Qurbaan Hua 29th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Neel is arrested in Goa

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The girl threatens to kill Toup Singh demanding Neel to place his wallet and mobile phone on the table, he tricks the girl into snatching the knife, he threatens to call the police on her however she gets scared and then a boy comes pleading for her innocence, they both explain they were forced to because they are in love but off a different religion which is why they need the money to leave because their families have not accepted their love, Neel explains there is nothing of the sort, he should go back to his own family because at the end of the day the religion always wins, he explains that girls like her are deceptive because he has also gone through the same and his love even made fun of their marriage, Toup Singh rushes outside and starts crying on the bad.

Chahat sitting up thinks that she is not the one who deceived him because she was forced to leave him because of the promise which she made to Vyas je, she is even now fulfilling that same promise and cannot comprehend that he thought she deceived him, he did not even trust her love for him, Allah knows the reason she was forced to leave him, she gets furious so is adamant to reveal the entire truth to Neel of how she has come to find out the truth about who the real Mant is as there is one Vyas je in Delhi while the other was kidnaped whom they came chasing.

Chahat walks into the house however there is no one there, she gets worried thinking about where he might have come, she sees that someone is covered in the cloth and struggling, she opens it to see that Neel is tied, Neel asks if it is really Toup Singh, he explains that it is really him and who else can it be, he asks who did this to him, Neel mentions that he only thought for the better of them but they both tied him, Neel asks him to open him but then Chahat sees the mirror and is shocked because she had taken off the turban, she gets worried so makes a turban from the cloth and also applies the mustache, she smiles after seeing Neel who asks what is wrong with him because he should have helped him, Toup Singh starts laughing saying that he is glad they did this to him because he was against their love, Neel vows to teach them a lesson however Toup Singh says that he is looking really amazing, Neel is amazed to see that his clothes have been taken by them, he covers himself with a cloth then asks Toup Singh to bring him some clothes which he can wear.

Neel and Chahat reach the bungalow where he explains Neel is looking really nice in this outfit however Neel asks Toup Singh to not make fun of him, Chahat sees Dua crying and even Bopho is trying to calm her but she is not stopping, Bopho asks Dua if he can play with her however she is not ready when Toup Singh asks what is the matter, Dua exclaims she is also angry with him because he has hid a truth from her which she revealed to Shlok, who explained that it is their secret and said he would have to do something for him against the secret and he must help them both find the women who is with Neel in the photo because she can convince Neel for anything.

Neel comes with ice-cream for Dua when Chahat asks Dua where she found the photo, Neel snatches it form her questioning where she has found it, Toup Singh tries to calm him explaining she is just a child and would have found it in the house, Neel scolds him saying he is talking to Dua when the police arrive asking for Neel, when he reveals himself they say that he is under arrest for helping the girl run away, Neel tries to explain himself but the brother says that he might also be with them because the boy deals in drugs and they have swiped his credit card, Neel turning to Toup Sigh questions if he is satisfied explaining that they cannot break the barrier of religion which is present amongst the different religions, Toup Singh assures him that he would save him, Neel gets in the van then exclaims there is no way that the differences can be sorted.

Chahat is packing her bags, Bopho comes asking what she would do, she reveals that she knows where they both have gone she would find them and force them to record their statements which they will use to help Neel. Bopho asks if she would be able to because they both have seen her and would run away, Chahat says that they have seen her as Toup Singh but now she would go Infront of them as Chahat and convince them to come back, she reveals that she has also called her brother in case she is not able to handle them both by herself.

Shlok is sitting crying, Alka tries to calm him but he asks how would Neel be freed from the jail and if the police would beat him, Toup Singh comes explaining that there is nothing to worry about because he is going to make sure Neel comes back, Dua also asks him to help Neel as when Shlok cries she also feels like crying, Toup Singh pulling them both close assures that he would bring back Neel and there is nothing to worry about, Toup Singh hugs them both while being worried himself.

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  1. Alku is annoying Neel has made it clear to her many times he doesn’t love her and never will but still she decides to force herself on him.
    The story should move on now this is just dragging Neel should find out Chahat never betrayed him Shlok and Dua are his own kids and Chahat should find out Shlok is her son.

    1. Absolutely right.plese unite Neel and chahat soon.plese end Alka track as soon as possible.

  2. I love this serial but it getting boring now nothing getting solve getting boring no direction

  3. How can neel not recognize toup touch as chahats!! Really- they had the love story of the year…and why is dua at shloks house. Is she not missing her mother? Is she not wondering why her mother has not found her?
    Maybe I missed something in this storyline.

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