Qurbaan Hua 8th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Alka defends Dua from Baleq when he tries to stop her from praying

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Dua is praying when Chahat hears that someone is praying, she gets worried so rushes to see who the person is, she is shocked to see Dua praying and wonders how she got here, Baleq steps out of the car, he gets tensed after hearing the call of prayer so looks at the barn.

Some time earlier, Chahat walks to the room of Vyas je and tries searching in the room, she is not able to find any proof however finds the album with her photos along with Neel, she exclaims that he would really hate her but in order to fulfill the promise made to Vyas je she had to leave the house, she remembers when she used to play around the house, they lived like a family, she starts crying.

Neel is driving, he says to Vyas je they would reach Rishikesh shortly so he must not worry, there are some needles on the road that cause the tire to burst, Neel walks out of the car to check it when is hit in the back with the metal rod, Vyas je is also hit and the are then taken in the van.

Shlok walks down the stairs, he sees that the stove is on and there is a lot of smoke, he wonders who might have left so decides to pour water, however as he pours it there is a huge burst of fire, Shlok gets shocked calling for help, Chahat also smells the fires o runs to the kitchen where she sees Shlok standing behind the fire, he is calling for help, Chahat realizes that he is the same child she met is Shimla, she calls him however Alka comes running with a fire extinguisher, she is able to end the fire and hugs Shlok asking how did it happen, he explains that he saw the pot on fire so decided to pour water however he accidentally poured oil instead of water, Alka turns to Chahat questioning how can he be so careless, Shlok stops her explaining that it is his fault because he wanted to be like his father, Alka scolds him saying that he should never try to go near the fire because he is not like his father, Chahat sees the photo of Alka with Neel, she starts crying thinking that Neel has moved on his life and married Alka.
Neel and Vyas je are both tied in the chair, Sahil comes greeting them, he gives the kidnappers money ordering them to leave saying that they should never talk of it with anyone, Sahil explains that Chahat is living with him for the past six years but is still remembers him each and every day, he has now understood that till Neel and Vyas je are alive he can never get her so love so he accepts the punishment of murder in order get his love.

Chahat coming wonders she cannot understand why she is not able to forget Neel and the same memory is flashing before her eyes, she cannot accept that Neel has married Alka and they even have a son, she however calms down thinking she would only fulfill the task for which she ahs come back, after finding the truth about Vyas je she would go back, Dua is enough to keep her alive.

Alka walks down with Shlok, Chahat tries to turn back however she stops him, Alka warns her as Toup Singh mentioning that Shlok means the moist to Neel and herself so if he gets hurt because of his any actions then she would have him thrown out of the house, Godamabri coming to Toup Singh exclaims that she made a mistake by allowing him to stay in their house as he burned the utensils, she orders him to get back to work.

Dua in the barn exclaims how her mother told her to pray whenever she is in trouble, she desires to meet her mother which is why she is praying, she starts the prayer, Chahat wonders who is praying in their house, she is shocked to see that Dua is in the barn, Baleq steps out of the car, he gets shocked after hearing the Muslim prayer, wonders who might be praying in their house, he looks for the person then sees the barn, Chahat immediately hides from him, he after seeing Dua vows to make her pay as she cannot pray in the house of a Pandit, he is about to pull her when Toup Singh pushes him away.

Baleq gets shocked asking who is he and why did he dare push him, Godambari asks Toup Singh what has happened, Baleq questions about his identity, Godambari reveals that she has hired him as the new cook, Baleq questions then if he is their servant then how he could touch his master, he tries to slap Toup Singh however is stopped by Alka.

Baleq questions what is he doing because the girl is praying while he is fighting, Baleq asks her to see her method of praying, Alka explains that she is the friend of Shlok so is allowed to pray the way she desires, Baleq however vows to not let such an act happen in their house, he once again tries to enter however both Alka and Toup Singh push him away, Alka reveals that it is one thing to be a part of the family and another to stay forcefully, he is also saying just because he is the father of Kripa, otherwise is not worthy of their family.

Toup Singh looks at him when Dua calls Baleq from behind and coming to stand in front of him asks what could have happened if because of him her prayer was ruined, he would have caused Allah to get mad then how would have she meet her mother, Baleq explains that there is no place for Muslims in their house because their house was once before destroyed by a Muslim, Dua questions what is the name of the person who has destroyed their house once before, Chahat gets worried thinking if Baleq reveals her name, she doesnot know how Dua would react.

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