Queens Hain Hum 29th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Queens Hain Hum 29th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Queens continue enjoying their Baywatch themed party. They enjoy liquor mixed in lemon juice and force Tanya to drink some. The get in then and Maya tells they will play an x-ray game, each one will pick a chit and will speak truth regarding whatever is written in chit. Dhano says it is every exciting. Everyone suggests Shreya’s name. Shreya picks a chit and reads suhagraat. They all at once say to describe what happened during her suhagraat. Shreya says after marriage and reception…They asks next..next… if Rathod relaxed her tiredness. Shreya says she slept then..due to tiredness. They ask what about kuchi kuchi.. Shreya asks what.. They all at once say s….x… Shreya says nothing happened. They says that means she is a virgin still… Jahnvi picks chit next and gives it to Akansha and says she can question anything Akansha asks to what extent she can go to raise in her job. Jahnvi says she does not believe in shortness and likes only smart moves. Question passes to Tanya and she reads if her husband loves her or her mother-in-law more. She says it must be Maya’s trick. Maya asks to answer then. Tanya says her husband loves her, but his mother more. They ask if she is not jealous. She says every woman want her son to love her more.

Question passes to Akansha who reads if she likes to dictate her husband…Maya says yes she likes dictatorship. Akansha says this is not true, she and her husband are busy i their own work, she does social work outside and her husband from home, question was wrong. Dhano says whatever it is, she should not dictated her husband as men’s that is very big…They all ask what…She says that…that. They ask ego..She says yes…male ego is very big… Dhano is turn comes next and emotionally says she would not have been happy without Maya’s help. Maya’s turn comes next and she reads when did she have s…x..last time. Maya says last week. Jahnvi says last week her husband Avinash was out of town. Maya says before last week, she really enjoyed a lot. Everyone realizes something is wrong.

Inebriated Tanya says real enjoyment is in swimming, she wants to swim. They ask without clothes. She says in bikini and asks Dhano to bring bikini. Maya takes her to change her dress. Shreya asks Jahnvi if Tanya drank for the first time. Jahnvi says first time, they mixed vodka in juice and gave her. Tanya comes out wearing bikini and says she will enjoy swimming now, sings a song and goes and jumps in swimming pool. She drowns and calls everyone. Dhano sees her, jumps into swimming pool and get her out of pool. Everyone rush towards her and try to wake her up. They pump her stomach and she wakes up, gets into her senses and asks when did she wear this. They ask if she does not remember anything.

They then see camera and panic that someone is capturing them. Akansha panics that if someone watches their video, she will be declared from social worker to s..x worker. Tanya hides her modesty and says her mother-in-law will kick her out. Jahnvi asks them to relax sa she fixed 2 cameras around, nobody can enter her house without her permission. They all watch video and continue laughing. Door bell rings. Dhano opens door and is surprised to see Shreya’s politician husband Rathod with his bodyguards. She panics and asks him to wait outside. She rushes in and informs that jijaji came. Maya asks his or her jijaji. She says Shreya’s husband. Rathod enters with bodyguards and watches Shreya doing pole dance and swimming in bikini. Tanya hides behind sofa. Rathod asks Shreya to come and says he was worried about her as she did not pick his call, he tracked her mobile number via GPS and came here. She goes to change. He apologizes everyone for coming here without notice and asks to send Shreya once she gets ready. Shreya thanks everyone for wonderful party and walks with Rathod. Tanya panics, but Maya says what is the use if a man does not watch them in bikini and laughs. They discuss Shreya’s husband was very hot.

Rathod drives car and tells Shreya that she left mall without informing guards and he tried her number a lot, he got worried about her and asks not to go alone as they are from political family and people will wait for a chance to pull them down. They both reach home. Shreya says queens are really good, they all are from different states. Rathod says complete India. She says they asked a personal question about her suhagraat. He asks what did she say. She says that she is a v..gin.

Precap: Akansha scolds someone not to publish explicit content in magazine. Akshansha’s mother-in-law scolds her and taunts that because of her childishness she did not bear a child even after 7 years of marriage. Maya’s mother informs that a boy is coming to see her.

Update Credit to: MA

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    I accept I was wrong in judgeting show by first episode.. but for sure this show is not a family show, where we can watch this with whole family…

    one thing is sure that how all queens look, they are going to be totally different.. i mean, how they have portrait the character of females, I am sure they all have problems in their married life, they fight for others but do not have courage to fight for themseleves..
    And lastly its totally different from what they were promoing..

  2. Definitely not a family show. Can’t wait to see the story unfold…

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