You r my life part 76 and 77

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Hi frnds… so sry.. I couldn’t post the episode…plz forgive me. Nd without any delay. I’ll start the episode.

The episode starts with Aakash going to their flat to his room. There he saw Raman getting ready.
Aakash: when did u came home..?
Raman: just a few mins back.
Aakash: ohh.
Raman: abbey where the hell were u till now. U said u’ll come within half n hr nd went. But were missing for half day…?
Aakash: I was with Shagun yaar.
Raman: with Shagun..?
Aakash: ha.. she’s not feeling well. She’s so depressed. As so she resigned the job.
Raman: what…??? But y..?
Aakash: she feels.. I mean she ve doubt ki she’s pregnant.
Raman shocked: what…???!!!!

Aakash: yeah… but its not  confirmed yet yaar.
Raman: abbey tu toh mujhse bhi do kadam a age nikli…???!!!! (U were 2 steps ahead of me..?)
Aakash: chup karo yaar.. (shut up )
Raman: but y do she feel so..?
Aakash: don’t know… from past few day she isn’t OK. She feel so uncomfortable… I tried to find but she couldn’t.
Raman: is she fyn now..?
Aakash: ha ha… I ve consoled her.

Raman: OK gud.. get ready we’ll pick them nd go to the mall.
Aakash: OK.
Meanwhile ishu nd Shagun got reading in casual wear. Jeans nd top.
Ishu: yaar Shagun where r u..? Come fast.
Shagun: ha ha coming….
Raman nd Aakash reached there in their car.
Ishu: see Raman nd akhi came. Come within n Shagun.
Shagun: yeah come let’s go.

Ishu: ah.. amma we r leaving will come soon.
Amma: OK take care u both.
They came to the car nd got in the back seat.
Raman: so shall we leave..?
Other 3: ha.
Raman drove to the mall. Everyone reached there, kavya rahul nd Ayesha saurav. Now these four.
Shagun: to which movie we r going..?
Raman: kamaal hai.. u don’t know to which movie u r coming… but came..?
Aakash gave a look to Raman.
Ishu: “OK Jaanu…!!!”
Shagun: I heard abt it.

Saurav: Nd the review is also gud.
Ayesha: acha.. its a pure luv story na.
Rahul: actually its a remake of tamil movie ‘Ok kadal kanmani’, taken by the famous director in south India, Maniratnam.
Kavya: then bhabhi will know abt him na.
Ishu: ha.. I knew maniratnam.. such a grt director. I ve seen his movies too. They r so romantic.
Shagun: then I gonna enjoy this.
Aakash: arey will u guys talk like this or watch movie.
Raman: chalo let’s go nd watch the movie.
They went to the theatre. Nd were watching the romantic movie by holding their partner’s hands. They were enjoying.
Meanwhile…Ashok in his home, was in peaks. He was thinking nd thinking what to do. He broke the vase nearby. Hearing this sound his brother suraj came there.
Suraj: Ashok…!!! ( he came down running downstairs) what happened.
Ashok: she resigned.
Suraj: who..?

Ashok: Shagun..resigned the job.
Suraj: yaar y don’t u leave her. U became mad.
Ashok: ha I’m mad in her love. I want her I my life suraj. Will u help me.
Suraj: don’t dare ask me. I don’t want to do any stupid thing with u. I ve my own business. Nd u do urs.
Ashok: OK don’t do… I will hire other one.

Suraj: yaar she’s married nd y don’t u leave her.
Ashok: if u don’t want to help me, just stay away of it I’ll manage somehow. Nd don’t taunt me. Get that.
Suraj: even I don’t time to keep finger on ur business.
Ashok: then go nd do ur work.
Suraj: ha ha.. I’m going.
He goes.
Ashok: I will do it on my own. Nd will get Shagun at any cost. Get ready Shagun I m coming.
In the theatre….
Raman is busy wat thing movie… while ishu sees Raman.
Ishu: Raman..!!
Raman: ishu plz don’t disturb me yaar.. 
Ishu: is the movie so interesting..?
Raman: ha ha .
Ishu: itna interesting kya hai us me..? (What’s that much interesting in it..?)
Raman: don’t disturb me nd see it then u’ll get to know.
Ishu gets angry nd pinches him… nd before he shouts she closes his mouth.
Raman: r u mad..?
Ishu: ha… I became mad now.

