Qubool Hai 8th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 8th April 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 8th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya is angry that asad spent so much time with tanveer, while he tries to say that this was all the part of the facade. He asks that it was all her idea and now she is reprimanding him. He tries to say that its all a part of the plan and that if she is uncomfortable, then they can shelve it. Asad is amused when zoya starts to say that she was sorry for reacting like that but he has to make his distance from tanveer as much as possible.

Shirin is shocked that so much happened to nikhat, and she didnt even tell them. nikhat says that she has grown and matured and maybe she wouldnt have done all this, had nazma not been by her side. Shirin looks at her surprisedly as she enters. nikhat gets her to meet shirin, whop tells her that dilshad took her meds and is resting and asks her not to be tensed. She begisn to go but shirin asks her to sit beside her. She complies. shirin askls about her health and her pregnancy. nazma finds them all excited about her fifth month of pregnancy. they both put their hands on nazma’s belly, and experience the baby’s kick. shirin gets excited and asks if she can. there is an awkwardness. nazma breaks it by taking her hand and putting it on her belly. shriin feels the baby and kisses her, saying that had rashid been here, he would have been very happy. Nazma gets sad, but shirin composes her saying that he may not be with them, but he is with them, in the heart. They all compose each other.

tanveer comes in razia’s room and finds her surfing through the almirah, and when razai sees her she locks it. she faces tanveer, while she is confused. razia tells tanveer, that they both are linked by mamu, and since their husband is in jail right now, hence they dont have any need to share the room. tanveer is surprised when razia says that she has shifted tanveer’s stuff in the guest room. while tanveer is frustrated, razia is amused. She slams the door on her face. She wonders if there’s anything in the almirah kept in razia’s room that she could use against her, what razia was threatening her about earlier.

Later, when nazma and nikhat are walking togetehr, they find asad and zoya talking and cuddling up, but realise that it wasnt and that they are actually fighting. zoya leaves in a huff. both the girls are tensed. They are surprised when they find tanveer coming upto him, and trying to compose him, while asad too saying that they should forget zoya and all the problems. Asad takes tanveer’s hands and takes her inside his room. both nazma and nikhat are tensed as to whats going on. Nazma is about to go angrily and talk to asad, when humaira stops them and takes them aside to tell about their plan.

Tanveer is surprised to find asad, taking her to the roof, to be able to spend some time alone with her. he says that he feels like having cofee aand goes to make for both of them, while tanveer sits happily. Zoya and humaira watch from the door, slightly ajar, as asad puts on the video recorder. asad pours something in tanveer’s coffee, and then sits down to drink it with her. asad begins to sweet talk with her, while she is happy too. He asks her to take the coffee. she doesnt citing that its hot. She says that she can relieve his tension, by giving him a massage. humaira and zoya watch resignedly. tanveer tells that every person makes some mistakes, she too, and he has also done some things which are wrong, like zoya. Asad says that he takes some time in knowing people, but now he has mastered this craft. asad gets up and again makes her sit down, and asks her to enjoy the coffee. Tanveer almost falls into his trap, and is about to take the coffee, when the girls, watching them, hiding from a distance, collide in the door, causing a noise, which alarms tanveer. Asad is surprised too. tanveer is tensed and begins to find otu who it is. asad says that it must have been something having fallen from the wind. While the girls hide, tanveer begins to find out whats going on, and then sees the four girls, in the opposite mirror, and understands that she is being trapped. asad is tensed that she might know her plan. tanveer tells him that they should go up, to enjoy the coffee, on the rooftop in the open. Asad asks her to drink the coffee again. tanveer says that she definitely would drink the coffee and if not the coffee, she would even take the poison. While zoya follows them, asad points to zoya that his job is done. While asad is looking away, she throws the coffee in the potted plant. She exclaims that it was wonderful coffee. zoya is alert with the recorder, as both wait for tanveer to start spilling the truth. Asad says that such a point, when two friends meet, they have secrets to spill out. Tanveer pretends to be dosed and says that there are lots of secrets that she wanst to share with him. He asks her what. tannveer takes him by the shoulders, and says that she wants to marry him. Both asad and zoya are shocked. tanveer says that if he doesnt comply, then she would leave the house forever. asad tries to buy time, saying that marriage needs prep. tanveer says that she is ready to marry him even tomorrow if need be, as she is in a hurry, or else she would think that this was all a facade. She gives him time till tomorrow to decide. After she leaves, zoya and asad lok at each other, distraught and stunned. The screen freezes on Zoya’s tensed face.

Precap: Haider, humaira , zoya and asad are sitting together, planning their next step. haider tells asad that he shouldnt have said no to marrying tanveer, as she wont confess otherwise. Asad says that if he says no, then she would leave rightaway. zoya is tensed. Asad decides that there must be some other ways to get her to confess the truth. He says that their mission was unaccomplished uptil now but not anymore. Later, zoya in tension, tells asad that there are just 12 hours left for his marriage to tanveer and they are no closer to finding the truth, or any evidence that could implicate tanveer in rashid’s death. Asad is tensed too. Humaira and zoya are searching around the store for evidence, when they come across the dartboard, that was testimony to tanveer’s evil plan, that had the five pics that tanveer had displayed on them. Zoya concludes that this was all a part of tanveer’s preconceived conspiracy, and that they wwere all pawns and she was playing them all along. She decides that this evidence is enough to expose her in front of anyone.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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