Qubool Hai 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Sanam is tensed at tanveer’s stinging words. latif comes in with nuts and senses the awkwardness. tanveer asks her to call razia, while latif says that razia went out yet again, without telling anyone. tanveer is tensed. latiof starts ranting about doing everything on her own. tanveer thinks that razia is absconding too much lately, and is determined to find out.

Scene 2:
Location: Rehaan’s office
Rehaan is busy in work, while seher eyes the safe. rehaan asks if she is hungry as its time for lunch. seher says that she isnt hungry and asks him to instead tell her what he thought of her. he is surprised. She says that she would tell him what she has thought of herself, and declares that she would help him in his work. He says that he doesnt need any cleaning staff. she says that she has decided that she would be his secretary. he amusingly smirks, and says that she wont understand anything. seher makes him convinced that if she sets her heart on something, she gets to it. She again gets into a sob story, and eyeing the safe, she says that till she doesnt find rakesh, she has to do something. she starts saying that she is beautiful and doesnt want to be taken advantage of, hence wants to safely work here with him. rehaan is shocked at her outspokenness. She asks if he is convinced or should she talk more. Rehaan immediately agrees, and asks her to do it for a week, and then they shall think later. seher asks about her job profile. Rehaan asks her to do whatever she wants to, but just talk less. seher says that she doesnt like to talk much especially strangers after having ranted for long. she thanks him for giving her the dream job, as she has never seen the dream of doing a job. Rehaan asks her the name and she replies senehri, extending her hand for a handshake. seher shakes hands with rehaan, and he is tensed reliving his memories with sanam. He identifies himself as rehaan and asks her to report tomorrow. He leaves. She eyes the safe evilly.

Later, Rehaan is working late night, while seher is unable to keep her eyes off safe. When he turns around, she pretends to be studying a file. He excuses her for the night, while she asks where would she go. He says that she can stay here in the office only for a while, in the meanwhile, he would look for a place. she again starts dreaming about the money, and pretends that she would somehow manage, when in fact she is screaming with joy from the inside. rehaan leaves. seher is super excited, taunting rehaan that he is so innocent, that he doesnt realise that he wouldnt find either his secretary or his money in the morning.

Scene 3:
Location: Faiz’s residence
haya is arranging her almirah, when the sweater that she had made for rahat falls on the ground. She eyes it emotionally, thinking about this pre-wedding gift of hers, that she had wanted to give to rahat. She breaks down into tears, reliving her memories of rahat. faiz comes and finds her gloomy like that, unable to see the sweater in her hand. He comes to her, while she is oblivious of his presence. He tries to console her, but he remembers her disinterestedness in him, and their fight, and leaves without saying a word. As he turns around, he is confronted by his aunt, who says that he can make everyone laugh, but cant do anything to make haya smile. faiz again says that haya needs space, as she is sad for dilshad, and he doesnt want to keep her tensed anymore. His aunt is unconvinced and starts reprimanding faiz for this. haya doesnt realise whats going on. His aunt reminds him that his walima shouldnt be delayed anymore, as she very well knows that their relation hasnt been consummated as they arent yet a husband and wife, and if they dont do it sooner, then conditions may even arise for divorce. faiz is tensed, as his aunt leaves. faiz thinks that they dont have any relation, then how is walima possible.

Scene 4:
Location: Ahil’s residence
sanam comes in the room, to find ahil looking at something on his phone and smiling. sanam is overjoyed and asks whats he doing smiling so much looking at the phone. Ahil tells that Zakia sent their couple pics. she gets excited and says that even she wanted to see them. As sanam comes and sits by his side, cheerfully, with one arm around his shoulder, ahil eyes her overwhelmingly. She is suddenyl aware of their proximity, but ahil makes her comfortable. she gets out of her shyness, and takes the camera along with him, in their hand and watch their couple pics together, while ahil romantically savours their proximity. An awkward romantic eyelock follows. As sanam watches the pics and smiles herself, ahil is unable to take his eyes off her and her smiling face, as she looks at the pics excitedly. she comments on the beautiful pic, and selects one, as the best, asking him which one he liked best. She finds him staring at her. she asks him whats he looking at. He says that he isnt able to believe that they actually won. She too says that she thought it unbelievable too, but dilshad always tells that if one wants something desperately, they definitely achieve it. Ahil agrees. Tanveer overhears sanam’s excitement at winning, and that she realised that she would have been disappointed at losing. Ahil too supports. sanam and ahil start chatting about how she doesnt like to see anyone gloomy about a loss. ahil turns to her, and starts asking about more of her lieks. sanam is confused, while tanveer is frustrated, as she leaves. ahil says that its just preparation for their next rounds of competition. sanam says that she likes trivial things, like raindrops falling on the face, Dilshad oiling her head in the winters, talking to Haya, and riding a bicycle in the lanes of punjab. she continues to rant, while he is unable to take his eyes off her. she says that she likes everything about her childhood, as her childhood even if small was complete totally, and she loves the feeling of reliving it as memories.

Meanwhile, sanam interestingly asks him to share how his childhood ws, and he remembers the beating he used to get from his father, and gets tensed. He says that he doesnt want to talk about it. She insists that she wants to know, adding that she is with him, and she wants to know. Ahil is adamant that he doesnt want to share. Sanam asks him to confess and share it with her, as its visible and obvious that something about his past bothers and haunts him, and which he doesnt want to talk about with anyone. ahil remembers the horrid nightmare yet again. As she insists, Ahil says that its his past, and let it be like that and asks her not to be a part of his past, and asks to be left alone. He leaves. sanam is tensed. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Seher tells rehaan that she wont go to sleep in that godforsaken, haunted office, and forcibly gets on his bed, saying that she would sleep here only, come what may. rehaan standing on the side of the bed, is shocked. Meanwhile, faiz tells haya that his aunt has kept their walima for the day after tomorrow. haya is shocked. faiz says that its been so long since their marriage, and she still hasnt given him the permission to get close and physically intimate with her. haya is super tensed. He says that this marriage wasnt forced on her, and she completely agreed to this marriage. haya sits speechless and stunned into silence.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Aahil n sanam wala part was just intresting

  2. Haya vala secene is getting more boring day by day…nd Ahil and Sanam patch up is getting interesting…
    And where is Rahaat ?? has he left QH..??
    and why Rehaan is not telling Sanam about her sister…??
    So many questions..OMG 🙂

  3. Please call rahat back n save haya!
    Hope to see something romantic btw in seher-rehaan and sanam-ahil!

  4. yar yeh Haya Faiz ka scene dikhakar pure programme ka taste kharab kr dete ho…..isliye inko dikhaya hi mt karo.ya inka role jaldi khatam kro…….only bore krte hain yeh log….Faiz ko to acting bhi nhi ati hai sahi se…..bt awesme story going at ahil’s residence bs ab koi misunderstanding na ho jaye…..

  5. Shania sookram

    Interesting episode

  6. Interesting…….at last sanam and ahil are coming close……

  7. there is no point keeping haya in this relationship let faiz aunt initiate a divorce process and let her be happy for once please,that she is deaf and dumb doesn’t mean her life should be hopeless

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