Queens Hain Hum 20th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Queens Hain Hum 20th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Jahnvi’s parents sit angrily after Tanya, Shreya, and Maya reveal that Jahnvi’s introduced Kinjal as herself to Shodhan as she does not want to marry at this time. Tanya tells they did not want to hurt their feelings, but did not want hide truth, so told everything. Jahnvi will succeed a lot and they should trust her. Mom gets very emotional and tells since Jahnvi grew up, they fulfilled all her demands. Jahnvi wanted to earn and went to Delhi and stayed in Maya’s house as paying guest. She used to tell not to come there, she herself will come, but never used to come for 4-5 months. Shreya says Maya is special and determined, they should let her fufill her dreams. Dad says he agrees everyone should dream, but one should balance their life like they 3 are doing, even they are married and are successful. Maya says in metro cities, women marry around 30-35 years. Mom says in her Ahmedabad girls marry around 25, all her relatives ask when will her daughter marry and she tells them to call her and ask themselves. Jahnvi comes and they all 3 leave.

Jahnvi tells her parents that she has cleared them that she does want to marry right now, but they pester her so much. Mother cries that she had a dream of marrying and NRI and going to America, but she coul not, she wanted at least Jahnvi settle in America. Father jokes. Jahnvi says she will book 1 month American honeymoon package for them. Mother jokes she has to go again with her pappa. Father jokes he cannot get a fair mummy for her. Their jokes and family bonding continues.

Akku wakes up in the morning and finds Aniket still asleep. Desho says it is his holiday, so she did not disturb him. They both get to Aniket’s room and find him having high fever. Akku gets tensed. Desho asks her not to worry, he will be fine. Aniket murmurs papa..papa. Akku thinks whether to call Chaitanya or not.

Jahnvi messages queens sorry guys, she knows they are upset, they did right by informing the truth to her parents, else the issue would have elongated long. She is sorry, they should talk to her at least. TT replies there is no need for sorry, she should control her anger and learn breathing exercise from Maya.

TT serves breakfast to her family. Dev munches hurriedly. MIL scolds Dev to chew food slowly. Dev says he has a meeting. Meet and Preet enter and ask TT to prepare cheese paranthas for them. TT gives them cheese paranthas. They asks how does she know they wanted this. She says she knew. MIL says TT manges really well. Jatin also praises TT. TT says it is her job. Jatin asks her to teach it to Sona also when she returns. MIL asks Dev to call Amrith as she did not speak to Sona since 3 days. He calls Amrit, but she does not pick call. MIL then calls home and asks someone where are Sona and Amrith. He says Sona delivered a baby boy. They get really happy and congratulate each other.

Maya applies makeup on her face. Jahnvi calls her and asks to talk to her, else she will get stomach upset. Maya laughs. Jahnvi says this is what she wanted to here. Maya laughs Jahnvi says she sent her parents away and they will not pester her for marriage for some time, they will enjoy party soon. Maya asks what about Kinjal, her heart is broken unnecessarily.

TT with Dev and MIL reach hospital MIL asks Amrit why did not she inform her about Sona’s delivery. Amrit munching snacks and says delivery happened yesterday, Sona is fine and baby is in incubator. Dev stops doc and asks what happened to baby. Doc says baby got jaundice, so he is kept under incubator. TT prays god to protect her child.

Precap: TT requests doc to show baby to her and gets happy seeing baby. Sona taunts TT that she gave birth to baby, but TT saw him first. TT says she is eager to take baby home soon. Amrith tells Sona and baby will go to her house. MIL says baby will go to her house, Amrith can take Sona to her house.

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