avni eyes Sujal make her wear her wedding chudda and hide with handkerchief Avni open her eyes and see.

Avni performed all pre-wedding rituals happily otherside yuvi as well.

Scene freezes on their happy face.


Next: Avni and yuvi wedding ?

hows the episode?

hope you all do share your views. No proof write in hustle..thanks for your comments in previous episode.

love you all allahafize

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