You r my Only My (Chapter 8)

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Long time …..

And I see your comments thank u … nd sorry for not commenting in your comments nd ff too….
Many of u say u don’t like 3rd Scene but believe me u love when u known the full scene nd ya I m changing some wrong mistake in 3rd Scene so I m new 3rd Scene…..


3rd Scene

Girl “I love u…”

Guy “but I hate u …. ” he shouted & about to go from there nd that girl sit in floor crying badly..


If anyone have any Q so just ask me nd I m clearing “No Separation Track ” in my this ff ok so be relax ….


Morning in Oberio Mansion

Shivaye has to go urgently in his important meeting whereas tej nd rudra planing to go anika’s house becoz today is Sunday nd Sunday is fun day so its a holiday …

Shivaye wanted to go anika’s house to appologise nd confess his feeling but he have to go urgently in his so – called – meeting ;

“Ya I m going to apologize …. that to a employee of my office…. who once slap me says I’m a disgusting person !! Nd me who wanted to take a revenge from her…. to ruining my image saying no to me for my One Night Stand & how I forget that false agreement to keep her in office otherwise she rezaine her job becoz I’m the new boss…. I don’t known what happened to me i buy that office just because of her…. for her … haan!! That time I want revenge from her …. but not now & now that girl hate me i guess so… for what I did with her…. this obvious ..


But now I don’t care … seriously a love can change person like this … like me the playboy who don’t believe in love at all can’t commit to a relationship…. the Shivaye Singh Oberio … nd now wanted to become an “One Man Women” but my luck *smile* …. that girl from whom now I can do anything …. that girl hates me …. what a luck I have …*smrik* she is something…. something very different from other’s girl from whom I did my one night stand … who always behind my money my name my fame … but she … she is different she didn’t at all care about my money my name my fame ….. oh god !!! She is going to make me mad *smile* every time every second i think about her…. nd every time I proud to my self to my heart for choosing “Anika” for my life partner moreover my “Heart’s heartbeat reason ” … that girl how much she affect me … now i cant wait to confess my feeling to her …

But I have to go this urgent meeting uff this meetings idiot ….*smiling* I m definitely changing …. haan!!… that day my opes er.. . “Ours” *blush* first kiss i can’t forget that day I kiss so many girls but that kiss make me feel alive … but then her worst condition *hurt sad pain* …. make me feel that someone stabbed my heart …. her tears her pain …. I can’t can’t express how it feels…. now stop don’t just don’t remember it’s your special day …. consontrate on that …” his thoughts while driving..

Meanwhile In anika’s house

Anika is in her home thinking something lost in her thought nd feeling lonely becoz it’s holiday nd sahil also not here he is gone to his best friend house… anika thinking about that day but soon her thought of chain disturbed by her door bell…

“Coming …”she opened door but shocked seeing Tej Singh Oberio in front of her moreover he is shivaye’s father her enemy’s father (which she think her “enemy” but anjaan of going to would be father in law of her)

“App” still in shocked state

“Ya …. well can we come inside ” is in his soft version After all she is the one who make his son mad in love

“Sorry … plz come ..”

“I known u r feeling what I m doing here ..”

“We” Rudy complain

“Ya ya we r doing here..”

“Yes ..” *confuse*

“We r here to appologise to u on behalf of my son …. I known he did very wrong with u hurt u … but believe me he is not like that bad … after his mom dead my wife he become like this…” he said with guilty nd sadness in his voice, Rudy also get sad

“But why r u appologise on behalf of him …. he should be appologise to me …. why r u… I known he is your son …. but he did mistake he hurts me … so he have to appologise to me not u …. u r elder to me like my father i dont feel good please dont appologise …” in pleading tone

” So u forgive him …” hoping the best

“Nope !! What he did with me i can’t forgive him … u r saying so I can think but only when he appologise nd say sorry to me then I can think about it … but only think …. plz don’t keep fake hope …”

Both each other nd say in union

“He never appologise to anyone..”

