Qurbaan Hua 16th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Chahat is able to hide the truth regarding Vyas je from the family

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Chahat stops Bopho who is going inside, he asks what has happened to Vyas je, Chahat explains she feels he is the real Mant Vyas but then who is the person living with them, she cannot understand what is happening, Bopho takes his blessings then asks Vyas je to remember that he is his Bopho however Vyas je is really shocked. Godambari advises they should go out and check who was reciting the Mantar, Chahat reveals that she was right as even he is not well, but he did not forget his Mantar, she asks him to stop the family from coming out.

Bopho rushes back but he then sees the entire family standing outside he questions what they are doing outside because they cannot come outside until the Mantar is completed, Aalekh however questions if they will come out after taking his permission but Bopho tries to reason with them, but they do not listen, Chahat tries to walk away with Vyas je when the entire family is seeing her, she acts as if the person is someone who has forgot his way, she says she would come back after showing him the way, Bopho takes everyone inside explaining they cannot come outside till the Mantar is complete and he was the one who played the Manta as he always keeps the recording of Vyas je in his mobile.

Agam is relieved that Bopho was playing the Mantar so goes back inside asking Ghazala to also come with him.
Chahat questions the nurse why she came to the house when she was ordered to not bring any patient to her house, she receives a call from Neel so explains she brought Mant Vyas on his orders, she answers the call when Neel questions where she is as he asked her to bring the special patient who would inaugurate the clinic, Chahat says that she must say the patient got ill and was taken to the hospital. Chahat is tensed and worries if anyone saw him in this condition then would get worried, Bopho comes questioning what the matter is and what happened to Vyas je, Chahat reveals she is now sure the person living in their house is a fake while he is the real Mant Vyas. She is sitting with him assures she would make sure he is able to recover while she would do it herself.

In the morning Chahat is on the call with Bopho, she asks if there has been any difference in the condition of Mant Vyas, Bopho replies that nothing has changed and even the medicines are not working, she starts writing the prescription on the recipe book of Neel, he comes arguing why does she write on his book when she has also caused the problems while mixing the glue, she apologizes which shocks Neel who asks if she is suffering from fever as she did not fight, he asks what is the problem as she might be worried about the patient, Chahat replies that neither her medicines are working and he is also not able to recover, he advises her to make him connect with his family as only then will he be able to get cured, Chahat is amazed so feels love for him when the children come wishing them both lunch for their first day, Chahat asks them to come with her as she has a patient which she needs them to meet.

Chahat brings Vyas je to the restaurant, she calls both Shlok and Dua to come and seek his blessing as he is their grandfather, they both seek his blessings, Chahat asks them to bring him to the clinic but they are not able to move him, so they ask Neel to help them, they are just young children who would not be able to move him, Neel also tries however the wheelchair is jammed, Chahat mentions this is the patient she was talking about, she requests Neel to act like his son as only if he feels loved would he be able to recover, Neel agrees so sitting on his knees questions where has he been, they all have really missed him as a family and were also waiting for him, Vyas je holds his hands while he seeks the blessings, one of the customer questions how much time it would take for his order to arrive, Neel assures it will only take five more minutes, he leaves after seeking the blessings of Vyas je who also holds his hands, Chahat is amazed to see this after this she asks Dua and Shlok to leave after taking his blessings as Bopho is waiting for him.

Dua is crying sitting on the bench, Ghazala inquires of the reason she replies to her doll has broken, Ghazala at once blames Shlok but Dua assures it cannot be him as he was with her the entire time, she then gets suspicious of Godambari and vows to not let her get away with such an act.

Chahat exclaims she is impressed he is getting a lot of customers; Neel replies he prays she also gets the customers as she has to pay half of the rent, Chahat getting tensed thanks him for reminding that she is not going to be able to pay as she did not have any patient, Neel turning back wonders why did he not think before speaking, he hurts his hand from the hot pan so Chahat comes running to help him, she making him sit questions why did he burn his hand as she is coming with the ointment but he refuses saying it burns but she after kissing him applies the ointment so he does not even have time to think what happened, she blames he was just creating a scene and it did not hurt, he pulling her back hands some money, she questions what is it for, he replies that it is her fees to pay the rent as she is not getting any patients, Chahat replies she is not that sort of person as she has accepted him as her husband for life, for him it would just be a matter for rent which she will pay, she leaves in anger he thinks she would always misjudge him as the only reason he demanded the rent was to make her work.

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