Qubool Hai 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Rahat’s residence
While haya sits lost, she hears noise from the kitchen, and goes to find rahat working and kneading dough in the kitchen. He asks her why is she here, as she should rest, while he prepares food for her. She insists, and he says that they shall together make food. As he lights up the stove, haya remembers faiz’s screams from the burning bed, and starts screaming. He composes her saying that nothing happened.

Meanwhile, haya gets ready, dressed up in indian attire, just the way rahat likes it, and smiles at her reflection in the mirror. She remembers herself and rahat getting dressed for th party for the first time. She thinks that rahat is right, and if she is trapped in the past, then she wont be able to embrace her new life with rahat, and that she would live by his likes, and start afresh, as the haya, who only belongs to him. She opens the door, hearing the doorbell. She is surprised to find a scroll along with a rose, saying that this is from the one, who can talk a lot even being quiet, through her eyes only, and remembers their initial encounters. she moves ahead, and finds a teddy bear, with a scroll, saying that this is for the girl, who he has hurt a lot of times, and who forgave him every single time. She moves onto find another scrool with rose, saying that he promises to keep haya safe, as his wife, and shall keep her forever happy, safe and secure, and never let trouble befall her, and love her so much, that even thousand lives seem short for it. She is overwhelmed with tears, as rahat comes in Shahrukh style, playing the banjo, to amuse and cheer her up. Rahat smiles at her. He extends his arms, and haya rushes to him, and clasps him tight, as he embraces her tightly, in the glory of their victorious love. He bends on his kness, and presents her a ring with his proposal, and she extends her hand for him to do the honours. He complies. He cups her face and wipes the emotional tears, and kisses her lovingly on the forehead. They move ahead together, for a beautiful evening.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Rehan and sanam wait tensedly, as ahil gets tanveer down, and in front of the projector. Tanveer asks why was this needed, and ahil says that this is nothing compared to the sacrifices that she made for him, and that he being an orphan, can never repay back the debt that she created on him, by supporting him, and cared for him, at every step. He requests that she views a collage of pics that he has put together for her, to show how much he cares for her. latif begins with the slide show, and ahil excitedly starts explaining each and every story behind every pic. tanveer pretends to be overwhelmed and showers her love on ahil, while rehaan and sanam watch tensedly. He then shows his favourite pic, in which taveer buttons ahil’s shirt, with rehaan in the background, standing sad. rehaan is distraught to see it. Sanam is tensed too. tanveer thanks ahil, and he says that he should thank her, and that the favour that she has done on him, he cant repay it even with his life, and prays to the lord, that she be his mother every birth of his, and he her son. He gets emotional, while she pretends to be modest, saying that she should be thankful, that she got the chance to spend some beautiful moments with him, and thanks him instead, for his worship. rehaan and sanam are tensed. The mutual admiration continues, after which ahil says that he got a small gift for her. Rehaan remembers how he had tampered with the gift box. He asks rehaan to give it to him. But razaak and gazalla instead present it to him, saying that they have kept it safe with much concern and care. Ahil tensedly takes it, and presents it to tanveer. Sanam and rehaan eye each other. He asks tanveer to open it, while she opens it excitedly. As she does so, she finds the box empty, and says that there isnt any jewellery but a paper, and shows it to ahil, who’s surprised himself. rehaan and sanam wait in anticipation, while razaak and gazalla are also shocked. Ahil and tanveer are equally boggled. Ahil goes through the paper, while rehaan and sanam wait tensedly. He is shocked as he goes through it. Tanveer asks whats the matter, but ahil is too stunned to speak. Ahil is shocked to read the letter from the jewellery box, and gets enraged. Ahil asks tanveer who is she referring to as her son, himself or rehaan, while tanveer stands speechless and shocked. All are tensed. Razaak and gazalla are boggled too. Ahil tells what the certificate reads, and asks tanveer if its true, insistently but she is at a loss of a response, visibly tensed and upset. Gazalla and razaak are shocked to hear this. He begs her to say that this is all a lie, as he only trusted her in the whole world, and she betrayed him so badly, and asks why and why she kept her own son as a servant, and how could she keep this secret from ahil, himself. Rehaan speaks up and asks tanveer, to say that this is all infact a lie, addressing her as mother too. tanveer and ahil are shocked, while sanam is boggled. Ahil turns around to face Rehaan, boggled, and in rage. The screen freezes on Tanveer’s, ahil’s and rehaan’s face.

Precap: Ahil asks rehaan that he knew about it. Rehaan is tensed, as ahil progresses angrily. tanveer speaks up and says that this is the truth, and that rehaan is her son. While she is frustrated, ahil is shocked, and rehaan and sanam are tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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