Raman: yeah I know it.
Ishu puts pout face: I understood Raman… nowadays, u ve more important things than me. Ur decreased for me hai na.
Ishu looks at him…where he is busy seeing the movie. she then pulls him closer by holding his collar.
Ishu: am I mad…?
Nd kissed him hard. Which made him shock. Where the others in the theatre were witnessing the lip lock of aditya nd shradda in the film.
Later she leaves him nd starts crying. Raman still in shock but later smiles.
Raman: really u r mad.

Ishu: u r smiling..? Seeing my cry ? ( she beats him nd he hold her hand)
Raman: baby…
Ishu: no no… plz don’t talk to me. Or else u will be distubted.
Raman: I was already disturbed. Jaanu, I’m sry I was just kidding yaar. Nothing is more important than u. U r my love my Jaan my life. My love increase to u day by day but not decrease. I love u ishu… love u so much.( he wipes her tears(
Ishu smiles: sachhi..??!!!
Raman: muchhi.

She smiles nd gives him a peck on his lips.
Raman: arey ishu koi dekh lega. (Anyone will see)
Ishu: dekhne do.. mujhe kya? (Let them.. what will happen?)
Raman: OK philhaal hum movie dekh lenge..varna ticket waste hojayega. ( but for now we’ll see movie or else ticket would be wasted.)
Ishu smiles nd nods.
Later after the movie they went to the hotel park delight, a five star multi cuisine restaurant. They were seated on a round table. They ordered their fav dishes nd in the time they were discussing abt the movie.
Saurav: really yaar the movie is awesome… very nice.
Ayesha: ha ha… nd the character of aadi is very nice.
Saurav: nd Tara… is such a sensible girl na so beautiful.

Ayesha: even aadi was so handsome.
Raman: arey stop it yaar… who’s this aadi Tara ?
Rahul: arey Raman.. didn’t u watch the movie. Arey they r the characters of the film which we watched now.
Raman had a blank face.
Shagun: I think Raman was a lil busy. Hai na ishu..?
Ishu: y r u asking me.. what do I know..? I was busy watching movie.
Raman looks at her nd thinks: acha bachhu..? U were busy watching movie..?
Kavya: ha ha… I know bhabhi is very busy watching movie.
Ishu: arey don’t pull my legs yaar.
Aakash: arey ishu… y will we pull ur legs..?
Raman: what do we know… nowadays someone is too busy with their aashiq ki voh duniya ko bhool rahe ho. (They r forgetting this world.)
Shagun nd Aakash look at each other.
Aakash: ha food is coming… let’s ve dinner.
The waiter served the dinner nd all were abt to eat…

Ayesha: wait everyone…(all stopped)
All: what happened..?
Ayesha: kyun na him ek game khele..?( shall we play a game?)
Plz plz pl…coz we won’t dine like this everyday na.
All: OK fyn. What’s the game..?
Ayesha: so the game is… u can ask ur partner a question… if they say then u ve to make them eat if they don’t say… then they will make u eat.
All: ok .
Ayesha: so we shall start with…. rahul jiju nd kavya dhi.
They look at each other.
Raman: come one kavya ladies first. Ask rahul a question.

Kavya: OK… mmm. What is my biggest achievement..?
Rahul: mm I think when u received n award for best designer from ur fav actress.
Kavya shocked: no but how did u know abt it.
Rahul: I know everything abt u drlng.
Ayesha: so what’s the ans?
Kavya: when rahul came into my life.
Ishu: owww… so romantic ha.
Rahul smiles nd he make her eat.
Rahul: so now my turn… what is my pet name..?
Kavya: hmm.. rocky..? Which is kept by ur sis preethi.
Rahul: nice.. its right but I didn’t share this even with ishu.
Ishu: ha..!
Kavya: I came to know when I took ur phone when ur sis called u nd u were busy. She called u, hi rocky bhai..!!!

Rahul again makes her eat. Kavya too makes him eat.
Ayesha: hmm.. both of u played well. So now…. bhai nd bhabhi.
Ishu: ok … Raman, how did u realize ki u love me…?
Raman: hmm.. u remember when we four went to n exhibition in our 8th standard then u nd Shagun wanted to climate the giant wheel. We boys who ve already experienced it advised u no. But u both also took the ticket for us. We both sat one side nd Aakash Shagun the other side. U were first so much excited but later were afraid nd u hugged me. That made me feel something so special. I think that’s the feeling of love which made me realize.
Kavya: oho…!!!
Ishu: acha… ! Toh elo Kao…(eat)

