Queens Hain Hum 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Aniket asks Akku when will papa come. Akku says he has gone to arrange their Disney Land trip. Aniket happily goes to sleep. Desho asks Akku to call Chaitanya and speak to him. Akku hesitates, but Desho convinces her. Akku calls, but a lady picks call. Akku asks who is she. Lady says she is publishing company’s PR assistant, Chaitanya is busy in a meeting with publisher and since she saw her call twice picked it and will inform Chaitanya once he returns. Akku says okay and disconnects call.

Jahnvi’s parents decorate house for a party. Mom feeds sweets to Jahnvi and asks if she can say at home as she is getting married soon and this is her last party before marriage, she will leave them after marriage. Papa says mamma is right, she has 3 reasons for not going to office, one is her success party, second bachelor party, third marriage party. He arranged all 3 parties at once, only a Gujju can plan this. Jahnvi says she does not like garba and all, so she will attend office. She says see you soon and leaves.

Maya and Avanish get ready to go out and are about to leave with Tanya/TT and De enter and congratulate them for their house renovation and returning home. They ask if they are going out. Avnish says no and invites them in. Dev and TT praise new interior decoration and Dev recites a shayari. TT returns 1 lakhs she toook from Maya. Maya says she would have given it later. Dev thanks her for helping and says he wanted to clear debt. He asks if they spoke to Akku or Chinu. They say no. Dev says he thought of inviting Chinu for a dinner and have a man’s only party, with 1-2 peg Chinu may agree to reoncile with Akku. Maya asks if they are coming for Jahnvi’s party.

Aniket shows hs dance to Akku and Desho. They both clap for him. Aniket says teacher asked to practice it well. Akku says she will be at home and practice dance with him. Jahnvi calls. She asks Aniket to practice with Desho and picks Jahnvi’s call. Jahnvi asks why did not she congratulate her, if she reads her messages or not. Akku says she reads. Jahnvi invites for tonight’s party. Akku says she does not have mood. Jahnvi says why is she so tensed regarding Chinu, he will return soon, she should relax and enjoy party. Akku says she will infrm her later and disconnects call.

Kinjal asks Jahnvi why she is not yet ready, guests may be coming soon. Jahnnvi says she was paying her bills. Kinjal asks she matched her and Shodhan’s kundali and fixed marriage, what if he will know the truth that she is Kinjal and not Jahnvi. Jahnnvi asks not to worry, they will inform Shodhan. Her cousin Aalia calls her repeatedly. She picks call and says she will speak to her later. Aalia calls again and Jahnnvi says she will meet her only for 2 min in a coffee shop. Kinjal asks who is Aaliya, she heard this name first time. Jahnvi gets nervous asks her to arrange party, she will be back in some time. Kinjal says uncle/aunty has arraanged everything. Jahnvi says she will come soon and walks out. Mom stops her and asks where is she going when all her office friends are here. Jahnnvi says she will come back soon. Papa also insists. She says she will come back soon. Kevin with colleaque enters and wishes Jahnvi and parents. Mom scolds Kevin that he is a nonvegeterian and should get out. Jahnnvi asks not to create a scene and everyone here are nonvegeterians, but will eat veg today. Mom’s drama continues and she suggests colleague to stay away from Kevin.

Jahnvi meets Aaliya with a boquet and calls her Aaloo my love. Aaliya asks not to call her aalu in front of everyone. Jahnvi offers her flowers and Aaliya rejects them. Jahnnvi asks why did give her 22 missed calls. Aaliya says she is fire sometimes and ice sometimes, that is why she loves her. Jahnvi smiles and gives her bouquet. Aaliya says she needs a dog house for her dog. Jahnvi offers her money and asks to buy it online, she needs to go back home as she has party. Aaliy asks why did not she invite her. Jahnvi says office staff has come and even parents are there, she has special plans for them, especially you and me. Aaliya says okay. Jahnvi gives her someone’s number and says he will call her and help. They then enjoy single icecream, wiping each other’s lips and licking that icecream.

Precap: Kevin insults Jahnvi that she climbed designations in office saying smart moves, her smart move is actually sleeping with bosses. Jahnvi slaps him.

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