Qurbaan Hua 21st July 2021 Written Episode Update: Chahat decides to leave Devpriyagh before Vyas je sees her

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Shlok is really scared because of Tinku mian and is standing on the edge, Chahat walks into the house with the family, seeing him she immediately screams his name but he is already on the edge, Vyas je looking at him feels so weak for not being able to do anything, he with all his might and the blessings of Bhagwan tries to stand, Shlok slip[s and falls towards the ground when he stands running towards Shlok along with the entire family who try to enter the house an reach him, however Vyas je manages to catch him, he feels dizzy so falls to the rock hitting his head, Chahat yells his name fearing that he might get hurt but because of the injury he is able to regain his entire memory, he stands in front of Neel and the Dhiani family, Vyas je immediately hugs Shlok, asking if he is fine, Vyas je questions why are they so irresponsible towards the child, he scolds them asking if they are so busy that the children of the house are not safe, he thinks what is he doing here and should be in the Mandir. Vyas je asks if there is anyone in the house to prepare his belongings, he questions why they are not saying anything standing like a statue, he demands his slippers but Neel hugs him without saying anything, exclaiming Vyas je has gotten better, he in excitement asks everyone to see that he has gotten better and is able to say and remember each and everything, Chahat sits down praying.

Neel also asks Chahat to see that her efforts have born fruit and Vyas je healthy, Vyas je turns to recall how he made her swear that she must leave the life of Neel otherwise he would kill himself, Vyas je asks how is she present in the house asking if she did not promise him that she would not return to Neel, Vyas je questions had she not caused enough humiliation that she has once again come back, he says that the mistake of his son cannot be bigger then the religion, he asks he to leave the house, Vyas je is not able to control himself so falls while holding his chest, he looks at her saying that she has ruined the image of this family, she is responsible for everything, Vyas je closes hjis eyes and is not able to move, they all try to wake him up, Chahat even cries for him and they all are crying, Neel turning to Chahat in anger, she hears the words of Neel asking everyone to see that Vyas je has gotten healthy once again, she rushes into her room and starts crying.

Chahat asks Dua to pack her bag, she also takes out her clothes from the wardrobe, Dua asks where are they going, Chahat replies that they have to leave do a place far away but Dua refuses asking Chahat to go if she desires, Chahat warns her saying she doesnot have time to argue with her, Alka sees this, she enters the room asking Dua if she has had the lunch, Dua replies she will not go with her because Alka is her mother, Chahat turning explains that she has to pack her bags otherwise if her grandfather sees her then would get really mad, Dua asks what has happened but she doesnot say anything and Chahat leaves asking Alka to take care of her, Neel comes asking about Chahat, Alka and Dua both do not say anything, Neel comes down asking what has happened, the doctor replies that it is a something which has not been heard in medical science and they should not worry as he is now healthy.
Alka also comes with Dua who they ask to greet Vyas je, Dua greets him according to the Muslim ritual when Godamabri exclaims that she is the child of the neighbour who has come to play with Shlok, Godambari asks Naveli to take Vyas je into the room, Neel questions what is she saying as Dua is his daughter and he would say the truth to Vyas je that they are now a single family, he has even come together with Chahat, Godamabri asks if he did not hear what the doctor said that Vyas jee recalls everything form the past before the accident and this implies he doesnot understand anything and hates Chahat, Neel however says that he will not hear anything but will find Chahat and come to Vyas je as a family.

Chahat is with Bopho in the clinic, she asks for his help as she can no longer remain in Devpriagh and needs to go to Delhi before Neel finds her, but Bopho asks what has happened that she is trying to run away but Chahat says she should run away before he comes however Neel reaches the clinic, Chahat hides behind the wardrobe, asking Bopho to not say anything to Neel about her hiding spot.
Neel enters the clinic calling to Chahat, he is not able to find her so questions what Bopho is doing here, he replies he also came searching for Chahat, Neel worries where she might have gone, he notices Bopho looking at the wardrobe so then seeing the dupatta and her bag, rushes to catch her.

Maha Acharya jee is performing the cleansing of Vyas je and even asks the helpers to clean his feet, Maha Acharya jee replies he got worried seeing the health condition of Vyas je but is now relieved that the people of Devpriagh have once again got back their Mant, they all praise him.

Neel pulls out Chahat asking what is she doing hiding behind the cupboard, what is the purpose of the bag, he pulls her in excitement exclaiming that he would take her in front of Vyas je along with the children, Chahat replies that she cannot come with him because Vyas je only remembers the life from before the accident and might not be able to bear after seeing her so she has to leave, she requests him to let her leave Devpriagh.

Precap: Alka comes in puja and does tilak to Vyas ji. Neel comes and says she is not his wife. His wife is Chahat Baig. Everyone is shocked.

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