Qurbaan Hua 9th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Vyas je calls Neel from the Destitute centre

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Neel calls Chahat asking about Vyas destitute center saying there is at least someone whom she cares about so he asks why she is closing the center, he mentions there was a call in which it was said that they are transferring the patients so need two lac rupees, Chahat questions why he is so interested in her affairs as she is his enemy so he must leave, Chahat immediately closes the door.

Godambari and Ghazala both are fighting about who would purify the house, they in each other’s competition start saying awful things to each other, Godambari calls Ghazala a mad woman who is just like a animal while she also calls Godambari as a goat, Naveli tries to calm them but they are not listening, Chahat comes questioning what are they doing because the children are standing in front of them, Chahat advises Naveli to take care of the children while she comes from some important work, Naveli agrees when Ghazala questions what she is saying when their grandmother is present in the house, Chahat mentions that she knows how they would take care of the children while they are fighting, she leaves while Naveli assures she is going to take care of the children, Godambari asks if she did not ask her to go to the market when she forcefully sends her away, they both once again start fighting when Shlok and Dua exclaim they can take care of themselves.

Vyas je in the centre wonders why has Chahat not come to meet him, the nurse explains it is because she has sold the center and even they would have to found a new job, Vyas jee calls the contact of Chahat which is answered by Neel who is worried when Vyas je questions why has she not come to meet him as he is really worried, Neel gets tensed so rushes into the room where Aalekh is waiting, he asks what has happened to Vyas je as he called Chahat, Aalekh tries to assure there might be a mistake when Vyas je walks into the room explaining he went to collect the money from everyone and only Neel is left, he explains he forgot because of the tension from the fees of the children, he hands Vyas je the money before leaving, Aalekh holding Agam questions why did he call Chahat to which he gets frustrated saying that Neel might have drunk because he did not touch Alcohol since the morning, Aalekh worries if the call was made by the real Vyas jee, Agam mentions that he knows his brother and if he was alive would have immediately come to make their life miserable. Aalekh prays that it should be the case.

Godambari advises them to eat the full lunch, and nothing should be lest, she hands the thali to Shlok who is shocked to see that the dishes have ended so he questions what Dua would eat when she has served the entire food to him, she sends him away explaining she would give Dua the food.

Godambari turns to leave when Dua asks if she has made something special for her, Godambari asks why she would make anything for her while she was laughing when Ghazala was making fun of her, Dua reveals that Shlok was also laughing so Godambari says that he was only laughing till the time she was scolding Ghazala, Dua asks what should she do about the hunger, Godambari exclaims she would take care of it but Dua must always be on her side as she would be the winner, Dua demands the food, Godambari says she must ask Chahat, Dua runs crying when she bumps into Ghazala who says there is no need to go to Chahat as till the time she is present there is no need to feel tensed, she would order such a food that they all would get jealous, she leaves with Chahat when Godambari wonders why has she also come to their house as if Chahat was not enough.

Chahat is tensed as she is getting late for interview but there is no taxi, she sees Neel arriving so tries to stop him but he doesnot stop, she gets angry wondering why did she think he would stop for her, Neel gets a call from Badra Sahib so answers it, Chahat seeing the opportunity sits on the motorcycle at which Neel questions what is she doing as he is on a call, she taking the mobile asks him to start riding.

Neel and Chahat reach the hospital, she praises that he has taken her to the right spot so asks him to wish her, but he leaves and reaching the corner thinks he should have wished her luck.

The lady at the door exclaims she is really impressed that Chahat has taken such a step as if she would have done this for her husband, he would have gotten really mad, Chahat reveals she has done it for her family as it is not the sole responsibility of the husband to earn the living, she is shocked to see that Neel is standing behind her so questions what is he doing here, he explains he has come to wish her luck, she wonders if she is dreaming so he leaves revealing the only reason he has come is so she can get the job and he can spend more time with his children, she exclaims he doesnot even know how to lie.

Dua questions how did Ghazala knew she desired to have breakfast, she questions if the other one is for Shlok as he also really likes the burger, Ghazala exclaims it is not for him as his Grandmother would otherwise come to fight with her, Shlok suddenly comes so seeing the burger asks which one is his, he is about to take it when Ghazala signals Dua to stop him, Dua says that Godambari would not like it, Ghazala sends Dua to perform the prayer, she advises that if Shlok also prays the same way as Dua she would get a burger for him, Shlok is really excited, she helps him get ready and he leaves for the Mandir. Ghazala thinks now there would be a drama in the house.

Shlok standing in front of the Mandir thinks that Dua had placed the mat, he also places it and starts praying that everything is corrected in the house, Godamabri gets tensed seeing him so questions why was he praying, he reveals that he was just praying like Dua, she also comes from behind, Godambari questions why was she trying to make Shlok pray like her as now she would teach her a lesson, she is about to slap her when Ghazala holds her hand stopping her to slap Dua.

Precap: Neel says they is making a big mistake by not hiring her, the lady says that he must not instruct her how to perform her job, he vows to make a pharmacy for Chahat which would have a lot of clients, Chahat exclaims to Neel they both would leave no stone unturned for their children, Neel also agrees to take her hand.

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