Qubool Hai 9th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 9th April 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 9th April 2013 Written Update

Zoya in her room thinking Asad wants her to go away, only 6 days left for her visa to expire and he booked tickets so soon. Asad in his room thinking my mistake without talking to her I booked the tickets but she didnt say anything & she is driving me crazy, Zoya thinks Asad driving me crazy and its better I leave from here but I will stop only if Asad looks into my eyes and pleads me not to go away. Asad thinking Zoya is just his guest and now if she wants to go who is he to stop her.Asad looks at his window and finds Zoya sitting in the balcony holding that musical instrument and crying… Asad wants to reach to her but stands at the window looking tu jahaan main waha song in the background. Its his imagination.

Zoya thinks not to think of him anymore as he is nothing to her. They both come out of the room and see each other and walk towards each other the same song continues and Asad holds her face, zoya closes her eyes,Asad caresses her face and Zoya hugs him , its again their imagination.Zoya is getting irritated as she cant stop thinking of him.

Nikhat & Nuzzat teasing humeira about Ayan and his hidden love for her and they call her bhabhi, Ayan comes asking for his bike keys, both sisters go to search leaving him alone with humeira, Ayan feels uncomfy and humeira stops him saying cant he spend some time with her now that they are getting married.

Rasia gives Tanu some money and enquires whether their plan is going well and asks Tanu if she is leaving Bhopal or not, Tanu says no & Rasia asks if she has some other plan, Tanu says she need not discuss her plans with Rasia when Rasia says we both are alike so you should tell me.

Ayan wants to tell Humeira the truth but she says I know how much you love me & holds his hands and says this is your love so you proposed me in front of all, humeira gets emotional and cries while Ayan walks out. Nikhat & Nuzzat say Ayan was blushing.

Rasia comes home and slips and falls when Badi bee comes and says I am keeping an eye on you and know what you are upto. BB squeezes her hand and Rasia yells in pain, BBs ays I wont allow you to spoil Ayan’s life. Shireen obsserves this and later Rasia tells her that BB is not happy with you and your marriage with Rashid.Shireen gets worried that BB doesnt want her to be with Rashid and Rasia uses this to make Shireen doubt BB.

Najma making Asad says some message for Zoya which she can watch once she goes to US. Asad hesitates and then says Miss Farooqui have a safe journey and once you reach US let ammi know you reached safely and wishes her happy journey and closes the laptop screen but it continues recording without Asad knowing it

Next day a teary eyed Najam gives CD to zoya who feels very happy and Najma asks her to play it, Zoya plays it Dilshad comes onscreen and she says Zoya became extremely close to her and she will miss her, najma too says the same. Zoya starts to cry, asad comes near her wipes her tears, caresses her face, zoya cries hugging him which is again Zoya’s dream.

Asad in his room gets a call from travel company saying taxi is waiting to carry the passenger to airport, Asad upset hearing this & thinks Zoya doesnt want me to drop her to airport also.

Zoya then sees Asad’s message and gets emotional and turns away feels bad that he didnt stop her and goes near the window when Asad says mat jao zoya please. Zoya fails to hear this message but Tanveer hears this.

Asad looks at his palm with Z letter and Zoya comes and says this was your message for me… I didnt expect you could say this kind of message, Asad says I wish you luck, Zoya says I cant believe you are like this & goes off. Asad thinks I know we both are getting pulled towards each other but we are not meant for each other and I dont want to come near you as I can only give you pain not happiness.

Tanveer takes out the CD and is relieved that Zoya didnt hear Asad’s complete message, Zoya comes and Tanveer hides the CD Zoya tells her that Asad is heartless and wants to show he the message when Tanveer goes out of the room & zoya finds there is no CD in the laptop.

Precap – Zoya leaving with her suitcase when she hears Asad’s message on laptop. Next scene Asad taking her suitcase out when Zoya says I am not going, Dilshad Najma surprised while Asad smiles to himself.

Update Credit to: tulipdaisy

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