Qurbaan Hua 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Neil helps save Chahat from Viyas jee


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Chahat sits in the car and wonders of what she should research first, she is not able to connect to the internet, Neil listens to each and every worry that she has, she exclaims that she would not be able to connect to the internet as there are no signals, she calls Neil mentioning that not even a single page is loading, he says that she can use his mobile data as he has full signals, she looks back but is not able to find Neil then suddenly there are signals and when she calls Neil he exclaims that she doesnot know what he can do.
He is at the ladder and making sure that Chahat is able to get the signals, he looks at the sky saying to his sister that he is not doing anything for Chahat but will stand at the ladder all night, then whole both Chahat and Neil are sleepy they are still working.
In the morning jamuna is praying when he sees Neil sleeping while standing at the ladder, he tries waking him up but he doesnot wake, then he sees Chahat walking out of the car and he asks what is he doing, he answers that she was not able to watch the movie so he helped her, jamuna says that if Heer and Ranjha were in their time, they would not kill for each other but instead share the hotspot. They are talking when Godambari comes saying that she can come in the house and take care of the kitchen and leaves also ordering jamuna to come down from the roof, Chahat calls her exclaiming that she has to go to the hospital but how can she leave when she si working in the kitchen. He says that he will take care of the kitchen, but she should not think he is doing this foir her as he is only doing this because she is taking care for those at the hospital. She says that he should clean the dishes, Neil says that he will never clean the dishes.
In the kitchen someone is cleaning the dishes, she orders her to not take the veil as it is not accustomed in their house, however it is Bopho who thinks of how he can take off the veil because otherwise his identity will be revealed.
Chahat is in the hospital, she studies all the files of those patients who are in the ICU and realizes that they are above the age of sixty, she worried for Viyas jee as she doesnot know how much steps he takes for his immunity, then she decides to create a WhatsApp group and adds both Neil and Viyas jee, while Neil is angry with her for creating the group as her truth might come out and he in anger exits it, which causes a rift between them, Viyas jee is joyed with her act feeling that she might be worrying for him and so is trying to make him do the exercises of Yoga so that he can remain healthy, but he exclaims that she doesnot know he has been doing Yoga since the last fifty years. Chahat thinks of also instructing Neil to give Viyas jee tablets of Vitamin C that will improve his health.
Godambari exclaims that she will herself take off the veil if Chahat doesnot do it, Neil comes with the blackboard saying that he has brought what she wanted, he says to Godambari that not talking and taking the veil are both the part of the Vow which she has kept for Viyas jee. She says that she doesnot understand why Chahat has to keep all her vows the same day,, he asks that she will make sure that nothing happens to the pots and Godambari should leave to take rest however she says that she has to stay and watch over Chahat.
Viyas jee is in the room and performing Yoga, he thinks that he should go and teach the patients at the hospital Yoga so as to also make sure that they are able to regain their strength.
Bopho while cleaning the pots drops and breaks one of those that belong to Godambari, she gets emotional and start hitting her, Neil sees that the sarree is dropping and he quickly sends him away.
Neil starts cleaning the pots, Viyas jee comes saying that he has heard that Neil is making the food but should not make for him as he is going to the corona centre, Neil gets worried, saying that h e should not go to the centre as he might actually catch the virus, Viyas jee refuses saying that he has taken all the precautions and nothing wrong will happen.
When Viyas jee leaves, Neil tries to call Chahat however she doesnot pick the phone, he gets frustrated thinking of what he can do as if he sees her it will create a lot of problems, Viyas jee passes by Chahat at the centre.
Neil tries to leave however Godambari stops her saying that he was going to do the chores of the house, then he exclaims that the soap has ended so he will come after buying it.
The doctor asks Viyas jee what he is doing in the hospital he mentions that he ahs thought of teaching the patients Yoga so he also talked with doctor Sinha, then he says that he will show Viyas jee the way to the Yoga centre, however Viyas jee says that he would first like to meet the doctors as they are constantly working for the recovery of the patients, then the doctor shows him Chahat and as soon as Viyas jee is about to touch Chahat, Neil calls him asking that he ahs to come and talk with him, when Viyas jee goes to him he says that he came to give him the morning medicine as he forgot, Viyas jee is not able to believe his eyes meanwhile Chahat leaves.
When Viyas jee goes for the Yoga centre, he thinks of scolding Chahat because she never answers his call at the time of need, when he sees her he goes to talk with her but seeing how her feet has scratches he thinks that she is the first wife who is hurting herself just fore the sake of his father, when she sees him he mentions that Viyas jee was able to see her so she should do all that she can to not come in front of him. She thanks him for helping her, he thinks that how can he not as she is doing such tremendous work for the corona patients.

Precap: Godambari exclaims that she desires that they keep the name of the kid and she wants it to be Chahat, Neil brings Bopho dressed as Chahat, she lifts the veil to find that it Is him, Viyas jee gets angry asking where is Chahat.

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