Qurbaan Hua 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Naveli plans to arrange a meeting amongst Neel and Chahat

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Neel asks how did Toup Singh dare ask this question about what Shlok means to him, who is he to question this and hearing this Toup Singh asks him to see and figure out who he really is, Chahat is about to reveal the truth when Godambari comes questioning what is the matter because of which he is shouting, Neel showing the newspaper asks who is the one to give the ad of his marriage with Alka when he had said it before that he doesnot want to marry Alka, Aalekh says who could it be other than Alka because they all know she has been living in their house for the hope of marrying Neel, Alka tries to plead her innocence saying that she had nothing to do with the ad.

Shlok standing beside Dua says that he cannot bear that scolding which Alka is bearing because of their lies so he will reveal the truth to Neel because this is what her mother said in Shimla that one should not refrain from speaking the truth, Toup Singh hears this and when Shlok is about to say the truth, Toup Singh stops him explaining that he is the one who gave the ad in the newspaper.
Aalekh signals Vyas je who exclaims that whatever be the case the news of their marriage has been published in the newspaper and he should marry her, he would not be able to find a better girl then her who loves him with her heart, Neel however says that he cannot marry Alka as he has a reason, Neel is really mad with Toup Singh and leaves while Alka also leaves crying.

Alka is in her room packing her belongings saying that she would leave because she cannot stay any longer, Toup Singh tries to stop her saying that she should not leave the house, Alka however is adamant and is walking to the door when Neel enters saying that she should not leave the house, Alka is about to leave when Aalekh comes saying that Neel would not marry her because he is still not able to forget Chahat, even when she had left him. Toup Singh exclaims that is she not dead, Aalekh asks why is he allowed to speak in their family matters even when he is a servant, but accepts what he has said is true, Neel says that it is not the case as the only relation which he has with Chahat is of hatred, Aalekh asks then why does he have a photo of her in his pocket and why does he not burn it like the other memories which he has of her, Neel is about to burn it but then stops, Aalekh exclaims that he knew Neel would not be able to do it, Neel leaves the room, Aalekh says to Alka that she would not be able to marry Neel because he still only loves Chahat and Alka would be forced to wait, Alka however says that she would not wait any longer.

Shlok is pleading with Alka to not leave asking who would protect him from his father when he is scolding him, Shlok also mentions that he can only sleep with Alka and can not even eat anything without her so why is she leaving, Alka however says that there is nothing which can work now and even asks Godamabri to take care of her small Pandit before leaving, she mentions to Shlok of always being with him in his memory.

Shlok rushes back inside to Neel who is sitting, Shlok pleads with him to stop Alka saying that he would do whatever Neel orders and would even workout each and every day however Neel standing up apologizes explaining that he cannot give what Shlok is asking, Neel leaves while Shlok is crying.

Naveli is walking in the lawn thinking that if Neel has refused to marry Alka then this means he still loves Chahat and she is the only one who knows that Chahat is living amongst them, she vows to make them both come together so takes the notepad and writes down a letter, searches for Neel, she says that there is a letter for her, Neel reads it and then thinks that he was not wrong and the person who he saw was actually Chahat.

Naveli coming out from the back think that he has send Neel but how could she ask Chahat, she sees her coming so mentions that Alka left the house because she came to know that Toup Singh is actually Chahat so left thinking why would anyone need her, Chahat wonders what has she done as she unknowingly ruined the house of Alka and snatched the mother of Shlok from her, Naveli asks her to go and explain everything to Alka as she would listen to her and she must meet her as Chahat,

Neel reaches the hotel thinking that he has been waiting for this time for the past seven years and so is really waiting to meet her, he sees Chahat from behind the window then sees her waiting for someone and she also has a bouquet of flowers so comes out exclaiming that she has been waiting for a long time for him, Chahat leaves and hugs Sahil exclaiming she is the most lucky girl to have a husband like him, she sees Neel then mentions that the only reason she called him to the hotel was so he could see how much she loves Sahil and today is their seventh marriage anniversary and the biggest mistake in her life was to love someone like him as she got tired to being with him and adjusting to the rituals of their religion, he should also forget her and marry a girl from his own religion as it would be the best for the both of them.

Precap: Neel comes back, Godambari asks where he went as they were all worried, Neel mentions that he went to bring the daughter in law of their house, he calls Alka out, explaining that since Shlok also needs a mother so he has decided to marry Alka, Toup Singh smiles seeing his announcement.

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  1. It needs to be revealed Shlok is Neehat’s son this is insulting Neel thinks he is Chahat and Sahil’s son and Chahat thinks he is adopted now.
    Atleast with Dua she is acknowledged as Neehat’s daughter by Chahat and Neel doesn’t know her relation to Chahat so doesn’t think anything of her.
    I feel super bad for Shlok the truth needs to come out soon.

  2. Partho Acharya

    I Really wish Chahat and Neel become one again,and its very important that the real Vyas returns . Once he returns it will be clear.. I also feel Alka track should end… Quickly… I mean she can remain their friend but it should be Chahat who should marry Neel….

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