Qurbaan Hua 16th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Shlok is able to take the position as the new Mant

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Toup Singh walks to the garden thinking that if Baleq becomes the next Mant he might use the funds and authority as the Mant to further his own agenda so he would do all that he can to stop him even if it means doing something which no one has ever thought about, Toup Singh throws the vase but Shlok sees it so rushing to Baleq is able to save him and catch the rod, he walks back to his seat when Dua comes exclaiming that the arrow also stopped facing him so now he would be the next Mant, Dua starts clapping and even Alka asks Maha Acharya je to see that her small Pandit has become the new Mant, Baleq starts scolding him but Shlok pleads that he was just trying to save him otherwise he would have been hit by the rod, Baleq tries to walk near him but is stopped by the Maha Acharya je who explains that he feels Shlok is best suited for the position as the Mant and so he calls him near while aiming to place the right as the Mant, Shlok stops him and brings the slippers of Vyas je exclaiming that he never wanted to become the Mant because no one can be better Situated then Vyas je so he would like that he be as the guard, Baleq tries to explain that Vyas je would never come back but Shlok is adamant that Vyas je would come back as he has prayed to god, Maha Acharya je exclaims that such teachings could only be given by Vyas je, he leaves after exclaiming that no one can take the position from Vyas je.

Shlok exclaims that he has made his father proud and when the mother of Dua would come to take her he would not let Dua leave, Toup Singh standing aside wonders where Vyas je and Neel have gone because no one has heard from them, he gets a call from Bopho who says that Neel and Vyas je did not reach Rishikesh, this worries her who thinks of what she would do now.

Godambari and Alka praise Shlok, they start throwing flowers on him when Toup Singh wonders how would he get out of the house to find Neel and Vyas je, he exclaims that Godamabri said she would make the carrot pudding so she would go and get them, he then leaves the house.

Shlok is standing with the family members when Shlok suddenly falls to the ground, Alka says that she would now do all she can to remove the bad omen because some people are not happy seeing him become the Mant, she asks Shlok to lie down and says that Baleq would not be happy that he lost, Baleq coming warns Alka to not interfere in the matters relating to their family as she has not been married to Neel so should not exclaims she is the mother of Shlok, he asks Naveli to take the thali and remove the omens from Shlok, she starts doing it while Alka is weeping, baleq leaves thew hall.

Chahat is with Bopho, who says he is really worried, wondering if they did not reach Rishikesh then someone mioght have kidnapped them, Chahat exclaims she is feeling the same thing and knows no one can do it other then Baleq, Bopho asks what would he suddenly kidnap Baleq, Chahat mentions that it is not coincidence that Vyas je has left the house and suddenly the letter comes informing that he would not come back but she is really worried, Bopho reveals that he really missed her, she started taking care of the family after coming back and he knows that Neel got really angry after she left and no one knows when he would burst with anger, Bopho mentions that she made a mistake and should have informed Neel that she is alive however Chahat remembering the promise of Vyas je says that she had some things which prohibited her. She exclaims that she would not allow Baleq harm her family, Bopho advises her to stay away from him because he would be really and however Chahat refuses to stay away.

Baleq slaps Naveli who says that she would say it again and again that Baleq lost for the better, he stops her saying that she gets really courageous when some outsider comes to their house, he vows to teach her a lesson so places her hand over the fire, he doesnot allow her to take her hand away even when she is pleading that her hand is burning, there is a knock on the door, he asks her to remain quiet, opening the door finds someone with a tiffin, he orders Naveli to wash it and pack it once more sending her to the kitchen, he orders the person to makes sure Vyas je and Neel are not able to escape, the person assures him saying that Sahil only wakes them up for the food otherwise they are always asleep.

Naveli is washing the tiffin but is not able to do it because of the burn, she drops it which Toup Singh sees so immediately rushes to help her asking how did she burn her hand, she reveals that it was by mistake however Toup Singh forces her to leave it saying that he would wash it while she should apply medicine on the burn, he picks the tiffin but is left shocked to see that someone is seeking Help, he immediately asks Naveli who reveals that Baleq takes food for someone but she doesnot know who the person is.
Chahat thinks that Neel might be the one seeking the help and he would also be holding Vyas je captive, he thinks that he would have to follow Baleq to find out the truth.

Alka is crying in the bedroom, Godamabri rushes to her saying that Shlok has sustained a lot of injuries after falling from the stairs, Alka rushes down asking where he is, Dua comes with the thali and Shlok also enters, she says that he is adamant to not eat anything until she removes the omen, she is worried about Baleq however then performs the circles around him, they both kiss each other when Shlok exclaims that Baleq is wrong because she is his Alka Maa.

Precap: Baleq drives in his car, Chahat is following him praying that she be able to find Neel and Vyas je, Baleq taking out the rod exclaims that he would punish them both for losing the position as Mant once again, Chahat is also following him in order to save Neel and Vyas je.

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  1. I wonder what Alia’s reaction would be when she finds out the child she loved like her
    own is Chahat’s son.
    Neil needs to come back soon to clear the misunderstandings.

    1. *Alka NOT Alia
      Sorry for the typo

    2. Samaila

      Yaar usse pata hai

  2. No she doesn’t know all she knows is Neil brought a child from somewhere but doesn’t know anything about Shlok’s parents.
    Nobody except Neil knows Shlok is Chahat’s son.

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