“After all he is the great shivaye Singh Oberio ” Rudy added

“So I can’t forgive him ever .. hoge vo the great Sso … I don’t care … he have to say sorry to me …”

Tej think “she is perfect for my shivaye she definitely change him now I m 101% sure … she will make my shivaye into “Ishqbaaz” like his mom makes me in love …”

Rudar think “wow what babhi I m gonna have she can change my egoostic heartless shivaye into “Ishqbaaz ” shivaye … I m very excited… but she agree plz God do some miracle plz anika didi become my anika bhabi … I don’t want that universe ki bhaandar lady baba become my bhabi she’ll make om into riki centre no god !! Moreover she goes chalti verthi makeup ki dukaan eeeee lady baba kahiki ” *weired face*

“Uncle …. who is this ..” pointing towards rudra

This make both came into real world

“I .. I m Rudra singhaniya shivaye’s best friend moreover like his brother… very dashing handsome smart hot….”


“Sorry sorry … continue ..”

“Beta I want to say something.. if u don’t mind can I..”

“Uncle … say it na… why will I mind ..”

“Nahi … beta ..vo”

“Uncle just say … don’t hesitate u called me beta then why r u saying like this .. just say what r u want to say …”

“Ammm … ok so I want to say about u nd shiv… by the way where r your parents with whom u stay in this house I mean..”

“Uncle me nd my little bro sahil he is not here he gone to his bff house … nd my parents … they dead in accident ..” sadness

“So I m really very sorry..”

“No uncle it’s ok … by the way u r saying some thing…”

“Ya vo …. I want to .. I mean … shivaye .. nd u … u … shivaye … your …” stamrring nervously After all he is talking about there marriage daar tho lagega na

“What uncle… why r u nervous ..hah!!! Say it straight ..” rudra impatenialy say

“Yes rudra !!! Anika I m here for two porpusely one is appologise nd second your nd shivaye’s marriage proposal …”

Anika is drinking water listening this she spiltout

*cough* *cough* What ??? *cough*

“I u ok bhabi..” Rudy say with concern

“Bhabi ???what r u saying ..

Shocked hell shocked After all she never expect this in her wildest dreams only ..

“What is your answer beta..” eagerly waiting


Sadness r visible in both face

“But why ..” the wanted to known

“Why ?? Really uncle .. u known what r u saying .. u r saying me nd your son .. I mean shivaye sir marriage no this can’t never happened .. never and reason your son … your son is the reason my every problem is your son …. u known what he do with me 1st that club then office every time I see him nd his disgusting words started ringing in my mind my ears i can’t think to spend my whole life with him …. I hate him … u known your son your is a playboy who use girls like a tissue paper… who think he can rule this world by his money I hate him I can’t… a long tear escaped from her eyes

“I known beta he hurt u but i m sure u can change him nd he is not like that … he just pretend to be like this trust me…” trying to convince her

“No uncle this can’t happens ever nd i-i have marry him I can’t even think this my whole life with him no no uncle please sorry u can go please I don’t want to talk about this ..”

“I known beta …. u r hurt but I have hope … take your time we will not force u … we r leaving please once again think about this…”

“Yes anika plz think about it…” rudra also try

“Thank u but my answer is no..”

Both see each other nd get sad tej goes towards her nd keep his hand on her head nd say …

“We will wait… god bless u ..” he give hope to himself “come rudra” he added

Both leave …. as soon as they leave

Anika turn her face nd started crying but she didn’t known that someone is there who heard her nd his father brother’s conversation…

He come to her but she is facing her back …

Shivaye in full his Sso style

Anika felt someone is there but she think that this someone is tej nd say

“I said u na… I’ll never marry your son I can’t..”

“U Have To Marry Me ..”

To be Continued…..


Note : I can’t update soon so I m not going to give u fake hopes .. i update my ff on hopefully Friday or Sunday…. so till then bye good day ahead …?????? hope u enjoy ..

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