Qubool Hai 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Delhi international Airport
Ahil instinctively turns around, but saanam turns away just then. he walks past. She eyes him tensedly. Shashi eyes shaad and wonders how did he reach here. the security personels ask the people to hurry up and streamline themselves. Sanam walks past in the veil too. the new bride meanwhile is eyeing the shoes. Shashi comes and puts the bomb laden jacket in one of the packets. The shopowner asks them to hurry and evacuate the campus, as there are rumous of a bomb floating around. He hands the new bride those packets, which contain the bomb too. She moves out. Ahil too waits in line. sanam comes past him, and stands in the adjacent line. he sees her and again greets her nicely, and she is tensed. They both turn to see a baby, crying, and their hands meet and old sparks revive, as they eye each other weirdly. The mother meanwhile comes and takes the baby away, leaving them alone. They both then get back to their lines. Shashi stealthily makes her escape, but a security lady guard follows her. She hides herself, and then tranquilizes the guard, and exchanges dresses with her. In the queue, the new bride asks ahil to come and join her, while he says that he shall wait by the other side of the gate. she complies. shashi too comes with the guard dressed as an airhostess in a wheelchair, while she is disguised as a security personnel. She eyes the new bride handling the bomb laden jacket, and is tensed. shashi gets clearance, but is tensed as the indian security official stops her along with shaad. She is shocked. Meanwhile, the bomb detector sets off the alarm, as it grazes past the new bride’s packet. he calls other guards too. the new bride is tensed. Shaad finds jannat in one of the lines. shashi is amused and smiles. the new bride scaringly tells that she doesnt know anything about the bombs. The officials ask her to be arrested. She desperately asks ahil to speak up, as they are going for their honeymoon, and that she doesnt have any bomb. Ahil remembers her torments put on him, and thinks that this is payback time, but then thinmks that his sanam wouldnt do this to even her enemy. he identifies her as his wife, and that there must have been some misunderstanding. shaad intervenes, and then asks everyone to step aside. He asks for ahil’s help, who is shocked to know that the bomb is activated. They both take it out of the bag, and then they try to find a way to defuse the bomb. Sanam watches tensedly. Ahil thinks that even if he dies today, he would want to see sanam one last time. finally, with much anticiaption, they cut the wire and successfully defuse the bomb. shaad and ahil thank each other, and move onto their counterparts, and hugs them. The indian official tells shaad that shashi managed to escape, but shaad is determined that now with her face exposed, it wouldnt be hard to find her, and he wont leave till he does so. Then the officials ask him to spend time with his wife, as they have planned holidays for her. the officials then ask the new bride to come with them, for some interrogation. She says that there’s a flight. The officfials says that its a formality and she needs to be questioned. she is tensed and scared and asks ahil to wait for her, right here, while she just returns. they take her away.

Meanwhile, the announcement for boarding of flights to Paris and Dharamshala at different terminals. He is in a dilemma thinking that one road leads to his destruction, and the other towards possible salvation. he hopes that his dcision is accepted by the lord. he proceeds towards the dharamshala terminus, wherein ahead of him, walks sanam along with shaad.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
The new bride is furious that ahil left without her, and how she was embaraassed and mortified in front of everyone. latif points out that razaak also isntg seen, and they get into a rant, while the new bride asks them to shut up. Gazalla tries to soothe down the new bride who is visibly upset, that ahil is nowhere nor his phone is reachable. She says that she doesnt understand how ahil ran away like this, as she is a magician after all. she gets angry and says that she isnt. Gazalla asks her to try it once more, as maybe the phone is on now. the new bride is shocked and enraged. The screen freezes on her and ahil’s face, walking behind shaad and jannat.

Precap: Ahil gets the new bride’s phone, whi calls him insistently, and he cancels it, and throws the phone away, in the hills of dharamshala. At a souk, sanam and ahil are oblivious of the other’s presence, whil picking up the exact same cloth to their liking.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. There is always a hide and seek in all the shows disgusting

  2. why there is no kunkunn bhagya updates please update itttttttttttttttttttttt

  3. dragging this show a lot…just throw that idiotic fake sanam in dustbin….irritating a lot….just want to saahil again….and even shaad and seher togather if possible…..even throw that shashi out…she and fake sanam are bull shits….

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  5. I said earlier sanam deserves to be with shad ahil is way toooooooooo dotish imagine he got a chance to put long toenail sanam away for life and yet he saved her writers you should have let the bomb blow up with long toenail sanam holding the package and that way ahil would have gotten away from her for good and that would have made an excellent storyline but you all are not thinking at all take long toenail sanam out of the picture now and then ahil will get the chance to pursue sanam 1 without interference this storyline with sanam loosing her memory is prolonging way toooooooooooooooo long and it has become unbearable now so write a good storyline where she regains her memory and she is fit to make her own choice between ahil and shad this serial is taking toooooooooooooo long to come to an end and please bring back seher maybe seher will end up with shad who knows but please give us something exciting now

    1. Gloru pls read my comments
      It will releive u from the boring qubool hai ka nashaa

    2. My comments are aimed to entertain bored bored fans of qubool hai ….. Hmm

  6. BS…..as usual

  7. Good one Sadhana for putting a smile on my face i’ve been busy lately so i only read the updates but i realized i’m not missing a thing still a messy script as usual

  8. What the hell is going on here??

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