Queens Hain Hum 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Queens Hain Hum 21st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Jhanvi asks Akku where is the Tab. Deshu brings Tab. Chinu asks them to show the Tab. They watch Aniket in Joker’s dress signing jeena yahan. Aniket asks her to come fast in game and take him home. He asks her to bring 1 crore. Chinu says it seems they are hard core criminals, and can do anything to him. He tells Akku that if anything happens to him then he will not leave her. Maya asks them to calm down and says we have to bring back Aniket.

Jhanvi says we shall contribute and get the money. Maya says no bank will give 20 Lakhs at a time. Shreya says after demonetizations, there are many issues. Chinu says he will bring money and calls someone to get the money. He tells that he is in severe need and want money today itself. He tells that he will bring money and asks them to wait there. Akku says okay.

Sona calls Tanya and tells that Dev scolded Suman, refused to have food and threw the food. Tanya asks her to give call to Suman. Suman takes the call. Tanya asks her to give sarso ka saag with makke di roti for Dev. She says he will have food. Suman says ok. Tanya calls Dev and asks him to have food. Suman brings food for him again. Dev asks her to keep the plate and says he will eat. Sona hears them and thinks Dev is a lucky man.

Jhanvi says why a big minister asks money in ransom. As far as I remember, he is very rich. Maya thinks the same and says Minister knows that Akku can’t manage to get such big amount being a social worker. Shreya says may be his party worker suggested. Tanya says may be kidnapping is done by someone else. They ask about her enemies. Akku says I really don’t know and says she is feeling that he is Shashi Burman. Maya says we shall watch the videos again and is sure that they will get some clue. Jhanvi plays the videos.

All of them watch the videos carefully. Deshu brings lassi for them and asks to drink. She stops the video. They ask her to give lassi. Deshu spots someone and asks them to see. Jhanvi zooms on the video and see Chinu capturing Aniket in the video. Maya says it is unbelievable. Akku says my head is shaking. Deshu says Chinu have kidnapped Aniket. Akku says a father have kidnapped a son. Tanya says it is unbelievable. Shreya says it is cheap. Maya says how can he do this with his wife with whom he shares 8 years of marriage.

Deshu tells that feeling differentiates between humans and animals. Shreya says if Chinu kidnapped Aniket, then why did he try to help us. Jhanvi says he tried to pressurized Akku and that’s why came here. She says I will call Police. Akku says I want my son back, then we will think what to do? Maya says Akku is saying right, Chinu can run away with Aniket also. Deshu asks them to call their husbands and catch Chinu.

Shreya says I have a plan and says Chinu will take us to Aniket. She says God helps those who help themselves and says it is good that Chinu’s mobile is still connected with your phone’s family locator App. She asks her to call Chinu and tell that Aniket is found. Akku calls Chinu and tells that Aniket is found. He asks when and how? Shreya asks Akku to call him home. Akku says I will tell you later and asks him to come home. Chinu tells his girl friend that Akku found Aniket. His girl friend tells that he is at our home. They call the care taker, but her phone is unreachable. They decide to go home.

Akku tells Chinu that Aniket will be known by her name now as Aniket Aakansha Bannerjee. Maya gets a call from someone and says he is Nihar.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. chinu do not deserve akku he should be punish in the worst possible way to think a father and a husband can do that to his child and wife akku should never take him back EVER fame and fortune came his way that is why he is so snobbish the higher he climb the harder he will fall money do not last for a life time and that is the mentality chinu has

  2. I cannot believe how ‘low’ Chinu can stoop too! How can he do this! The torment and manipulation. He has changed so much since finding fame: must always remember the ones that stood by you during hard times. When money dries, the so called fickle friends will soon turn their backs on you.

  3. It is totally unexpected ..Chinu should get arrested..??

  4. Annie1

    Chinu should be punished severely.
    He doesn’t deserve to be a husband and a father.
    He felt so low
    Loved akku’s confidence

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