Qurbaan Hua 6th October 2020 Written Episode Update:Naveli blames Chahat for accusing her being pregnant

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Ghazala bumps into Chahat and falls on the ground, she is not able to keep her veil but immediately turns her face so that Chahat is not able to see, she runs to correct the flower on the phtoto of Saraswati, Chahat apologizes to Sunita and also thanks Saraswati for the best wishes and prays that Viyas jee doesnot get mad with her.
Viyas jee is performing the yoga when Chahat comes explaining that he should perform the yoga to boost his lung capacity at which he turns mentioning that he has been performing Yoga for the past four decades which is even longer than her age at which she exclaims that he should also try her technique as it would enable him to walk on the top of the mountain that is infornt of the Mandir, he answers that he still has enough strength to talk all the stairs of the mandi without stopping, Chahat pleads with him to play with her however he refuses then she mentions that they should also play and both of them would see who throws the stone further than the other.
Chahat mentions that if she wins he would be her student, Viyas jee also answers that then she should be prepared to lose as after winning she would be his student, Chahat refuses t accept that she would be the looser, she throws the stone then asks him to come and throw the stone, when he throws it the stone only makes two steps so she asks him to take his last turn however he remembers how Saraswati also played with him, she wins the competition then exclaims that she can never make him her student but only desires that he forgive her for the mistake that she made as she would never repeat it again however he leaves her standing in worry.
Chahat is in the room when Neil comes, he sees that she is tensed so asks her to not think of Viyas jee as he is really stubborn and she should not worry about him, he tries all that he can to make her laugh however she is still tensed, he accidently bumps into his bed so Chahat smiles, Neil realizes that she is smiling when he is hurt so he purposefully starts bumping into the furniture then when he smashes his face against the door she comes to him exclaiming that he should walk with care, he answers that he would not have to do this if she was smiling from the start, she asks him to stand still as she will rub her forehead, they both start looking into each other’s eyes and are smiling, then he orders that she come down as soon as possible as otherwise Godambari would start teasing her in her usual accent that she has not come down and also that she should start the work.
Chahat wonders how he can be so nice to her then she is sitting when Sunita comes to her room with dry fruits and citrus fruits, she asks her to not worry as she would get pregnant really soon as she also did not get pregnant until two years after her marriage so she should also try the healthy fruits which her mother in law gave to her, Chahat gets worried and thinks that she is not the one who is trying to think of extending their family, Chahat thinks that the pregnancy kit would belong to Naveli as she brought the kit when she came back with the diapers of Kripa.
Naveli is sitting when Chahat goes her explaining that she is like a friend to her and Naveli can come and talk about anything with her, Naveli orders that Chahat never talk I bn her matters but Naveli exclaims that she is not hiding anything then Chahat brings out the test kit and asks if it belongs to her, however Naveli says that she should stop talking about her boyfriend as she is no longer with her, Sunita goes Godambari asking that she go inside as both Naveli and Chahat are fighting.
Chahat is pleading with Naveli to inform of the truth however Godambari comes asking who is about to become a mother even before marriage then she forces Chahat to give her the thing that she uis hiding, Naveli starts crying mentioning that Chahat is trying to blame her for the test as if she is about to become a mother before marriage, Godambari starts scolding Chahat explaining that she should not dare say that her daughter is of a low character.

Precap: Chahat is washing the clothes when Neil asks why is she punishing the clothes, they botyh start hitting it in anger while Chahat tears the sarree of Godambari.

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