Qurbaan Hua 7th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Zain threatens to ruin the love story of Neel and Chahat

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Zain warns even if she has gotten back her memory then he would marry her as he has made up his mind, Chahat exclaims even if she dies today she has made up her mind so would not accept anyone other then Neel, Zain says if she has so much belief on her love then they would test it, he empties all the bullets but one mentioning if she cannot be his wife then he would not let Neel have her, he exclaims that her fate would be tested by this gun as today he would fire it on them both, Neel says he can kill him if he wants to but he will not let anyone harm Chahat today.

Ghazala outside the house warns the family member to leave and go inside as it is the matter of their daughter, Bopho exclaims it is the matter of his brother and Bhabhi warning that he ahs even called the police, Ghazala replies they also have the weapons and so asks the men to go inside, they hit Bopho in the head which worries everyone.

Zain exclaims that now they would play the game, he places the gun towards Chahat but it doesnot fire so then he turns to Neel however he is also saved, Zain has gotten mad in his eagerness to marry Chahat then points it one more them to Chahat however it doesnot fire, he then turns to Neel who is really mad.

Vyas je in anger questions what are they all doing asking why do they not understand that whatever the religion maybe, they all teach love and they should not listen to Ghazala, however she asks them to go inside, Vyas jee stopping them assures that Neel would never harm Chahat because he really loves her, he tries to make them understand how he also used to disrespect the love of them both but has now understood that they cannot refuse their love.

Naveli asks Vyas je to see, they turn when Zain once again hits the gun but it doesnot fire, Zain mentions they have gotten really good fortune, but he has just two times left, Chahat prays that she get the bullet for herself, Neel warns her to pray for such a thing, Chahat replies he also got scared as he knows that all her prayers are fulfilled, however there is still no bullet fired, Chahat exclaims it cannot happen, when Zain exclaims that it is the last bullet and if Neel has to die then who can blame them.
Vyas je sees the Priyaghpushb asking if they see as the flower mentions that they both really love each other otherwise the flower would not have sprouted, Neel turning to Chahat asks her to tell Vyas je that he called him Baba the last time even when he remined angry with him all their lives, Zain is not able to believe mentioning how can he even give such a speech however Chahat holds the gun explaining she would not let him kill Neel, he warns her to let go of him.

Vyas je requests the people to throws down the sticks as it has been proven that both Chahat and his son love each other a lot and there love has even ended the fight between them both, Vyas je leaves to bring Chahat and Neel, Zain pushes Chahat so she falls down hitting the corner, they both struggle when Vy7as je walks up to the stairs and in the fight they both struggle so the gun fires and it hits Vyas je, Neel blames Zain however he tries to explain that he did not kill Vyas je.

Neel doesnot believe Zain when someone throws the dagger which hits Zain in the stomach, Neel is not able to realize when Aalekh comes with everyone questioning what has he done because Vyas je was defending him but he took his life, Ghazala also blames him asking what did he do when Vyas je was defending him, Aalkeh blames Neel mentioning that he in order to get Chahat murdered his own father, Aalkeh explains there is just one punishment and he should be thrown out of the house, they all take Neel throwing him out of the house.

Neel while standing outside questions why he is taking revenge when he has lost his own father, the police come when Aalkeh asks him to arrest Neel because he has murdered his own father and Zain so he can even murder his own children, Neel threatens to kill Aalekh, the police warn why is he threatening in front of him.

Neel going to Bopho asks if he trusts him and must say to his children that their father was not a murderer, he sits to Vyas je exclaiming he wishes he should have called him Baba while he was alive.

The police take Neel in the van, Ghazala exclaims she planned a lot for the wedding of Zain and Chahat, but they should make the preparations for the funeral, Aalekh mentions he always tried to warn them what would happen if they get them both married so now both the funerals would happen the same time.

Naveli mentions that they forgot about Chahat who is still unconscious and so they manage to wake her up, she immediately questions about Neel hugging both her children, Bopho is relieved that Chahat regained her memory, Chahat decides to make all those who took advantage of her memory loss pay, Chahat seeing the blood questions to whom does the blood belong to, she asks Bopho whose blood is it, he explains that both Vyas je and Zain are dead and the blood belongs to them both. Chahat is not able to believe that Vyas je is dead.

Precap: Aalekh stops Chahat from seeing Vyas ji saying she’s responsible for his death. Vyas ji’s body is about to depart. Just then Chahat sees Vyas ji’s hand moving. She says, stop!

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