Qubool Hai 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
As ahil’s phone rings, it alarms tanveer and azhar’s parents and they get alert. ahil moves away, while tanveer asks them to get her on th bed, and then get the entire room okay and perfect. ahil gets busy on the phone, while they ready up the room as if nothing happened, and make it seem that sanam is just sleeping, with covers drawn. they sneaks out the room, escaping ahil’s eyes. After they are gone, ahil finishes the talk and enters to find sanam asleep. He comes and sits beside her, and then drawing himself close, he caresses her face and her hairs, while she is unconscious, and the nightmares of her turmoil hautn her in her semi conscious state. She turns around, and starts screaming to be left alone, and ahil misconstrues it that she is addressing it to him. He is hurt and distraught. he gets up from the bed and leaves.

Then sanam wakes up the next morning, apalled and boggled. she looks for her phone, and is shocked to find so many missed calls and messages. She is tensed thinking that ahil had actually wanted to talk to her. She rushes out screaming for ahil, while tanveer confronts her from the balcony, smiling and applauding her for her good dedstiny and fate, but says that it wont be with her for long, as ahil has gone for the Kohinoor Project’s opening, and she is all alone with them, in this big mansion. sanam gets tensed. tanveer tells her that she wishes she could see the fear of her face right now, as she dreads what Tanveer would do next. Tanveer tells her that today she would have to sign the papers, while sanam says that she would die but not sign. tanveer tells her that she can go to any limits to get her work done. sanam recounts the horror. tanveer tells sanam that today she would isgn the papers in front of everyone at the opening, and also get ahil to sign them. She tells sanam that she has understood very well that she doesnt dread her death, but knows one more thing and shall ensure one more thing. Tanveer tells her that she must be wondering what she got in one night, that she thinks would get her the edge over Sanam, and asks her to continue thinking all that she can. Tanveer says that if she doesnt reach her before the initiation ceremony, she would hurt her so badly, that she wont be able to bear it. She leaves, while sanam is tensed.

Meanwhile, razia is excitedly showing different kurtis to dilshad, who stands dazzled, and then tells Dilshad that she is excited about something very vital to her too, and wuld be dancing in joy if she could. Razia tells dilshad that she found seher, and dilshad is overjoyed and overwhelmed with joy and emotions, and when she continues that soon everything shall be hers, and seher would help her, proving her ace card, Dilshad gets very tensed. Razia tells that today she would pull out a big one, that tanveer would be dazzled as to how did this happen and that tonight would be the best night of her life, as today her fate shall shine. She is shocked when she hears Tanveer’s voice asking her who is she talking to. Dilshad is shocked and enraged too. razia is dumbfounded as she eyes both of them. Razia changes her tone, and says that she was just selecting dresses for the celebration. Tanveer points out that this celebration isnt for the seravnts and mocks her that she would send leftovers to her too. Razia fumes in anger but doesnt say anything. tanveer tells her to get the stuff in the car and leaves. Razia thinks that tanveer is instigating her to turn evil all the more, and that she would love every moment of ruining tanveer and the most enjoyable part is that her granddaughters would help her in this. dilshad is tensed, wondering whats happoening, and whats going to happen, and prays to the lord to bless them.

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Scene 2:
Location: On the road and ahil’s residence
Ahil is tensed rtemembering sanam’s reaction last night and almost collides into a peer baba. he comes out concerned, and the peer baba asks him not to dwell in the past or think about the future, as it should be left to God, and that life;s a journey but everything happens to god’s will, and man proposes but god disposes. He says that he can see in his eyes, that ahil is unable to embrace the future as he dwells in the past. he leaves blessing ahil, while he is boggled at the baba’s thoughts. meanwhile, sanam keeps trying ahil’s phone, but he doesnt pick up. Ahil is tensed as he isnt able to forget Baba’s words. He thinks that tanveer should have come by now. He tries to take out his phone, but out falls the wallet and along with it the taveez that belonged to sanam, and again takes it as a sign, that he should be with sanam, but then remembers sanam’s words last night, but thinks that he only distanced her from himself, and starts blaming himself for trying so hard to lose the girl that loves him with all the imperfections that he has. He decides to apologise to sanam rightaway and not lose her anymore.

Sanam thinks that it seems that ahil is very upset with her, and continues trying to reach ahil’s number. She finally gets through ahil’s phone and starts ranting that she needs to talk to him urgently and is about to spill the truth about tanveer, but just then, she hears tanveer’s smiling voice from the other end, asking her whats the matter. She is shocked and tensed. tanveer tells sanam that there’s a lot of time to praise her, hence she kept ahil’s phone with her so that she isnt able to talk to him. tanveer says that her complaining is in vain, but he would only listen to his mother. Meanwhile, ahil is trying to search for his phone but doesnt find it. He thinks that baba was right, and that his mother may be right or wrong, but he knows that sanam wont let him be wrong anytime. he says that with sanam by his side, he would be a bettre man forever, and that he has to give a second chance to their love. the screen freezes on ahil’s and sanam’s tensed face, and tanveer’s smiling face.

Precap: sanam finds a noise coming from a locked door, and tries to find out what behind it, while dilshad on the other end, tries hard to scream out sanam’s name so that she can hear it.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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