Qurbaan Hua 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Ghazala manages to instigate Alka against Chahat

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Aalekh exclaims she doesnot know what she has done for him as now he will ruin the entire Dhiani family, Alka is stunned, Aalekh after handing the paper takes the documents from, him, Chahat says he would not be able to further his agenda until she is alive, she asks Alka what has she done and if she knows what those papers are as they are the property papers f the house, Chahat tries to take them from him however he warns her to not touch them, they both struggle when he pushes her away, she calls him and tries to catch him but when he is about to run away, Neel punches him and starts beating him, Chahat explains she doesnot know what lies he would have told to deviate Alka from her path, Neel replies that she would crush the snake under his feet, Aalekh asks if this anger is just for him because Alka is also with him in his plan, Alka tries to explain herself but Neel orders her to remain quiet and come with him. Aalekh explains that he can be sure of one thing that now Neel would surely throw her out of the house.

Chahat asks Neel to not take any step in anger, he throwing her suitcase asks her to get out from his house, Godamabri ask what is he doing on the orders of Chahat, so they can also leave if he asks them to but Neel asks her to not talk when she doesnot know what the real situation is, he reveals that Alka tried to gibe the papers of the house to Aalekh, Godamabri is also shocked when Neel asks why did she side with those who tried to ruin his family even when they provided her with the house and a family, Chahat asks him to calm down and at least listen to what Alka has to say about the reason why she took the papers, Alka is about to explain herself when Neel mentions he made a mistake by letting Aalekh live in the house knowing how he is but he would not make the mistake again, he pushes Alka out of the house not even allowing her to meet the children, Alka drops the paper which Aalekh wrote.
Alka is walking when Ghazala exclaims even if they consider them as their own still those who do not have any blood relation are always against them, Ghazala asks why they cannot realize that Alka has taken care of their children, but they did not have any respect for her.

Chahat says that Neel should not have been so rude because he should have given Alka a chance to explain herself, he must not forget that when Chahat was not in the house she took care of Shlok as her own son, Neel asks this doesnot give her the right to plot against the family, Neel mentions that she was living in this house but Chahat replies she was not living by her will but because Aalekh took her entire property and caused the heart attack of her father.

Ghazala is trying to instigate Alka mentioning she had taken care of their children but in return always got the anger and frustration of the family, Alka is convinced that she has made a mistake, but Ghazala asks what she is made up off as she is still accepting, she made a mistake when she was right.

Chahat explains Alka has stood for the family when she was not present in the house, she has served Vyas je and stood by him, Neel asks then what is so big that Alka was forced to steal from them, Chahat feels something in her feet and taking it asks Neel to see the reason, she also gives the paper to Godambari and then advises Neel to come and search for Alka.

Ghazala exclaims she knows who is behind the entire situation and it is Chahat as she does not want anyone to come near her children, she even threw her out of the house when she got near her children which is why she even threw her out for the house, Alka explains that she loves the children a lot and if they consider her to be the better mother then she will prove she is better then Chahat, she will fight for herself and not bow down to anyone, Ghazala is laughing saying that she has misguided Alka, to fight against Chahat. Ghazala asks her to not accept any lies which Chahat tells her as she would surely come searching for her.

Neel and Chahat both come calling Alka, saying they are sorry for what happened, Chahat assures she would not let anything happen to her as she saw the letter head of the dance school, she would go to the school with Dua, Neel also apologizes for what he said as she is also a member of the family, Chahat hugs Alka, who thinks she is no longer the same Alka which she was once before and would surely snatch her right.

Dua is playing with Tinku mian asking him to shake hands with her but he is not, Shlok comes asking if she would play with him but she replies she is now playing with Tinku mian, he can also play but Shlok says that he is scared of him and what if he bites him, Dua asks him to be strong otherwise Dr Chahat would send Tinku mian away, Shlok agrees so sits down with Dua, she stands to get water for him but Shlok requests her to stay with him, Dua asks him to feed Tinku mian the biscuits as then he would also become his friend but when Dua leaves, Tinku mian starts barking, Shlok gets scared seeing Tinku Mian coming near him so starts taking the step backward and even walks up the edge of the house, Vyas je sitting in the lawn tries to call Shlok warning him of the edge but is not able to speak.

Precap: Neel is amazed to see Vyas jee is really fine, so explains to Chahat that her efforts have born the fruit, Vyas je turning says she broke her promise and came back to the life of Neel when she promised to never return of live, he orders Chahat to leave the house.

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