Qubool Hai 8th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 8th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with Azhar reciting a Sher to Asma and repeats it thrice as he keeps forgetting itso Asma completes it for him and then Azhar says how it’s his first time trying to impress someone. Asma says thankyou to him as his family is letting her complete her studies after marriage.Sanam brings tea just then and while giving her tea Azhar spills it on Asma. Asma mentions a medication to him which he doesn’t understand and then Sanam dips her burnt hand in cold water and applies haldi and Asma and Sanam officially meet.All this while Khala and Khalu are hearing.

The next scene shows Shazia talking to someone on the phone about fantasies, while Lateef asks Sanam to clean up everything although reluctant at first Sanam has to agree to it when she overhears Khala and Khalu talking about bringing over an ATM to their house which is a metaphor for Asma. Sanam comments on how miser these people are then calls the job agency however she doesn’t have balance so picks up the house phone over which Shazia is talking to someone saying how she’d take his shirt off. Sanam hangs up the phone and Shazia finds out and threatens to fire her. Then she takes him to aahil’s room where he isn’t available. Nazia and Latif take Sanam’s side as she explains what had happened but Shazia doesn’t relent and threatens her again.

Sanam slams into a painting while walking with Lateef and says she thought there was a door here but Lateef claims there has never been a door there and then Lateef tells her to wait for Aahil when he comes home. Sanam is almost dozing off when she hears Aahil calling out to Lateef. She takes the drink to Aahil’s room and finds him asleep and reluctantly walks in and as she’s about to walk back the doors close due to the wind and Aahil wakes and and mistakes Sanam to be one of his girlfriends and then demonstrates how the remote in his hand can only open the door now.

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He then makes comment on the kind of clothes Sanam is wearing and drops off her dupatta from her shoulders and opens the dori of her back very slowly and nears her, all this while Sanam has tears in her eyes, just then Aahil’s IPad rings and it’s Rehan calling him as Aahil has an important conference call. Rehan through the help of the video chat sees Sanam at the back trying to steal the remote as she motions Rehaan to be quiet who easily agrees.
Sanam is back in her room and says now she’s understands how Bhopal is so unknown and strange to her and how she doesn’t feel homely here. She also claims she feels like something really bad is going to happen.

The next day Shazia is complaining to Aahil about Sanam who gets irritated with her constant chattering and says that he’ll take care of it.Khala and Khalu overhear this and start complimenting Sanam as they love the food she cooks. Latif also agrees with them.
Shazia complains that everyone likes her ever Aahil as she was in his room last night, suddenly the realization dawns on Aahil.

Precap:Aahil catches Sanam’s hand and then turns on his lighter to look at her face and finally manages to see her.

Update Credit to: SurbhikiPankhi

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