Qurbaan Hua 18th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Vyas je hugs Neel in Bopho’s house

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Chahat seeing the vlogger gets really tensed saying he needs to be taken to the clinic, Neel asks her to pick the tray, Chahat is taking care of the vlogger when he finally wakes up, she questions if he is suffering from blood pressure so he reveals he was not able to take his medicines in the morning, Neel advises that he should take some lessons from his wife as even when she knew he did not like her, she still helped him, he immediately apologizes then she mentions there is no need and if he desires to help then should just write a fair review of the food, he agrees so after sitting down starts tasting the food, he really likes the food and mentions that he knew after seeing it the first time that the food would be delicious then mentions they should wait to see the review which he writes, Chahat and Neel are rejoice when he mentions she should get the credit for this review, she immediately sitting down mentions he should now make biriyani for her, but he refuses to make it then she gets a call from Bopho who explains that Vyas jee’s condition is getting worse and she should come so she immediately leaves, Neel wonders what is the reason because of which she is tensed for the past few days.

Agam in the house is searching for the gold bangle, he is not able to find it so then thinks if he might have left it at the bar, he is about to leave when Godambari and Alka stoop him questioning where is he going as he was advised to not go alone, he explains that he is fine but she must search for the bangle, he leaves the house and they all are searching for the bangle when Godambari sees Ghazala so she immediately blames that she mighty have stolen the bangle but they both start arguing when Neel comes questioning what has happened, Godambari says that before he blames her she has to say that Ghazala has stolen the bangle of Vyas je, Ghazala mentions she did not do anything of the sort, she recalls when she saw Chahat leaving with something so asks them all to follow her, she leaves the house while Aalekh coming from behind wonders where have they gone because Agam might have done something after being drunk.
Chahat is with Vyas je assuring she would make sure he is able to meet his family but until then he can take the Bangle, they are sitting when there is a knock on the door, Chahat assures to check it but is shocked to see that the entire family is standing outside, Neel is shocked to also see Neel who questions what are they doing in the house, he comes in and standing there questions what are they doing here, Ghazala accuses of stealing the bangle but Neel assures that she can never do anything of the sort but Ghazala questions then why is she standing there quietly, Chahat is not able to say anything when Vyas je comes from behind, she is shocked to see that he has come out, Neel questions what is he doing here, Alka and Godambari are also worried saying he was wearing different clothes at the house, Naveli mentions they saw him fell in the mud while searching for the bangle so brought him to Bopho’s house as it was nearby, Ghazala questions if he also found the bangle in the mud, Chahat makes an excuse when Neel placing his hand on the shoulder of Vyas je warns Ghazala to never blame Chahat for any wrong doing as if Vyas jee trusts him why is she saying such things.

Vyas je is mesmerized to see Neel standing with him, he pulling him closer tightly hugs him, Neel is tensed wondering what might be the reason, Vyas je is crying thinking of how he was not like this before and rarely showed affection towards Neel, Aalekh mentions that Vyas je might have missed him, he tries pulling him away however Vyas je recalls how Aalekh hit him in the head with the rock, he starts trembling with anger so pushes Aalekh which shocks everyone, he falls on the sofa, everyone rushes around him wondering what might have happened, he starts trembling when Chahat tries to calm him down mentioning she is his Chahat however Godambari orders her to step back, blaming her for the condition of Vyas je, she advises Aalekh to take him home however when Aalekh once again tries pulling him away, Vyas je pushes him and hugs Neel who also gets worried questioning what might have happened, Vyas je then gets unconscious, Neel immediately asks Chahat, she reveals it might be because of Alzheimer’s, he might get better after going back to his own house in Devpriagh, Godambari exclaims the house is being repaired, Neel says that only two days work is left so they can take Vyas je back to the house, Aalekh is tensed wondering if Agam has started using some other drug.
Neel stops the car Infront of their house, he opens the door signalling Vyas je to come out, he immediately recognizes his own house and praying walks to the front door before stopping, Neel asks him to go inside, he immediately starts praying apologizing for what has happened, Chahat not noticing says Baba has come back to his own house after so many years, Godambari and Alka get suspicious, she clarifies she meant months.

Neel takes Vyas je back to his room, Aalekh asks Ghazala if Agam has started using some other drug, Ghazala exclaims they donot know but she found the balls of Bhang hidden inside the house, who else would they belong to other then Agam, Agam mentioned that before he reveals the entire truth while being under the influence they would have to keep an eye on her, Aalekh plans to do all he can in order to save his secret.

Precap: Aalekh asks everyone to leave while he would take care of him, Chahat mentions that she would not leave him, Vyas je is also not leaving Neel’s hand, he asks everyone to leave, Chahat exclaims there is a secret which she cannot hide from him anymore so he must listen to whatever she has to say.

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