Qubool Hai 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil and sanam face the first round, and thereafter the second round of attire selection happens. Ahil is forced to go to a different room to change, and he is frustrated at that, while all others are amused. as they are getting ready, the ladies start getting impatient, asking how much time is it going to take. tanveer goes to call them, but they hear sanam descending doen the stairs, in a white saree looking ethereal, while ahil comes down in a traditional royal sherwani. As ahil and sanam come dressed in their attire, they are tensed to find whether they have qualified in the first round, where ahil is mesmerised looking at sanam. they confront each other, as they eye each other romantically. The ladies are overwhelmed to see such a compatibility. Ahil remembers his answer, that she looks ethereal and like moonlight, in traditional attire. Sanam too remembers that she had wanted ahil to be seen in Jodhpur salwar, and lucknawi kurta, and his grassroot attachment is what takes her closer to him. All starts clapping, while tanveer is shocked. the ladies say that they are the best compatible couple that they have screened today, as they start commenting on how they both got answers right about ahil’s likes and dislikes. they are amused as their knowledge is caught red handed. The ladies announce sanam and ahil as the winner, after taking the test of other couples too. They both smile awkwardly, as they are still reeling in shock and awe too. they thank the ladies. Ahil and sanam decide after each others’ wish that they shall further participate in the competition. they are asked to pose for the next round. He awkwardly places an arm around hers, while the ladies keep asking them to come closer for a romantic pose. they comply. razia teases tanveer about ahil and sanam’s new found love, that did find its way in each other’s hearts. tanveer is super tensed and frustrated.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Seher goes to the Dhaba Wala, and pretends that she just gave a 1000rs. note, and asks for change, and when he doesnt claiming that she never gave, she starts hollering at him for befooling her, and then goes onto convince others that she wont have to bicker for 100 bucks, having owned such a beautiful car. The other customers are convinved and seher gets away with her trap, and then thanks the customers, and eyes the money that she earned. Rehaan frustratedly eyes her, while she thanks the Lord that she has an idiot duplicate like sanam, due to which rehaan is trapped. She starts walking to Rehaan, while he is inside the car talking to someone on the phone.

As they drive on the road, rehaan asks if she found. She says that she couldnt find any proper song on the radio. He asks if she found her tree. she forgets what story had she given, and asks which one. he reminds her about rakesh. She remembers her false story and again starts ranting about rakesh. He gets frustrated and asks whats this drama going on, and if she is lying through her teeth about this rakesh. seher is tensed. She says that she is lying. she then takes a u-turn saying that she wants it all to be false, as she is helpless, thinking that she has left her parents to find rakesh. She tries to get him into a pity mode for her, and says that if he has started doubting her, since he couldnt find a tree for her, she doesnt want his help. Sehere again gets into a sob and trties to make him guilty about doubting her, and gets out of his car, saying that she doesnt want his help. and when rehaan actually passes by thinking good riddance, and doesnt call her bluff, she is shocked. He again takes a reverse gear, and apologises for his behaviour, and asks her to get in the car. When she continues with her drama, he reprimands her that he would definitely go this time, if she doesnt sit. She immediately complies.

Scene 3:
Location: Rehaan’s office
Seher is shocked to see the luxurious residence, and rehaan identifies it as his office. she is shocked. He is surprised to see her ogling. She starts to make stories, while rehaan is as usual irritated with her rant. Meanwhile, seher is shocked to find rehaan stuffing the vault with notes, and immediately she starts dreaming in which she starts playing with all that money, strewn around, feeling victorious. Rehaan closes the vault and locks it back. Seher looks away.

Scene 4:
Location: Ahil’s residence
sanam is humming and working in the kitche, when tanveer comes in asking that she seems happy today, due to having qualified first round, but adding that they dont have any relation with each other, and blames it on detiny, that their shot in the dark went in the exact spot. tanveer continues to again taunt sanam, as she works in the kitchen saying that she and ahil are poles apart, and even though they may try all that they want, they can never be one. she tries to point out the differneces between royal ahil and ordinary herself. Sanam is tensed and hurt. tanveer says that she hopes that sanam remembers her promise, to just get the property, and asks her not to think, that in pretending to be the best couple, they actually fall for the other. saanam is tensed. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: seher shakes hands with rehaan, and he is tensed reliving his memories with sanam. Meanwhile, sanam interestingly asks him to share how his childhood ws, and he remembers the beating he used to get from his father, and gets tensed. Sanam asks him to confess and share it with her, as its visible and obvious that something about his past bothers and haunts him. ahil remembers the horrid nightmare yet again. As she insists, Ahil says that its his past, and let it be like that and asks her not to be a part of his past. sanam is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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