We r not destiny to be with eo #twinj os ~by adeebuuuuu?

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Heyyyyyyyy this time with a os…

A girl is seen getting ready in her skul uniform… her face is shown she is twinkle..

Twinkle’s POV..
Babaji..today again..i got late ufff..the bus will come in few minutes nd today is first class after Durga pura vacation.. i heard
someone was shouting “twinkle puttar ur
bus came” ohh..yaa she is my mom
actually this stupid morning skuls r too
bad.i have to wake so early.. ufff i m
talking.. my bus has came..i sat in my bus
in a window seat…nd started rubbish talks
with my friends..??..after about30 mins
we reached the skul..we got down frm
bus..nd as usual i we started teasing one of
a friend who was talking with her bf..but we left actually giving them Privacy??…
We wear walking frm the ground to the skul
building..we wear walking nd talking than i
collicide with someone..ummm..yaa she is
senior than me..he smiled looking at
me..but i was like who the hell he is??..

Later we reached our calss 9B..nd as usual the boring classes were going on..i was
waiting frm the break nd yaa..finally the bell
rang..we ate our tiffin nd gone to play..nd
that boy again saw me..but this time my
friends seen him..nd started teasing
me..but yrrr i dont even know him..i
said..”koi nai we r there to know who is
he”..one of my friend said..

Nxt day..
I was waiting for him..yaa i think he is my
crush.. nd yaa..yaa..i finally saw him..nd ufff
his killing looks..than one of my friend
came running towards me.. “twinkle his
name is KUNJ..” she said..i smiled nd
hugged her..days passed week passed..nd
finally my bday came..till these few days he
was not my crush he became my love..my friends were used to tease me like anything
but i cant do anything except smiling.. i was celebrating my bday in my class room..
Than one of my friend said “today is going
to be the best day fr u twinkii” i knew they
were planing something too naughty..but i
didn’t care..soon the dispersal took place
nd i took my seat in my bus ofcourse a
window seat..than i saw kunj with my
friends.. he asked “u luv me??” I knew these
r planed by them only but as a brave girl i
said yes..nd after tat wat i listened was
unbelievable he said”he love me 2″..my
friends were dancing like mad..i was too happy..which i couldn’t describe..

I reached my house nd whole day i was
thinking about him…like dis days passed
weeks passed months also passed
sometimes kunj be nice nd sometimes he do like tat he dont know me..but i ignored
these things..nd our skul was organization
annual sports as every year..the practiced fr
sports started nd everyday he used to
ignore me so I said one of my friend about
it..she said “he must be stressed about
studies” I also thought the same…

After 1 month..

Now he don’t even look at me..my friends
tried to talk to him but he ignored my friend
too..he used to enjoy with his friend (guys
sorry I didn’t said kunj is in class 11)
One day I called him but his friends came nd said “he is not interested in u he
proposed another girl so it’s better u get
away frm his life” nd they left..everything was shocking fr me..anyhow my friends manage me but the whom I loved the most
cheated me used me as a time pass..I can’t
believe this.I used to cry in my room hiding inside blanket..but my friends said y r u crying fr the one who ceated on u..everyday
I see him he used to laugh with his friends.

One day
He insulted me than I slapped him hard on
his face..after tat day..he changes I
changed most important the love I have fr
him changed into hatred.. I was now full
consertrating on my future I now I totally
forgot him he used to date other girls..but I
don’t even look at him..nd tat times spend
with him was just a time waste…
Actually someone said me tat “no one
deserve to hurt a pretty soul”..

The end..

Finally end hogaya..yeh ek real story h agar bataungi tumlog shock hojauge..lekin sorry
nai bataungi I m crying while writing this
but anyways sorry fr not posting my ff on
twinj nd shivika too..not commenting in any
ffs..but guys just wait fr 2weeks more than
I will be free..nd do share ur views..

Luv u

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    Emotional tha thoda….sad for twinkle…

  2. Presha

    Hey qdu..
    Its emotional heart touching story…
    Loved it..
    Too good..
    Love u . ??

  3. SidMin23

    Emotional ? poor twinkle hope soon u will post twinj ff.

  4. ?????phenomenal Os…..completely justified…☺.jisne bhi aisa kiya bahut accha kiya… To slap that boy….??…….accha post something soon ???

  5. Aamna_2690

    Hey Adeebu?
    I am crying while reading this story????The one whoever did this should be punished more than it for this????Poor Twinkle ????U nailed it Adeeba☺☺☺☺It was Emotional but very heart touching❤❤❤loved it???post ur FF when u r free☺☺☺love u adeebu????

  6. SidMin

    ???? really felt bad for Twinkle … how could Kunj do this…
    Loved the way you have written it. …
    Love you ❤

  7. Twinjfan.tamanna

    wowwww Adu! kya likha hai yaar! so emotional! aur mujhe 3rd paragraph padthe hi patha chal gaya tha ki yeh true story hai! and why do I feel ke yeh teri ya tere kisi frnd ki story hai! alag se batha dena okay? aur the girl shld not cry for him! khudko bada hero,samajh tha hai kya! the best part was Twinkle slapping the guy! just loved it! post soon!
    see you!?

    with love,
    Urs Tamma Tamma?

  8. Hey adu baby it was fantastic
    I didn’t like Kunj’s character in this OS how can he play with someone’s feelings
    Feeling sad for twinkle
    Love u baby?❤❤???❤????❤?❤???

  9. lovely concept
    post more

  10. Baby

    ohhhh god addy……..
    too emotional……..
    jst crying…….
    wat does boys srsly get by hurting a girl n by playing wid her feelings huh…….
    lods of love……..♥

  11. Sameera

    Hayeee yaar adeebu soooo cute yaar loveddddddd it too much sorry for late comment bzy Hu ?

  12. Aduuu it’s nice but emotional one
    Per girl had done right by sllapping
    Love u keep smiling

  13. Amaya_bhardwaj

    Hey aduuu,
    Amazing fabulous os….
    Too emotional…
    U said it’s real story we won’t believe it ki ye Kiski story h….Plz tell me yrr Kon h Wo…
    Srsly want to kill that guy….Hw can he play with someone’s feeling yrr….I hate these kind of people who plays with someone’s feeling….
    Girl did right by slapping him….She should have punched him instead that would be more better for him actually….
    Sorry agar Maine Kuch jyada bol Diya ho TOH….I am Srsly very angry yrr….
    Leave it….
    Post your FF soon…
    Will be waiting…
    Love you ????
    Muahhhh ??????

  14. Amaya_bhardwaj

    Are you in touch with Maggi,
    If u r then tell her to post her ff

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