Qurbaan Hua 1st March 2021 Written Episode Update: Chahat and Neel save Kripa from the tiger

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Chahat is about to be attacked by a tiger while Neel is constantly trying to free his feet from the tree, Chahat pleads with him to run away when she also falls on the ground and then is about to be attacked by the tiger.

Sometime earlier, Baleq brings Kripa to the same place from where he threw Saraswathi, he places the cot there then says how he did not even let Saraswathi stay life when she threatened his position as Mant so she is not even worthy of his attention, he leaves when he reads a sign of man eating tiger in the woods then leaves while laughing.

Neel along with his family are all searching the house for Kripa however they are not able to find her, Baleq also comes questioning what has happened when they all explain how they cannot find Kripa, he mentions how he would not let Chahat cause any problem for Kripa, so asks them all to come with him while he secretly is laughing.

Neel and Chahat are constantly searching for Kripa and they also ask the vendors however have no success when Chahat sees Bopho, he says how he has heard some people talking that they heard the cries of a baby from the girl, Neel and Chahat both leave after Neel orders Bopho to go and inform the family.

Neel and Chahat enter the forest, Chahat starts singing a song so Neel asks her to be quiet because she might signal the tiger so pleads with her to be quiet however she doesnot listen and is constantly singing a song even when he tries to stop her, she is sure that kripa would listen to her song, they both then hear the cries of a child and pick her up knowing that it is Kripa, Neel and Chahat then face a tiger who comes near Neel, he lights his shirt on fire after wrapping it on a stick when he accidentally stumbles and falls on the ground.

Chahat worries for Neel, she ties to make noise thereby attracting the tiger towards herself, she pleads with Neel to run away with Kripa and then prays that if Allah has chosen this end for her then she would accept her fate however when the tiger if about to attack, the entire Dhiani family along with AlakhNanda come near hear and create a lot of sound by beating the steel plates and then force the tiger to walk away, AlakhNanda tries to calm down Chahat and even helps her stand, Godambari exclaims how did Chahat find kripa so easily and she feels that the person who can blame Baleq so easily would be able to do anything and is really behind kidnapping Kripa, Neel orders Godamabri to stop talking as just a few moments ago she risked her life to save kripa so how could she do anything of the sort, Chahat after handing kripa to Vyas je leaves with Neel.

Neel after reaching the bridge asks Chahat why did she stop him from arguing with Godambari as she is blaming her for something which she has not done, Chahat thinks how she is sure that Baleq is behind the killing of Saraswathi when Neel says how she is making up stories as Baleq cannot do anything of the sort, Chahat asks him to come with her to the camp where they would find the proof, Naveli calls Baleq who asks her to not worry as he has made all the arrangements.

Neel and Chahat reach the relief camp where they both seek permission to search the storage however as soon as they open the storage room it lights up in flames and they both are pushed away, Chahat is restless saying how she must go inside as the doll is the last evidence that would prove that Baleq is the killer and her father is innocent, neel however stops her saying that he would do anything that he can, he enters the house and tries to end the fire however Chahat also comes however they both are shocked as they were not able to find anything. Neel advises how they should leave for the house.

Baleq is playing with Kripa when he gets a call, he steps aside after seeking permission saying how it is for Kripa, Baleq is informed of the fact that they have burned all the storage on his orders, Naveli comes to stand beside him when he explains how it is not that easy to get any proof against him.

Neel and Chahat are outside the camp when Chahat remember how the old man said something about the red wardrobe, she explains that she would find it however Neel insist on staying with her, but she sends him back to their house.

Acharia Vishwaiyant je comes advising Vyas je to complete the ritual, Vyas je calling Baleq says how he should not delay the ritual by which he would be new Mant, Baleq sits while Vyas je starts performing the pooja with Acharia Vishwaiyant je, Baleq thinks how until the time Chahat is able to reach the house, he would be the new Mant.

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