She makes him eat.
Raman: toh… ab mera bari, hmm… say me did u miss me in our 3yrs gap..???
Ishu: of course I missed u a lot.
Raman: then y didn’t u come to me.
Ishu: u can come to me na.
Raman: but u changed ur address nd ur no. na
Ishu: ha ha but can’t u find out.
Raman: ask akhi nd Shagun… how much I was pagal abt u.
Saurav: arey now u both don’t fight yaar.
Ishu: OK leave it now we r one… nd married too. I missed u a lot nd love u.
Raman smiles nd makes her eat.
Ayesha: hmm… well played. Bhai..! Now Shagun nd akhi.
Shagun: so… how many gfs do u ve in ur college life nd who is ur first girlfrnd..?
Saurav: do u know BT them Shagun?
Shagun: ha..I knew.
Aakash: hmm.. I think I had up to 7 girlfriends nd ur r the 8th one.
Saurav nd rahul: oh god.. 7 ?!!
Raman: so u mean to say Shagun is ur 8th wonder ?
All laugh.

Aakash: ha. Nd my first girlfriend is Aalia, when I am studying 9th class.
Raman: Aalia…? 1st bench wali ladki..?
Aakash: ha. Hamare class Sab se khubsoorat wali. (The most beautiful girl in our class)
Raman: arey wat abt ishu nd Shagun..?
Aakash: ha ha… they too. But according to me she was beautiful.
Shagun keeps a jealousy face nd makes him eat.
Aakash: now , say me who is ur first crush..?
Shagun: hmm.. (she blushes Aakash smiles) dont smile ha.. im not saying abt u. he so sweet, such a cute boy in our class. His cheeks r so cute that I always pull them. We used to ply a lot. Nd according to me he my dream.
Ishu: but who is he..?

Shagun: I’ll tell u na. Wait..still there so much to describe him.
Aakash: no need to describe just say his name.
Raman: acha… jealous ha..?
Shagun: OK I’ll say the name… he Mr. Aakash Rawat. He’s my first nd last crush.
Aakash was surprised nd smiles. All look at him nd smiles.
Shagun: will u make me eat or not..?
He makes her eat.

Ayesha: nice Shagun.. now I will ask saurav a question. Saurav… do u love ur sis more or ur mother..?
Saurav looks at kavya: dhi, when I look at mom I don’t know whether I remember u or not. But whenever I look at u I remember mom. Nd I look both mom nd also sis in u. Love u dhi !!!
Kavya had tears in her eyes: love u too yaar.
They both hug.
All smile.
Ayesha: so saurav ji..mahol ko emotional math hone dijiye. Yeh kha lijiye. (Saurav don’t make the atmosphere emotional nd eat this)
He smiles nd ate.

Ayesha: now u ask me a question.
Saurav: so what is ur happiness ?
Ayesha: my happiness is with u nd my family. See I’m happy now this is my happiness. Just want to hold ur hand my life long.
Saurav: hmm.. voh toh mushkil yoga na yaar. (Its impossible yaar)
Ayesha: y..?
Saurav: I ve to go to office nd evn u ve to go na. We can’t hold hands every time.
Ayesha beats him all laugh. They finished their dinner nd went to home.

Shagun researches abt getting pregnant. Ashok plans something.

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  1. Rashita

    Awesome…..loved it soooo much mainly ishra scenes were nice…….even the restaurant all the couples were cute……. Plz update soon

    1. Lasya Priya K

      Thank u rashita. Nd where r u in my ff. U r reading it from the beginning na. Hope well.

  2. Zaira

    Woowo dear it was sooo romantic ..superb u know …loved ishra today the most ????sooooo romantic …hahaha Raman sat in the theater to watch Ok jaanu n do t know the characters ????????stupid man!!!obvious ishra in their own world ..???????
    Hotel scene was superb !!! Just amazing !!!
    So..after 4days u ll go na…I ll miss u ???though I ll not come here frequently as I have exams ??

    1. Lasya Priya K

      Ha I’m going on 22nd. Will miss everyone my frnds. And thanks zaira for our love towards my ff and ur comment.

  3. Ishra scenes you dear

    1. Lasya Priya K

      Thanks isuri for ur comment

  4. it was sooo nice dear upload
    the next episode quickly I am sooooo excited plsss yaar

  5. Rashita

    Priya I finished reading your ff from the beginning…….Its really awesome…….I just love your ff

  6. wow it was awesome…ishra scene were amazing…also hotel scene…

  7. Kumud

    Awesome yaar

  8. Lasya Priya K

    thank u both of u

  9. awesome update loved ishra romance in theater ishita kissed him all played game that was nice

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