Qurbaan Hua 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Viyas jee selects the name chosen by Chahat


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Viyas jee asks Chahat that had she come to seek his permission for helping the corona patients, he would have permitted her and would have even congratulate her for the righteous deeds that she would be doing, however she choose the path of lies and it is a sin under any circumstance. She would then be given the punishment and would not see the ceremony of the child, Chahat is perplexed as this was the one ceremony which she desired however he leaves. Neil asks Chahat to not take his words seriously as she can still see the ceremony however Chahat exclaims that she would not lie to Viyas jee as she is ashamed of what she has done. Neil thinks that she should get the award of being the best acting daughter in law of the world.
Godambari asks Viyas jee what they should do with Bopho as he Is also guilty for helping them, Viyas jee says that he would be punished so that he is never able to go against their family again, Neil comes saying that he should not punish Bopho as it was him who lied so he should be punished.
Viyas jee walks away mentioning that would also be punished but the naming ceremony is more important than his punishment so everyone should write the names on the papers, he leaves mentioning that he has to make a Kalish and also fulfil some more rituals. Baleq orders Bopho to go and change his clothes.
Chahat is in the car thinking that she was the one who did the wrong and prays that Viyas jee be given the strength to control his anger as it is not good for him to remain healthy, she sees him preparing for the naming ceremony so gets out of the car, Jamuna comes to him explaining that Raghu who stole from their factory only did it because of his mother and wants to apologize, Viyas jee however says that he cannot trust someone who has broken his trust and has become more sound in making decisions so believes it is better to end a relation when they start to lie to each other as it cannot be healthy for anyone. He after seeing Chahat leaves, Chahat is forced to think that she has broken the trust of Viyas jee and it is the smallest punishment that she could get so she wants that Allah give her the strict punishment but should make Viyas jee smile again.
Viyas jee prays for the pooja then sits asking if all of them have written their names, Baleq says that they are waiting for him to write the names, Jamuna tries to see it but stops when Viyas jee is angry.
Neil comes up with two names but Bopho after hearing the name says that he should ask Chahat however Neil explains that she is a Muslim and would suggest the names, but is forced to ask Chahat, she explains that she has a name which she might suggest.
When the naming ceremony starts they all are not able to agree on a name, Viyas jee goes to Saraswati saying that he feels he should not give the name as her Daughter might also not like the name so he would not give it.
Neil has a name written which he doesnot put, Jamuna sees it and asks him to give it, Neil thinks that it is of Chahat and when Jamuna reads the name, Viyas jee thinks that this was the name which he also thought and so she brought it before him, Viyas jee says that they would name daughter as Karipa hearing which Neil rejoices but in the process breaks the vase, Viyas jee gets angry saying that his punishment is that he would clean the shed of the cows, which angers Neil but he thinks that he would be forced to do it.
Baleq sits on the couch saying that it is one the best days as both Chahat and Neil would not be able to live up to the expectations of Viyas jee ever again.
Neil is in cleaning the shed in the night, seeing Chahat he says that he is forced to clean the shed after helping her, he asks Chahat why she is sitting like this, she says that she saw how much he broke when he came to know that she lied to him but she cannot comprehend how hurt he would be when he comes to know that she has been lying of her religion, he advises that she not think so much of his words as he has a habit of punishing anyone, he gifts her footwear but she refuses to wear them. He thanks her for the beautiful name which she gave to gollu, Chahat explains that she heard it from Viyas jee as he always says it in his talking pattern, she exclaims that she hears all of his advises and talks very eagerly.
They both hear the cries of Kripa, Chahat asks him to check however Neil refuses saying that he cannot see her face but Chahat forces him, in the room he tries waking Baleq and even calls Godambari however she doesnot come and he is forced to take her up but he is not able to calm her thinking that he has promised her mother that he would not see her face until her mother gets justice.
He comes into his room and calls Chahat asking how he can calm her down, she explains all the situations where she either wants attention or needs cleaning, but she explains that she only wants him to play with her so he should take her up and see the face as his nice is just as stubborn like him, he exclaims that he also desires to see her face but how can he not fulfil the promise he made to his sister, Chahat thinks that if once happiness takes the place of hatred he would not have to stay away from the last indication of his sister.

Precap: Ghazala comes to the hospital of Mr Baig thinking that it belonged to their family however Mant Viyas has made it into a charity hospital, Neil asks Chahat is she not getting late for the hospital, Ghazala exclaims that they are the signs of the end of time.

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