Qurbaan Hua 23rd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Vyas jee attempts a sucide when Neel and Chahat come back to the house

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The lawyer asks them both to bring their witness, Chahat explains that there is no witness when the lawyer explains that there cannot be any marriage until they bring their witnesses, a couple also says how they have not been even accepted by their family which is why there is no witness, Neel exclaims how there is only the law of the nation, which is their only hope, but the lawyer exclaims how they cannot challenge the law.

Jamuna exclaims how he would not let anything wrong happen in the house because Vyas je has even refused to give them his blessings but is nothing to worry about as the law would recognize them but he would not Vyas je fulfil the last rights of Neel when he is alive, Jamuna pours water over the hawan mentioning how he would take the help of police if anyone stops him from bringing the children to their home, he orders Godamabri to prepare for welcoming the children when they come home, she rushes into the house as she is really scared, Baleq looks in ager as Jamuna leaves to bring Neel and Chahat.

Rehmat Sahib puts back both the necklaces in his bag, Ghazala asks what is he doing as the necklaces were her last hope of financing the campaign as he already taken back the money, she promises to return the entire amount as soon as the campaign ends, Rehmat Sahib mentions how there is no need to even start the campaign as she tried to fight with her step daughter however she has lost the battle and should stop the campaign. Ghazala gets mad exclaiming that they both have gone against her and now would be killed.

Ammi Jan comes from behind asking how she desires to kill Chahat who is their own blood when Ghazala exclaims that Ammi Jan is also at fault because it was because of her actions that they both went against everyone and have decided to marry each other.
Neel and Chahat are waiting in the office when two men come exclaiming that they would be the witness of their marriage, both of them belong to Muslims and Hindu religions mentioning that they have loved each other and such love is beyond any religion, they get them married and also give them their blessings as per their own religions.

Chahat and Neel get out of the office when the guards of Ghazala come saying that they would kill them both but when they try to hit them, Jamuna stops them threatening to kill anyone who tries to harm Neel and Chahat, both of the sides get in an altercation which causes the guards to retreat but they warn to come again.

Jamuna blesses them both for their marriage then also asks them to come back with him to their own house however Neel is hesitant when jamuna mentions that he is his father and would surely give them the blessings after seeing them, they both hug him as they are now married.

Neel and Chahat reach the house, Jamuna asks Godamabri to bring the Kalish as Neel has come with his wife and they would greet them with all the rituals, Godamabri asks him what he is saying as she would not bring the Kalish to greet such a girl who doesnot belong in their family, Vyas je orders her to stop then coming to them mentions how it is better that they have come and he should not have performed their Sharad and even refused to let him perform the last rights, Vyas je mentions how he has performed the last rights of his wife and daughter so how can he perform the rights of Neel when he should perform his last rights when Neel should perform his last rights, Vyas je takes out a gun and points it towards Neel mentioning how he would end the lineage when he shoots himself, praying how he prays that his son doesnot disobey him in the next life.

Neel along with his family members rushes to Vyas je who has fallen on the ground when Chahat exclaims that she would not let anything happen to him as she is a doctor, Vyas je refuses to let him even touch him and then Vyas je also asks Neel to not touch his body and should not perform the last rights, Chahat tries to touch him however Godamabri pushes her away saying that she should never come inside their house, Neel mentions how they can save Vyas je and also asks Baleq to come and take Vyas je inside as they would call another doctor.

Neel is applying pressure on the wound of Vyas je when Baleq asks what he is doing, he pushes Neel away saying that everything that has happened is because of him and he is the sole reason.

Chahat comes with the doctor when Godamabri stops her ordering that she should not come inside the house as they cannot bear the sight of her face and she should never think of coming inside.

The doctor comes and is worried after seeing the condition of Vyas je, Baleq and Godamabri both send Neel and Jamuna downstairs, Neel pleads with Jamuna mentioning how he can do anything to save Vyas je, Jamuna explains how he should not think of himself as the culprit because everyone is just trying to prove him wrong, Neel asks what he can do, Jamuna mentions if Saraswathi was alive she would have performed the pooja, Neel also says that he perform the pooja for his health.

Chahat is praying for the good health of Vyas je, Neel listens how she is paying that nothing wrong happens to Vyas je even when she knows that his condition is really weak, Godamabri seeing this mentions how she cannot see the sight so tries to stop Chahat however Neel asks her to not do this because Chahat has every right to pray as the house also belongs to her, Godamabri mentions how everything that has happened is because of him so he should not advise her. Neel sits with Chahat and starts the pooja praying for the good health of his father.

Precap: Chahat asks Neel what they should do because he has heard that the newly wed couples donot sleep during the first night, they both fall on each other, Baleq has sabotaged the roof mentioning that when it will fall on him then he would realize because he cannot marry a Muslim.

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