Qurbaan Hua 17th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Aalekh accepts that he murdered Saraswathi

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Neel asks Chahat what is happening, Chahat explains he is having seizures as those who are in a coma tend it get them, Shlok asks if Dadu would be fine, Chahat assures him he would be fine but then advises Shlok to go and pray as the prayers of children are heard faster, Neel takes everyone away.

Chahat starts performing the treatment on Vyas je and she goes the best she ca to help him, Chahat seeing him placing his hand over the chest wonders if he is having a heart attack while everyone is praying for the good health of Vyas je, Chahat is standing covering her face when Vyas je after struggling stops moving, Chahat thinks how she would have to give him an intravascular injections, she remembering how Vyas je said she is a daughter of the house, she then gives him the injections however he still does not move so Chahat is worried.

Neel is performing the pooja downstairs with the family when he ends the pooja, Neel hears the voice of Chahat soi then goes to ask her what is happening because she is tensed, Chahat says it is the moment of happiness then points to the stairs where they all see Vyas je walking down, Chahat explains Baba came out of the coma because of their prayers, Neel hugs Vyas je, who sits down on the sofa, Neel apologizes to Vyas je for not being the son who was capable of being the Mant after his father, Vyas je says he must not think like this as he was born after the prayers of his mother and him, he was wrong to not realize the dream of his son, Godambari asks if Vyas je doesnot want to know who tried to kill him, she takes the name of Alka which worries Vyas je who questions who convinced Alka to take such a wrong path and then explains she would have been angered because she was not able to get the love of Neel, Vyas je standing explains that since now there is no one to ruin the love of Neel and Chahat, he would get them both married tomorrow with all the rituals of both the religions, Godambari asks Vyas jee if he doesn’t remember that tomorrow he must bring the Akhund Jhot, however Vyas je says there are a lot of Pandit who would be happy to fulfil this ritual as what would be more auspicious for him then marrying his children.

Aalekh in his house laughs with excitement thinking that the moment has come for which he dreamed since long as now he would be the one to take the Akhund Jhot while the entire Dhiani family would be watching him.

In the morning the entire family is preparing for the wedding, Neel and Chahat both see each other and even signal their love for them, Vyas je starts performing the rituals as per the Hindu traditions and so they are married, Vyas je then welcomes the Qazi Sahab mentioning how Neel and Chahat have been married as per the religion of Neel but now he wants them to get into a Nikkah as per the Muslim traditions, Qazi Sahab exclaims it would be for the best, Vyas je asks him to come inside. Chahat is sitting when Godamabri comes to sit beside her mentioning how she would perform all the rituals which a mother performs so would sit beside Chahat, she rests her head against Godambari.

Qazi Sahab asks Neel if he accepts Chahat as his wife, he says I do three times, Chahat starts smiling when Qazi Sahab asks Chahat if she accepts the Nikkah with Neel kand with a Mehr of hundred and fifty lacs, does she accept it and when Chahat mentions she accepts, the Qazi Sahab starts celebrating with joy, he requests Chahat to sign the papers.

Aalekh comes to the door step of the Dhiani house saying that Vyas je should bless him, he enters the house when gets shocked exclaiming what is this as he came to their house but is shocked to see that the biggest Pandit has a Muslim Qazi in his house, this is wrong as he is the most respectful Pandit of Devpriagh, Aalekh exclaims now even Bhagwan is on his side as he is the one holding the Akhund Jhot, Aalekh starts shivering and then is about to drop the Akhund Jhot, Chahat asks Neel to protect Jhot because the Jhot would fall, Chahat sees Aalekh is about to get hit by the spear.

Aalekh wakes up while Bopho is beside him, Aalekh asks what happened to him when Bopho says that he got an attack and was about to die but was saved because Chahat protected him in the last moment, Bopho says that he can leave for the Yatra whenever he feels healthy.

Godambari asks Chahat why did she had to protect Aalekh, Chahat mentions she could not see anyone die, Aalekh comes down saying that she is right because he should have died and this would have been the penance of his crime, he going to Chahat exclaims he has always wronged her but she saved him at the moment when he was about to die, Aalekh apologizes to her, he even kneels to Vyas je apologizing when Vyas je exclaims that he should only seek penance from Bhagwan as only he has such a big heart to forgive anyone, Aalekh mentions he has wronged them all but they should forgive him, the inspector comes which worries everyone when Neel asks who called them, Aalekh replies he was the one to call them and is accepting that he murdered Saraswathi, he then kneels in front of her photo saying she must pray for him that doesnot even get a small place in hell.

Aalekh going to Chahat says he would be grateful if she also raises Kripa and teaches her that it doesnot matter which religion they belong to if they are not a good human being, he leaves when Chahat says to Neel they have finally won, Neel replies those who have the courage to end everything for their love would surely win, they both hug each other while Vyas je goes to the portrait of Saraswati and starts weeping while Neel and Chahat are still together.

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