Qurbaan Hua 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Baleq reveals that Vyas je desires to step down as the Mant

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Sahil takes out the knife, he secretly walks behind Dua making sure that she doesnot have any clue, Toup Singh walks out of the house and seeing the barn door open he sees Someone walking behind Dua with the knife, Sahil is just about to hit Dua but hearing her voice protects his head with the hands, Toup Singh runs to the barn after which Sahil rushes out from the back, Toup Singh gets tensed seeing that the cloths belong to Neel as she saw him leaving with them in the car, Dua exclaims that it is actually Neel because he also tried to kill her the previous night, Shlok comes asking what has happened, Dua reveals that his father once again tried to kill her however Shlok exclaims that it cannot be possible, Toup Singh asks Shlok to take Dua inside while he would find out the truth about the killer.

Baleq is walking home when Sahil is with all his might running from Toup Singh, Baleq seeing them wonders who is coming from his house, he helps Sahil hide and when Toup Singh leaves thinking of Dua, Baleq asks why was he coming from his house, Sahil tries to protect himself, Baleq is able to see that it is actually Sahil, he recalls that Sahil was the one who tried to marry Naveli, he asks how did he dare come back to the village when Sahil says that he can do anything with him but first must see a sight.

Toup Singh is with Dua, she asks why does Neel want to kill her and what harm has she caused him Toup Singh tries to explain that Neel cannot harm her, Dua asks why is he taking his side asking if they are friends when Shlok comes with a glass of milk and asks Dua to drink it as she likes it, he even starts massaging her head then asks Toup Singh to leave because he is with Dua and would take care of her, Toup Singh runs downstairs and starts crying.

Sahil brings Baleq to the place where he has kidnapped Vyas je and Neel, Baleq gets worried asking who is it but is amazed to see them after removing the cover from their face, he rejoices explaining that Sahil has done what he was not able to complete, Sahil says that he can take back Vyas je and say that he was able to save him but could not help Neel, Baleq laughs, he explains that Sahil should keep him as it is more beneficial for him that way, Baleq asks for Neel’s mobile explaining that he would be able to text with his mobile making everyone believe that he is in Rishikesh, he leaves Sahil assuring that he would give the time when he can murder Dua, explaining how he would also take care of Toup Singh.

Alka is trying to make Godambari guess the movie while Dua and Shlok celebrate, Godamabri tries her best however is not able to guess the name of the movie when Dua and Shlok call for the time end, Godamabri asks for the name and they reveal Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, she responds that had they taken a name of any movie from her time she would have been able to guess it, Chahat sees them all playing, wondering how happy Dua is but she cannot understand why does she hate Neel, she vows to take her away after understanding the truth about who the real Vyas je is. She coming to Dua explains that her mother was calling on the landline, saying that she doesnot know of anything and they must send her daughter back, otherwise she would file a case against the owner of the house, Neel Kand. Alka and Godambari wonder why Neel has not contacted them, they plan to call him in Rishikesh when Baleq enters, ordering them to not call Neel again because he got a text from Neel who explained that to would take some more time for him to return, Alka wonders why did he not text her, Alka is about to leave for Rishikesh, Baleq in secret texts her, she seeing that it is from Neel stops, Baleq says that he told her Neel texted him and scolds them to not call Neel as if he comes back then would start creating disturbance because of his anger. Toup Singh questions since when did Neel start performing such a duty, Baleq getting mad asks how can he being a servant know so much about Neel.

Naveli coming from behind explains to Baleq that she has prepared the food which he asked, Alka asks her whom was she making the food for, Baleq explains that some messengers have come from Rishikesh bringing instructions of Vyas je and they would have to provide them with the food because they have to fulfill their duty as the host.

Baleq turning to Naveli starts scolding her saying that she should serve the food if it has been completed, he leaves the hall while everyone is in awe.

In the morning Baleq is having the breakfast when Godamabri ass if their guests have left and what message have, they have given about Vyas je, he says that they have given a letter, he reads out the message whish states that Vyas je is about to step down from the position as Mant and live in Rishikesh.

Godambari doesnot understand and so asks for the letter, Godamabri says that it is indeed the letter of Vyas je and this implies that he is planning to leave the house and the entire family, Baleq says that why is there a need to have a Mant who is old when he is present in the house, he leaves to call Acharia Vishwaiyant je when accidentally drops the mobile of Neel, Alka texts him which rings beside Naveli who plans to give Vyas je his mobile, Baleq is talking with Acharia je, Naveli comes to hand him the mobile however he pushes her after scolding causing her to fall.

Toup Singh comes. He helps Naveli stand then seeing the mobile realizes that it is the same cover which she had gifted to Neel so she asks Naveli to give him, Toup Singh plans to find out the truth.

Precap: Achaira Vishwaiyant je after performing the pooja says that no one can perform the duties of Mant better then Baleq because he has learnt it from Vyas je, Shlok coming exclaims that he ahs also learnt the religion from Vyas je so he can also become the Mant.

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  1. Th script writer for qurban hua is totally lost in the woods! As the saying goes he is now spinning his wheels not knowing which way to go. Someone trying to kill an adorable child Dua to win the love of her mother. Aleah is coming up with his never ending tricks to hurt Neel, Naveli and Acharya vyasji.
    Give up man.

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