RaadhaKrishna -The journey of Love

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Hi I am Raadha(Jeevika from EHMMBH). Everybody in the world will go through their own journey. This is my journey Raadha se RaadhaKrishna thak. AAj mein Mrs.RaadhaKrishna hoke 25 saal hogaye hein ek baar palat ke woh sab yaadein apke saath bantna chahthi hoon. Yeh hein iss kahani ki shurwad.


Raadha ki duniya.

Mohan: Beti, Alarm rakhlo kal subah hume Mumbai jaana hein na.

Raadha: Ha ok Papa.

Gowri: Raadhi, sab pack kiya ki nahi?? Sab kuch abhi karlo . yeh sweets aur pickles bhi abhi raklo bag mein. jaldi soja beti.

Raadha: Ma teek hein . Mein karlungi sab kuch , tum dono ja aur so ja.

Raadha gets back into her packing stuff.

Arjun(Raadhi’s brother, Sansakr from swaragini) : Hey bandar why are you so dull? saying this pulls her hair from back.

Raadha: bayya mein ja rahi hoon (tears started rolling on her rosy chubby cheeks)

This made Arjun laugh

Arjun lays his hands around Raadha and says: Meri maa, Internship join karne ja rahi ho, shaadi karke nahin. saying this he wipes her tears and says in a sincere tone Raadhi I know till now U are in comfort zone . U love this little home in little town but its time for u to achieve bigger. Leave all ur fears and start living ur life bigger. See the world beyond this home. This world has both good and bad. This world makes u learn to filter out good and bad, it makes u stronger and its make u independant. All I want is my sister should not only be chubby do cute little things but also grow into a independant woman.

Raadha : After listening to Arjun, she looks into Arjun’s eyes and says Agar tumhari filmy dialogues ho gayi tho thoda wo hall mein meri night pants padi hai thoda bag mein rakhle. says smilingly.

Arjun smiles and does what Raadha asked for. After packing and whole night of fights and lot of talk arjun leaves the room saying good night and leaving the lights off.

Raadha: Pehli baar ghar chodke jaa rahi hoon. Jo mujhe nahi janthe who bolthe hein mein introvert hoon, aur kuch log bolthe hein ki mein highly pampered hoon isliye ithni head strong hoon ,aur kkuch log bolthe hein mein cute hoon, aur meri parents bolthe hein ki mein innocent hoon but arjun hamesha mujhe ek samjdari ladki maanthe hein. This is what I love about him.Mein confused hoon hamesha har jeez par. Par mein kya chahthi hoon yeh rastha clear karne mein hamesha arjun meri madad kartha hein. Jo bhi who kaha wo teek hein, ab thak bahuth dara huan hoon. wahan kaise hoga ,logon ke saath miljulke rah sakthi hoon ya nahi kuch nahi patha. Arjun ke bathein sun ne ke baad thoda excited hoon. Kalse meri duniya ma,papa,arjun isse bada ban jayega kya.

Thinking like this raadha slept.

Next day morning

Raadha,Mohan everybody gets ready.

She bids farewell and leave for Mumbai.


First day in Mumbai

Calling bell rings at kushi’s company provided guest house.

She opens the door.

Raadha: Hi Raj . I am almost done. Come and sit.

Raj: U are always late (NK from IPKKND)(He is my distant cousin, he also works in the same office)

Raadha: I am done. chalo lets leave.

Both reach office. Raadha is very excited to be their.

Preetha is HR of this office. After finishing the formalities, my seating is shown.

Its a team of 20 members and I am youngest among them. Its very exciting to see my name on name plate. Its a best moment.

Then I was introduced in a meeting. I was very nervous.

Post lunch a short and healthy man approached me and said I am ur trainee and he spoke for half-an-hour about my workstation setup (As usual school mein lecture ki tharah I shook my head as if I understood evrything).He is Bala.

Bala: Raadha, Are u with me.

Raadha: yes Sir.

Bala: Raadha, two things 1. If u are clear then do the steup. 2. Don’t call sir sab ko yaha naam se hi bolna padega.

Raadha: yes Bala

Bala left.

Seeing at few documents provided , I tried setting up but nothing seems to work. Then came a guy for my rescue.

I called him for a cup of coffee. His name is Gopal.

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