Qurbaan Hua 2nd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Chahat is reunited with Vyas je at her hospital

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Neel is angrily walking the hall wiping off the water from his wet clothes, Chahat is running after him however she is not able to catch him and even calls him from the back but he doesnot listen, she then gets a call from the hospital, she wonders what might have happened at the hospital that they are getting the call, The nurse explains that they brought a mental person from the streets but he is constantly hitting his head against the walls so she must come immediately, Chahat asks him to put the mobile on the speaker and asks the old man to not harm himself and she is also like his daughter, Vyas je calms down after which the nurse explains that he calmed down after hearing her voice so she should come back immediately, Chahat asks him to not talk like this about the old man because he is a lot older then him, she ends the call.

Chahat rushes to the room taking the keys, Sahil comes asking what is she doing, she explains that there is a patient in the hospital who needs her attention, Sahil tries to stop her however she says that she must leave then asks him to make sure Dua doesnot participate in the race, Sahil says that she would not listen to him however Chahat asks him to talk with her in a soft manner, she leaves when Sahil exclaims why would he talk nicely with the daughter of Neel as if he wishes then would have thrown her down the hill.

The ward boy comes back when he sees Vyas je hitting his head against the wall, they both plan to tie him and give the injection so he is unconscious, however when they are about to Chahat stops them asking what they are doing because in the hospital they try to treat the patients with love, she asks them to remove the rope, she orders them to bring the shaving kit as he is in a really bad condition, when they shave his beard and cut down the hairs, Chahat is shocked to see that he is Vyas je, she taking his hand asks him how did he get to Delhi but she is shocked because he is not even responding, the ward boy brings lunch, Vyas je immediately looks at the food, Chahat realizes that he might not have anything to eat for a long time, she places it in front of him and he starts eating frantically which worries Chahat who take the plate from him then starts feeding him with her own hands, she wonders what she must do now to find what has happened to him, the ward boy says that they would have to tie him once again however Chahat stops them saying that he is like her father so they must not worry because she would take him to her own house.

Chahat after reaching the house calls Sahil asking why did he not come back with Dua, Sahil says that their car got broken so now it would take them some time to get it fived however it is not true as Dua is getting ready for the race, she coming to Sahil asks that he learned from her and now can also lie, she has herself apologized from Allah for the lie, Dua then leaves asking him to pray for her however when she leaves Sahil wonders how it is really a task for him.

Chahat sitting beside Vyas je wonders what might have happened that caused him to be in such condition, she wonders who she might call because she cannot even talk to Neel.

Dua is with Shlok at the race, he is really worried and exclaims that it is impossible to win the race as it is really difficult. Who knows he might even break some bones, Dua asks why is he so scared questioning if he forgot what her mother told him that he should at least try and not worry about the result even before trying, Shlok is standing when AlakhNanda rushes to them both, he immediately hugs her, she questions how he is and that he should not worry because he would surely win, she then makes him eat yogurt and sugar, Dua asks if it something that would give him strength, AlakhNanda gets tensed, Shlok introduces her as his friend explaining that her name is Dua, AlakhNanda is amazed saying that both their names have the same meaning and informs that the yogurt and Sugar are her blessing for Shlok so he is able to win the race, Dua wonders if this is really the case then her mother should be near her so she can win the race.

Dua brings the wind champs and starts talking with them saying that she thought that she would leave her somewhere as she always keeps her by her side, she stands when the wind champs starts making the tone, Neel while walking realizes that it is the same tone as the one which Chahat had, he feels that it is actually Chahat standing with the wall hanging so he slowly walks towards her, seeing that she is with a child, he walks near them but mistakenly hits a flower pot and is about to stumble, Dua gets furious asking what is wrong with him because he should walk after looking, Neel asks how did she get the wind champs, Dua thinks that he will take revenge from her for throwing colours on him, she therefor says that it doesnot belong to her and she found it, Neel orders her to give the wind champs to him however she denies it saying that she would give them to at the reception and leaves, Neel wonders if this means Chahat is somewhere near.

Chahat calls the house, Baleq answers it which angers Chahat and she ends the call, Baleq exclaims what kind of idiotic people are there who donot even care to reply, he then orders Naveli to bring the bag, Chahat wonders what she must do and decides to call again, the mobile rings when Baleq orders her to answer it, she says Hello when Chahat realizes that it is the voice of Naveli so mentions that she is from the trust and asks about Vyas je, Baleq realizes that something is wrong so orders her to say that Vyas je is not at home, Chahat asks about his whereabouts but before Naveli can answer anything, Baleq ends the call warning Naveli to never say anything else then what she is ordered as if she deceives him then would have to sleep without food.

Chahat wonders what the matter is because if Vyas je is missing then why is no one searching for him and how is Neel quiet, she plans to find what has happened hat ruined the life of Vyas je.

Precap: Hurdle race starts. Shlok is falling behind. Neel tells Alka that Shlok is spoiled because of her. Let him come back, he will take his class. She thinks she must do something so Shlok wins the race.

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